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If you REALLY think about it, it all becomes quite clear

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:55 AM
Before I start, I just want to say that whether it's Humans or alien cross breeds creating problems to offer their 'solution', it doesn't matter. We have to get out there now and expose all their 'problems' as orchestrated, so that we cannot be manipulated by them into a world government that will be a point of no return... it will be too late to do anything about it and THEN you can sit in your apathy, but now is NOT the time for apathy. - We will be locked down, when THEY need to be.


I'm currently sitting with someone who scrutinizes everything and tries to find alternative explanations for everything (as we all should) and had thought the reptilian thing was created to instill fear. I pointed out that you don't need to see to believe (but it helps), and that the fact that there are a lot of points of evidence, etc... this person maintained that it's just government propaganda... - until now, because of the weirdness of Monsanto: There is no capitalist gain behind Monsanto due to the fact that it will wipe out crops, so how does it make sense that they would be destroying their own food supply?

And the Oil spill: threatening to wipe out all life on this planet... assuming they are Human, they wont have anything to eat... so... therefore they are NOT Human to conspire to destroy life on Earth.

Should we still sitting on our buts? NO.

Given the amount of information it's not very probable that every piece of evidence can have an explanation disproving it. I mean, suppose the ancients by chance all happened to make statues of lizard men... out of some weird coincidence... sure... OK, then what about the Sumarian tablets? Sure, it's an obscure language, but those that have looked at them ALL say that they are CLEARLY talking about how they interacted with us. ... OK, suppose that they misinterpreted it, and the tablets were just a folklore story... well, what about the ancient depictions of flying machines and ancient HELICOPTERS..... thousands of years ago... what about
the fact that it's not only just the Sumarian tablets? There are other tablets written in KNOWN languages...
I'm open of course to looking at other explanations, (when I first saw the words 'George Bush shape shifted into a reptilian creature' in the book 'The Biggest Secret', I thought to myself... "Oh, this must be the stuff that is making people say that conspiracy stuff is just crazy talk" - But I looked into it, because you never know... this is a very strange universe...

I would rather believe that it's all just bull crap because it seems like there is a strong, evil force unfortunately that has infected our lives, but knowing the true dynamics of our situation is better than being completely unhappy and sickened by the way Humanity is, to be utterly disgusted with our own species, when in reality, we have been MANIPULATED in every way.

Here are some alternative explanations and perspectives in Reptoid extraterrestrials that have been reported by not only the ancients but by people all up to the current moment, as they have been seen in some UFO abduction cases, standing with the grays, have been seen in many cave explorations, etc:
The Reptilian thing is NWO, disinfo to discredit anyone talking about conspiracies and makes people think that the 'Elite' are bigger than us, is a scare tactic...

- My thoughts on that: I don't think those in power and control would desire losing their illusion of democracy and having a government for and by the people. The 'they' have us in sufficient fear as it is, and as we see people mindlessly following like sheep in Nazi Germany and today, we have people running around in FEAR of losing their jobs, FEAR of the economy, FEAR from the oil spill, the effect that the result of suppressing clean energy technology will have on our livelihood, ability to fish, FEAR of wars, FEAR of swine flues, etc... I personally would not want the public thinking I'm an alien if I was president, nobody would follow me.

It is not necessary in my opinion to push out 'disinfo' to say that the so called 'elite' are Reptilians to make people fear them, because people are already clearly following.

Another 'explanation' "Some individuals, doubting claims of reptilian humanoid sightings or contacts, suggest that the mythological preeminence of reptilian forms could stem from a genetic memory of instincts developed millions of years ago, when mammals were the prey of the reptiles which dominated the Earth. Dreams of reptiles are often interpreted as symbolizing “ancient drives” and “instinctive responses”." ( )

- Even though this explanation is WAY more far out than the obvious; our universe TEEMING with various sorts of life... on our planet alone, we have stranger creatures than the Drakos, yet I would think that this explanation and others would be a good answer to why this is such a prevalent phenomenon throughout many different spaces and times throughout the history of the earth... I would believe the alternative 'explanations' if I was not aware of the substantial and awesome plethora of evidence and the AMOUNT of information that just paints a picture illustrating how it would be infinitely improbable that our planet was not inhabited by cosmic reptilian humanoids thousands of years ago. There is as much substantial evidence as there is for 911. -Such as civilizations from ALL OVER different parts of the world have records stating their leaders were lizard men, modern science showing how our genes were definitely manipulated thousands of years ago, the fact that everyone in power has been interbreeding ever since the ancient Egyptian times, it has ALWAYS been the same 'people' in power.

Some people will not believe in a reptilian until it manifests in front of their eyes, but If I wake up and see snow on the ground, I may not be able to prove it snowed during the night, but through inference I KNOW it definitely snowed.

Here is an informative video.

Google Video Link

I put all these together here:

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 12:34 PM
Um where is the video? What is the name of it or all four. It tells me some crap about signing up or clicking on a statement I can't find. I like reading about reptilians so I would like to see the videos.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 01:25 PM
reply to post by mblahnikluver

Thanks for the heads up, link has been fixed and video is now embedded on this thread.


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