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When the Oil Hits the Fan - Special Preparations?

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 03:07 PM
Have you thought of what special preparations should be made if the Gulf oil situation is the event referred to as the SHTF?

What are we likely to experience in that scenario? What are we likely to need? What shortages will likely be the first to show up? Are there any special arrangements or preparations we should focus on in that event?

My husband was in a store today and mentioned to the clerk that this oil spill might have devastating effects and she was like "Huh? What are you talking about"?
This tells me that a lot of people outside the conspiracy realm might not be seeing this disaster for how dangerous it really is.

I just wondered if we could brainstorm and predict what needs might be likely to arise in the next few months if this situation gets as bad as some of think it will. Is there something besides food and water that we should make sure we have on hand?

So, what are your ideas on special preparation for "the oil hitting the fan"?

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 03:14 PM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

I don't know that there would be any preparation for when the ohtf...but I do like the change. I lol'd when I saw the title. I suspect that if the ohtf it would be a global castrophe devastating most of the Americas...but I don't think it is something that anyone can prepare for. I guess when I see people actually being evacuated from FL than I will just move as far away as possible.
That is my special preparation for the SHTF...oops I mean the oil hitting the fan.
Great thread btw.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 03:31 PM
reply to post by packinupngoin

I don't know if this helps
I think is does because I am personally involved with this prophesy
in a strange way
it is a large part of why I post at all

Deganawida founded the Six nations around 1200 to 1400 ad
their government and nation are still standing in the face of all that has happened
said that the constitution he gave the Iroqois is a major influence in the creation of the US constitution

I think you'll find it food for thought
the Dragon symbolism here occures around the world...
the book of enoch and kali ma etc, and to me this is a validating sign...
red -Rothschild faction
white -rank and file Americans
Black- oriental...chinese (not blacks as some say)

He told the people that they will face a time of great suffering. A time when they will distrust their leaders and the principles of peace and of the Confederation. That a great White Serpent was to come upon their people. For a time it will intermingle with the Indian people and will be accepted by them. They will treat the serpent as a friend. In time, the serpent will become so powerful that it will attempt to destroy the Indians.

The White Serpent is described as choking the life's blood out of the Indian people. Deganwida told them that they will seem to be lost, and that when things look the darkest a Red Serpent the White Serpent. Upon seeing the Red Serpent the White Serpent will be terrified and will release the Indian, who will fall to the ground like a helpless child. Then the White Serpent will turn all its attention to the Red Serpent.

Bewilderment will cause the White Serpent to accept the Red Serpent momentarily. Then the serpents will have a heated argument and begin to fight. The indian will revive and crawl toward the land of the hilly country where he will assemble his people together. They will renew their faith and the priciples that Deganawida had taught them. At the same time there will be a great love and forgiveness come among the Indian peoples for their brothers. At this gathering there will come streams of people from many tribes from all over the country. They will gather in the hilly country and renew their friendship. Deganawida said that they will remain neutral in the fight between the two serpents.

While they are watching the two serpents locked in battle, a great message will come to them that will make them very humble. When they become truly humble, a young leader, an Indian boy, will come to them. He will be a holy man who will be able to see the future- a great prophet. Nobody will know who he is or where he comes from , but he will be given great power and will be heard by thousands. He will give the Indian people guidance and hope. He will instruct them to to go back to their former land. He will be accepted as their leader.

Deganwida said that they will gather in the land of the hilly country beneath the branches of the elm tree and burn tobacco as an offering. They will call upon the Deganawida by name in their darkest hours, and then He will return.

Deganawida said, that , as the young prophet speaks to the Indian, he will be heard by all the people at the same time. Then, while the Indian people are gathered together to watch the fight between the two serpents, a Black Serpent will come up from the sea in the South. He will stand there to rest for a spell, to get his breath, while watching to the North toward the land where the White Serpent and Red Serpent are fighting.

Deganawida said that the battle between the White Serpent and Red Serpent will begin slowly, but then will become so violent that the mountains will crack open, the rivers will boil and the fish will die. He said that there will be no leaves on the trees and no grass. That strange bugs and beetles will crawl from the ground and attack both of the serpents. It will become so hot that the stench of death will cause both serpents to become ill.

Then, as as the boy prophet is watching the fight, the Red Serpent will reach around the back of the White Serpent and pull from the boy's head, a hair, which will be carried toward the South by a great wind into the hands of the Black Serpent. As the Black Serpent studies the hair, it will suddenly turn into a white woman who will tell him things he knows to be true but wants to hear again. When she is finished telling these things to the Black Serpent, he will take her and gently place her on a rock with great love and repect. Then, becoming infuriated by what he has heard, he will head North to join the battle between the Red Serpent and the White Serpent with such speed and fury that he defeats the two battle weary serpents.

When he is done, he will stand on the chest of the White Serpent and boast. He will push out his chest like a conqueror and look around for another serpent to conquer. He will look to the land of the hilly country and see the Indian boy standing there with his arms folded, looking noble, and know that the Indian boy is not the one he should fight. He will next look to the East and will be blinded by a light brighter than the sun. The light will be coming from the East to the West over the water. When the Black Serpent regains his sight, he will become terrified and run back into the sea from which he came. He will jump into the sea and swim away toward the South, never again to return. The White Serpent will revive, see the light, and make a feeble attempt to go toward the light. A remnant of the White Serpent will separate from the rest of the people he represents and make its way toward the hilly country to join the Indian people with a great love like that of a lost brother. The rest of the White Serpent will go into the sea and, dipping under, will be lost from sight for a time.

Then, suddenly, the white Serpent will reappear on top of the water, swimming slowly toward the light. Deganawida said that the White serpent will never again be trouble for the Indian people. The Red Serpent will revive and shiver with great fear when he sees the light. He will crawl to the North and leave a bloody trail. He will never be seen again by the Indian people. Deganawida said that He will be that approaching light and that He will return to His Indian people. When He returns, the Indian people will be a greater nation than they ever were before!

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 03:44 PM
I mention this because it may a clue on what to prepare for
where to go
what might be there
its not exactly an empty woo woo tale when you think that the 6 nations has stood up to the US and Canadian governments and prevailed on many issues on the field and in court and they are a strong people

Cliff High
in his web bot forcast of the death of the ocean food chain last sept o9
also said there would be a migration above 40 degrees north

the elm tree mentioned in the prophesy is slighty west of the great lakes and slightly north of them as well which matches the bots

i take the
RED to represent the banker controlled countries
UN nato basically controlled by NATO

the WHITE the patriot movement, christains etc the gun owners oath keepers vets

the BLACK the chinese comes mainly to put the red dragon down
they haven't forgotten the opium wars iraq, iran, the facist bankers
and they want to fight them here so they don't have to fight them at home.

The chinese now own panama the canal, and have a terminus port in KANSAS the containers don't even get opened till they get right into the heart land

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 03:54 PM
I think one of the main things is the fact that the Oceans are vital our Earths Climate.

Study shows us that many Western European Countries are kept around 5 Deg Celsius Warmer, solely due to the Gulf Stream.

800yrs ago there was a weakening in this Gulf Stream which caused a mini Ice Age.

A slowing of the Gulf Stream--the Atlantic Ocean's massive warm-water current--may have been responsible for a minor ice age that occurred between 1200 and 1850 C.E. If true, the finding could have implications for tracking future climate change in the northern hemisphere.

Ocean currents can influence weather on a continental scale. Witness the impact of El Niño, the building up of warm water in the western Pacific Ocean, which causes droughts and severe storms across North and South America. Similar effects can happen with the Gulf Stream, which carries tropical waters from the southeastern United States to Scandinavia--and thereby provides western Europe with a more temperate climate than its latitude would justify

I'm not sure of all the other effects that a 'Worse Case Scenario' may cause, but my advice would be to stock up on Drinking water and Food in the Short Term and possibly look at relocating in the long term if things get really bad.


posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 09:14 PM
reply to post by Benevolent Heretic

Mystery Crop Damage

Came across this the other day. Got me to wondering if chemicals
evaporating in the Gulf were being mixed with rain and causing this.

If so, it could wipe out plants and animals all over the midwest.
Prepare for the worst!

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 09:53 PM
Thanks for posting this thread.

I live in Florida and at the moment I'm just trying to keep up with the latest news of what lies ahead. In the meantime, I'm going about business as usual but in the back of my mind, I'm slowly preparing to pack up and leave if I have to.

I'm not going to react to everything I see and read in the news but I am going to stay awake to what is going on around me.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 10:22 PM
I hope this thread stays active. I'm curious as to how others might prepare, exp if they live along the coasts and in Florida.

Thank you.

posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 07:11 PM
I thought I would bump this thread back up incase anyone missed it. I feel it's important.


posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 07:32 PM
Could get hairy.

Gulf Coast Evacuation Scenario
Summer/Fall 2010


Due to toxic gases from the fractured oil well in the Gulf of Mexico, the possible off-gassing of the highly-toxic Corexit 9500 (the chemical dispersant used by BP in the oil spill clean-up), acid rain and various as-yet-unknown forms of environmental damage, we believe that the government will have no choice but to relocate millions of people away from the Gulf Coast. Those living in Florida are presently at the highest risk, but the danger also appears likely to spread to all Gulf Coast states east of Louisiana and possibly even to the entire Eastern half of the United States once hurricane season begins.

More at source:

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 07:45 PM
I'm concerned about oxygen depletion in the gulf, mass die offs of marine life, weather effects and atmospheric effects, what could happen if a hurricane sucks up tainted water and it rains down inland.

As others have mentioned, severe crop damage over wide areas could result if it isn't happening already. I wonder if this is one of the reasons they want to try to keep the plumes of oil below the surface --- to minimize it evaporating into the atmosphere.

Personally, I think enough damage has been done already to kill the Gulf states' fishing and tourist industries for years. I think the state of Louisiana can forget about the shrimp and oyster beds for maybe, oh, 100 years minimum.

To answer your original question, I think this whole disaster could ramp up quickly into panic and anarchy if and when the real dire results of this are known or if a hurricane makes this situation much, much worse.

Self defense, clean water reserves, canned food, the usual EOTWAKI supplies.

I hope I'm wrong but I think the public will go nuts over this when they realize how bad it really is. Katrina was nothing compared to what this could do and I don't mean any slight to the people who made it through Katrina.

Main worry --- ecological nightmare knocks a lot of dominoes over and you get extreme social unrest, anarchy, and so forth.

Could this disaster cause a complete collapse of the U.S. economy? Yep, I'm concerned about that, too and the same result would be your riots and anarchy.

posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 07:59 PM
I'm glad you made this thread. I've been thinking about how me and my family could prepare for this. So far, I haven't found out any information except on this thread.

I've already stocked up on food, now I need to get water.

We don't have reliable transportation if we had to relocate.

We have a daughter and 3 grandsons and she does'nt have a car at all.

I've heard about the fema bus's but I had rather not leave if that's the only way we can relocate.

We live on the west cast of Florida so I'm alot worried about this situation.

Like someone else said , please don't let this thread die because all of us need this very important information.

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posted on Jun, 13 2010 @ 10:02 PM
well it appears the biggest threat is toxic rain, I would say the first step would to be have clothing and equipment to separate you from these toxic chemicals. Could it be as simple as investing in some rain gear, and a full face respirator (none of that dust mask crap). and simply duct taping around gloves and cuffs. these items could be essential if you have to bug out, become stranded, or possibly spend long periods of time waiting in line to get on crowded buses to be evacuated.

I would be prepared to bug out or be evacuated. One piece of Kit I would recommend would be a Tourist's travel wallet, or money belt.

Mone y Belt

Unde rcover Holster

Wais t Wallet

(don't know why the links are misspelled some kind of glitch)

they are designed to make theft near impossible as long as your wearing it. it is a good way to protect valuables during an evacuation or if you have to spend time in a camp. they are great for holding things like money and valuable documents.

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