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SCI/TECH: Shipping Error Exposes Researchers to Anthrax

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posted on Jun, 11 2004 @ 04:11 AM
Several reseachers at a California lab were unintentionally exposed to the potentially deadly
Anthrax bacterium. Fortunately, none have become ill, but an investigation has been launched to determine how live Anthrax samples were shipped instead of the dead samples to be used in experiments to develop an improved vaccine.

Scientists at Southern Research Institute in Frederick intended to send dead anthrax bacteria to their collaborators in Oakland, said Thomas G. Voss, vice president of homeland security and emerging infectious diseases at SRI.

Exposed workers undergo treatment; CDC begins an investigation of lapse

The story is just coming in, but the chain of events leading to the realization that a serious accident had occured began last month:
On May 28, the material was injected into 10 mice, all of which were found dead May 31. A second group of 40 mice were inoculated June 4, and all but one were found dead Monday, Mikalonis said.

[more sources]
San Francisco Chronicle
New York Times

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