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President Obama: "USA to LEAD the WORLD in the New World Order"

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posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 09:44 AM
reply to post by 412304

It may not matter to you that your rights were stripped from you, but my rights come at the price of blood, that is no small price.
You talk or Dr. Greer and the secrets he may or may not have.
The people that are suppressing this information are the same ones that want to rule you.
Does that bother you? It should infuriate you actually.
And as far as our system not working, you do realize there are American boots in more countries that I can name off. The only reason why they aren’t slaughtering more people than they are is the question of deniability.
I am not saying we are an evil nation but if you put a rifle in a soldiers hands and tell him the guy in the turban is his enemy he will probably believe it.
It does bother me to no end that you don’t care s#!7 about your rights, I wish you had the same as me, I still don’t see myself as anymore than your equal though.
But all in all I would love to see a Roddenberry society but with religion among other problems. Plus we can’t agree on this forum on a nwo structure how would we ever make it work in a real environment?
Yep, war and death neither are a viable option to me.
If the PTB wanted to prove to me this world was civilized enough to proceed into the future they would end embargo’s feed the hungry, provide clean power, and clean water plus a list of other things I cannot begin to think about.
Once those things are accomplished then we will talk until then it just tastes like a power grab.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 09:45 AM
reply to post by ugie1028

Who is to say what "New World Order" even means? Why can't it mean cooperation amongst nations of the world? Why must it mean an evil global regime?

Maybe a New World...Order...will be an Order of the New World, as in the New World that Christopher Columbus discovered (America).

I have no idea, but if you didn't read the paper, then in my book, you fit in with those people who never read the Arizona bill or the healthcare bill.

So many people on this site will watch a video that pulls single lines of an entire document and uses them out of context. That is not the way to go about knowing what is going on. That is the way to have distortions made. Distortions lead to misunderstandings and lies.

I myself will pass on this. I am not convinced that a country that cannot efficiently run most of its own programs will lead the way in ruling the world. What a joke.

It seems like people get an emotional high when they hear the term NWO. They get even more excited when they feel "it" is coming closer and closer.

Could it be a lot of those people get off on being afraid? I just watched the above video of Obama giving a speech in Berlin, and there was STAR WARS music playing in the background!


posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 09:45 AM
It's Bush Sr's 1000 points of light again!

What he didn't mention was that you get a thousand points of light from every clusterbomb.

At a time when we face massive unemployment, high racial tensions, a sky-high deficit Obama wants to channel the ghost of Reagan and call for INCREASED MILITARY SPENDING?

We can't afford a New World Order or this pretender.

Remember the Project for a New American Century?

They got their "new pearl harbor"

What will get from this?

I don;t believe in divine intervention but that seems to be our last hope. Anyone got a good prayer guide they can recommend?


posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 09:50 AM
This is very scary! Why is this happening and no one is talking about it? What is going on?

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 09:52 AM
Has anyone stopped to think how islamic countries might fit into a NWO senario? Their not exactly known as leaders in the area of change, which leads me to think that the only way you could truly unite the world would be simply for everyone to convert to islam.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 09:52 AM
Look out Glenn Beck, this guy can twist the truth almost as good as you do and I think he may be after your job!

Anyone that would buy into this guys line of crap is nothing more than a fear junkie. When these people can't find anything factual to be afraid of, they just make things up.

Read the document and you will find that it is a very sensible strategy for America to pursue. You can't have a "global economy" without enacting some "global rules" to insure things like product safety, environmental protection and human rights, just to name a few.

In order to institute a system which would include these "global rules," some form of international legislative and regulative bodies will need to be formed to insure that we all adhere to the same rules of engagement with respect to the new global economy.

As long as these "global rules" remain non-existent, then the multi-national corporations of the world are free to exploit people and the environment anywhere in the world that does not have these protections in place.

This has been the primary driving force behind the massive outsourcing of american manufacturing jobs over the last 20 yrs..

Why would any corporation continue to manufacture it's goods in America, under the jurisdiction of american environmental protection regulations and labor laws, when they could just move their operations to a foreign nation that has neither?

And what do we get in return for allowing this lawlessness? How about; Tainted baby formula, children's toys with leaded paint, McDonald's glasses which contain cadmium just like the Miley Cyrus jewelry, not to mention the deplorable conditions that labor in these countries have to endure just to keep their subsistence level jobs.

A world without rules is the ultimate playground for unfettered greed and repression!

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 09:57 AM
Regardless of what you think it WILL happen, it HAS to because, its prophesied in the new testament,why else was it stated?
You are watching it unfold .

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:00 AM
reply to post by boondock-saint

Got to agree here- ANY American elected represenative, who agrees with this agenda- is a TRAITOR, and the proper punishment, is DEATH BY HANGING. NOTHING less will satisfy!!

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:05 AM
reply to post by ugie1028

I'm just tired of all this. A world government is impossible. Get that straight.

The fact that he used the phrase lead the new world order as opposed to rule, leads me to not feel bad about it.

Honestly, lots of independent nations has not done the world good for the last few thousand years. People are smart enough to stop corruption from a World Union, so let it be.

Nations can remain sovereign but have a union. That's what the US IS with its states.

[edit on 14-6-2010 by Gorman91]

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:06 AM
reply to post by drkid

Tinkiewinkie made a power move on the teletubbies and wants them to all wear purple. it is not right in my opinion...
No here is whats happening...story so far enjoy!

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:08 AM

Originally posted by Patriotgal
reply to post by boondock-saint

Got to agree here- ANY American elected represenative, who agrees with this agenda- is a TRAITOR, and the proper punishment, is DEATH BY HANGING. NOTHING less will satisfy!!

Anyone, elected or not, who would allow or support multi-national corporations to freely exploit the planet and it's people is the real "Traitor," not to America but to Humanity.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:16 AM
It's a shame the presenter has to be so darn annoying, because the issue is so important to those around the world. Not only is it mentally draining to watch him talk, it starts to physically hurt after the first minute. If you are unable to stream this specific video, consider yourself lucky!

I'm glad you provided the .pdf link and look forward to reading through it later.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:20 AM

Originally posted by Gorman91
reply to post by ugie1028

Honestly, lots of independent nations has not done the world good for the last few thousand years. People are smart enough to stop corruption from a World Union, so let it be.

The more I think about it, I've come to the realization that "lots of independent nations" is nothing more than the "Divide & Conquer Strategy" in it's purest form.

We are one species living on one planet which makes us totally dependent on each other to live up to our global responsibilities. What we do affects others and what they do affects us.

Divisiveness is not a suitable approach to solving global problems. Global cooperation is the only sensible approach.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:24 AM

Originally posted by Jazzyguy
If USA doesn't want to lead the NWO or get involved in it, China will.

Just because Barack said the US is in a good position to lead the NWO, it doesn't mean that's what will happen. I just don't see that china is just going to sit there and do nothing about it. So.. the US actually has to earn its rank if the US wants to be in the lead. If the US doesn't want to get involved, China will definitely be the leader.

What will it be then?

Who say's china isn't? Don't forget, they hold all our debt? china could just be pulling the puppet strings.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:29 AM
It takes a new order of things to change. If you want to live in a war torn earth where we allow companies to control the gov't decisions, and not the people...then you can have this world.

Globally, the order of things needs to change. There is no way to put it without people crying NWO.

If they say "We must come together as ONE people to unify and change for the better".... People will connect that with a some form of hidden "New World Order" scenario.

This is a dangerous interpretation of wanting global unifying change. How can something that could be so good cause so much grief?
Although, the bible is a good example. So maybe we all deserve to reside in the current cesspool of misery we've created by not remembering what is good about the way we live.

To those who cry "NWO IS YOUR ENEMY" the loudest...what exactly DO YOU WANT!?

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:31 AM
Greetings Nano-Trilateral World Management,

Now when iflash™ back into the ithink™ records library there was a great Bible of the Elite Called Trilateralism from the 1980's by Holly Sklar('
') mite be very hard to find now though, but may explain some of the moves in this chess game of One world order but to be honest I would rather have order than have no Osh one('

But also with the Oil leak as a diversion, ithink™ not... please let the Wing nut explain('
')... first they would need to implement Eugenics sooner than later and H1N1 fissiled so what will they try next if they did? maybe it would be something many People around the world in every Profession that some mite use but keep it a secret... maybe AJ info-warrior knows since he seem to talk about some bleed out thing in one of his shows('
') scared the sh8t out of me('

But either way if the Aliens wanted us all dead... like I said your all connected to the grid on or below Earths crust, but your all still alive, at least the ones just breathing('
'), and maybe they are 400 million years more advanced then us Nano-Earthlings (wow! what kind of smart phones do they have?) but you say why would they care about us like how the Elite really care about the poor on Earth... Well we on Earth are the only Ones created in the True Gods image('
')... so aren't we all Special('

I say to the ET Aliens(Nephilims) don't hate the Humans hate the Creator and Maker... OMG!('

So since none of that happen yet maybe this is more about the soul than the flesh('
')... Satan knows the bible better than all the bible thumpers combined in one well hole('
')... and its all about timing('
')... and maybe there is a big giant in outer-space getting ready to throw the first stone(meteor) into Earth and has not because He who cast the first stone thing... Thank God for one universal Law and Order('

Find your own Top Secret Jesus quote of the day... I'm tired of doing all the work, besides nobody cares about what I have to write anyway('

Mr X('

Out-of-this-world-protection Disclosure Project called Star Wars;
This is all for conspiracy entertainment purposes only and not to be taken as fact from from a Real-Stinker who probably has a hyper active quantum string imagination and lives in a basement unemployed with a big wiser-belly, so please consult with your Religious leader of what ever you worship before taking any of this Seriously and use your own discretion in faith and judgment of the words... but who knows?

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:33 AM
reply to post by MikeboydUS
Cobra Commander propaganda got to your head bro...

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:37 AM
I'm ready my guns are loaded my friends are armed and trained...Military takes one look they will look down fast...
They will pay for 9/11 with their blood whether it be by my sword or the rest of the patriots...
I'm making no derogatory threats, it will all become very obvious sooner rather than later...Well played out plan, to bad for them that they will be flushed down the toilet with it.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:42 AM
Cant anyone smell the cheese? This is just a power grab on a mass scale, the PTB arnt content with what they already control and their greed and lust for power is all that drives them! They already control half the globe now they want the rest. If you americans dont know who is in control of your government then you dont know much, ask yourselves this who owns the federal reserve?

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 10:43 AM

Originally posted by silo13
I was so in hopes that this was something from Sorcha Faal.

About broke my heart when I did a search and the lead went right back to the White House - for real...

There's really nothing left to do now but fight, isn't there.

But how?



thats pacifists need to wake up.....because you will be the first to go when the fighting starts. Out there waving protest signs like idiots.Time to find your inner american.

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