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Israeli/Iranian/N.Korea/American Solutions to world Crisis

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 03:01 PM
Well, as everyone knows the world is exploding with problems. Israel can't get along with anyone and is acting very much like the old Nazi regime which nearly wiped them off the planet. America is constantly butting their noses into everything and can't seem to help themselves when it comes to stealing oil and running black ops projects that repetitively get them in trouble. North Korea, is,'s North Korea, they're not really doing much of anything other than spreading their feathers like a peacock and competing with Iran for international attention. The U.S. literally owes Trillions to China because they have been supporting the U.S. economy and its world-wide conquest endeavors. Saudi Arabia are a bunch of pathetic kiss-ups to anyone who will buy their products, which is primarily oil. So, they're willing to do whatever it takes to "BE ON THE WINNING TEAM." International Bankers completely ripped off the American citizens, as well as many other countries around the world and have passed the bill onto us. BY THE WAY, HOW WELL DOES THAT SIT WITH YA??? BP just took a HUGE dump in America's backyard and has yet to answer for it, and believe me, thousands...if not millions will die and get sick as a result. Our United States Coast Guard is literally working as security for BP so that they can block off anyone who will find out what they've REALLY DONE. Corporations are calling the shots and are responsible for much of the legislation that has taken away Citizen rights and placing puppets like Obama in the presidency because of his whore-like affiliations with BIG BUSINESS. Truly, I have nothing against Obama, at least, nothing that I haven't had against any other president that has lived in my lifetime, but, things are accelerating for the worse. If you can't see that, then its going to take a disaster of epic proportions to wake you out of your slumber. Our children, family and friends constantly enlist so that they can go fight manufactured boogeymen, while they are secretly used for pawns in a game that they cannot fully understand. Yes, they enlist because they truly believe that they will make a difference...and they do, they make the rich much richer. I could go on and on, but, I have a solution for the end game.

What are the common denominators to all of this nonsense???

1. Rich businessmen who are looking to profit off of anything.
2. Corporations who seek to dominate and eliminate competition
3. World leaders who are subservient to the corporations whom establish the rules to the game who can't seem to get along despite the fact that they have no intentions of fighting themselves to rectify the situations that they've placed upon the world.

So, who's finally had enough of this madness???

There are 6.5 Billion people on this planet. That's quite a few if you ask me. 1% of the world control 100% of the world's wealth and supply. That means the rest of us fight for scraps and then pledge our allegiance to people and flags who don't give a damn whether we live or die, let alone suffer or prosper. Yet, we fight their wars, so we can live the "American Dream" which is only available for an elite few. We pay our taxes to their agendas. We get thrown out of our homes if we can't pay the mortgages. We have police officers who get sexually aroused every time they use a taser on their own people, or blast them in the middle of the night while they're sleeping. PEOPLE, 9 year old girls are being shot dead by the guys who enforce our laws and regulations. Tell me its an accident. That's fine. What about the thousands of other "accidents" that continue to happen, only to find out some poor innocent soul lost their lives at the hands of a reckless and testosterone filled steroid freak. It starts at the top and lives end right at the bottom.

Its getting old people. And how much more are we all expected to take???

There was a time, a long time ago, when if things got out of hand with the politicians, we simply rounded them up and executed them and began anew. THIS IS NOT WHAT I'M PROPOSING. seems that since 1% of the world's population continues to cause 100% of the world's problems, don't you think that maybe THEY SHOULD BE THE ONE'S FIGHTING THESE WARS?

How cool would it be if we simply decided to STOP enlisting. STOP FIGHTING. Stop paying their taxes. How cool would it be if we rounded THEM up, put them in a Colosseum, gave them some medieval weapons, and then said..."Alright boys...have at it. The last person standing is the one who controls everything."

I guarantee you that our politicians, world leaders, bankers, and all other undesirables would be so scared of the situation that they would have a working peace plan drawn up in 5 minutes flat that would reign true throughout the ages. And, every single time they think that they can't get along, we just throw them back in the hole to duke it out. Its sounds like a sound solution to me. Sure, we could do peaceful protests, and sites like ATS is great for spreading consciousness, but, ultimately...nothing is getting solved.

What do you want to bet that these guys (our politicians) are so pathetic and cowardly, that, if this plan was implemented, we would never have to fight a war again...especially if they were the one's that were fighting.

REMEMBER...they may have the technology, but, we have the numbers. If they kill us all, then guess what, all of their money and wealth will be for nothing because then, they will simply compete with each other for the last remaining rock on the planet. That's just what I would be the last known entity on earth with all the MONEY AND ALL OF THE POWER. (sarcasm)

We need to quit feeding the machine the very thing that gives it power. Take away the power and what is left??? A bunch of people who need each other in order to live and care for one another. That's what we've all forgotten. MONEY IS PAPER. IT'S AN ILLUSION. And believe me, far before there was currency, there was survival. Survival in tribes. Survival in groups. And, it doesn't have to be survival of the fittest for us to continue moving forward as a society. These are all constructs. Soon, whether we like it or not, the construct will fall all on its own volition, and that becomes more apparent daily. Which side do you want to be on when it happens??? I remember some time ago reading a thread here on ATS about a supposed "Time Traveler" named John Titor. He spoke of the very situations that we have going on now with one exception. Supposedly, in his time line, mad cow disease was the thing that broke the straw which began to divide us. He also spoke of corporations etc, but, his main point was the fact that we will eventually, after WW3 need to work as a community to survive. Its time those communities started to grow NOW.

Lets face it, nothing is getting done with these morons in power. Nothing. And if this continues on this path, there will be nothing left of the earth to leave for our children. Is this the legacy that we all want to leave behind??? IS IT???

I don't care which side of the isle you sit on, in the end, you have to come to terms with the fact that these people are destroying EVERYTHING. Set aside your partisan issues and look at the enemy in the face. Its not you, its not me...ITS THEM.

And this thread was not meant to provide links or proof. There are enough of those threads floating around. This thread is meant to make you critically think. Nothing more.

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 03:17 PM
I find your idea of politicians/bankers fighting in Colosseum gladiator-style very attractive. But you know what? The sad truth is that it is not THEM. It is indeed US. Take person X,Y,Z,R and R and M and B and all the others,real or boogieman. And in generation you will have person A,C,D,E taking their places and doing the same manipulations.
The reason for this "illness" is that social classes are wired into us. This is how Human society worked/works/will work. And the only thing to change all this is by willing education of every individual to the fact that there are alternatives that will work much better given time and effort. However all the revolutionaries choose easy "current leaders off but system stays" way.
And using dark forces in society for ides of common good always backfired. Strange, ha?
But sadly it is not all. As you stated ,elites have technology and frankly numbers that normal people have will not matter soon. If you look at history, common people got more freedom once armies became national and conscription increased their numbers. Feudal lords/Samurai could hire retinue and so people remained serfs. But serfs militia do not fight as well as trained soldiers and large number of trained soldiers can be achieved by conscripts and mobilization when needed, so personal freedom was increased.
Advances in AI and robotics means that live soldiers would soon be a thing of the past, and so whatever liberties public gained (yes it was worse) during few thousands of years.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 04:11 PM
reply to post by ZeroKnowledge

I can definitely agree with much of your post. Especially about social classes. I'm just hoping we figure this out before its too late.

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