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ISI and CIA playing spy vs, spy?

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 02:33 PM
Mentions of the ISI have caught my imagination in the past.

The Pakistani ISI operates in the simmering cold war with India, mainly by infiltrating the Cashmere Valley on the border with India. India is Pakistans declared arch-enemy, an unstable and weak Afghanistan provides Pakistan with strategic depth in case of an attack, so they really dont like to see Indian (or Chinese) NGO do-gooders around, building up the afghan infrastructure and their nation's standing with the people there.

America first became involved in the region, when Brzezinski in the 80s had the idea to bring down the Sovjet Empire by goading them into a war in Afghanistan. The CIA bought itself into the region, mainly via co-sponsoring a giant drug-and-arms market together with the ISI.
The easy availability of cheap drugs in Afghanistan took massive toll on the Sovjet Army's conscripts and the backlash of addicts into russian society did even harm to the SU itself.

The CIA also brought the rich Saud Clan in the region, whpse feudal rulers tried to pay indulgences to their more clerical brethren by paying for schools teaching the Quran to the afghan refugees along the Pakistani border.

When the Pakistani army advanced into South Waziristan, I thought that Obamas efforts had seriously impacted the Wahhabist influence groups inside the ISI. They made a show out of arresting Mullah Omars second in command and other supposed Taliban and Aö-Quaeda fatcats, and are probably able to direct a contingent of Predator Strikes as pleases as long as their campaigns into the tribal regions continues.

I dont know, what to make out of this youtube post:

Have anyone else heard some news from the region?

What are the bets, how many of the Taliban are still on ISI payroll?

Obama Whitehouse officially praised the Saud family for finally cleaning up their backyard and stop their debile uncles from donating their apanages to fanatical crackpots, and with Cheney no longer running the US at least SOME bribery must have become harder to pull off
Does the ISI still transfer
a) Saud money
b) Halliburton oil money
to the Taliban? Because off some backyard oil pipeline and the access to some c-grade crude oil in the region?

Which Taliban tribes spend whose money? I would love to read some ATS opinions in that...

Looking forward for wikileaks about this


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