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Contribution level question

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posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 01:47 PM
Just curious about contribution levels.
I noticed that some individuals say Bronze Contribution Level next to their avatar. On my profile, I also noticed that I'm a Bronze Contributor but it doesn't show up in threads. Did I do something to displease the ATS Gods?

Also, anyone know if an ATS Ipad app is in the works????

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 01:49 PM
If it shows up when you're looking at threads and not on your ATS profile then that member has manually added it to their avatar.

Or that's how it works as far as I know.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 05:35 PM
Just a heads up.......

If you don't plaster the boards with new threads that can be flagged you will stay at bronze for life. You have 73 flags, and to move to silver you need 600.

The system sucks, but that's how it works.

See here:

The Thresholds Of The Indicators Are:

Our brand-new thread starters who are just getting their feet wet, the indicator requires at least:
20 posts, 10 stars, and 10 flags.

The core of our contributing members who may not be able to spend lots of time authoring threads, the indicator requires at least:
50 posts, 50 stars, and 50 flags.

The first of our elite levels also triggers the code that removes ads from the discussion board*, the indicator requires at least:
300 posts, 300 stars, and 300 flags.

BRONZE: (exception)
Members with more than 2,000 posts, but less than the other levels for bronze receive the "BRONZE" tag, but still see ads.

The second of our elite levels who see no ads on the board, the indicator requires at least:
400 posts, 500 stars, and 600 flags.

The highest of our elite levels who see no ads on the board, the indicator requires at least:
500 posts, 750 stars, and 1,000 flags.

Update For Applause Indications

A secondary tag has been added below the "content contributor" tags to indicate applause received. They are...

"this one is aware" - 20 or more applause

"this is a critical mind" - 40 or more applause

"we have a deep thinker" - 60 or more applause

"a fine conspiracist" - 80 or more applause

"simply stunning insight" - 100 or more applause

"godlike wisdom" - 150 or more applause


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