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posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 04:06 PM
well i figured its time i joined ABOVE TOP SECRET as well the progress of my life the events therein for all i know for all ive witnessed and essentially the truth about the world you live in why you live in it where your from why your here and where your going . to put it simply it goes like this your whole life and existance is one big conspiracy , what that means is this when you look at any small event contianed within a specific subject or as its put "CONSPIRACY THEORY" most of the time its laughable seams ilogical or improbabable but the few that if any can step outside the box and have a vast knowledge of all theorised conspiracys then a clear picture starts to emerge and yes the REAL TRUTH starts to present itself and that my freinds is life changing to say the leaste im gonna put it real simple you are all in a movie we are all in a movie consider it an alien reality show !!!!!
consider the following what were once termed as angels and demons are what we call in the modern tongue ALIENS . what it means is this that what happens on a macro scale affects the smallest insignificant thing on the micro scale and vise versa i am kinda drifting all over the place with this opening post but thats my intention because i want you all to sit up and pay attention in class because im gonna tell you straight we are not in the last days any more becasue THE EVENING HOURS HAVE COMENCED. so theres little time this is biblical it is prophetic it is the battle between good versus evil or rather to know the diffrence between the two and quite honestly you ask me anything and i will logicaly and inteligently in a simple way tie it into the big picture of WHAT IS REALLY GOING ON
sure itll blow your mind but at the same time it will bring you an inner peace you never thought possible now i do belive upon this site there are very educated inteligent people with a fantastic ability to reason and debate matters and come to educated productive conclusions so i strive not for glory or power reward be it financial fame or pats on the back i am and will remain anonymous that is to say by my own hand. i am the man cometh in the flesh whos name for those that have wisdom and understanding is "sixhundred threescore and six" the butterfly crop circle is a reply to me and in time ill tell you how it came about and exactly what it means the others are "tags" if you like by the gods "ANGELS" as a form of open comunication the governments are all answerable to a shadow government "MAFIA" if you like who in turn are answerable to the real "SHADOW" government who in turn is answerable and so on and so forth i am physically meaning on every sensory wavelength and telepathically kinda like built in blue tooth in contact with "ENTITYS" of many diffrent types to be honest so far i have not really spoke to other humans about any of the subject matter but rather the invisible though visible to me spirit world metaphysical realm i am not a meduim prophet or physcic though to claim thats what i am would be the easiest way for you to understand where my knowledge comes from but it isnt that the reason for this post isnt restricted to one feild or one subject group as i have understanding and knowledge of pretty much evrything you can cover on this site im not a hoax im not a trikster im here to help you and in turn it helps me as i cannot sit back and watch this unfold if i can ease one persons pian or anguish and help them find inner peace then it will have been worth my joining this website
i dont lie and i dont stake claim to anything other than what ive been told or what has happend through me to me or around me this simple all cutures studided the stars every significant event happend under some significant astrological alighnment there has been is and will be alighnments that are extremely rare furthermore why do you think all the money in the world is spent on arms and space but not the human race??? the time is upon us i want to help you

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 04:39 PM
food for thought we can live up to history and fulfill what is written or we can change it and by that i mean our future because we sure havent learnt anything from our past the truth is there is supposed to be a global third world war that is pretty much all out nuclear and it has already started and been underway for many years but coupled with the natural global catastrophies that are going to befall this world within my being i know it is way to much for any consciece living creature and that means you to suffer witness and try to endure so my mission is to try to limit or stop the wickedness and evils that are a result of and caused by the hands of a men for any entity imposing its will or belife on this world in a deceptive wicked or evil manner can not surely materialise into being should the conciousness of a man or men know the truth for there hand would not let it through and surely if they knew just how accountable they shall be held for what they have done
what you do out of fear is worthless it is what you do out of love and compasion that is a measure of your worth.
was it not christ that said "In everything, do to others what you would want them to do to you,that is the basis of any true religion".

but we can get technical and sceintific if you like though i am a simple man

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 04:47 PM
Are ET's visiting this planet as i type? If so, what is their purpose and our purpose for them being here/working alongside us?

I would also like to know how you know all this vast information, what your jobs have been, and where you have been on Earth.

Enlighten me.

posted on Jun, 12 2010 @ 07:07 PM
well heres the problem which ets are you talking about biological entitys or energy entitys well its this simple but it depends on your religious belifes to some extent you see god created the heavens and the earth and all that is in them and upon them and should we be allowed to progress scientifically enough science would prove god and god would prove science but fortunately you dont got to wait that long u see as far as creation goes its on a need to know basis ie if you are worthy of grace you will have knowledge bestowed upon you
now i hate to speak of things i should not know anything about but evolution is imposible reserch possibility of evelotuion on you tube youll descover scientifically its imposible now
imagine god created a perfect being and the only thing he asked of it was to love and respect his judgement /counsel ie one thing alone he asked for "do not eat the apple of the tree" had adam done that there would have been none of this
why is this life we live this way because GOD said "why has thout done this?" because of this you will know the diffrence between good and evil" ie you will be schooled left free to "evolve" tame the world and learn through the generations the devil whome im sure GOD loves also so much was given free reighn not destroyed so as i guess he would be given enough rope to hang himself
so back to your question as this is all theory but to understand anything you must first loose your ego and misconceptions of what is your "percieved reality" so first say to yourself all things are possible and then youll discover ,learn and be shown the truth
there are more types of aliens aware of us and visiting us than there are races on this planet there here theyve always been here its this simple what you call in a modern tongue "ALIENS" are in fact the ANGELS and DEMONS of old they run the world but didnt create it or own it they await the creator just as we do but all for difrent reasons

unstable affliction im sorry if the reply is rather longwinded but the picture is as detailed and infinate as you can imagine but yet it is so very simple how deep down the rabbit hole do you want to go ? because belive me my best advice is read the sermon on the mount as spoken or written by the LORD Jesus Christ and ask yourself a question is that a testament you can belive in do you understand it and is that whome you are as far
as what you stand for ?
where have i been and what do i do? well ive been around and ive seen a thing or two
i make and do things an army of men couldnt do but never for myself its truth i pursue !!!!!
and it is not for me to ENLIGHTEN you for the only person that can tis surely you "ASK AND YE SHALL RECIEVE"
what do you really want to know? i mean really

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