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An in depth look at the NWO, what why and how...

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 04:15 AM
Hi, I'm Grom.

And I'd like to take the opportunity to tell you how (I think) the world really works. At least according to my conspiratorial, pseudo-intellectual, wikipedia-ized brain.

I can't really explain it with one paragraph on a single post, that would take up far to much instead I think I'll break it down into a series of topics and add them to a master link list which I will post here one at a time.

Basically this is my explanation of the New World Order, what it is, and why it ain't all that new. These posts will be simply my opinion, but hopefully it will make you think of the world we live in from a new perspective .This might sound a little preachy but hey, thats what I love about the internet, everyone has a voice.

I want to give a brief summary of what the New World Order is and why it's so dangerous.

Listen to this famous quote George H. W. Bush in his speech of Septembet 11th 1991...

To many of the sheeple out there this may seem innocuous, utopian, or idealistic but think about what he's saying for a moment. He wants to overthrow the "Law of the Jungle" and replace it with the UN, a manmade institution.

Well who created the law of the jungle, i.e. natural law? The laws of nature were put in place by God, not man. What therefor does it mean to overthrow the rule of God's natural law and to set up a man made system in place of it? I think the book of revelation had some things to say about that.

But let me give you a practicle example of why this is such a bad idea...

If you lived in an oppressive society, with no hope of overcoming your condition, you always throughout history had one last desperate option available to you to obtain your liberty and could flee...

The slaves could flee north, the soviet defectors could flee west, and so on. What makes this possible was the state of nature under which competing societies exist that ensures a seperation of soveriegnty. If one nation corrupts and weakens, another will arise and benefit at its expense. In this way liberty and justice is preserved against the rise of tyranny.

Now imagine a world where theres no place to flee should opression and tyranny arise. A grand pax romana. A unified one world federal superstate, with all nations subject to a single governing authority. A Pyramid of power under which all men are bound to subjection and rule. Remember, power corrupts...and absoute power corrupts absolutely. What happens then?

It reminds me of that epic line from George Orwell's 1984...."If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face...forever..."

That is the final destination of the New World Order. We must not place all authority under one entity or freedom is in peril.

Now if you think thats a little far fetched, you obviously haven't been paying attention the past few thousand years....

We've gone from tribes to cities.... city-states to nations...nations to empires....all the while morphing smaller political entities into larger ones...

The united states used believe in states rights, now it's a punchline. Meanwhile we push for globalism, interdependence, free trade zones so as to mix national economies, political unions, anything to amalgamate the world into larger singular entities until theyre is no more sense of any national identity.

Someone might say that sounds a bit protectionist or xenophobic, but why have borders at all then? more cultures and nations have been oppressed or destroyed by the erosions of soverignty and entering into a bad agreements than any other way. No one should be ashamed of patriotism.

The NWO is the modern pyramid scheme, the tower of babel, the attempt to ascend into heaven and place the throne of man above the throne of God.

Now why should such a conspiracy seem so improbable to any of you?

To me it's not even a conspiracy, it's just politics and history.

More posts to come...

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 04:29 AM
reply to post by grom0007

I see you moved your thread. Seeing as how the one in paranormal is likely to be deleted I'll post my reply here as well:

Well who created the law of the jungle, i.e. natural law? The laws of nature were put in place by God, not man.

I wouldn't call it God, I would call it nature (as there is no God evident). As you state its NATURAL law, the laws of nature. Everything follows the laws of nature. What he means by law of the jungle is that kill or be killed attitude, barbarism essentially. Survival of the fittest - law of the jungle.

What therefor does it mean to overthrow the rule of God's natural law and to set up a man made system in place of it?

We've been doing that for thousands of years. Civilization is based upon setting up systems of government made by men that often protect from the barbaric nature of natural law/ the law of the jungle. Eat or be eaten becomes protect the rights of all. I fail to see how equality and the ideals of the United States Constitution are in any way tearing down God's law, unless you want to open that "God given rights" can of worms. If they were God given rights they would be part of the laws of nature. Nature/God gives us no rights or rules, we made them up ourselves.

In this way liberty and justice is preserved against the rise of tyranny.

This part makes sense. In a global system its hard to flee tyranny and oppression if they are applied equally in all four corners. Trouble is its very difficult to apply tyranny on a global scale and keep it applied evenly everywhere. Also, countries may give up their sovereignty but that doesn't mean they will all become exactly alike, many will keep their cultures and in some sense their freedom alive so there will always be some places more free than others even in a global system.

That is the final destination of the New World Order.

I disagree. People are much easier to control when they don't know they are being controlled. You can believe you're free when really you are just a slave and that type of slavery is preferable to the outright dystopian tyranny of your vision of the NWO (and Orwell's). They need us to be fat and happy enough to not realize they are leeching off of us continuously and in order to do that they must, at the very least, maintain a pleasant illusion of freedom that overpowers their COVERT tyranny. The keyword is in caps. Outright tyranny, they'd be crazy to try it, the world would end up locked in perpetual guerrilla war.

I think the real danger and the real plan of the Elite is to keep the world teetering on the brink. You see if the snip never hits the fan most of us conspiracy theorists will sit back and continue running our mouths while doing NOTHING. We're all waiting for some mythical scenario where SWAT teams begin rounding us up for extermination camps - it ain't gonna happen. If they can keep us well fed and obsessed with escapism while they rake in the cash and leech off of our labor they will never need to fully create an actual NWO. Then they can create disinfo about chemtrails and FEMA camps they never really plan to use to keep us believing in that mythical scenario that never comes. Ad infinitum.

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