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Dr. Steven Greer in England (New info)

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 03:17 PM
The very last part, part 5 and 6.

Dr.Steven Greer: When CSETI went to England 5/6


Dr.Steven Greer: When CSETI went to England 6/6

--- its all part of this issue, and we're not going to solve the problem of this current situation on earth, or even understand how the Ets get here or why they're here until we have an understanding of this transdimensional cosmology, Future.
The Ets are here and waiting for us to respond peacefully to them, that no government has done,

--- when a group of people are out under the stars together, they're in these higher states of consciousness, inviting contact within this paradigm of universal peace, without prejudice, without fear, (he discusses higher states of consciousness the pujas, and the vedics) they always appear. Yes, this is true for many people. I think most of the time they appear. So in his case its 100% always appear, and by doing this the Ets are saying that they are very eager to have this kind of link with humanity without this paradigm of universal peace. They dont pick and choose, ie the white anglo saxon looking ones, they are saying, any ET civilization that can come to earth we welcome without prejudice and fear. The purpose is to create Universal Peace, not to go form global conflict to interplanetary war, which is what secret government wants us to believe,.

--- nonlocality of consciousness, so when a group of people start doing something it affects all areas, transcends space and time and is present in all space of time in its fullness, so when a group is doing this it has an effect on every person on our planet and other planets. We see a future earth traveling in the cosmos in peace and a peaceful living of abundance (my parapharasing now).

--- he talks about energy and our need for clean energy and the nuclear plants and the huge amounts of radiation that fission creates and that the Ets area monitoring this and are very concerned for what we are doing to the genetics of the plant. The footprint of the planet is really being harmed by all this radiation and pollution.

--- His goal is to free the energy technology up, do away with inequality and create a long term civilization that is environmentally responsible and then can go to the cosmos. The very strong interests want to maintain their power , inequality and control of all, and warfare including the movie/hollywood space age warfare is their way of generating fear.

He then talks about intimidation and survellience by the military trying to interfere with their contact and probably to corner the Ets. And ho w they still show up and remain peaceful anyway.

--- She shared in England 1998, Woodborough Hill, and over this ridge rose this (craft )that looked way bigger than the setting sun, that bobbed up over the ridge, which was not in the west where the sun would set anyway, it bobbed up and down and up and down again and within 30 seconds there were jets and choppers flying over in the are to suppress this giant craft that had shown itself to us and then a couple nights later up on Woodborough Hill again and then the same craft appeared and showed itself again and then again the jets and choppers and they even dropped flares to say they were doing an exercise dropping flares. There were witnesses to this massive craft in the area as well.

Suppression attempt of activity.

--- Ets so much more evolved than their suppression attempts.

--- The triangle crop circle that they initially talked about was very meaningful to Collin Andrews, the triangle theme was that he was having ce5's a communication in consciousness where you request the Ets to do things and they would. He had mapped ones that happened in the early period where they would think it would be cool if the Ets would add a desgn and the next day they did, and they mapped these crop circles and they were with these cities that were in a perfect tirangle in their miles apart and beginning of all these words were (41 ½ miles apart), and the beginning of all these words was want, wind and war.

I really found these videos positive and revealing what is possible, and like him, I believe its possible for every one who searches, 100%, providing they are truly working at their levels of consciousness and overcoming the world, perfecting self, and caring about others, wanting a free world, without money, banks, owners, of equality, compassion and cruelty free to nature. That advanced thinking and caring souls who meditate and seek, find. And usually what they're finding is their cosmic family, their own people, even coming face to face with themselves.

Though the star and flag bar is taken away, I would personally like to give this 100 flags and countless stars.

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posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 04:38 PM
reply to post by InfaRedMan

We can agree on some things, then. Greer is America's David Icke

posted on Jul, 6 2010 @ 07:13 PM
reply to post by playswithmachines

Icke has an incredible amount of insight too, what he talks about is what is under the matrix, and when you wake and strive to see it, it'll slip and you will too. However Greer is just completely straight up in his straight forward striving to show contact, meditation drawing in contact, something anyone can do. And for those waking up, write in and demand the release of free energy and work to save this planet and the billions suffering on it. Its a matter of conscious.

posted on Dec, 9 2010 @ 09:28 AM
reply to post by rajaten

People such a Dr Greer are constantly being attacked by the Military Ind Complex crowd. These attacks include infiltration by agents and the feeding of disinformation or hoax pictures/videos etc.
I'm sure most of the contacts Greer and his people experience are legitimate and I'm also sure that all funds received are directed into the Disclosure Movement.
I think Greer's worst fault is his naivety with such a complex and new phenomenon where the science is way behind, it would be easy to misinterpret a lot of images.
Bob Dean was caught out as well. He presented, what he believed to be an alien ship just above the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, on his Barcelona Lecture and it turned out to the second or third stage from another launching superimposed onto the Apollo Photo. He was told that the pictures were found amongst NASA pics sent to Japan before the "UFOs on the moon" issue blew out and so missing the scrutiny of NASA.
It seems a legitimate story, most activists would buy it, you can't jump down every rabbit hole.
The UFO world is fraught with disinformation and moles who spread it or undermine various activist organisations e.g. Project Camelot's recent split, caused by Kerry's lack of discernment by hooking up with that ASIO agent Jack Burns as well as other possible plants and disinfo merchants.

posted on Jul, 21 2012 @ 05:48 AM
reply to post by Maybe...maybe not

I'm afraid these two quotes of yours from sequential posts on this thread don't jive.

Unfortunately, Greer is deemed a hoaxer to such an extent that the owners of ATS now consign all his material to the hoax forum as a matter of course.

However, ATS ”Denies Ignorance”, so hoaxers like Greer are subjected to intense scrutiny & are found severely wanting.

Deciding all material is a hoax and consigning it into a Hoax forum 'as a matter of course' is not in any way being 'subjected to intense scrutiny'.

Perhaps this forum is as the conspiracy types say it agency front website for Intelligence gathering and Psyops, or perhaps not, but to routinely dismiss someone or something out of hand, is not scrutinty let alone intense scrutiny.

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