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July 19th 2010 - International Disinformation Day

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posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 03:31 PM
As I sit here and watch as more and more of this BP oil spill storyline start to come together I cannot help but be concerned about the future. Not just for the Gulf region but for the world as a whole. We cannot sit back and watch as these corporations gamble with human lives in the name of greed. I am sick and tired of watching as the Haliburtons and Goldman Sacs of the world play with human lives like chess pieces.

The only way to imply our will in this system is to hit them in the wallets. If anything is going to change we must shock the system while simultaneously plugging knowledge back into the masses. We have the ability to do this!

I declare that Monday July 19th 2010 be the first annual Disinformation Day where everyone refuses to go to school or work on that day in the name of "Disinformation". Instead we spend that day either doing our own research on the topics we find "unsettling" or we make up groups and spend the day protesting/street preaching/handing out info (anything to make others aware) about whatever topic you would like to draw more attention to.

Atrocities can no longer be overlooked and eventually forgotten about. Our lack of persistence and our laziness are our worst enemies. Do yourself a favor and do those around you a favor. Bow out of the system for one day and dedicate yourself to the things you know you should be doing instead.

Join me on July 19th as we put our foots down and will the tides of momentum into the opposite direction.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 03:53 PM
Every day is disinfo day.

What we really need is a "Truth day". Where everyone has to tell the truth.

That would be nice.

But then again, I am just an idealistic romanticist, with unrealistic fantasies about my pipe dream in the sky.

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