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Ex-'Satan' rocket launches micro-satellites

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 04:25 PM

Ex-'Satan' rocket launches micro-satellites

A former Soviet SS-18 intercontinental missile
lofted a trio of European micro-satellites into space on Wednesday, including a
satellite to monitor the Sun's impact on climate change, France's National
Centre for Space Studies (CNES) said. Skip related contentRelated photos /
videos The Russian "Dnepr" carrier rocket Enlarge photo More photos: Space

The Russian-Ukrainian Dnepr lifted off at 1442 GMT from
Yasny, southern Russia, the CNES said in a press release issued in Paris.
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 04:25 PM
Its triple payload included a 150-kilo (330-pound) French satellite called
Picard that will scrutinise the Sun for changes that could affect Earth's
climate system.

More than 80 percent of current climate change is attributable to greenhouse
gases that trap solar heat, leaving variations in solar output as the other big
Picard, named after a 17th-century French astronomer who investigated solar
activity, will orbit at an altitude of 725 kilometres (453 miles), the CNES
It carries a telescope that will take images of the Sun in five wavelengths, and
two other instruments to measure the Sun's energy output.
The other passengers aboard the Dnepr were the satellites Mango and Tango, under
a Swedish Space Corporation project called Prisma.
They will test new sensors and navigation technologies designed to enable
satellites to rendezvous or fly in formation in space.
The SS-18 was code-named "Satan" by NATO in the Cold War's heyday. In the 1990s,
a number of the missiles were converted so that they could carry small civilian
payloads into low Earth orbit.


Prisma project.

- - - - - - -

Now this is what I call appropriate use of missile technologies, rather than being armed with nuclear warheads.

This is good bit of Solar monitoring tech and nice they are up there to keep a better ‘eye’ on the expulsions, things are a changin and we all know the potentials as to reason why these are now up there.

The geosynchronous formation lock tech’ is interesting, “Shields up!” for the future, ay.

Whatcha think people?
(visit the link for the full news article)

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 04:28 PM
NASA don’t elucidate, but notice the project manager on space flight now it proudly states “"Prisma is really a Christmas tree of different demonstrations," said Staffan Persson, the Prisma project manager from Swedish Space Corp. “ and while it admits being an optical test on one level, I suggest as much as being useful for survey missions for mapping Mars, it has various expected applications for here on Terra, one of which would be linking a good amount of these together in time, to serve as a rad’ shield to augment the front face of stellar expulsions as they get stronger in decades to come, along the lines of a concept I’ve had and I think a good many people have thought about over years but in more recent times a realisation has occurred that it’s actually something this planet will need, think there’s a way to go, but a i rather think it’s one of the primary purposes for testing this tech, expand that configuration however far up in orbit to how many required to create a shield to cover a section, then working to encapsulating the planet in a Polariton shield, with a tangible light laser in the outer infra red band as carrier beam in oscillation phase differential of however many angstroms to whatever resonant frequency signature, (Which of course will be variable so controllable as to what is expected to spike whenever Terra experiences a surge in energetic particles and/or wavelengths.), in order to keep the Polaritons in a state of excitation and so serving as a shield to white spectrum intensity into ultra ranges and having an effect in slowing incursion by more energetic radiation as cosmic origin as much as Solar. Using prismic effects in dispersion of the Polariton carrier in tangible laser, (Recent advance from last year.), fed by strategically based ground centres with Polariton gestation facilities, (Recent advances last year in Polariton gestation.) and high energy lasers, beam a feed to various hubs as dispersal satellites in the grid when necessary to protect the planet better.

One application among many one can think of, as a concept i had last year and feel 'tis viable, why this testing will prove ‘useful’ apart from what is mentioned, methiinx and I for one am pleased to see it, indeed.


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