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What the freemasons, PTB dont want you to know

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posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 06:00 AM
This could have been much shorter, but I agree... People enjoy the visuals!

The Sum of all things Zero:

The Americanist

You'll find information inside those blogs (view all).

As additional reference (youtube or google search terms):

Dale Pond - Keely, SVP
Marko Rodin - (look for a 44pt Lecture Series) Vortex Math Model
Nassim Haramein - Vector Based Geometry

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 06:01 AM
Interesting points.

Everything IS constantly moving. All the particles are really "vibrating", science will prove this. Many of the so-called esoteric teachings (the meaning of vibration, sacred geometry etc.) are just aspects of nature we haven't yet understood. They are yet to come.

Especially cymatics is mindblowing. I have yet to see it myself and had hard time believing it, but it's real. Maybe the phrase "in the beginning, there was the Word" holds more meaning that we could yet imagine. Every sound has it's form. Most of these phenomenons mentioned in the OP hold a significant role in our everyday life, although the wording (in many cases) may seem a bit silly or even spiritual.

A lot of the shapes repeat in the nature probably because they're practical and in a way symmetrical, so they may appear even beautiful to the human eye. But most of all, they're practical.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 06:58 AM

Originally posted by Tryptych

Especially cymatics is mindblowing. I have yet to see it myself and had hard time believing it, but it's real.

Member Tingopoo just sent me this video, cheak it out, its just a small home set-up that just about anyone can do. All you would need is speaker, plate, sand and computer.

Im thinking of setting one up at home to show some people who really arent into research or truthseeking how plausible it is to think all we see surrounding us is just vibration.

I suppose even mainstream science with the string theory is beginning to see that all being vibration is the only way anomalies make sense. While super-string theory is a great start I think its still a way off from merging metaphysical with physics, science with spirituality, but the gap is ever closing.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 06:58 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

I don't know about this wanting you not to know idea. I would imagine that any higher powers would probably be happy that humans know. The biggest issue with the species on this planet is its own self imposed stupidity. This stupidity isn't the fault of any conspiracy, its the fault of human pride and prejudice.

Regardless of that I made a post here in 2008, titled:
Mandalas, Form Constants and Platonic Solids.

The original thread can be found here:

I basically went over the similarities of mandalas, form constants, and platonic solids.

I am convinced they are useful as foci to enter an altered state of consciousness. I also hypothesize that they may reveal the links between the microcosmic individual consciousness and the macrocosmic collective unconscious.

Some things to think about:

The Five Essential Solids are not the only solids.

There is a sixth solid discovered in the 19th century by Swiss mathematician Ludwig Schlafi. The sixth solid only expresses itself in hyperspace and has no Platonic analog in 3D space.

Polychorons are hyperdimensional analogs of the Essential Solids.

There are Five that are 4D forms of the 3D Platonic solids.

The most famous of which is probably the Tesseract or "Hypercube" from the book A Wrinkle in Time.

The hyperdimensional forms can be expressed in three dimensions as the current platonic solids, in a sense they should be a 3d echo or shadow of the hyperdimensional polychoron.

To the classical philosophers the Five Essential Solids, represented the essences or elements of the cosmos, in a sense they are phases of matter and energy.

Earth: Cube (hexahedron) - Solid (4D- Octachoron/Tesseract )

Water: Icosahedron -Liquid (4D- Hexacosichoron)

Air: Octahedron - Gas (4D- Hexadecachoron)

Fire: Tetrahedron - Plasma (4D- Pentachoron)

Aether: Dodecahedron - Energy (4D- Hecatonicosachoron)

The Sixth Solid cannot be expressed in three dimensional space properly.

It is known as the Icositetrachoron.

I would guess that the Sixth solid is connected with an Essence or Element of the Cosmos. Its just one we cannot observe in our reality. It has no echo or shadow in our reality. It should represent neither matter or energy, but something that exists in objective hyperspace.

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posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 08:21 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Very good thread PolarWarrior.

Take no notice of the negativity from those with sight but cannot see, this aspect of metascience is very important for some people who follow a path of enlightenment in Magick and Astral method/projection and adept practises.

but i will say, it is not a point of it being hidden/occult to keep secrets away from people for no reason, the higher aspects of understanding these things and practical applications in Magick can be dangerous, as with demonology, without ascending understanding and knowledge from basics to the advanced can be dangerous in the attempts to utilise such understandings on higher levels of Astral method and Magick.

It is good more people are learning these aspects of reality, there has never been a better time in human history for such knowledge to be afforded to the many instead of the adepts who are relatively few.

But such was withheld from people for reasons of some trying to destroy such knowledge and because to use it at higher levels without understanding on a base level to advanced it can destroy somebody's mind and energies in attempts.

As more people are attenuating energies and expanding into such realms, in these, our times, i advise caution, using these geometrics in Astral method and Magick can have serious consequences, crawl, walk, then run when you know as a second nature, but for those on the path, i wish you well and bode ye success.

Again, a very good thread for those with understanding.

Originally posted by glitchinmymatrix
Excuse me for asking, but exactly how does all of this geometry help me in any way?

Knowledge is NOT power. Application of knowledge is power. Even if I understood this, what in the world would I do with it? For that reason, even if I were to believe that freemasons understand how to use it, if I don't understand it myself, then it's useless.

I'm not buying it!

You learn, but given your attitude, i doubt you'll ever attain the wisdom to 'utilise' what understanding of higher geometric principles in metaphysics can lead to to become an adept of Astral method and greater knowledge of the cosmos and it's planes.

reply to post by MikeboydUS

I applaud your obvious levels of understanding brother.

You clearly see and fathom what many find unfathomable, if you do not practise advanced astral travel yet, i would begin the path, your mind is obviously very receptive to doors to corridors many cannot begin to understand to achieve such travel.

Can you visualise higher/hyper dimensional geometry in your minds eye, as holotropism in the light of the pineal and centre to your mind and manipulate such? If you can and can attune your spiritual/psychic energies to those frequencies and project, there are wonders to be understood navigating the astral.

Goddess guide your path in enlightenment brother.


posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 11:58 AM
S&F. In my Opinion one of the most interesting Threads here on ATS. Thank you for that. It reminds me of the Phrase "It's an Ocean of Information with a few Drops of Wisdom". You, my Friend just opened a whole Keg of Wisdom

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 01:55 PM

Originally posted by glitchinmymatrix
Knowledge is NOT power. Application of knowledge is power.


I tell this to people and get a blank look. Just KNOWING something isn't power. Even blackmail is an application - just knowing what someone did isn't exactly going to get you a briefcase full of cash.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 02:01 PM

Originally posted by DeltaPan

Originally posted by glitchinmymatrix
Excuse me for asking, but exactly how does all of this geometry help me in any way?

Knowledge is NOT power. Application of knowledge is power. Even if I understood this, what in the world would I do with it? For that reason, even if I were to believe that freemasons understand how to use it, if I don't understand it myself, then it's useless.

I'm not buying it!

You learn, but given your attitude, i doubt you'll ever attain the wisdom to 'utilise' what understanding of higher geometric principles in metaphysics can lead to to become an adept of Astral method and greater knowledge of the cosmos and it's planes.

Ah, the tried and true "I get it, therefore I'm superior to you" post. Pomposity and smugness, you'll always have a home on ATS.

Of course the possibility that "wisdom to utilize metaphysics to become an adept of the Astral method" could be a manifestation of epic delusion is absolutely impossible.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 09:14 PM
Just to mark this thread for later study.

2nd. line.

posted on Jun, 14 2010 @ 11:43 PM
Very interesting read, may I ask what you do on a daily basis, career wise?
I only ask as I have found that very few people take the time to ask these questions let alone trying to find answers. Those that do are usually like myself, strong independently minded who always but heads with the authorities or at least their desire to control us physically and mentally.

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 12:04 AM
GReat thread with lots of info, but i'm having trouble seeing the big picture here could someone help?

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 05:13 AM
after reading threw your op.

great stuff b.t.w

i came across a thread i read ages ago.

NWO is responsible for concert pitch A-440hz
with the you tube video off 432hz

and one poster mentioned an effect on his pet.

i tryed it on my pet and the results where amazing.

please all pet owners visit my new thread

432hz video to test your pet

i would love to here the results. of this perfect harmonic balance 432hz

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 05:43 AM
Definitely emailing this thread to myself, hope it sticks around...

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 08:37 AM
This may be related to the topic, due to the discussion of frequencies, so I thought I'd share it for those who never concieved of this idea before.

It is indeed true that all things, real and imagined, have a harmonic frequency that identifies it and it's purpose. Taking that as a given, the Masonic genius has thus devised the ability to carve out of reality for themselves a group of people that could have been their peers but instead became the direct target of the Masonic Agenda - like the ones who preceeded them, they have created a 'sub-human' (as anyone who is NOT a Free Mason is classified by them as being) class of slaves that will do the work for them, as they collect the rewards that work produces.

Simple proof: How is it that American citizens are so far below the Masonic Order as they are classified as "Enemies", are sold and bought on the Stock Market under the U.C.C. as "Property" via their birth certificate, Why does an American citizen need to License, Register, or Petition to do some things, How is it that American citizens have had their wealth stripped awat from them and in return been given a fiate monetary system to support them with, How is it that Constitutional Law has been replaced by Admiralty Law within America Proper, Why do Americans accept all of these things?

Distraction, and misdirection of attentions. That's how. Both of these things require a certain frequency in order for them to produce the desired affect of putting the trusting mind to sleep. When it wakes up, it's too late...

The human body consists of idividual cellular systems that operate on different electrical frequencies. The heart is different than the liver, is different than the kidneys, is different than the skin, is different than the brain... discovering the frequencies these function on is the key to interferring with thier operative significance...

ZAP.... "go to sleeeeeep..." suddenly, someone has a heart attack... nods out behind the wheel of thier car.... Experiences an alternate reality... suddenly up and kills someone.... suddenlyjust dumps all of thier children into a lake.... discovers they have an unsateable taste for human flesh... Goes out and commits multiple acts of violent sexual acts with whomever is there first... Reads that the government has passed legislation that violates constitutional law - but considers it ok due to the 'circumstances'... Hears that a police officer just shot a studen for smoking pot, but will justify it because the student broke the law, and the cop is always right... Will go to a show that advertises hypnotism and get selected to be hypnotised, act like a chicken, then go home and wonder why everyone was asking them if they had a cigarette...


It is the reality, of your very existance. Frequency distracts you, breaks your concentration, polutes your mind and keeps it from free thought... Frequency will cause you to age, and die quicker.

Frequency.... is the reason why people believe that their prayrs are never answered.....

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 09:20 AM

Originally posted by drkid
Hey you deserve much appreciation! I read your entire thread, good job my friend, you have taught me a lot today.

How do you rule over the masses when they believe they are all God? How do you divide and conquer when all beings believe they are one? How do you have a wealthy elite and starving poverty when each person sees another as an other-self, an other expression of the same fundamental infinite divine? You don’t. And that is why you will find more disinfo/mind control/programming around the concept of oneness than anything else. You are the creator of the universe experiencing your own creation, through a holographic subset fractal portion you created to have the experience through. The wild ride of re-merging with the all you have always been, beckons.

This sounds like some kind of proof for Hinduism.

The idea of experiencing life as various extensions of "one being"'or soul is what Hinduism is all about

very cool

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 10:32 AM

Originally posted by polarwarrior

...We wont need big pharma, we will use chi, or life-force for seemingly miraculous healing.

Aether is also called prana, Kundalini, chi, Akasha among many other names. Although they can be slightly different expressions it is the same fundamental energy that permeates everything...

What's really interesting is that the pure yang mudra, if done correctly, gives Chi and this mudra is closely related, if you examine it, to the octahedron, the star tetrahedron and the Hindu swastika.

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by polarwarrior

excellent stuff OP

one love


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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 12:14 PM
reply to post by polarwarrior

Thank you, very informative!
Have you noticed, how much Hurricanes, look like a perfect Spiral Galaxy?? Ahh, the symmetry of the universe!

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 01:32 PM
Before I even begin, I want to start off by apologizing for this very long post; feel free to scan through it quickly -- but I ask that you focus your attention on my question concerning the missing 7th and 8th platonic "solids".


I am far from being any "Math Wiz", but perhaps that is because I'm more in tune with the "oneness", I tend to think that what we're being taught by others isn't exactly the truth -
which ironically, makes a lot of sense... Anyway, I'd also like to thank you for doing your own personal research and taking the time to gather all of this information for the rest of us. Because I don't quite understand all of the mathematical aspects of what you're communicating, I took the time to do some of my own personal research.

As far as all of what you're saying goes, I'm very confused by the idea that there is an "octave of the platonic"; however, I'm not saying you're wrong. This also makes a lot of sense to me. But out of this, I'm very confused by how all of this information is only showing the 5 platonic solids (viewable by us in our 3rd dimensional consiousness) with a 6th platonic geometry supposably existing in the 4th dimension. To get to the point, my question is what are the 7th and 8th platonic "solids"??? Any ideas????

For whatever reason, I feel that this is actually a very important point that is most likely being overlooked simply because we are "3rd dimensional beings"

Anyway, here's some more information that I came across in trying to discover some more Patterns, so that I can better understand. To me it looks like that we are focusing on convex polygons and overlooking the conclave polygons.

In trying to better understand and educate myself, it seems as though the concave polygons (7th and 8th platonic POLYTOPES [solid seems like a poor choice of words]) are the CONVEX HULLS (see below information) "stringing" the octaves together, in infinity.. 8.
Are the missing 7th and 8th polytopes the 11-cell hendecachoron and the 57-cell? Ketchup???


Some more interesting info on Octal Systems (base 8 numerical sytems) rather than our normal 10 Base number system:

(From wikipedia)
[edit] By Native Americans

The Yuki language in California and the Pamean languages[1] in Mexico have octal systems because the speakers count using the spaces between their fingers rather than the fingers themselves[2].
[edit] In Europe

In 1716 King Charles XII of Sweden asked Emanuel Swedenborg to elaborate a number system based on 64 instead of 10. Swedenborg however argued that for people with less intelligence than the king such a big base would be too difficult and instead proposed 8 as base. In 1718 Swedenborg wrote a manuscript, which has not been published: "En ny räknekonst som omväxlas vid talet 8 istället för det vanliga vid talet 10" ("A new arithmetic (or art of counting) which changes at the Number 8 instead of the usual at the Number 10"). The numbers 1-7 are there denoted by the consonants l, s, n, m, t, f, u (v) and zero by the vowel o. Thus 8 = "lo", 16 = "so", 24 = "no", 64 = "loo", 512 = "looo" etc. Numbers with consecutive consonants are pronounced with vowel sounds between in accordance with a special rule.[3]
[edit] In fiction

* The fictional alien felinoid species Kilrathi of the Wing Commander universe count in octal, since their paws have four toes instead of 5.
* The Octospider species of Rama Revealed and the computer game RAMA use a colour code based on octal system, and its comprehension is a puzzle of the game scenario.
* The Alterans from Stargate SG-1 use octal, even though they have ten fingers. It's possible that they count the gaps between each finger, ignore the thumb on each hand, or use the thumb as a base-2 counter (as on an abacus) allowing them to count up to 30 (24 in decimal) on their hands.
* The satirist Tom Lehrer famously remarked in his song parodying new math that "base 8 is just like base 10... if you're missing two fingers."
* In the first-person shooter Prey, numerical codes to open doors are entered in octal.
* The Tau race in the Warhammer 40,000 universe use the octal system.
* In The Beekeeper's Apprentice, Laurie R. King's first Sherlock Holmes pastiche featuring Mary Russell, base eight math played a key role in solving the mystery.
* In the Star Wars universe, the alien race known as the Hutts counts in base eight, as they only have eight fingers.
* In the Niven/Pournelle novell Footfall the pachydermoid Fithp count in base eight and tend to group things into powers of eight, such as military divisions of 64 soldiers. Niven's Kzin species also uses octal.
* The Na'vi from Avatar use octal, since they have four fingers on each hand.

[edit] In computers

Octal is sometimes used in computing instead of hexadecimal, perhaps most often in modern times in conjunction with file permissions under Unix systems (see chmod). It has the advantage of not requiring any extra symbols as digits (the hexadecimal system is base-16 and therefore needs six additional symbols beyond 0–9). It is also used for digital displays.

At the time when octal originally became widely used in computing, systems such as the ICL 1900 and IBM mainframes employed 24-bit (or 36-bit) words. Octal was an ideal abbreviation of binary for these machines because eight (or twelve) digits could concisely display an entire machine word (each octal digit covering three binary digits). It also cut costs by allowing Nixie tubes, seven-segment displays, and calculators to be used for the operator consoles, where binary displays were too complex to use, decimal displays needed complex hardware to convert radixes, and hexadecimal displays needed to display more numerals.

All modern computing platforms, however, use 16-, 32-, or 64-bit words, further divided into eight-bit bytes. On such systems three octal digits per byte would be required, with the most significant octal digit representing two binary digits (plus one bit of the next significant byte, if any). Octal representation of a 16-bit word requires 6 digits, but the most significant octal digit represents (quite inelegantly) only one bit (0 or 1). This representation offers no way to easily read the most significant byte, because it's smeared over four octal digits. Therefore, hexadecimal is more commonly used in programming languages today, since two hexadecimal digits exactly specify one byte. Some platforms with a power-of-two word size still have instruction subwords that are more easily understood if displayed in octal; this includes the PDP-11 and Motorola 68000 family. The modern-day ubiquitous x86 architecture belongs to this category as well, but octal is rarely used on this platform.

In programming languages, octal literals are typically identified with a variety of prefixes, including the digit 0, the letters o or q, or the digit–letter combination 0o. For example, the literal 73 (base 8) might be represented as 073, o73, q73, or 0o73 in various languages. Newer languages have been abandoning the prefix 0, as decimal numbers are often represented with leading zeroes. The prefix q was introduced to avoid the prefix o being mistaken for a zero, while the prefix 0o was introduced to avoid starting a numerical literal with an alphabetic character (like o or q), since these might cause the literal to be confused with a variable name. The prefix 0o also follows the model set by the prefix 0x used for hexadecimal literals in the C language.[4][5][6]

Octal numbers that are used in some programming languages (C, Perl, PostScript…) for textual/graphical representations of byte strings when some byte values (unrepresented in a code page, non-graphical, having special meaning in current context or otherwise undesired) have to be to escaped as \nnn. Octal representation of non-ASCII bytes may be particularly handy with UTF-8, where any start byte has octal value \3nn and any continuation byte has octal value \2nn.


The octave of the platonic goes from spere to icosa to the octahedron, then star tetrahedron (merkaba) then dodecahedron, icosa again then back to sphere to round out the octave.

A convex polygon is a simple polygon whose interior is a convex set.[1] The following properties of a simple polygon are all equivalent to convexity:

* Every internal angle is less than 180 degrees.
* Every line segment between two vertices remains inside or on the boundary of the polygon.

A simple polygon is strictly convex if every internal angle is strictly less than 180 degrees. Equivalently, a polygon is strictly convex if every line segment between two nonadjacent vertices of the polygon is strictly interior to the polygon except at its endpoints.
--Every nondegenerate triangle is strictly convex. (from Wikipeida)

A polygon that is not convex is called concave[2] or reentrant.[3] A concave polygon will always have an interior angle with a measure that is greater than 180 degrees.

It is possible to cut a concave polygon into a set of convex polygons. A polynomial-time algorithm for finding a decomposition into as few convex polygons as possible is described by Chazelle & Dobkin (1985).[4]
(from Wikipedia)

Convex hull
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

In mathematics, the convex hull or convex envelope for a set of points X in a real vector space V is the minimal convex set containing X.

In computational geometry, a basic problem is finding the convex hull for a given finite nonempty set of points in the plane. It is common to use the term "convex hull" for the boundary of that set, which is a convex polygon, except in the degenerate case that the points are collinear. The convex hull is then typically represented by a sequence of the vertices of the line segments forming the boundary of the polygon, ordered along that boundary.

posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 04:51 PM
Well done PW.

A thread like this naturally is going to receive a wide variety of posters/replies ranging from the astute who know all this, to the beginner just studying, to those still in slumber, and to those who have awakened.

My question for the naysayers is if this wasn't meant to be hidden material, why weren't we taught this in school? Why were the history books rewritten and the entire ciriculum teaches nothing about the true reality we exist in?

Literally yes, knowledge is not power. But why would one want to obtain knowledge not to put it in practical use? It is inherit that knowledge is power. Seeking it means one is going to use it. Otherwise you would read it then discard it immediately taking none of it with you for the rest of your learning.

Life is not the knowledge you attain, it is the journey in which you get there. This thread is a wonderful moment in the journey.

Even though the OP was long, I would still love to see the rest of what you wanted to talk about. Seems you have quite a bit more information to share. Even if you only affect one person, it is worth it.

Rule number 1 of Oneness: Benefiting one is benefiting the whole.


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