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RSA Chief John Napier accuses Obama for being Anti-British

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posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 07:17 PM

'Anti-British' Obama Attacked Over BP

Barack Obama has been labelled anti-British for his attack on BP in an open letter from the head of one of the country's leading companies.


In the astonishing letter - seen by Sky News - John Napier, chairman of insurance company RSA, said Mr Obama should act in a "more Statesman like way".

Mr Napier appeared in an exclusive interview on Jeff Randall Live this evening and explained why he had written to the president.

He said: "I've just put on record my concerns about the tone that has developed, particularly about the personalisational issues, which is alien to us in our culture.

"And the fact it's being received over here as an anti-British rhetoric - that may not be his intent, but that is how it's reading."

Sky News

I know that BP is a British company and are partly to blame for the oil spill. But the recent tone of Obama saying this is a "British" problem is causing concern. Particularly in the recent financial crisis by American banks, I think the Chief feels this is "double standards" as they did not blame America for the crisis openly.??

Also could this be a break down in relations between USA and Britain, as Cameron is not sending in more troops to Afghanistan/Iraq, even though Obama is asking for more troops.

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posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 07:42 PM
Well Maybe Cameron would do freakin' more about it than obama has.

That man is the very defination of the word useless.

And Cameron is right not to send more troops in, I respect him for that.
Its jsut another damn war that the US government started anyway and Britian got dragged into it.

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