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A solar Reboot can change the rotation of the Earth, Part II

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 04:14 PM
2) The reversal of the magnetic corkscrew and core would generate intense heat that would melt the crust of the Earth and push up the aquifers creating flooding and a steamy atmosphere. This super heated crust could break off chunks of continents and float them away.

3) The longer days and nights would produce extreme temperatures and winds, possible hurricanes and tornadoes. 400 hundred mph winds would likely flatten 90% of the buildings on Earth along with most crops.

4) The equatorial bulge of the Earth, which is 26 mile deep water, is only held in place by the centrifugal force of rotation. This would back-flow towards coasts and seaports, off the equator. The ports on the equator would become too shallow to navigate. This back flow would inundate coastal cities and interrupt shipping and communications for some time. It would also force billions of coastal dwellers uphill where they would likely starve and die from exposure. Fighting over limited stockpiles and quarry would likely result.

5) With the redistribution of water, comes the dreaded redistribution of water weight upon the tectonic plates. This would likely trigger massive earthquakes and massive sinking of coasts and river valleys. The US Navy, according to leaked rumors, apparently thinks the New Madrid fault, running under the Mississippi River, would release 3 separate 9.M quakes when the Mississippi got to be about 100 miles wide. Such a series of quakes would liquefy the Midwest of America and destroy the crops and farmers so many depend upon. All the bridges across the Mississippi would be lost and the nation effectively cut in half.

6) With the tectonic plates in flux, volcanism would erupt like never before and release far more ash than we have with the current minor Icelandic events. Ash flows could possibly destroy everything that the flooding and earthquakes missed.

7) Finally, with the Earth just floundering in space, the rotational spinning axis of the Earth might disappear and start lining up with the new magnetic poles, but if it flounders for a while, stars will seem to fall into the sea and the sun could rise of the the north pole! It’s hard to say what would happen, but obviously if the rotation pole moved just a dozen degrees any which way, it would ruin existing climates, and change the equator, as we have come to enjoy it and generate mass extinctions and migrations.

Pure and complete magnetic reversals seem very rare in the geological record, occurring in millions of years, not on any 12,000 year or 3,600 year cycle like Nibiru. But what if two reversals occurred back to back? Or if lava beds were so twisted by geological activity that the magnetic rocks were twisted into weird angles? And they may not have discovered them all, yet.

The Mayans point out that each time civilization has been destroyed, it has been done differently. Coronal Mass Ejections and Nibiru passes never effect Earth exactly the same way twice. They apparently produced crustal displacements and tsunamis during Noah’s time, but not during the Exodus of the Jews from Egypt which resulted in the Kolbrin Bible. Nibiru may, however, pass in conjunction with a genuine magnetic pole shift and thereby produce double trouble, but when I read the Kolbrin Bible, Nibiru looks --and acts-- like a giant UFO disguised as a planet, so I doubt the Nibiru / Anunnaki connection.

Regarding ancient prophesies, and the various “future maps” offered by Ascended Master's and psychics, we are supposed to get a little bit of everything bad around 2012, ranging from asteroids, to land risings, to war, to flooding, etc. The solar reboot theory, or rotation reversal theory, as presented here, certainly fulfils most of the ancient prophesies, but not all of them.

See Part III


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