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New Bill Gives Obama 'Kill Switch' To Shut Down The Internet

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posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 10:09 AM
If Obama can shut down the internet in the US, how many other countries would that affect? I don't know much about routing, other that a lot gets routed through the US.

All banking would be shut down, til they got the old ways back. Just go into a store to try to use a debit card when stuff is down, you can't!

I feel like I am the only one panicking over the prospect of not being able to see my bank account daily - and there is hardly even anything in it

He seems to think that he is running the entire world, and the other world leaders are always calling him "the most powerful"

Could he mess up the world's internet, or all of North America? What would happen to all the banking information? When are they going to hit the reset button?

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 10:13 AM

Originally posted by theregonnakillme
I am of the opinion that we are about to see one of the following:

nuclear attack on the USA.
Major volcano eruption (Yellowstone).
Martial Law and evacuation of millions from Gulf States.
Total Economic collapse.
Collapse of the USA as a nation through natural disaster.

Just one?
So far the last 3 seem rather close. First 2, less likely, I hope.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 03:04 PM

Seems like they want to restructure how it works

Banks and businesses would still have access ...

Only those private persons who do not transact business would be in the Axe-able category. It would mean a restructuring of the ISP networks, etc, but that is not very hard anymore ... The programs which write programs are powerful these days.

If this is "such an issue" .. then what kind of issue is the OPEN and not breaker-ed Power Grid which we now have to help with Peak Power issues. This is a much larger threat than the web having a melt down of hackers are us. Even the serious hackers are us.

The thing that irks me is that we got Swiss-Cheeseware to start with, and when it all went south, we only had the AV folks going bonkers day and night trying to fix "the everybody web" --

It is not everybody's fault that they do not know how to see if their PC can be Lo-BOT-o-mized or not .. but maybe we should address this more openly as well ...

Saying anything about bad OS stuff is like asking for a nighttime necktie party! .. Which is not too American either!!

.... other networks went to private options ...
There are many proprietary hardware fixes ... The Industrial AV and Firewalls are robust ... and knowing the military ... theirs is XxX redundant .. Or it should be!

If they are not 2000% confident in their military IT deployment .. then something is really wrong!! ... (but then what else is new) ... ... ...

That makes me think other things... ... ... about mental viruses and control; about Ukraine, and now the Gulf ... ... ...

Since they are willing to scramble everybody's Schumann resonances with ELF just to chat with their nuclear subs .. if all goes south (what web, what power grid, what grocery store, what gas pumps) ... I am going to practice growing my Chlorella, making reverse osmosis water with my sheet plastic, mirrors, lenses, a big rock and water containers, and looking for the most remote cave system I can locate --short of leaving the Rocky Mountains.

Rocks, Mirrors, marks on trees, scrapes on cave walls, and smoke signals ... who needs more? (but who wants more!!)

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 03:29 PM
reply to post by monkeySEEmonkeyDO

It always creeps me out with these facists say "The Homeland." Why dont they just get their little banners and jack boots out?

And of course they want the internet gone. All that crap about "cyber security" is just the excuse they are giving to make it sound reasonable to us. The real problem is that we are watching, and talking about, Big Brother, and they dont like it.

Freedom of information is terrifying to a group whose means of getting power, maintaining it, and maintaining the illusion of democracy, is via the control of information through the media.

Bwahahaha! Is all I have to say to them.

Even if they shut down this internet, a new one will arise like a Phoenix from the ashes.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 03:42 PM
It is as if forces in the US are preparing for a total take-over. This bill has nothing to do with democracy. The US citizens should seriously worry about the meaning of these kind of initiatives.

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 08:47 PM

Originally posted by zatara
It is as if forces in the US are preparing for a total take-over. This bill has nothing to do with democracy. The US citizens should seriously worry about the meaning of these kind of initiatives.

You know .. I have wondered that myself! .. What the heck is going down?

This thing in the Gulf and the way the Pres. and Congress are acting ... it is like the BP idiots who did this despite being warned and warned not to ... were not themselves but hot shot Aliens whom no one who knows who they are will cross ... Like the Emperor's new Clothes! Only amazingly nasty.

I wonder if they are body snatchers and face "borrowers".

I ran afoul of this in a Burger King one day .. I was on break and they took a customer out and roughed him up at the squad car, and when I asked for the Badge number of the cop ... he just gave me the intimidation routine!!

Really ...makes me wonder what wakes up inside these folks some days.

Someone else was talking about 'playing the Bad Cop' ... to which I had to say .. that is a non sequiter ... it is like saying Evil Guardian ... but he just decided I was naive ... I just decided he had been educated in the cinema.

Maybe the face of jihad is not Muslim?

posted on Jul, 17 2010 @ 07:18 AM

The Internet is a destabilizing force to established interests in the world. It is premised on the free exchange of information which, in turn, is an expression of the liberty of individuals to act in furtherance of their particular interests. Government schools, the mainstream media, and other institutional voices, relentlessly work to condition the minds of people to think and to act within limits that are consistent with institutional purposes. Ideas or actions that do not challenge established interests may be welcomed (if supportive of such ends) or tolerated (perhaps as entertainment). But as the institutional order continues its decentralizing collapse into alternative social systems and practices, its domination of humanity continues to weaken. The struggle confronting mankind comes down to the question of whether human beings are to be the masters of their own lives, or whether they are to remain as resources to be exploited for institutional ends.

from A Kill Switch for The State

When will enough be enough? It seems to me that nothing will be left alone, almost like a serial rapist going from one victime to the next, though I think it highly improbable that one could ever shut the internet off for everyone, it would crash the economy, unless of course that maybe the one has to ask...might Obama be working for people that are in effect no different than a terrorist cell plotting to shut down the power grid or explode an offshore platform? It seems highly suspect that they would openly request to make such a law unless they assume they can get away with it....but remember they said Baghdad they said would be throwing flowers on our soldiers and welcoming us with open arms? OR that it would be a cakewalk? Of that the economy had no problems?

If anything why fix what appears not broken? Unless you intend to break what works why worry? Obviously shutting down the net would imply a reason for doing so, if that were to revert society back to a less social environment then I think they will create a excuse to try it, but by doing so they have destroyed whatever creditability they ever had, and even their most loyal would throw them under the bus.

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