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Norway and Autralian Spiral Events, (very interesting) most probable causes….

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 09:03 AM
First I would like to say to this guy here :

That with simple trigonometry, there is no doubt in my mind that the spiral event is not a physical rocket, a ship, a Gaseous substance or anything physical of this dimension. The proof is that whatever was causing the event horizon of the spiral, was travelling at more then 316 meters a second. That’s faster than the speed of sound. Consider the fact that whatever was at the origin of the phenomena is traveling at least at 2 times the speed of sound and not making any sound or sonic boom. Just so you can see it clearly, 316 Meters per second is 710 Mph . Paraphrasing what the document already mentions, 318 Mph is a world record for tornado wind speed. And there you have it in the middle of the sky making no sound…. Just perfectly silent from different sources. Just a coincidence wouldn’t you say. What do you know that has a visual effect on the light spectrum and does not affect the air?

In my own opinion there is nothing within le laws of our physics that would permit that kind of phenomenon (being a rocket )without causing sound that was perceptible very far away. It just simply is impossible even at that altitude and speed. Here is my theory, the phenomenon is magnetic and within a contained space. Let’s compare it to the closest thing that I know can resemble it… the aurora borealis. The greenish and bluish glows in the aurora borealis have almost the same glow as the starting point of the “AHEM” smoke of the “AHEM” missile. Aurora borealis are magnetic phenomenon’s.

Look at the image on this site : or

Compare it with the spiral :
Since I have limited scientific knowledge, I will try to compensate with what I have. Deduction skills. Both phenomenons’s have yet to be explained exactly in science. Both Phenomenon’s have common ground as they are both silent in nature. Have effects on the light spectrum in the sky. Have both been observed near the ionosphere. Now right next to the Norway Spiral was the Eiscat facility that effects this specific section of the atmosphere. We will get back to that in a few… don’t worry…

Now after researching the aurora borealis, I have found something called : The birkeland current. It seems to explain the sudden merge of different magnetic waves in the ionosphere creating the Aurora borealis. Now here is the exact description on wiki:

Birkeland current is a specific magnetic field aligned current in the Earth’s magnetosphere which flows from the magnetotail towards the Earth on the dawn side and in the other direction on the dusk side of the magnetosphere. Lately, the term Birkeland currents has been expanded by some authors to include magnetic field aligned currents in general space plasmas. In the Earth’s magnetosphere, these currents are driven by changes in the topology of the magnetotail (e.g. during substorms) and when they reach the upper atmosphere, they create the aurora Borealis and Australis. The currents are closed through the auroral electrojet, which flows perpendicular to the local magnetic field in the ionosphere.

Other interesting image is the following:
Image of magnetic rope

Now if we compare the spiral in Norway to the image of the magnetic rope, we can see that the event horizon of the spiral is exactly that, something that resembles a magnetic rope, and furthermore there is also something to be said about the speed of said spiral versus aurora.

Now since aurora usually only appear in the 65 + meridian, there must be Sun flare and magnetic disturbance records that could invoke a plausible explanation into the phenomenon. Since we are comparing it to a northern light phenomenon, magenetic fields from the earth interfering with solar activity could be a cause of this phenomenon. Now the Norway spiral happened on 9Th December 2009 at 7:50 Am local time Norway. That would be UTC/GMT +1 hour . Is 6 Hours plus from my time in Canada. Researching the subject on many different sites, has not produced any interesting information. Even on space weather sites nothing interesting. (I may be mistaken please prove me wrong if that is the case ).

If some of you are familiar with EISCAT and HAARP project you will find out that: The genius Nikola Tesla had a big revelation in 1892 when watching the sky during a thunder storm. And he figured out that the rain from the clouds did not fall until the thunder had fallen. It was something that switched on the torrential rain. He then later realized that by bombarding a particular area with extremely low frequency waves it could influence the formation of clouds and change the weather. It even had an incidence on the brain waves of animals humans you name it. It is no secret that some tests of the High Auroral Active Research Project have been able to influence the night sky with some visually stunning phenomenon. And since it has been discovered that the Extremely low Frequency range, has many different applications I would have to say that it is possible that it could influence the curvature of time and space. If you think about it, bending light is the process of bending time itself. Light moves in one direction from A to B and if we curve it, we can see it’s point of origin A. Ok So my theory is not exactly up to speed with precision, But I think it is the basis of a theory. And If I remember correctly Einstein seem to think about the same.

Searching for Tesla technology and other related issues; I have found that there are ancient mysteries that could be resolved by the many discoveries of Nikola Tesla. For one thing a Tesla coil is most affective when done in a cone or pyramid shape. It’s power and energy channeled from big to a small focused point. It’s even related to signal non locality and could even produce communication devices. Here is a big what if,” What if the pyramids of Egypt were just that, an ancient communication device that was centered around the galaxy’s to which it was trying to communicate with…. ?” See this thread here :

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 09:04 AM
EISCAT is the same thing as the HAARP project. An extensive facility of transmitters and receivers that can send pulses of High, low and extremely low frequencies towards our skies.

Now I believe that with current events, there is a high probability of very high probability that we are going to face solar flares and solar activity. . Imagine a near ELE event that could wipe out the human race off the face of this earth. Well I think that this haarp and eiscat is really trying to create a way out. I believe they are trying to conceive an exhaust valve. And the multiple spirals we are seeing are just that. I believe that they have found a way to bend light to a point where it merges with another dimension or reality. And that in the case of something happening, they would open up these ruptures as a last resort.

This is why the video from the spiral in Norway seems to become dark and take appearance of a big gigantic black hole at the end. They are trying to make it possible to send anything that could be in our trajectory, out of this universe. My hunch tells me that there might be an extinction level event in our coming future.

Now to those who will have no say into whether or not 2012 will be the end of the world, To that I say, no there is not going to be a 2012 event. I believe that something will happen during either 2011 or 2013. But that is just my gut feeling


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