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What the freemasons, PTB dont want you to know

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 08:00 PM

Originally posted by polarwarrior
The geometric universe, platonic geometries throughout nature e.g. Hurricanes eye, zp phi spin path, all is vibration, cymatics and much more.... The hidden knowledge is no longer just for the controllers.

We are now in the Apocalypse which translates as “the revealing or “the lifting of the veil between truth and secrecy” and the truths of secret societies such as the freemasons are now out in the open for those who have eyes to see.

All i can say is, wow.

I just skimmed your post.. You have just posted dare i say perfectly,
all that i found/discovered, learned and now *understand* as pure innate
and carnal fact.

you have touched on almost every facet of what my search
for the truth led me to discover..

Outstanding post! my (many hats) are off to you.
-very well done.

In 2007..something inside me awoke and i started questioning
everything i had ever been taught.

-over the past 3 years i discovered almost everything we
have been taught is the inverse of the truth.. it caused me to
come up with my "Mirror Image Rule"

To Briefly summarize the philosophyof my Mirror Image Rule:

We Live in a Mirror Image of the True Reality.
-Our Reality, as we know it, is false.

The History of the humanity’s beginnings is a grand deception.
What modern science teaches us as the laws of nature, physics
and the universe is a gross delusion of the truth.

-That Life is simple, not complex, -and Consciousness is the "glue"
that holds it all together.

We have been deceived into living in an inverse world of the truth.
Where Reality is Fantasy and Fantasy, is the true Reality.

We have in fact, been devolving, not evolving..

Part of the grand deception [of mostly western science] is that in
order to understand the mechanics of the universe..

Science, Spirituality/Consciousness MUST be studied as one body of
work. they are intimately entwined and complimentary to each other.
This is a simple fact.

If you do not study "the universe" in this fashion, (then you
*understand* almost next to nothing, -as i once did.)

Failing this, -It is only natural one would create the fantasy of modern theoretical mathematics which overall, create facts from thin air [and
then waits for the "evidence" to appear] as sorry attempt to validate
what we are taught today as "fact" (theory as fact)

(-talk about taking a a huge leap of faith..i had toss out
almost all i had ever learned of my beloved "Science"
the payoff however, was well worth it)

-How long have been waiting for the elusive "graviton"
to show up now? 50-60yrs? -give it up, the theory is moot.

How much longer are we going to launch things into space based
on basically, an almost unchanged WWII design of the V2 rocket??


The energetics of what we refer to as our "Spirit" are found
throughout all of nature in the exact same proportions as they
are found in the human body.

-that the geometry of "love" (which can now be seen and measured) and
appears to be the predominant geometric and creative "shape" throughout the universe is completely ignored by current science..

Unless you make the journey of discovery yourself, you will
never believe any of this.

-to scratch the snow off surface of the glass house of cards that
make up the illusion we all have been conned into believing is
"reality" -study all that polarwarrior has posted.

You may also wish to take a look at the Electric/Plasma Universe
model at and it's sister site at -esp the picture of the day

also.. has a great compilation of all the
spiritual/energy stuff we are taught to ridicule as "myth"

-if nothing Cymatics with great intent..
Harmonics, Resonance and Vibration, are key.

Once again, Kudos to polarwarrior for providing the best
post/source of information to learn about the True Reality -ever.


posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 09:13 PM

Originally posted by Megiddodiddo

The human body consists of idividual cellular systems that operate on different electrical frequencies. The heart is different than the liver, is different than the kidneys, is different than the skin, is different than the brain... discovering the frequencies these function on is the key to interferring with thier operative significance...

ZAP.... "go to sleeeeeep..." suddenly, someone has a heart attack... nods out behind the wheel of thier car.... Experiences an alternate reality... suddenly up and kills someone.... suddenlyjust dumps all of thier children into a lake.... discovers they have an unsateable taste for human flesh... Goes out and commits multiple acts of violent sexual acts with whomever is there first... Reads that the government has passed legislation that violates constitutional law - but considers it ok due to the 'circumstances'... Hears that a police officer just shot a studen for smoking pot, but will justify it because the student broke the law, and the cop is always right... Will go to a show that advertises hypnotism and get selected to be hypnotised, act like a chicken, then go home and wonder why everyone was asking them if they had a cigarette...


It is the reality, of your very existance. Frequency distracts you, breaks your concentration, polutes your mind and keeps it from free thought... Frequency will cause you to age, and die quicker.

Frequency.... is the reason why people believe that their prayrs are never answered.....

Outstanding post Megiddodiddo.. -if i may bolster your post with some
facts of "frequency" -and an outstanding way to test such "reality"

First..a great source of frequencies and their bio-effects (i'm
sure your familiar with brainwave entrainment)

Brainwave/Cymatic Frequency Listing:

and bar none, the best program on the net to test and
create your own frequency combinations/effects:

Brainwave Generator:

-after researching much of the same as polarwarrior..i ran
across brainwave entrainment. -studying Robert C. Beck's research,
i eventually found the above links and program... using entrainment,
i reduced my my use of pain killers (i have chronic back pain) by
1/3rd using sound alone and later, by 1/2 using direct electrical
stimulation to the ear lobes. (CES Cranial Electro Therapy -a
tunable device, set at 0.5hz-2.5hz -stimulates production of
beta-endorphins -the bodies natural pain killers)

Meg Patterson has done some good work in this area as well..

These units are pretty much banned in the US..only way to sell
them [overall] is by calling them "Plant growth simulators"

If you research/translate Russian research, you'll learn that back
in the 50's, they learned how to stimulate the brain to produce
every neurotransmitter in the book using low voltage and micro-amp
currents.. a cigarrete sized device that runs on a 9v battery (today)

-this of course, would negate the need for a good 90% (if not all)
of the drugs today.

-you can use pulsed magnetic fields tuned to the precise
resonant frequency of a particular virus/bacteria to destroy it.
without harming the "host" -such as a human.

in fact..I am of the opinion there is a very good chance an MRI machine
used "in reverse" could eradicate any viral/microbial based disease
in a human (or other animal) -just tune it to the resonate
electromagnetic frequency of the organism and your done.

-you would need only to take heed that the "host" human/animal
does not go into toxic shock from the onslaught a millions of dead
bacteria/viral bugs appearing. -drink a lot water before and after.

-anyway... i'm sure there is thread in ATS somewhere that outlines how
the Rockefellers made sure the study of bio-electric medicine was banned
in all U.S. Universities back in the early 1900's..

Study the OP's post! -you will be led to all of this knowledge.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 04:08 AM
Hey, I’m sorry I can’t get to all comments just yet I’ve been real busy with work. I just wanted to add a quick mention of the torus that I cut from OP.
Ill leave the ether theory to another thread cuz its very long but keeping it on topic, notice the geometry of Saturn and Jupiter occurs at the poles where we see this torus coming down into a point, the vortex. The torus can be seen clearly on earth’s magnetic field seen below

There is great symbology to the Isaac Newton apple story (why it’s well known even though he wasn’t even actually under the tree), tptb probs laugh at us each time they hear it in the public domain, the apple is also symbology of the torus
Apple pic =

The apple has a great phi spiral going down into the centre

If you slice the apple at 19.5 then what happens? You get a perfect pentagram of seeds (unlike at half way where its almost a perfect pent), coincidence? Sorry I don’t have a pic, and the brand apple is hogging all the search results, maybe it’s a coincidence they used a bitten apple as their symbology of eating the fruit of the tree of knowledge and us trading the lush garden for their technology, but back on topic...

The sphere is whole and neutral, with the toroid comes movement, polarity and transfer.

Notice how the hypercube that MikeboydUS posted is following a rolling torus path, if one were to put points on the torus and connect them with straight lines you’d have this rolling hypercube. Whats on the inner part then becomes the outer, then back to the inner again. The torus could be an analogy for birth life and death, among many other things, you start in the centre rapidly expand out then wind back in to go through the portal centre before birthing back out again, around and around as you reincarnate.

Below in the bottom picture, you can see how the Vesica Pisces arises from another dimension, toroids are portals to another dimension (black hole torus) rather than just the vesica arising from a copied and offset sphere (all sacred geometry starts with the circle or sphere)

Speaking of the vesica Pisces, have you seen the Hourglass Nebula? pictured below..

This below animation helps one to see the flower dodec formation stemming from the phi spiral, each arm (in thin red line) makes one of the bue arms as it appears to rotate. The geometry can be seen coming from the phi spiral, which comes from the torus or vortex which comes from another dimension.

.... creating the pent. Wonder why they made the pentagon(U.S security building) a pentagon, maybe so the tech they are hiding in there works, or so they can communicate with d.u.m.b.s or secret space probes using dimensional transfer, or even travel portals....who knows.

And a still of the phi spirals..

This one below also from Dan Winter shows how the rolling torus creates the spinning phi spiral in the above pic.

I wish I had better animations but not too many people seem to write about it so its kinda limited and hard to find.

Below is a representation of this sphere then plane forming from the vortex, the same way the galaxy forms from the super-massive black hole in the centre where all the mass is created from hyperdimenional energy.

If anybody want to see the love of the universe or god in a seemingly cold and inanimate cosmos then look no futher than phi, from the galatic arms down to the atomic level, phi is the love and harmony of the creator expressed geometrically. When we find phi at the base of everything we see how all is made with love, all stems from love. If we work in harmony with the phi its allows perfect imbedding/implosion and a spin path to the zero point and a way beyond this dimension. The platonic and basic sacred geometry all have phi in them

To fully understand free energy and dimensional travel or anti-gravity its essential to know the nature of the illusion around you. Im sure many free energy or zpe devices are just trial and error but If you know how to bring the hyperdimensional energy through you need build only one prototype. If you understand gravity as being the love attraction between heavenly bodies, scalar phi waves, you can control it in your local domain. Your own consciousness unit is a vd domain and you are able to traverse time and space as well as fly all using thought alone, if you know precisely what thought to have combined with pure intention. Unfortunatly due to the free will of others, for the time being you’re going to have to leave the heavy physical chemical body back home sitting in the lotus while you head off in astral form.

You see one thing I unfortunately left out of OP was the sacred geometry and phi of your own DNA. If you resonate your brain waves in phi with love and quiet (meditation), the love being phi the perfect damping of oscillatory brainwaves dropping you down through alpha beta delta and quite being like the glass of still water in OP even though all frequencies are played into it, then... well just about anything is possible.
Below is a top down view of DNA

10 fold symmentry The spiral arms of the dna are a lower harmonic of the phi sine wave.

So if you’re wondering how this geometry is important or affects you, you are a part of this, and the hyperdimenional contact with the rest of the all you are, or looking within often means the PTB have totally lost you, you shall be free.

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posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:30 AM
reply to post by theregonnakillme

Very interesting read, may I ask what you do on a daily basis, career wise?

Yep im a bit of a dissident to the control matrix, tptb must hate people like us who spend most our free time undoing all their hard work.

I was going to be an engineer when I was asleep id almost graduated when my paradigm was shaken to the core so I quit uni and now just work part time in a fast food joint to pay rent, but full time seeking spiritually to aid/calm the planet and try help raise the vibrations of its people.

I often say when I woke up from the mainstream science paradigm that I had “turned everything I knew inside out and upside down”, the past info wasn’t wrong per se it was sort of just organized and linked together wrong.

Everything is there in science to figure it out, its just the lack of sufficent interdisciplinary communication and over specialization to a very narrow point is restricting the “big picture” view of the experts and hence the structure of science. Not to mention the lack of taking “out of paradigm” exploration seriously and the fundamentalist defences, or the direct malevolent manipulation by well placed minions (i.e freemasons on education/university boards) with an agenda.

reply to post by jericanman

That 432hz makes for stunning music, really mellows you out and makes ya feel kinda warm and loving. I have a few pink floyd songs done in 432 Hz and they are way better once you get over the inital out of normal tune feeling.

I gotta question do you know of a program I can use to convert my whole music library to the frequency it should be? If it werent for those pesky controllers wanting to take away some of the freedom, escapism and emotionally moving sound art we all enjoy. Im guessing they are pretty insecure thinking even music is a threat to them, either that or it is a really big spiritual threat to neg planetary polarization when the positive masses seek high vibe joy through simple sound.

Unlike many people on these forums, I dont think tptb are just doing this to us to further themselves in any physical riches sense, they are sacrificing their own free time and money to delibratly harm and enslave us to further their spiritual advancemnt down the negative path.

reply to post by Davood

Yeah Hinduism originally comes from the Vedas which im quite a fan of. Although I dont follow any specific religion they all have gems of truth within that one can filter out from the dogma and doctrine introduced by man over the ages.
The Law of one Ra material explain onenes really well, Im going to make a thread about oneness and science one of these days cuz many new discoveries are coming out in support of all being one.

reply to post by D1ss1dent

Its cool that you metioned the swastika, im yet to find out what it really means, ive heard a few interpretations but think its multi-levelled and has deeper metaphysical or geometric meaning, possibly like orthoganality or something, what do you think it means?

reply to post by sum1one

I too am a bit confused I have more questions than answers but the idea seems to resonate, it may just be much more complex than im yet to figure out. Firstly I think the 8th in the octave is the same as the first in the next octave so really an octave of anything actually only has seven in it. I think the sphere or the circle which is the start of all sacred geomerty has to be the first, hence probably also the eighth. You might be onto something with the 11-cell hemi and 57-hemi, they are simply more complex icosa and dodeca though and ive been trying to link all the complexity down into the simpilest fundamental base geometry, they are like higher harmonics of the base shapes so they could be up and off into the next octave or just like a harmonic overtone of some sort. Thanks for the reading and leads.

One would really need a computer to model how the shapes in the octave are formed and what they would be or where they lie in the octave, if I find sombody has already done just that, or a program to do it, ill be sure to let people know.

reply to post by MikeboydUS

Thanks for that I also enjoyed that thread you linked to. I think the 2d forms are like shadows of the 3-d and the same goes for 3d being like shadows of the fourth dimensional ones.

I enjoy seeing 4d shapes in 3d its strangely reminescent to how ive seen it in meditation.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 05:47 AM
Superb post, it's going to take a while to digest all this. Well done OP

S&F for you

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:25 AM
Kudos for pioneers of fringe vortex physics like Walter Russel

And here's a lecture by Dan Winter who is just a legend of this stuff. In 30 parts, it gets pretty comprehensive.

Here is a quicker, more introductory style one about dna

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 02:47 PM
432 Hz + mirror 234 = 666
432 x 1000 = radius of sun

Page 278 of Philolaus of Croton describes:
- the length of the solar year as 364.5 days.

Also on Page 278:
Counter-earth = 3 = Antichilion =earth which is opposite to our earth
Earth = 9
Moon = 27
Mercury = 81
Venus = 243
Sun = 729

And the harmonics magic formula (including 384 and 432)

Sun harmonics ends with number: 10368
Moon harmonics ends with number: 31680 (Just a permutation)

10368 = 18x x 576
31680 = 55 x 576

576 = Number of the Eagle
BACH + JSBACH = 14 + 41 = 55
55 x 576 (Eagle) = 31680 (Earth squared by moon)

posted on Jun, 22 2010 @ 07:38 PM

Originally posted by polarwarrior

Aether Vibrations
If you read only one link I’ve given you, make it this one.

Totally agree with this statement Polar warrior !!!

This read has bought a lot the pieces together.
Actually it is realising how the pieces are put together that puts the pieces together.

It explains a lot to me that i have been struggling to come to terms with, it has bought me a step closer to feeling a little more at ease that what i have been been feeling has a cause and that i am not nuts!

Thanks for the link! and thanks to Teapot for sending me to the thread.

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 09:52 AM
Anyone who is interested in nuclear and quantum physics knows this.
Those things are known since millions of years and the fact that the ancients knew that and that Kabbalah relates this as well, you information is quiet old, despite it is huge to show this to people who don't know what's about.

These are things we will get more and more aware of, we know that matter lives, has it's own consciousness, that quarks turn in different directions and make the whole swing but what we will never know is Why ?

What was the basic thought and where did it came from. Who is at the base of all this, the creator, the divine intelligence on which it reflects, where it gets the basis information from that makes it manifest in the way we see it and with almost the same stones of construction on any of all of it.

We will sooner or later know all and reach perfection minus 1 and that one is "WHY".

Once we know why, we know where since both questions are one and the same.

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posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 10:05 AM

Originally posted by hawk123
432 Hz + mirror 234 = 666
432 x 1000 = radius of sun

Page 278 of Philolaus of Croton describes:
- the length of the solar year as 364.5 days.

Also on Page 278:
Counter-earth = 3 = Antichilion =earth which is opposite to our earth
Earth = 9
Moon = 27
Mercury = 81
Venus = 243
Sun = 729

And the harmonics magic formula (including 384 and 432)

Sun harmonics ends with number: 10368
Moon harmonics ends with number: 31680 (Just a permutation)

10368 = 18x x 576
31680 = 55 x 576

576 = Number of the Eagle
BACH + JSBACH = 14 + 41 = 55
55 x 576 (Eagle) = 31680 (Earth squared by moon)

w e could continue like that with al names in the bible and transform them in numbers by the key of greek and jewish Gematria.

Yesos is 888, the constitution of an atom of oxygen, Kristos is 1480. It is the side length of a square you draw inside of the orbital circle of Saturn.

777 is the nuclear structure of Nitrogen

666 is the nuclear constitution of Carbone, the body of a human is in a proportion of 6 to 1 and seen from the 3 possible sides, front side and top it makes 3x 6/1 is 3x6. Could be 18. 1 and 8 is 9, the magic square of saturn (3x3) or it makes 3 x 6 what is 666.

666 is the length of the inner side of the zodiac and so on. We can find endless examples to show how nicely the ancients have hidden astronomy in the scriptures of the Bible, the satanic studies that the Vatican has forbidden during more then 1900 years.

you want to know all, get William Stirling's book "The Canon" that you can find here

posted on Jun, 27 2010 @ 11:27 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

S&F my friend. This is great stuff!
The OP is right. If you're going to read any of their links make it this one.

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 12:22 PM
reply to post by eurocrates
666 is the length of the inner side of the zodiac and so on. We can find endless examples to show how nicely the ancients have hidden astronomy in the scriptures of the Bible, the satanic studies that the Vatican has forbidden during more then 1900 years.

you want to know all, get William Stirling's book "The Canon" that you can find here


Apollo = 1071
Hermes Trismegistus = 3 x 353.666 = 1071 = Apollo

The .666 decimal remainder of the gematria value of Hermes brings out his solar nature through the sum of the numbers that form the magic square of the sun. The three Hermes circles also bring out Herme's title Trismegistos, meaning "thrice greatest."

And again in William Stirling's book "The Canon":

Everything was measured by the radius of the sun, being 432 x 1000 miles

666 is the length of a vesica, whose width is
384, or the sun’s radius (432 x 1000 miles) measured by the tone.
See Page 67 of "The Canon"
432 and its mirror 234 = 666 = SUM (1..36)

384:432 = 8:9 Pythagoras starting ratio = 0.88888

Be aware of 666

Hermes (353) again for the interpretation of the Parthenon:

Hermes 353 Lyre 531 Zeus 612 Apollo 1061
See page 220 of book:
ancient cosmology and early Christian symbolism By David R. Fideler

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posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 01:19 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Great thread , thanks for posting this . I have been interested in this for years .

I personally believe that the 'fruit of life' diagram is the key to all understanding . There is no doubt in my mind that those 'in-charge' know this also .

I've studied alot on the flower and the fruit , but have never come close to tying it all together like you have .

The 'fruit of life' , is a positive match with what I describe here :

minus the six outermost 'point' circles , plus the addition of a circumference ring . Be nice if someone could take that and make it rotate as described in my link .

posted on Jun, 28 2010 @ 01:28 PM
Where is the generator of this fractal!?

posted on Jun, 29 2010 @ 08:09 AM
reply to post by 801MKIv

Also a PDF download of that book is available here, highly reccomended read.

posted on Jul, 8 2010 @ 04:56 PM
Interesting reminded me of this thread: 432hz video , not so much the animals but the visual of the vibrations.
More info at this thread here: "Musick Me Nutrit"

posted on Apr, 2 2011 @ 05:57 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Outstanding thread here my friend. I was looking into a lot of the stuff you have posted here and I must tell you that you have done an awesome job in laying everything out. I haven't gone through it all yet but I am looking forward to it.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 12:13 AM
OP: Holy cats. What a great thread! Thank you! Have you heard of the documentary coming out on this? Check out the trailer on - meanwhile -

To those of you who say, "What are the PRACTICAL applications of this?"

Believe it or not, while we keep sleeping about it, groups of people are swimming in CURRENT practical applications of this set of knowledge (that I call Vibrational Dynamics).

What practical applications?

Albeit messy and needing more time and effort to pull the properly detailed links, here's a brief overview of what I'm learning:

*** 20+ Current Applications of Vibrational Dynamics ***

- Cymatics - showing how sounds (wave forms, vibrational dynamics) impact the generation and growth of matter
- Minimizing war casualties with sound waves (see Wikipedia "Sonic Weapons")
- Inducing relaxation states with binaural beats (wave frequencies)
(many sources - google "binaural beats")
- Reducing crime with color (light frequencies)
- Eliminating chronic ailments with sound frequencies (exablation)
- Improving architectural structure with sacred geometries (cathedrals)
- Personal development improving psychological ease and reducing depression (Hermetics)
- Pyramids for dehydration
- Power, propulsion, locomotion, levitation, space travel
(Google monopole magnet research)
- Population control - the frequency your tv flickers at was made to be the same as the flame on a campfire, which induces a kind of relaxed trance state (light vibration frequency)
- Reducing fatalities in geo-hot zones - those aware of vibrational dynamics recognize why strange phenomena occur in hot zones like the Bermuda Triangle. How may more fatalities could we prevent if everyone understood these natural physics?
- Aeronautics - new research investigates receptive propulsion vs/ ejection propulsion
- Economics - resource- and abundance-based economies are now beginning to surface as alternatives to the conventional scarcity- and debt-based economies
- Music - tunable instruments and websites to transform tuning are being created supporting A-423 tuning instead of A-440
- Education - certain schools (Waldorf included) are changing school curriculums to include proper training of students about natural engineering and vibrational dynamics
- Frequencies are being used to change the structure of water in ways that increase its antiviral and antibiotic properties; plants grow faster when using this water (university research for patents approved for the iH20 device)
- Walter Russell discovered elements on the periodic chart before they were witnessed in science, because of his awareness of vibrational and vorticular dynamics.
- While not effective for ALL medical ailments, I have personally seen the power of vibrational dynamics in killing viruses and improving healing with wave frequencies

This doesn't even begin to scratch the surface; this is only the mundane application set and speaks nothing of the transpersonal application set:

- New research and practices in transpersonal psychology and integral psychology increase human awareness of (and capacity to respond to) subtle field dynamics in plants and geological zones (ex: the dead zones in Mexico)
- "super-normal" capacities in personal development, knowing facts beyond that which is accessible to the personality...

And there's more. There are those who discuss other, allegedly unpublicized applications and experiments: new energy sources, the Philadelphia Project (transforming spacetime with electromagnetic-based engines), retro-engineered transorbital vehicles (man-made space ships), and more.

What did we humans do with the wheel the first 50 years we had learned about it? What were we doing with the wheel after 150 years when everyone knew how to use it? How long did it take for inventions to arise to make full use of the "new technology"?

What are the PRACTICAL applications for this "knowledge that is power" that I call vibrational dynamics?

We have all made daily use of beginner awareness of vibrational dynamics: cell phones, microwaves, radios and x-rays all make use of this fundamental set of principles.

New sciences and technologies are growing out of increasing vibrational dynamics awareness even now as we sit here debating its value and reality.

What will we humans do with the new awareness of vibrational dynamics when there is a critical mass of people who actually understand it and can cross-pollenate about it and discover new uses?

What PRACTICAL applications are there for this knowledge?

I recommend looking at it this way:

Pay attention; they're here. Our job is to continue to learn the true nature of Nature as well as we can, find what YOU are called to do with it in practical application, and help educate others.

Blessings for you and for our new future.

posted on Sep, 13 2011 @ 05:19 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

s and f for you polarwarrior. all the subjects are of interest to me since childhood. i was amused to see the buckyball in there. the reason being the manner in which it was discovered. the finder used his enhanced skills in perception to visualise i believe.


posted on Dec, 25 2012 @ 04:11 PM

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