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Interesting correlation with timeshifts...?

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 04:14 PM
Ok, ill be up front here i am a pretty big nerd. In my nerd endeavors, i play this game called Magic The Gathering. Its basically the Pokemon card game except for not for little kids for older Kids(as in, we are all kids inside).

Well, i was coming up with something interesting when i was reading about the actual story behind Magic. Not just the story, but how you as a player are part of the game.

Check this out:

Basically, ill sum up what a Planeswalker is:

You, as a player in magic, are a planeswalker. Only one out of a million people have the gene capable of becoming a planeswalker . Having the gene alone though, does not make you a planeswalker. There has to be some kind of tribulation or great moment of stress for the spark to happen and you actually "ascend" into this planeswalker state. This is usually caused by having a near death experience(not as in getting heart surgery, more or less as in you are about to be hit by a semi and that stress of dying causes the spark to happen).

Well, heres where things get interesting:

A planeswalker can hop in and out of different dimensions. The cards you use in magic(or spells as we call them) are summoned from the aether, or this external force not bound by dimensions. You are actually summoning aehterial forces into other dimensions.

The different worlds in magic are different dimensions. So some worlds will have cards like samuri and ninjas, others will have your elfs and goblins, and others might have some kind of mechanical constructs etc. These worlds all have their own flavor and art style.

Interestingly enough, one of the card sets(or you could call it a "dimension" with its own flavor) was called time spiral. (not too far away from time shift, right?)

Here is what that page says about it:

During the Time Spiral cycle of novels (which includes Time Spiral, Planar Chaos, and Future Sight), a series of rifts in the actual fabric of multiverse has begun to cause havoc and apocalyptic destruction in many planes. Specifically in the plane of Dominaria, Planeswalkers have begun to seal those rifts to repair the rents in time and space, whether according to their will or not, by giving up their Planeswalker sparks (though it usually demotes them to the status of mortals or kills them outright)—called "mending." Though it seems that the worlds of the multiverse have begun to heal because of this mending, it is revealed that all the tears in the multiverse result from entropy due to world-scarring events such as the Dominarian Apocalypse, but also because of the Planeswalks of powerful Planeswalkers—which have gradually accumulated over time.


Thus, the creation of Planeswalker sparks has been irreversibly altered by the powers that govern the multiverse. The result is a new breed of Planeswalkers, sometimes called "neowalkers," "planescrawlers," or "jumpers" by fans because of their exponentially decreased powers. These new Planeswalkers can Planeswalk between the multiverse's many planes but do not have the other advantages of the old Planeswalkers. Though they have a small boost in power, the new Planeswalkers are no longer immortal and must rely on their own wizarding abilities, rather than gain the magical might and potential that was immediately gained by their older counterparts.

Guys.... where talking about multiverse theory, demons, parallel dimensions.... i mean this almost bridges the gap between science and spirituality.

Time spiral was a pretty recent set. It came out about 1 and a half years ago. It may be a stretch here, but i think the people of Magic The Gathering are onto something.

Regardless of what you may think about trading card games, i think there is something interesting to look at here.

if you just take the ideas of multiverse and people having the ability to traverse these universes, you have already connected the dots to a realistic version of Magic.

Sure, nobodies summoning demons and elfs, but you could be changing the outcome of future events and your own status of life simply by being in this state.

All im saying here is, this is eerily similar to some of the experiences alot of us Timeshift theory people are talking about.
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