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Relief Wells Now! Another Tip for Obama

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 09:32 AM
The US needs to immediately issue a mandate to all nearby offshore deep well companies to immediately begin drilling several relief wells on every single deep well in the gulf or off any USA coast regardless of the wells contraction or safety record.

We absolutely cannot risk or "hope" for the best on these other deep wells. They need to start insuring this will not happen again right Frakken now and not later.

The USA should also demand compliance from all foreign companies for all deep wells in the world or not allow those companies and their oil to be purchased or sold by the USA.

This must happen now and not later. Our government is so sick right now they cannot do the right thing they are slaves to their own power and politics. They are defeated men owned by corporations, corruption and greed.

You must rise above your petti self and do the right thing or youy may condemn your children to death and the loss of our world. Consider it time for your retirment and worry not about your next election an do the right D^$* thing.

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 10:44 AM
Relief Wells!!! For all offshore drilling sites?!!!!

Are you crazy?

Do you have any idea how many jobs that would create!!!!!
-I mean expensive that would be.

Not only should that be our policy- We should at the very minimum start enforcing the Canadian Policy of "same-season relief well capability" and we should take a hard look at any politician that is opposed to such a policy.

The Canadian policy: "same-season relief well capability" which doesn't even mean that you have to drill the relief wells, just that you have to have them planned and ready to drill in the same season.
-But that is too expensive and over burdening for the good US of A... planning for a catastrophe? Why would you do that when you could wait for the catastrophe?


Guess who was trying to overturn this Policy in Canada just a short time before the Gulf Disaster... I'll save you the guess... IT WAS BP. Check out the link

BP is now saying that the relief wells will cost them $100 million per relief well, and due to the Hurricane season they can't give a definitive time table.

Is safeguarding our coasts from a disaster like this worth $200 million??? If your answer is NO... I believe BP is taking job applications.

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