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Political business in the State of Illinois carries a High Price

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 08:25 AM
Some say, Dead Men Tell no Tales. I started a thread about the Blagojevich Corruption Trial, A Dog and Pony show is about begin in a Chicago courtroom, I mentioned the name Chris Kelly. His story is quite intriguing, and if he had not committed suicide last year, his testimony could have been a serious blow to the Blagojevich defense.

Kelly was once an aide, friend, and significant fundraiser for the former governor. He also ran a roofing business known as BCI Commercial Roofing Inc. with alleged to ties to Mayor Richard Daley’s camp and his baby O’Hare Airport Modernization Program (OMP). This project has been riddled with alleged corruption by the Mayor, the State, and contractors. The project has become one big money pit with cost overruns galore, where tons of money is being poured in with little or nothing to substantiate it, Stimulus sparks debate over O'Hare expansion?

Code-talkers in the inner circle

Once, while vacationing together in Bermuda, Blagojevich, Monk and Kelly were splashing in the ocean when Kelly started talking about Mayor Richard Daley, Monk recalled. Except Kelly never said the name Daley, referring to the mayor only as “the guy over there.”

The excerpt above is from the Lon Monk testimony during the Blagojevich Trial. I only mention the Daley footnote, because of allegations of corruption tied to him and his power over the political machine, and how it could have been another reason for Kelly’s death?

In the Mafia, there are people known as earners, and that seems to be the case about Kelly's relationship with Blagojevich? Remember Cash is King, in Illinois and the City of Wind. Kelly made boatloads of cash for the boss, Blagojevich, and his campaigns. It did not matter if a little arm twisting, subtle threats, shakedowns, and other illicit means were utilized in the maintaining revenue streams for the former governor's political adventures. Just as long as it stayed out of sight and out of mind for the boss. If problems arise, some say ignorance is the best defense?

The Life and Death of Blago Aide Christopher Kelly

. . .Blagojevich win the Democratic nomination for governor and then the office itself in 2002 by raising more than $30 million—shattering all previous fundraising records . . .

Here Kelly speaking at Blagojevich's 2003 inauguration, and during brighter days. Money was pouring in and the master was happy.

His fortunes changed significantly as the years progressed, and he would find himself under a federal investigation, indictment in three separate cases, one conviction, and another pending. He had personal problems to contend with as well: a gambling addiction, alcohol abuse, divorce, and outstanding debt. Perhaps the chain of events that led to his alleged suicide was more than he could bear? Or was he a loose cannon for someone in Blagojevich's predicament?

Back to the Mafia reference, in the case of earners again, when something goes afoul and that particular individual becomes a liability they are clipped(murdered). His suicide is indeed odd, given his numerous run-ins with federal investigators, mounting legal troubles, and a very close relationship to Blagojevich? His death would have certainly been one of convenience?

Although he was indicted along with Blagojevich and others in the Federal Corruption case, that is only the tip of the iceberg about Christopher Kelly.

Christopher Kelly's chaotic life detailed

He was facing nearly 8 years in prison after pleading guilty last week to tax charges and mail fraud charges in a kickback scheme at O'Hare International Airport. He also had been indicted along with Blagojevich as being part of a scheme to defraud the state but had not agreed to cooperate with the government in that case.

So, this man was facing eight years in federal prison for his role in this scheme alone. Moreover, he was waiting to begin serving a prison sentence on a tax fraud conviction. A guy with that kind of legal exposure and pressure, could have found himself in a similar position as Lon Monk who is now testifying in the Blagojevich trial? In other words, a liability to the boss. The lengthy prison sentences and his significant personal problems, could be utilized by Federal Investigators to get Kelly to break the code of silence.

Perhaps, some had concerns about Kelly moving his mouth to alleviate the pressures associated with his own perils? At the time of his legal woes, and suicide, he was residing in a trailer owned by his construction company at a lumberyard in Country Club Hills, IL, and obviously a result of his marital and financial problems. Moreover, at this time, he was parading around with a questionable young woman, and a wife of a man who was an investor along with Kelly in a Chicago nightclub.

As of September of 2009, when the suicide took place I have yet to see any pertinent updates associated this investigation. It was like it was here today and gone tomorrow. Therefore, I have my suspicions about this suicide? Now, it is accepted that he killed himself by overdosing on painkillers, but still there are questions that remain? For example, it was mentioned in a report that Kelly had ingested rat poisoning?

A sleeping bag, photos of his three children, an empty bottle of Aleve, and an unopened box of rat poison were found at the scene near 173rd and Cicero, police said.
A source said Kelly also ingested rat poison, although that is not believed to have been a factor in his death.

Perhaps, someone forced him to ingest the rat poisoning? Then the unopened box would have been left at the trailer as a message, and similar to what other people of the underworld do to their victims. In the case of Kelly, "Rat poison for the rat?" Could that have been the message being put across?

Furthermore, in walks this young trophy girlfriend, Clarissa Flores-Buhelos, who appears out of nowhere, and arrives to the scene of Kelly at the lumberyard slumped over in his Cadillac Escalade after receiving a text message from the dying man? If he was near death and over dosing on pills, how could he send a message of any sense? Moreover, this woman drove him to the hospital in his own car, instead of dialing 911 for police assistance? Where is her car? Furthermore, he was driven to a hospital in Oak Park, and was later transported to Stroger Hospital in Chicago were he succumbed to his fate. Moreover, a mystery man tried to recover Kelly's vehicle from the Oak Park hospital which was under police control at the time.

. . . police were still seeking information from a gray-haired "mystery man" who unsuccessfully tried to pick up the Escalade from the hospital, keys in his hand.

Who was that guy, and why was he there to pick up the car? Where did he get the keys from? I have yet to learn any more about that? Plus, it seemed amateur hour by the Police and Mayor of Country Club Hills? Their press conference was a blaring display of incompetence. The guy in the video is the mayor of the town, and is clearly inept to the concept of law enforcement and the sanctity of an investigation.

Why on this green earth was the mayor commenting on an investigation as the police chief is standing beside him saying nothing? The investigation seemed compromised from the start? Another strange coincidence would be the lawyer, Terry Gillespie, representing Kelly’s girlfriend? Gillespie is a partner in a law firm with Ed Genson who was originally part of Blagojevich's defense team, but dropped out over differences. Is that not the strangest coincidence, a lawyer who has an association with the former governor and is representing the former girlfriend of a deceased aide? The City of Chicago. and Illinois is a murky place, but so is the investigation of Christopher Kelly's suicide. Maybe he was insanely loyal, succumbed to serious depression, or maybe he was a victim of foul play?

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