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The Pimm Conspiracy

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 12:22 AM
Germany 4 v Australia 0 (no not Austria you Americans you)

Pimm Verbeek ... The Dutch manager of Australia in charge of a side with the slowest central defenders of any nation, decideded to order his defence to play high up the pitch and play the off side trap , against a youthful very mobile German unit.
Blitzkrieg 2010 style ensued, the Aussies defended worse than the Allies in France 39/40.
Completley out paced and sliced open , with the Aussie defence unable to execute the offfside trap when it counted, Pimm much to my Maltese Shidzu dogs' amazement continued to direct his bewildered defensive outfit to press up the pitch.

He played Tim Cahill up front on his own despite the fact that 90% of his goals have come from deep runs where he latches onto crossed or spilt balls.
Cahill is an attacking midfielder who covers a lot of ground tracking back.

Pimm Verbeek was renowned to all Aussie Footballing Pundits/critics/fans/Shidzus as a cautious Euro Chap, yet he threw caution to the Gods, and to be honest created footballing science fantasy , just the stuff up to provoke unsettling conspiracy theories.

Was Verbeek offered any inducements to lose so embarrassingly? I personally doubt it.

Was this way Verbeek could pay back his knockers and detractors of his staid tactics? losing ,due to giving them their wishes? I personally doubt it.

The likely reason is that Verbeek is a Footballing euro snob.

He has no respect for the Aussie domestic League or the home based Aussie WC squad fringe palyers, he himself has no ambition for Australia to get to the second round.
This is the greatest conspiracy, he is the second or third highest paid World cup manager, but he is just going through the motions.
He ignored several talented youngsters such as Leckie, Oar, Zullo, Cruze, he omitted the silky Carle, he dropped Mcdonald.
He chose the sickly Kewell, Bresciano,Emerton,then admits they are still below par fitness.
He should give back his earnings and resign now.
Aussies are proud and fighters, they were ordered to lay down and be flogged.

The most shameful day in Australian Footballing history.

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 04:21 AM
Perhaps I should have said Austria?
The Americans I fear took me literally?
Na ...they too smart.
Obama B. yeah go the USA USA uSA

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