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A solution for the resolution of two important and insistant issues facing the World.

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 07:11 PM
Hi guys!

This is my first thread here on ATS! so I'll try making it a good one.

Ok, here is a novel idea. I'd like folks to consider it and see if it has flaws that would jeopardize the integrity of this concept, so that ultimately it can evolve into something producable!

A solution for the resolution of two important and insistant issues facing the Nation...

ISSUE: Nuclear Waste - the spent fuel rods that have conglomerated over the years from the reactors across America. Not just America however, but also world wide.

Depleated uranium, which consists of the remains of spent fuel rods taken from Nuclear Reactors World Wide, has had a need to find a purpose which has reached such a critical point that mankind is desparately seeking avenues to dispose of it, before it begins to contaminate our environments. The solution that (unfortunately) America created to rid ourselves of it is to generate munitions and armaments made out of this highly toxic depleated uranium and kill people from other countries with this element, therefore depositing our nuclear waste into thier environments.

It has been shown that such contaminations of those regions are expanding from that original purpose to now contaminate the food, water, and lands within those regions, which destroys all forms of life as a result. Increased radiation sickness and death is occuring on a rising scale, almost to a point for a world wide call for a criminal inquiry into those that have used depleated uranium to commence their wars.

ISSUE: GOM Oil Contamination - the continued flux of oil and oil based compounds and toxins, gases, and the additives being used to disperse this flow. If left unchecked, this catastrophy promises to evolve into a mass extinction event. Something must be done, and soon.

Given these two issues, a solution is apparent to resolve the both of them.

Uranium, once spent and converted into depleated uranium, ultimately decay's into the inert byproduct Lead... a heavy metal. Interestingly, the impervious element Lead, with as heavy an element as it is, is still less dense than it's predecessor Depleated Uranium, which possesses 1.7 times the denity of lead.

It has come to light that a solution offered to the GOM is to transport large bolders to the area and start dumping them on top of the flow, slowing the pressure enough to provide a sealant to seal the debris.

I contend that, while a noble and viable possibility, it still will not provide an impermeable solution. Lead Will.

I therefore recommend that the world's nations who are proliferate in Nuclear Reactor technologies begin gathering thier spent fuel rods and other sources of Depleated Uranium, as well as sources of inert lead, and begin loading them immediately onto protected barges for transport to the GOM location. the site of these leaks is approximately 5000 ft. below the ocean, a heavily dense and pressurized region.

I contend that the Depleated Uranium, and other sources of Nuclear Waste that are related, will increase in thier densities once they settle into the area of the leaks. This will provide a solid, pressure proof, and impermeable containment barrier to control the flow of hydrocarbon emissions. Once that has been accomplished, sheets of fused lead will then be lowered to top off the area, creating another impermeable layer, this time preventing the contamination of outlying waters from the depleated uranium componants as well. Concrete blocks can be lowered to hold these lead sheets in place, as a sealant is then applied to the seams surrounding this barrier.

At this point. an apparatus can be constructed to finalize the process.

While a form of radiation contamination will result, it wouldn't be any different than if a nuclear weapon were used, just without the shock value threat of fracturing the sea floor any further.

There is my proposal. Please be constructive. Thanks!

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 07:35 PM

Originally posted by Megiddodiddo

It has come to light that a solution offered to the GOM is to transport large bolders to the area and start dumping them on top of the flow, slowing the pressure enough to provide a sealant to seal the debris.

I contend that, while a noble and viable possibility, it still will not provide an impermeable solution. Lead Will.

That is so awesome!

I came up with the boulder idea here on ATS
(And got major criticisms for it lol!)

I really love how you refined this theory with using the depleted uranium.

I back your plan

Most people do not like the idea because it is too simple and straight forward of a solution.

They think everything in life has to be difficult,hard, and complicated. But really things are much simpler.

Rather than making 20 pages of equations to describe something, this is merely an attempt to convey the same thing in 1 page or less.

Simplification is advancement.

However, the plug plan may not work if there is truly a leak 1000+meters below the surface of the well. If there really is an underground leak, we are pretty much backed up into a wall now, and may have no other option but to nuke the sucker.

If there is no underground leak, than this plan may actually work.

You really made me happy posting this. My wife will be mad at you though, she will say you are "encouraging me".

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 07:48 PM
Isn't it self evident that it's a terrible idea to built a mountain of radioactive waste and heavy metals in the ocean?

People complain about the mercury in their fish as it is. . .

The reason that nuclear waste is a problem is that you can't just pile it up out of the way somewhere. It's a powerful poison that will be dangerous for thousands of years after we are all dead. Not to mention that there is way too much nuclear waste to just build a lead dome over it. Let alone the logistics of building a multimillion ton structure a mile below the surface of the sea.

I think this theory is just about as preposterous as it sounds.

"It pays to keep an open mind, but not so open your brains fall out."
— Carl Sagan

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 10:57 PM
reply to post by OnceReturned

Apparently you do not understand the complexity, nor the severity of the issue at hand my friend. If something is not achieved to stop this flow, and soon, humanity is looking at the cold, hard, face of a mass extinction level event.

The Mediterranean, the Carribean, and most of the Atlantic ocean (possibly all of it) is going to DIE. Dead Water, Dead Fish, Dead Reefs, and a toxicity so high, that the hurricane seasons that rejuvinate anually will constantly coat the paths they follow with plumes of death.

What does that mean? it's already begun.

The entire southern coastal areas (and soon to be, Eastern seaboard regions) are watching crops like oranges, cotton, tobacco, soy, corn, and whatever else is being grown there get destroyed via a form of acid rain that litterally burns plantlife upon impact, and if one of those raindrops happen to touch wildlife, such as birds, it eats right through them, most likely killing them instantly. It will start to affect humans in the same manner soon.

Those same chemicals that are starting to coat the land will accumulate, and what do you think happens to petroleum products when they're heated?

GASES begin to vaporise from the ground, Gases containing halucenigenic chemicals such as Hydrogen Sulphide, Tuolumene, Benzene, Sulphuric Flouride, Carbon Monoxide, and shall we even mention the dispersant COREXIT?....

So you see, that little irrelevant patch of ocean - with a heavy metals cap that's slightly radiated but under 50 feet of concrete, at an oceanic depth of 5000 feet, under pressures far too immense to allow much of anything to migrate.... really isnt that bad of a sacrifice compared to what I've just explained to you that is happening now, and will only get worse if nothing is done soon...


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