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The will to Survive?

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posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 04:32 PM
Iam starting this thread, in the hopes to bring a group discussion capable of helping IandI "you and I" through these times of Confusion, weather it be mental, physical, or whatever. I know I could, can, and will Survive. . .

. . .I know that through healthy conversation, some postive communication between two or more people. We can Help IandI people to the fullest.



Now, some points of discussion Iam going to be bringing up in the beginning.

I would like to discuss other peoples thoughts on these key points.

The will to survive.

Preparing for survival.

Survival Stresses.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 11:29 AM
All the equipment in the world means little without the intestinal fortitude to carry on in a survival situation.

It's all about attitude. Survival, in any situation of danger, almost always comes down to "want to".

You have to have a reason, a will, to survive... Think about that little baby at home. About leaving your wife, or husband, all alone to raise your kid(s).

Preparing for survival? Again, all the equipment in the world is meaningless without the gray matter we call our brain. In a survival situation...if at all possible, sit your happy self down, and "THINK". Before heading out on your trip to where ever, take a moment and ponder about what to do if something calamitous occurs.

Car breaks down alongside the road, in the middle of freakin' nowhere... Your survival may hinge on what actions you take, so take the moment to "THINK". Thinking prevents panic. Thinking can prevent death.

Thinking, and the "want to" attitude will, given half a chance, get you through your travails, maybe not comfortably, maybe not stylishly, but alive counts more.

Stresses. Both physical and mental. The physical is your enviroment, and your interaction with it. Cold, Hot, Wet, Dry...all these can be prepared for and lessened by a little judicious thought before hand.

The mental takes a bit more doing. Keep yourself active, both mentally and physically... How can I make my self more comfortable... How can I prepare for the next step in my survival... Don't get down on yourself emotionally. Hmm... there's that "want to" attitude, again...

Survival comes down, given half a chance, to attitude. That "want to" attitude, a "never say die" mental armour, has saved more than one person who had no equipment save attitude. It'll do the same for you, if you let it.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 12:49 PM
Good thread, though I am sure it's already some where on this board but hey I'll roll.

With out the will you are dead. I agree with what SEAGULL has said and he makes a very valid point.

I can't add much to what has been said but try this. Make your bug out kit and go into the wilderness for 2 days.

I did something very similar recently and you learn an also lot about yourself.

I had all the kit I needed but I have to admit at one stage I just sat looking at our nights camping location and whole situation started to overwhelm me. I knew what I needed to do but the mixture of emotions from being tired after hiking most of the day, being hungry and thirsty etc. I knew what I should be doing, making camp collecting fire wood having a drink and food etc but I felt so strange. Once I got myself together, got the shelter up, fire going and had a hot drink with a hot dinner I felt so much better and felt more positive. All this and it was only a mock bug out.

Basically having the will to just get on with what needs doing and what you know you need to do is I feel something you have to learn very quickly in a survival situation so get out there and practice.

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 12:57 PM
I have spent 18 years since school having the gov and police trying to organize me to commit suicide in london. I have not given up, and i think believing in something higher helped me as i know humans are to thick to have run this planet by themselves.

They used electronic mind control on to absolutely ruin my life for all that time destroying anything in my life, and i all i have is this will to go on.

You get so much hatred in life towards you, it just becomes the norm, and you feed of it after a time, and you do not ever want people to be nice to you as you have learned what people are.

I know i will not commit suicide as i have not tried yet. But man people are extremely cruel, and my life could of even been worse, lol, if they got the things they wanted. But what kept me going is the truth that i am the one who is right, even though every one was against me for no reason other than i did not fancy females(crazy world).

What ever happens in your life it may be hard, but never kill yourself. Just listen to some music, and even if you have nobody, get a dog or cat or something to rub and cuddle. There is always something you can do to lift your spirits and i should know with all the hatred generated against me in these years.

Plus by the way up yours females that murdered me, you at least showed me the scum you are. Go ring up your american alphabet agencies to organise my murder so you can lift your spirits, and think your great.

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posted on Jun, 20 2010 @ 09:39 PM
"My really cool avatar is brought to you by King Lizard.
We don't roll the way of the troll.-Springer."

"Who are you and why should I care ????.... Bender Futurama

Ah Good for you my friend."

""The man who reads nothing at all is better educated than the man who reads nothing but newspapers."- Thomas Jefferson
"Socialism is everywhere, with the delusion of choice."- Andy1033
Obama is Jim Jones(mk2), not JFK."

"Thank you for contributing, seagull, colec156, andy1033, means alot; REALLY"

The will to survive:

Many survival case histories show that stubborn, strong willpower can conquer many obstacles. One case history tells of a man they say was stranded in the desert for eight days without food and water; it was also said that he had no survival training, and he did nothing right. He wanted to survive, and through sheer willpower, he did survive.

With the will and "WANT TO" -seagull- you will see with training, equipment, you will find that you can overcome any obstacle you may face. You will survive.

Preparing for survial:

Two thing you can do now to help you prepare are. (1) train for survival in different enviroments and (2) learn about the area you are going to, or "I like to study regardless, so I learn about places and how places might be in the near future and what places will be left, so to speak?"

Learn how to find and get food and water, how to use natural enviromental features for shelter, how to build a shelter, how to determine direction, and how and when to travel through different types of terrain.

You should also learn how to maintain your health, how to avoid enviromental hazards, and how to doctor yourself.

Most important, you should learn that rest can be more valuable than speed.

Survival Stresses:

You must overstand the emotional states associated with survival just as you must overstand survival conditions and equipment. In a survival situation, you (and your companions, if any) are the most important element in determining your success or failure.

You have probably never given much thought to-

*How do I react to various situations?

* What do the various signs, feelings, expressions, and reactions in me (and in others) mean?

* What are my tolerances to different mental and physical stresses?

* How can I maintain and use my abilities effectively to perform and control myself?

* How can I influence my companions in a way that will help them and me?

Yet knowing these things-knowing-"thyself"-is extremely important in a survival situation and bears directly on how well you cope with serious stresses: fear and anxiety; pain, injury, and boredom; and loneliness and isolation.










posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 12:20 AM
I wonder. . . Why? Only To be Told, It Is Them Not You, LOVE is Only But A Key On my Chain. . .

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