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ZOMBIES!!! (Story Thread)

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posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 04:39 PM
The captain looked at his watch and noted the time to himself;

“6:56 am hmm” he thought as he put the boat’s P.A. mic back in its cradle.

What a name for a town, “Hannibal” at such a time as this he thinks to himself in the eerie silence as the boat makes its way further south down the great Mississippi River. The sun was climbing in the Eastern horizon; the sky wasn’t the normal pastels at this time of the morning like it used to be. Columns of thick black smoke seemed to be all around. Some are near and some are far. As he fixed his eyes looking further south he found what he thought an ominous sight;

“If that is St. Louis we should be heading opposite from there, my god the whole sky is black” he said out-loud to himself. In walks Bartholomew and hands the captain a fresh cup of coffee.

“What’s that sir” Bartholomew asked the captain.

“Hand me those eyeglasses will ya”

After focusing the binoculars the captain handed them back to Bartholomew.

“Have a look”

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 04:39 PM
“Holy Mary Mother of God” was the words coming from Bartholomew’s lips.

“Jeremy, when you get a moment come to the bridge, all stop” Joshua spoke into the bridge’s radio intercom, and then flipped a couple switches.

“Swiss Jewel to anyone listening, over. I repeat this is Captain Joshua Lansing of the MS Swiss Jewel does anybody read me, over”

The radio was cluttered with static mixed with a faint voice. Neither the Captain nor Bartholomew could make out what was heard. They looked at each other for a moment to study the thoughts of one another.

“This is Captain Joshua Lansing of the MS Swiss Jewel does anybody read me, over”

Joshua turned the volume dial up and adjusted the squelch. The faint voice was now crackling, the voice was now screaming loud from the radio’s speaker;

“This is Sgt Major Jamal Green, I read you Captain, come in, over”

“What’s your location Jamal”

“I’m at the port of Minneapolis sir, alone. I have lost radio contact with my men. I presume them to be dead sir.”

“We were in port there two days ago. Do you belong to that outfit Rumsfeld enlisted, over” the captain asked.

“Yes sir, well, I’m the last one remaining” a brief moment of radio silence followed.

“I take it none of my men are on the boat with you now sir”

“That’s a negative”

“I’m down to my last magazine and I have another group coming this way”

“Break” a new voice over the radio.

“Go ahead” said the Captain.

“This is Captain Frederick of the Twilight Riverboat”

“Clear, what’s your location”

“Le Claire”

Jamal hurled his last grenade into the group of approaching zombies. He placed it well within the group and body parts went in all directions. Of the dozen or so, three remained of the group and continued toward Jamal. He raised his weapon and took sight and carefully placed a bullet between the eyes of the remaining zombies. Then he ran for the devastated munitions dump in search of anything he could make do with. He had spent the last seventy-six hours awake and as he sought anything of use and found none, he sat with his back to the bags of sand and fell into a gentle sleep.

“I might as well be on Iwo. This is one God forsaken piece of the Earth here Captain. What’s it look like where you are”

“It seems pretty calm here actually”

Jeremy arrived on the bridge and took a sip from his coffee, toasted Bartholomew for the donut he was eating then took a seat. Bartholomew then got a donut from the plate then offered the plate to the Captain. An eerie serenity was felt on the bridge as they listened to the voice on the radio describe his most recent encounters with zombies.

“Good morning guys” Susan and Daphne said upon entering the boats bridge.

The doctor rose to his feet and clenched his eating tool.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 07:38 PM
Ok, here's my startING. Ive never done something like this before, so hopefully it doesnt sound to unrealistic

Lieutenant Joe Raines steadied his aim on the target, slowly approaching the picket line. The rain and thunder made it difficult to concentrate, as did the wave of fatigue he had been fighting for the last few hours. It was around 3am in the morning, and Raines had been sitting here on this platform for the last 15 or so hours, watching for any movement out across the concrete field, of what was once the car park of the Bellview shopping mall.

The Lieutenant held his breath, and fired off a shot from his Barrett 50 Cal sniper rifle. It was a direct hit to the head of the target, which dropped to the ground instantly, grey matter and blood covering the ground where it lay. Raines checked his watch.

“15 minutes left” he said out loud to himself

“They say that the first sign of insanity is when a person starts talking to himself” said a voice from behind him

Raines grinned, he knew the man behind that voice very well

“You’re early” he replied

“Well what can I say, I love this job” answered the voice

Raines sat up and turned around, to find the man just getting up to the top of the ladder. Sergeant George Miranda, was big guy, broad shouldered and built like brick wall, 120 kilograms of pure muscle. He was the complete opposite of Raines, who was short, and slim, but had the same muscle tone as an athlete, yet like Raines, he was as fit as they come.

“I heard a shot on the way up here, did you finally get to see some action” asked Miranda

“Yep, finally did” Raines said “Seems like these zombies have been avoiding me”

Miranda chuckled, “That’s not all a bad thing” he said

“At least you can catch up on some sleep. Everytime I get here, all hell breaks loose”

“Well, you did just mention you love this job” Raines laughed, and descended down the ladder onto the wet ground below.

“Oh and remember, thermal scopes don’t work with zombies” Raines called back up to Miranda

And arm with a thumbs up appeared over the edge, Raines smiled and turned away, heading back to the hastily set up crew quarters some distance away from the picket line. “Sleep would come easy this time”, Raines thought to himself. He was right.

posted on Jul, 3 2010 @ 11:16 PM
He awoke to the smell of bacon and eggs. He opened his eyes and stared blankly at the bleak grey concrete ceiling for a few seconds. At first he thought he was still asleep and dreaming. He sniffed the air and sure enough it smelt like bacon and eggs, right then his stomach growled, he realized just how hungry he was. He sat up and wiped the sleep from his eyes, jumping down from the second bunk to the floor his feet hit with a cold hard slap on the concrete floor. Walking over to the mirror he stuck his tongue out, noticing that he had a drinkers over night beard growing. His eyes were slightly bloodshot. He looked down turning the water on and proceeded to shave and start his day.

As he walked down the dimply lit corridor following the aroma of eggs and bacon his head still slightly foggy, he soon noticed that there was another equally delicious smell beckoning him, Coffee.

“ Morning John, would you like a cup of coffee?" Karen said without turning around from the stove.

Looking over at the Doctor John smiled “ Sure, I’d love one.... I don‘t have my watch on, What time is it?”

She grinned and then walked over to her sweater which was hanging on the back of the door. she pulled out her watch from one of the pockets.

“It’s 9:45.” She turned to look at him sitting at the table. “You slept for over 11 hours. Not bad, you must have a clear conscious or did you finish that bottle you opened last night? “ He sat there hunched over his cup looking up from it at her, he smiled.

“Both….. well OK maybe more bottle than clarity” He took a huge gulp of coffee and almost spilled it when he tried to set it down on a plate she had just placed in front of him.

“Eat it, I had to fight the other two off with a stick to save that for you.” She walked over to his coat and started going through the pockets.. “ Can I help you?” He said with a mouth full of food.

“You smoke right?… I need a smoke.” She replied. He swallowed hard then spoke.
“You’re a Doc right?… Do Docs smoke?” Shoveling in another mouth full.

She just looked at him and didn’t say anything. She fished out a lighter and lit one of the cigarettes she had acquired from a crumpled pack of Marlboros. She took a deep drag and exhaled deeply while looking at him as she poured herself a cup of coffee. She thought he was a handsome man in a rough rugged way, albeit there was a sadness about him.

He quickly finished his breakfast and shoved the plate away from him, leaning back in the chair he held up his now empty cup to her.

“Please” he said smiling. “Where are the other two?” He asked as she poured him a steaming cup. “They are topside, on the roof, they have been there since first light. Apparently James is a avid reader.”

“He took one of your AR-47 or was it AK-15? or something like, anyway that and a bunch of reading material with him and kept asking Shannon for more reading material.” John sat there and tried to decipher what she was saying. Reading material? He thought to himself. She continued.. “He kept asking Shannon to bring him more magazines.”

John started chocking on the coffee when it finally dawned on him what James had meant.
“ Are you ok?” She came over and patted him on the back and handed him a towel for his mouth.

“ Yeah I’m fine." He said in a husky still coughing voice. He walked over and grabbed his smokes and filled his cup once more. He rode the elevator to the top level, about half way up he could start making out the faint sound of rifle fire which grew louder as he approached the top level. The doors opened revealing almost blinding sunlight coming through the roof hatch. He sat his cup off to the side and climbed the rebar rungs up to the top and climbed out on top.

At 200 yards the head exploded, an eyeball briefly spun in midair then dropped as the body collapsed on the road leading away from the bunker. “That’s how many now?” Lowering the weapon he asked Shannon as he turned to find John looking around the complex with his hand up providing shade for his still sensitive eyes. Sitting with sunglasses on and sipping one of Johns beers, Shannon was keeping score.

“That makes it 317, well if you count the two for one headshot near the main gate.”

Tilting up her glasses to look at James she noticed John was now standing between the two but looking in the opposite direction and turning slowly surveying the carnage that James had created.

“ Nice” is all John said as he strained to find a single Zombie still upright within the compound.

“You were asleep, I figured you had all that ammo down there and I didn’t think you would mind if I got in some badly needed target practice and clear the area of those walking pus-bags.” James said as he walked over to John handing him the scoped AR-15 butt first.

“No son you hold on to that.” John said putting his hand up and stopped him. Anyway, You’ll need it just incase while you and young Shannon here go out and clean up all these bodies after lunch.” Turning towards the roof access to climb down.

“Clean up the mess!?!?” Shannon said as she tried to stand feeling the effects of the 8 beers she had drank knocking over the pile of empty beer cans then stumbled forward.

“Yes clean up the mess. There is a wheelbarrow and some gloves in the parking garage. Take and dump the bodies over the cliff. He pointed west about 600 yards to a cliff that overlooked the Pacific ocean. I’d suggest you lay off the beer until you’re done. When that‘s finished come get me and we will secure the compound.” With that he climbed down the ladder and disappeared.

The two of them stood there for a few seconds turning in circles with grim looks on their faces.

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 01:06 AM
Mia picked up the binoculars and focused on the beach, studying it for some time before giving up. She didn't see anything. Not Cap, not another person, not even one of them.

Stupid, she thought. This was a stupid idea going ashore. It was much safer to stay on the fishing boat and out at sea. They were safe on the water, at least, she thought they were safe. So far, it didn't appear they could swim.

She shook her head and wondered what he was thinking. What was so damn important he needed to take this side trip, alone. She didn't get him. Cap was a hard man to read. He didn't talk much and hadn't answered any of her questions. She still didn't know where they were headed, although she knew he had a place in mind and she knew it was south of where they were now.

Glancing over her shoulder she could see Emma sitting by the radio. Mia knew she'd stay there until Cap called in. She was knitting and as odd as Mia found that to be, she also found it comforting. It reminded her of her own grandmother and...

Mia gave herself a shake and returned her gaze to the shore. She would not think of her grandmother, not right now.

Her thoughts returned to Seattle and the meeting she never made. Given what she knew now, it probably would have been too late to do what she had planned, not to mention make it back to New York before she was missed. With a sudden jolt, she realized her laptop was probably still sitting in the sedan on the bridge. “Get a grip Mia” she said to herself, “you've more important things to worry about right now.” But, as true as that was, she couldn't shake the dread that had come over her.

Mia had a bad feeling about this stop, too. All of it felt wrong. It was too quiet.
“This is the coast, for Christ's sake” she thought, “where are the birds?”

She picked up the binoculars again and focused on the beach.
“C'mon Cap, hurry up. We've been here too long.”

She didn't hear Emma come outside and jumped when she felt a hand on her back.
Mia lowered the binoculars and looked at Emma, raising an eyebrow when she saw
what she was holding...

With a piercing stare, Emma thrust the shotgun into her hands.

“Storm's comin” Emma said. “Best to be ready.”

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posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 08:57 AM
Glyn and Holding crept into the pub...
They had fixed their Bayonets to the end of their ''Bullpup Rifles'' as their only form of defence.

"This is compleatly mental Glyn.. Look.. Theres the Sarges bag. Looks like he put some live ammo in his gun see.." Holding said, as he bent down and picked up the Sergeants gun, which had a magazine in it clearly marked 'LIVE'.
He removed the Clip and checked the bullets.. It was half-full.

"what you got guys?" Freshman walked into the room with English and Jamesy.

"Looks like the sarge got off a few, but didnt hit anything." Holding said re-loading the clip. "I dont think he hit anything though..."

Holding trailed off mid-sentance a door in front of him slowly opend, revealing the familiar face of the Landlord. But something was wrong. He was snarling at them... Full of evil and hate.

He walked forward as Holding aimed his rifle at him.
He emptyed what remained of the clip of 5.56mm rounds into the Landlords body.
The Landlord lay on his back still moving and trying to get to its feet..

"More Ammo! Quick!!" Holding cried as the landlord rose-up and started to reach out.
Stupidly, Freshman pointed his rifle and fired his blanks at the creature.. In fright at this thing, which must have taken at least 16 rounds, yet was still alive and coming at them.

Glyn took a tight grip of his Rifle and rammed the bayonet on the end of it through the Landlords skull. Snapping the blade as the creature collapsed...

"Now that WAS #'d up" Jamesy said, Looking at Glyn.

"How did it take so many rounds? Thats crazy. You'd drop any human with that many in the chest." English said trying to make sense of the situation. "Let me have some Ammo.."

"Ha Ha Haaa haa'' Holding started Laughing... "Did you see Freshman shooting blanks fella's?.. Daft.."

"Hey.. What was I supposed to do.. And anyway.. We have a bigger problem. The Powers out!" Freshman had plugged in his mobile phone charger whilst the group of soldiers laughed into him. "Even the main lines down!" he added.
It seemed that all power and communications where down.

"All right, all right. English, Freshman, take a look around in here and see if theres anything we can use.
Jamesy, go check on Mickey outside. See how he's doing." in the Chaos, it seemed that Holding had taken charge...

"What do you think Glyn?" Holding asked..

"Well.. We're probably getting done for murder... But... It seemed that a Knife in the head killed the LandLord."

"I think a Knife in the head would Kill most things too.."


Jamesy let out a cry from outside, as the others came rushing out of the pub to find that Mickey was attacking him.
Mickey had gone crazy. Like the Sarge and the Landlord.
He was trying to bite Jamesy as the others rushed him and pulled him off.

Jamesy got up and backed away from the now crazy Mickey with the rest of the group...

"Mickey! MICKEY!! Get back...! Get back!!.. Right Lads, drop him!"

The Five remaining soldiers took aim and let rip...

posted on Jul, 4 2010 @ 09:39 AM
"NOW this is just compleatly messed up!" Holding shouted out. It felt like he was losing it. They'd just shot Mickey.. One of their friends.

"It gets worse Holding... Look" Freshman said as he pointed at the Bivey Bag that contained Evans's body. The bag was moving.
It wasnt being moved by the wind... It was something inside of it... Evans.. He was moving. Trying to break out of the bag.

Holding went up to the bag and slit it open with his bayonet, to reveal that Evans was alive.
Evans sat up out of the bag trying to kick it free from his feet, whilst at the same time snarling wildly at the soldiers.

Glyn raised his gun, took aim and shot.. Hitting Evans directly in the center of the fore-head. Evans's body fell back into the bag.

"He was dead! How'd he come back to life!?.. We all seen him die. The sarge killed him. The sarge bit him on the neck! He died!" Holding said shaking. This was way over his head. It was way over everyone else's head.
"The dead do not simply just come back to life!"

"The sarge bit Mickey too... Do you think that its related?" Jamesy added to Holdings screaming outburst.

"I dont know. Did.. Did Mickey bite you just now Jamesy?"

"No. He didnt." Jamesy answerd.

"I dont know what to do here.. Is it like some sortta virus? Like.. Swine-flu..? Or Rabies or something?... Since.. The sarge bit Evans and Mickey, and they both went crazy and tried attacking us.. And lets assume the Landlord bit the Sarge... Then maybe the Landlords the cause of all this..? Since these people that live out here in the sticks are usually nut-jobs.."

"Nice generalisation Holding." Freshman said. "So why's the power down? And the Telephone lines..?"

"Maybe this is bigger then.. Maybe its all over Wales? Or even the Whole of Britain? Europe... Maybe its Global then... Because.. Remmember that radio transmission.. That person on the other side said that the dead where alive." Holding stopped as what he had just said sunk into his mind.

This thing.. This outbrake... This virus...
Maybe it had swept across the nation. They'd seen it with their own eyes, how quick the infection spread. How quickly the creatures came back from the dead. From Hell.. An empty shell of their former selfs, full of the rage and desire to harm and apparantly Eat human flesh and inflict their infection further on the poor soul whoever got in their way.

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 01:11 PM
Leslie Ridge awoke slowly, her blue eyes heavy with fatigue and her head throbbing in pain. Her slim body growled, the hunger deep in her stomach growing with each passing minute. It had been three days since her last meal. A green Interstate sign blurred past, it's writing hazy. Leslie sat up in the Hummer's passenger seat and rubbed her eyes. She didn't feel the need to stretch, at least not yet.

"How much further 'til Pensacola?", she asked the bearded driver.

"Not far now, the sign we just passed said 21 miles. How was your nap?", the man asked, taking a second to look at his niece and smile. Gabriel Nail slowed the Hummer down to 55 miles per hour, steering around the husk of a Stryker APC smoldering in the right hand lane of Interstate 10.
"Hmmph", the man exhaled, "looks like another national guard fight." Gabriel had never been partial to the interstates before the outbreak, but now that traffic was non-existant he had grown rather fond of them.
Until he had to dodge the scattered remnants of military vehicles or rotting corpses on the road.
Picking up speed again, he checked his watch. 6:42 PM. They needed to be in the city limits before dark... before visibility became an issue. The Hummer roared to 95.

The seventeen-year old girl beside him finally arched her back and extended her arms, her joints popping loudly. She didn't seem to take notice, instead searching the floorboard of the truck intently. A smile crossed her lips as she reached down, her gloved hands lifting a furry ball.

"Hello Hiccups."

The gray and white kitten meowed and purred softly, arching its back as Leslie set it in her lap, stroking it's plush fur. The kitten had taken an instant shine to Leslie the day she had seen it wandering down the dairy ailse at the grocery store back in Tampa.

Tampa. That seemed like another life. In fact, it had been.
A life with a loving family.
A life with a college scholarship.
A life with a bright future.
But that life was gone now, replaced instead with a future of uncertainty, doom, flesh, and blood. Leslie's head swooned a bit, her hunger temporarily taking a backseat to the rush of emotions and memories that flooded her.

It had all happened so quickly, so tragically. So violently. No one had expected...

"Are you alright?". Gabe's voice shook Leslie back to reality. She looked at her uncle, nodding softly as she continued to pet the little bundle of cuteness that gave her some hope in a world gone to hell.

"I was just reminiscing. I know I shouldn't, but it's hard not to remember. Wonder if we'll ever get used to this...", her voice trailed off, a touch of sadness lilting in her words. Time to change the subject, she thought, making an effort to sound more upbeat. Her hunger suddenly reasserted itself, making the teen bend forward in agony. Gabe glanced over to her, his amiable smirk giving way to deep concern. Leslie grunted loudly, a trickle of blood slipping from her lower lip. A minute passed, the pain subsiding enough for the girl to sit back up. She sat Hiccups down in the floodboard again. "Think we'll find anything useful in town?"

"By God I hope so Leslie. We're running low on ammunition. And...", Gabe swallowed, "looks like we need to find you some food."

"It hurts... a lot. The sooner I get something to eat the better. At least my oxygen is good for awhile."

Gabriel chuckled.

"Heh, let's give thanks for the small things."

posted on Jul, 9 2010 @ 09:06 AM
Raines awoke with a start. He checked his watch

“Five hours sleep, is that all” he thought. “Well I guess it’s better than nothing” he said out aloud.

He left the tent, and that’s when it hit him. The usual ruckuss of moving vehicles and the constant sound soldier chat wasn’t present. In fact, the entire camp seemed deserted, there was not a person in sight.

“What the hell is going on here” he thought.

Raines decided to check out the mess hall, surely there would be someone in there. and hopefully someone that could explain where everyone was. He walked through the rain to his right, past a row of unoccupied crew quarters, and suddenly a gunshot rang out through the air. Instinctively he dropped to one knee, and listened. All he could hear was the rain, quietly falling onto the hastily set up crew quarters, and…the sound of someone running?

At that moment a young private rounded one of the tents, Raines got up of his knee and reached out an arm grabbing the soldier, who couldn’t have been much older than eighteen. The private, not expecting this, screamed.

“Calm down!” Raines said strongly.

“They’re coming! They’re coming!” yelled the soldier

“Who’s coming? What are you talking about?”

“The zombies!! They got through!!”

“How…” Raines started

“The entire command centre is gone! Nobody left…”
Raines tightened his grip on the Private’s arm. He noticed on his combat fatigues that his name was Exelby.

“Calm down, that’s an order soldier” Raines said harshly “Now slow down, can you explain what happened?”

“They’re coming!!!! Let me go!!!!”

In the distance, through the rain, Raines could make out several moving figures. The young private screamed “They’re here!!! They’re here!” And then the figures started moving, fast, very fast.

Raines laughed.

“Look soldier”

He grabbed the private by the shoulders and turned him around facing the direction that the people were coming from.

“They cant be zombies, they are running”

“They’re here!!!” screamed Private Exelby “They can run!!! We got to get out of here!”

Raines squinted, through the rain he could now clearly see that Private Exelby wasn’t exaggerating.

“Holy mother of god!”, Raines remarked, clearly astonished at what he was seeing

The teenage soldier broke from his grip “Come on get out of here” he shouted over his shoulder.

For a moment, his legs wouldn’t move, and then he turned after the the young soldier, all the while trying to figure out how the situation unfolded in his head.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 07:17 AM
The Ford Transit speedily turned corners and brushed the bushes and branches on the banks of the narrow country lane.

They bombed past a road sign marked "Ystradfellte" and proceded past an old church and a post office.
The van aproached a junction, and they carried on going straight.

Jamesy had his foot to the floor and the smell of a burning clutch filled the insides of the Van.

They had left the pub and were making a dash for Cardiff before anything else happend.
Despite being warned not to go to the Welsh capital, they all collectively decided that they would still procede there, in search of answers and to see how bad this... Plague was.
After searching inside the Pub they found some walkie-talkies that they could use.

They'ed only been away from morden civilization for Eight days, and it now seemed that in their absence, God or the Devil had seen fit to raise the dead in some sort of Apocalypse.

Apathetic chatter was flung between the group, trying to answer questions that where in-answerable.

These people who had come back from the dead with anthropophagy tendencys showed no remorse as the soldiers witnessed more of the dead killing the living.

Jamesy slammed on the brakes bringing the van to a halt, whilst sending everyone inside flying forwards.
They looked on at the sight before them.

A car lay on-its side burnt out, while nearby there was a Land Rover parked half-way into some bushes.
There where four dead people around the crashed Land Rover... Except, like the ordinary dead... These dead people where walking.
They where all chared, and assumidly, it seemed that they must have been inside the burnt out car.

They where banging on the rear window of the 4x4, trying to break into it.

Holding looked out of his binoculars and could see what was the focus of their attention.
Inside the vehicle where two dogs and an old man.
The dogs where in a state of panic and where barking at the creatures, whilst the old man cowered behind the drivers seat.
He was stuck and it was only a matter of time before those 'things' brake into the vehicle and kill the contents of it.

Holding quietly told the group to get out of the van and take aim at the creatures.
He said, "Aim for the head, that seems to stop them quicker.. And we need to save ammo."

The group of soldiers acknowleged and crept forwards until they where about 30 meters away.
As they took aim, one of the undead noticed them and burst forwards in a ferocious frenzy.

"FIRE!!" The order was given and it was carried out with extreme efficiency, as each bullet hit its target, droping each of the 'things.'

Glyn walked up to the Land Rover and looked inside.
The dogs stopped barking at the sight of a friendly human.

"Can I help you old man?" he asked..

"My daughter!! She's out there in the woods! She got out through the sun-roof! Help her, please" the old man cried out.
He looked injured and seemed to be struggling to talk.

Holding scratched his head trying to think about what they should do, "Right.. Glyn, English.. Climb over the Rover, and have a look for his daughter. We'll him out... And watch your-selfs.. You see any of those things, you better get back here double time. Take two of those walkie-talkies we found earlier in that pub. Keep in touch."

"Right" Glyn replyed as he and English climbed over the Land Rover to enter the forest.

posted on Jul, 10 2010 @ 01:18 PM
The two soldiers trecked into the forest thick with evergreen trees.
The soil was bare beneath their boots.
Not much would grow in these forests due to the acidity in the soil.

It was almost mid-day as they came across the Afon Mellte.
The river ran from Brecon and joined the Afon Nedd (River Neath) further down stream.
The sun shone on to the open river as the two soldiers debated what to do.
They'ed been searching for 15 Minutes and didnt want to stray away from the others and get lost.

Then the Walkie-talkie Glyn had burst into voice-

"Glyn, Glyn? Come in, do you hear me, over." it was Holding.

"Hey Holding, whats up?"

"We've got that Old man out. He's in the van. Seems like he's cracked a few ribs.. Any sign of the girl?"

"No. We cant find her. We're gonna make our way back. ETA, 15 mins. Over." Glyn let out a sigh.
It was never good to leave anybody behind.

English took point as they headed back to the Van.
Suddenly he started running and looked back at Glyn shouting, "I see her, she's up ahead, theres some of those things near her!"
He was right, as Glyn ran after English, he noticed what he was on about.

The woman was up a tree, which was surrounded by three of those things.
The dead where clawing at the tree trying to scramble up it and get the 'Fresh Meat' that was just out of reach.

The two took aim and started firing.
Glyn had used up all his bullets but luckly, English finished them off.

"We need to work on your shooting Glyndwyr!" English chuckled as he walked up to the tree containing the lady asking "Are you allright?"

"Im fine. Are they... Dead?" she asked, uncertain what exactly to call the dead.

"Yes, there dead. You can come down now." English replied as the woman climbed down the tree.
"We've found friend in that Land Rover up on the road" he added.

"My father? He's... Still alive!?.. We had a crash and those things just come from no-where!" she hastely said as she jumped down of the last branch.

"Whats your name lady?" Glyn asked.

"My names Jessica Evans" she replyed.

"Well Jess, im Glyn and this is English. Now if you dont mind, please follow us."

As they made their way back to the Van
they found out a bit more about Jess. She was 27 and her father, who was stuck in the Land Rover, his name was Patrick.
They where from the near by town of Merther Tydfil.
They'ed been on this road to get away from the Villages, Towns and Citys, since thats where most of the people where.
And most of them had a hunger for human flesh.

As they got closer to the Van, English noticed figures slowly coming up from behind them.
It was more of those creatures!
All three of them began running..

After running a few hundred meters, English noticed he was ahead of Glyn and Jess.
He stopped. Those things where getting closer to them.. He had to do something.

"Keep running Glyn! Ill hold them back!" he shouted, as Glyn and Jess ran past.

Running... And running. Glyn caught sight of the Van and could see the others.
He was practically dragging Jessica towards them as he heard gun fire in the distance...

"Wheres English?" Holding asked,

"He's coming now, he's holding some of them things off!" Glyn was breathless... He had'nt run that fast for years.

There was a lot of scuffling coming from the direction that they had run from.
Someones voice could be heard, shouting and screaming mixed in with the occasional gun-shot.
Then a bloodyed looking English emerged from the bushes limping and staggering around with a look of confushion on his face.
He achknowledged the group in the van as one of the Zombies came from behind him.
It lunged at him jumping onto his back and started scraming and tearing on his flesh, driving him to the floor in agony.
They scuffled on the floor untill English managed to shrugg it of him.
As the creature stood up English rolled on to his bloodied back and took aim at it with his Bullpup... One single shot was heard as the sound of a bullet hitting bone rang through the air, making the top part of the Zombies skull shatter as its contents ran down its face and the impact sent grey matter splattering on to the trees behind it.
The creature fell to the floor.

English laughed to him-self as he took aim at the next two creatures that came into viwe.
He aimed at the nearest one... Ready to fire another 5.56mm round from his SA80 Bullpup with precision accuracy that would be the envy of any marksman... He pulled the trigger,


It was empty! He glanced at his weapon hopefully and took aim again, pulling the trigger to another 'clicking' sound.

It was hopeless as he closed his eyes, the two creatures where on top off him, ripping into his clothes and skin.
...He was done for.

"GO! GO!! GOOO!!!" Holding shouted pushing Glyn and Jessica into the Van.

There was nothing they could do. English was dead.

Jamesy started the engine and put his foot-down, heading to Cardiff...

posted on Jul, 11 2010 @ 11:11 PM
Cap was on the ridge above the small town that was his second home. He could see the infected roaming about the streets below. Some were fighting with each other, others were feeding on dead bodies. As he watched, more infected joined those already in the street. Cap swore, wondering if the whole damn town had caught this plague.

They had received only 1 radio communication since leaving Seattle. A warning from another vessel. “Do not go ashore!” The vessel had not answered their request for more information. Since then, nothing. It wasn't from lack of trying, there just wasn't anybody on the radio. It was obvious to him now, that whatever was happening was not confined to the major cities and was spreading fast.

“Plan B” Cap thought, pushing himself up from the large boulder he was laying on and sliding off the backside, careful not to draw attention to himself. He wasn't prepared to shoot everyone in town, though there were a few he wouldn't mind shooting, should he have the opportunity.



Sticking to the cover of the trees, he followed the ridge-line toward the north end of town. He stopped just above the town's small jail and knelt behind a rock. Peering through his rifle scope, he could see two people on the roof. Both were sitting near the edge, focused on the ground below, one was armed. Cap counted 17 infected thrashing and beating against the wall of the building, trying to get inside.


Cap saw 3 infected hit the ground, dead. “Head shots” he noted, as he considered his options. Scanning the area around the jail, it appeared empty. The infected were gathered at the front of the building, it seemed they somehow knew those two were on the roof.

Taking aim, he squeezed off 3 shots of his own and more infected hit the ground. “11 left” Cap mumbled.

Hearing Cap's shots, the guy on the roof jumped to his feet, waiving his arms to draw his attention. Cap looked closer and could see him more clearly now “Damn” he said, “Ben?” He knew this guy. A friend of his son. He could also see that Ben was indicating they were low on ammo. Cap swore and took aim again.


“3 more down” Cap thought, but the shooting was drawing attention. More infected were coming and a small group was sprinting in his direction, the front-runners already at the bottom of the ridge, below him. Cap jumped to his feet and pointing with his rifle, indicated to Ben where he was going. He wasn't sure if Ben could see him, but he didn't wait around. Cap turned and ran the other direction.

From the roof, Ben could see the infected scrambling up the ridge wall. He could barely make Cap out, but thought he saw him indicate direction. Then Cap disappeared. He peered over the roof and noticed most of them were gone. It seemed the mass of them were now aiming for Cap.

“Time to go!” he said, grabbing the girl by the arm and running for the door.

“What? No!” she yelled, trying to pull away. “I'm not going down there!”

“Yes, you are!” Ben said, holding her arm tighter. “We can't stay here!”

Opening the rooftop door, they started down the stairs. Reaching the main floor without incident, Ben moved quietly to the barred window. Standing to the side, he peered out. Nothing. He turned the bolt lock and winced as it retracted, making a small noise. He stepped outside, pulling her behind him.

Cap had run about 200 yards at full sprint. He was now having difficulty breathing and was starting to think Emma was right, he should stop smoking. He didn't have to look behind him to know they were there, he could hear their screaming and growling. He focused on the rock ahead, his marker. He was almost there...

Ben spotted the old CJ-7 in the street and they made a run for it. Reaching the driver's side, he noted the keys in the ignition. “Get in!” he yelled, lifting and nearly throwing her in. She scrambled to the back seat as Ben jumped in after. Screams to the right. More infected were making a run at them.

Ben fired the engine and hit the gas. The CJ lurched and stalled. “F......!” he yelled, hitting the steering wheel. Trying again, he gunned it, just as the first few infected reached them. In the mirror, he could see them grabbing for her. She was kicking and screaming trying to knock two of them off her and off the the Jeep. Ben swerved towards a telephone pole, scraping the entire length of the Jeep and knocking them off. In the mirror, he watched them bounce on the street.

“You okay?” he yelled to her, “you hurt?”

“Fine” she mumbled, tears streaming down her face, “I'm fine.”

Cap reached the rock marking the way off the ridge. Without slowing, he leaped over the rock and skidded down the trail, losing his footing halfway, landing hard on his butt and sliding the rest of the way to the bottom, knocking the wind out of himself.

Gasping and wheezing, he rolled to his hands and knees, trying to catch a breath. Behind him, they were screaming and grunting and already halfway down the trail. “Fast!” he thought. Cursing, he scrambled to his feet and ran for the street.

Ben was flying down the street, swerving to avoid deserted cars. Infected were invading the area, coming at them from all sides. “Bad, this is bad” he thought. He was looking in his mirror and barely had time to react when Cap stepped out in front of them.


Ben reflexively stomped on the brakes uttering something unintelligible, in his surprise.

"Beach!" Cap grunted, jumping into the passenger side. “Go, go, go!"

Ben hit the gas and the Jeep screamed down the street, headed for the beach access road.

Neither of them were paying attention to the girl in the back. That would turn out to be a mistake...

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posted on Jul, 12 2010 @ 11:21 AM
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posted on Jul, 24 2010 @ 11:00 AM
The masses where upon the streets of Cardiff.
Some run amuck, others tore into the flesh of the nearby living.
The dead roamed the streets in their thousands.
Some clusterd around the bodys of their victims whilst others swayed from side to side, oblivious to the carnage in some sort of inhuman daze.

It was bizarre. At the first sight of a living human, the creatures would suddenly become over-whelmed by a cannivorus desire and chase their prey.
Some zombies ran, some stumbled.. But all had that desire... That hunger for the flesh of the living.

It was impossible to stop at this time to try and pick up any survivours, since as soon as they stoped the creatures would be around the van, able to see or smell their dinner inside.
They couldnt risk opening the doors.

"thump" the van jerked as it ran over another zombie, the suspension creaking.

Holding was now driving the Van.
Everyone was silent inside it.

"thump"..another zombie got squashed beneath the wheels.

"This is usless!" Holding shouted, "we wont even have a van left the way this is going. Theres to many of them. I cant dodge them all!"

"Maybe we should just turn around, get out of here then before its too late." Jamesy spoke.
They where both right. The vans suspension was starting to go. The dampers where getting really springy.
Maybe one of the wheel's would pop off the next time they hit another zombie...

"What about the T.A. Center? I thought we where gonna check it out... Plus the extra guns and ammo would be handy.." Freshman whined..

"They'd be no use to us if we cant get there alive, isnt it?" Holding said, letting his temper stray into his voice.
He changed direction and started heading out of the city. Frustrated, that they where only about a mile away from the TA Center, but couldnt risk going in any closer.

All this time, Glyn sat in the back of the van thinking... A mile from the center... Rosalie lived not too far away from it.. They where probably about half a mile away from her house.
"What if she was still alive?" he thought, "She could have baracaded her-self in to her house. Plus her old man would be there too."
To many questions. He couldnt leave her without knowing if she was alive or... one.. of.. Them...

"LET ME OUT!!!!" Glyn shouted...

posted on Jul, 31 2010 @ 01:49 PM
It had taken Shannon and James several hours to gather up the bodies and dump them over the cliffs edge. The stench from some of them was unbearable. While John and the Doc worked to secure the main gate. They rehung one of the heavy steal doors that had been ripped from the wall.

"Where's the water?" John asked as he stood taking off his shirt and wiped his forehead with it. "Here" She said as she passed him the backpack. "I kept them in the shade to keep it cooler" John thanked her then took a long swig of water. Looking over the edge of the water bottle he saw movement, a fast runner was closing rapidly towards their position. He sat the bottle of water down and reached for his scoped 30.06 that was leaning up against the wall to his left. He took aim and squeezed off a round, the Runners legs kicked out from underneath it as its upper body was thrown back from the impact less one head.

He lowered the rifle and looked over his shoulder at her. She hardly gave notice. She by this time had gotten used to the rifle-fire, he had done this about two dozen times already that day. They quickly gathered up the tools they were using and waited until James and Shannon returned then sealed the gates and made their way into the Bunker.

"We're going to need to resupply." John said as the four of them rode the elevator down to the living quarters. Nobody said a word. "We're going out tonight so load up what you'll need, we are going to town." He said stepping off of the elevator. He stopped and turned to them. "The Fog will be rolling in from the ocean tonight so we should have good cover." He walked away whistling the theme from the horror movie Halloween.

They loaded up the AAVP7-A1 with ammo and weapons, Packing several backpacks with food and rolled out after sunset. The gate to the compound closed behind them as they made their way down the road. Running over the occasional Zombie as they went.

The streets were dark and deserted hidden partially in a veil of fog. The town they came to was eerily silent.

"I don't like this" James said as John pulled off the road and shut the Vehicle down. Not wanting to draw unneeded attention they decided it best to leave the vehicle and make it the rest of way into town on foot. John figured a silent hit and run would draw less attention.

"Now what?" Shannon whispered as John and James loaded up on weapons and ammo. John looked over at her then handed her and the Doc each a 9mm and two each extra clips. "You two remember what I taught you right?" John asked them in a hushed voice.

They both shook their heads silently in agreement.

"James will bring up the rear you two will stay between us, no wandering off. OK!?" They each quietly crawled out of the top hatch and down the side. They walked stooped single file stopping every so often to make sure they were not spotted. They went down a small side ally working their way from side street to side street. They stopped near a large vacant lot. In the middle they could see a group of Zombies feasting on someone.

They watched as one Zombie that was missing an arm pulled out the entrails with the other and shoved the mass into it's mouth as saliva and blood poured from it's mouth. Anther was working on removing one the hands from their victim and started gnawing on the wrist to free it from the arm, it suddenly popped off and it immediately ate two fingers like French Fries, spitting out the wedding ring it nearly swallowed.

Shannon seeing this turned away and started dry heaving. James quickly wrapped his hand around her head and over her mouth to muffle the noise she was making. Too late, they had heard her and rose and started lumbering in their direction. Quickly looking around John spotted a two story building across the street that was boarded up with the front door slightly ajar. "Quick in the Hardware store across the street" The other three looked in the direction he was pointing.

"I hope we can barricade ourselves in there" He said as he grabbed the Docs forearm and lead the way. "Let's go" They ran quickly to the store front.

"James stay here and thin out those numbers while The Doc and I check this out" John pushed the button of his Flashlight/Torch and pulled out his .45 and crossed it over his forearm and proceeded into the store. lining up the flashlight/torch light with his line of site and the .45 he cautiously entered the building with the Doc right behind him assuming the same pose.

James stood there for a few seconds breathing heavily as his heart raced with adrenaline then raised his rifle, The first Zombie was the closest it was about 25 feet away a Large one with one of it's eyeballs hanging down, it swung from side to side as it walked. The round hit squarely in it's forehead removing half it's scalp as the bullet passed through hitting the street stop sign behind it, making an almost comical ding sound similar to what one would hear at a carnival shooting gallery.

Moving slowly in the darkness John and the Doc could hear James outside shooting as they made sure they were not choosing a death trap to hold up in. Moving the light from side to side he swept the isles the floor was littered with tools of every sort from wrenches and screwdrivers to nuts and bolts. They made it to the back of the store, the rear door was a heavy solid door bolted and latched. "So far so good" John said in a whisper. "Let's check upstairs."

Shannon was standing behind James as he fired another round. She glanced to her right, silently moving closer was an Older Female Zombie wearing pink Pajamas and fuzzy slippers. It was less than ten feet from her, she raised her pistol and pointed it at it's head then turned away closing her eyes she pulled the trigger, The round hit the old lady in the shoulder forcing her back a few feet as the zombie stumbled to stay upright. Shannon opened her eyes and saw that the old lady was still there with blood and puss oozing from the gun shot.

"Eww" Shannon said in disgust as she aimed again at it's head, again closing her eyes and squeezed off another round, this one landed in the old ladies chest pushing it back another few feet. Rancid blood gushed from the wound squirting out like some sort of grotesque water fountain.

"Gross" She said as she raised the pistol a third time. James becoming aware of the situation fired off a round dropping another zombie this one wearing a firemen uniform. "What the hell is going on back there? Drop her already" James said sternly as he picked out another target and fired. She squeezed the trigger. The old Lady's lower jaw exploded as her head rocked back but she kept on walking still closer to Shannon.

"ARRGGHHH! " Shannon exhaled and aimed her pistol again this time she raised her eyebrows high and had her eyes wide open, now standing barely four feet away she pulled the trigger. The old lady's head came apart spraying Shannon in the face and open mouth. She immediately started vomiting. James looking back, rolled his eyes and continued to pick off targets from the crowd of Zombies moving towards them.

"I think we are in the clear, get them in here" John said as he lit a small Propane lantern he had pulled from the shelf. The Doc ran down the stairs to the front of the store she told them to get inside. Once inside they quickly shut the door bolted it then started to pile 60lbs bags of fertilizer that were piled on a pallet near the entrance behind the door. They could hear the Zombies moaning as they came in contact with the door and started to pound on it. The door shook violently but seemed to be holding.

The Four of them looked around for a few seconds and then at each other in the dimly lit room of their new temporary home wondering if they had made the right decision.

The wind made a spine tingling evil sounding howl...

posted on Aug, 23 2010 @ 02:44 PM
Running... Glyn was running as fast as he could.
The speed of some of his persuers was unbeliviable. The undead, which should be riddled with rigamortis whilst also being 'dead' shouldnt be able to sprint after him like this.
It was like some nightmare where your persued and unable to get away... Although Glyn was very much awake and aware of what was going on in the Cardiff City streets...

"Not far" he thought, as he ran past a shop he used to pop into when there was no milk or bread at his Girlfriends house, "Just down here.."
Glyn paused, breathing heavily whilst surveying the street ahead.
It looked pretty clear, no zombies in sight...

"I must be crazy" Glyn spoke to himself. Since leaving the others and the partial safety of the van, he'd been questioning himself over and over why he even botherd going on this fools errand. Yes, there was the faint hope that Rosalie was alive, but he had no plan... No idea how he'd get them out of the city alive.

He sprinted down the road to the familiar red gate of Rosalie's house. He step'ed over it, and rushed to the door. Knocking, yet at the same time opening the letter box to have a peak inside and wispering, "Rosey! ROSALIE!! Its me! GLYN! Roasalie!?"

There was a faint noise from just out of sight... Then he seen him. Roasile's father crept out of the doorway of one of the rooms, looking at Glyn. Hiding something behind his back...

"You!" Roasile's father hissed... "I thought you'd be dead!"

"Whats the matter old man? Dissapointed..? Let me in." Glyn spoke dryly. He hated Rosalie's father. And the feeling was mutual... He despised Glyn too.

"Im not letting you in. She ran off because of you.. Looking for you. You fool, you shouldnt have come back!!" Roasiles father extended his arm, pointing a shotgun at the eyes of Glyn that were viwe-able through the letter box.

Glyn dived out of the way just in time as a shot was fired at the door making it explode in to thousands of wooden splinters.
Glyn dragged him self up and ran for it, looking over his shoulder at Rosalies father who'd come running out of the house, only to be attacked by a group of zombies who had been alerted by the gun shot.

"stupid old man" he thought, running towards a used car sales fore-court...

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