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This is how BP handles spills... Silence!

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 11:22 PM

Just found this thing surfing the net..
comedy at best, but I hope this makes every laymen here understand the perspective of why the Public is pissed off. (and worry-free watching the ever distracting "World Cup" -___-")

Also, I have came across an article about BP silencing their clean-up crew from media interviews.. found out that although BP has said it will not be prohibiting the crew to speak, in recent contracts for clean up workers to sign for jobs show that BP has made them sign a contract from them to talk to any media! (talk about fine print bulls#%!) By the looks of this article tho, that specific detailing in the contract has been pulled BUT the workers still believe that they might lose their jobs over telling the truth about what they see.

The Times are upon US.

if the public voted for clowns in gov't offices, then # we have nothing to complain about. As the late George Carlin says,"The Public sucks, # HOPE!"

I am glad to be apart of the Call to Action-Truth Movement2010


mods: if this isn't the correct placement of this thread, could you please put this in the correct forum topic.. this is my first post, i wasn't too sure how to post a new thread.


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