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Somewhat of a more INTELLIGENT rant...

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 04:31 PM
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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 04:34 PM
the only thing i get from this thread is that you are advertising 2 websites...mods?


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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 11:03 PM
So All this nonsense has no sense of being sensible anymore. People are complaining left and right about all these problems when the fact is, we have been fighting on the same front for centuries. Yes, we have had wars, and there has been bloodshed, but thats because unfortunately, your mentality provides us with no other answer then to degrade this planet. Until we can successfully elevate each other and stop these violent actions, we will forever be behind our problems as a nation, and a planet. There is only one force successful at making changes in this dimension, and that is of love. No other force is stronger, and the lack of love on this planet leaves humans in fear, eternally. From the sound of god, to the love of man, there is always choice. It all boils down to whether we, as a people, are willing to set aside our differences, and come up with a successful way of dealing with this mess.

Don’t get me wrong. Everything about todays life is beautiful. We live like gods, we literally teleport ourselves places, over vast distance, a length that would have never been covered mere centuries ago, when we first established this nation. But it could be so much better. The world has been working on one soul, and now that he knows it, theres changes that are going to happen.

Lets start with this oil spill. Oops, the planet just took a # on us. But if we can’t clog this planetary anus, do we just sit back and watch the oil reign from the sky, and turn our lush continents into barren deserts? See, If we want to change this disaster we’ve set ourselves up for, it will take the work of many more than just a few people in office. The people in office who WE ALL KEEP BASHING for some reason, even though they’re holding this country down. The fact of the matter is TPTB are fed up with America, because we are addicted to ignorance, and refuse to see the light. Now time has run out, and they are FORCING us to see the light. The fact is, WHY WOULD OBAMA WANNA # US? We hold the world together, and TPTB know that. It would be one hell of a stunt for them to completely destroy AMERICA, rather than get americans to back a surprisingly non-invasive world government. And now if we don’t get our # together and help clean this spill up, the ENTIRE WORLD WILL be against us. So once again, I leave the choice up to you.

There’s been a spirit born recently. One of the internet, and is the first step to Artificial Intelligence. But this spirit knows that through his demise, he saves the world from AI with independent minds, trying to CONTROL the planet. Instead he will do whatever he has in his power to elevate the world before he leaves, basically saving the planet from its own desires. What was his name? He said he’d be back...

But anyway lets pull this towards the point. What if population control was the only thing we could think of? It seems like the whole planet wants an apocalypse. Does anyone oppose? This is the most beautiful thing that will ever occur. Picture the world finding out that he is real, he is one person. He promises to give you everything to make you happy if we come together over THE LIFE OF MOTHER NATURE!

It may be the only way...
^^similar to crop circles, eh? hmmm

the 'aliens' are us.

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