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[RINGS] -5-'s posts (18th of June) to (4th of July)

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posted on Jun, 11 2004 @ 01:31 AM
Heya peeps... here are -5-'s posts from the 18th of June (time wen the first clue was given out by Simon) to the 4th of July... i know that 9 days of possible posts are missing as -5- was banned on the 11th of July... and help to fill in these blanks would be greatly appreciated...

I collated these BEFORE -5- was banned... i thought they might come in handy...
The list starts from the most recent...
posted on 4/6/2004 at 06:42 Post Number: 571999 (post id: 592693)


I have been harrassed here. in the private u2u messages. in your chat.

this is the last you will hear from me.

until I have the rings
posted on 2/6/2004 at 16:53 Post Number: 567761 (post id: 588455)

silly children.

i have already solved it and have the clue and am now ahead of you.

to prove to you, the final two words of the new information you get when you solve it is: "enter where"

this one was easy.

and you should stay away from Cerberus. but you are all so weak-minded, I'm sure you won't follow my recommendation.
(a)posted on 2/6/2004 at 00:29 Post Number: 566438 (post id: 587132)

Don't attempt to discuss what you are unprepared to understand. You children are not being creative nor are you follwing the light.

Narrow is the path to virtue while the path to ruin is great.

(b)posted on 2/6/2004 at 00:44 Post Number: 566473 (post id: 587167)

better to be a pawn of the victorious all-powerful, than a leaderless heathen.

i might add that you are providing exceptional entertainment. intermixed with the occasional aid in my efforts.

you want to know more but you all shunned my requests weeks ago. you will get what you deserve when the rings belong to the rightful line and the convergence begins. yes... the anticipation of what will happen to you alone is something to treasure.

(c)posted on 2/6/2004 at 04:28 Post Number: 566891 (post id: 587585)

Ah Matrix, your movie was a jest promulgated to increase the paranoia of the already paranoid... They are the inclined and intuned. One who is not "worried" about this world is blind I tell you.

There are powers at work here that pre-date the stones you would adorn your kitchen counter with!

So, my brave one, nobody tells you what's what eh? I have but one question for then. When you awake and all you see is foriegn to you who will answer you when you beg for the truth?

Self assurance and cockiness is not the creative path, only self evaluation on a base level and the courage to ask what is will guide you, sir.

(d)posted on 2/6/2004 at 04:43 Post Number: 566934 (post id: 587628)

Matrix, did you truly believe i have not read your "intro"? Such a shame. CREATIVE I'll say it again, CREATIVE.

[Edited on 1-6-2004 by -5-]

(e)posted on 2/6/2004 at 06:32 Post Number: 567158 (post id: 587852) *GOT WARNED

silly child.
stupid children.

being creative means using your mind. think. reason. deduce.

Simon is pulling you along, tossing these little clues as he discovers more thanks to your help. you all read that he cannot "do this without you!" why do you think that is? if this were really a game, would he be asking for your help to find these items? I don't think so.

be create. think. reason. deduce.
why isn't Simon giving you all the clues at once like other "games"?
why? because it is not a game. he needs you to solve each clue so that he can find the next and get you to solve those. each in sequence. each in kind.

silly pathetic children. no creative abilities. no thinking. no reasoning. no deduction.
no rings.
no words.
for you.

but for me.
you'll see.
(a)posted on 2/6/2004 at 00:47 Post Number: 566478 (post id: 587172)

this is not a game

i have said it before
you have not listened

i have shown you history
you have only laughed

i have offered aid
you have scoffed

i am not playing
you are

who shall obtain the four?
who indeed.

(b)posted on 2/6/2004 at 00:52 Post Number: 566489 (post id: 587183)

do not grovel now
it will not help you

Simon knows well the means to manipulate you. you are playing his game like good little children.

play away play away little boys and girls.

(c)posted on 2/6/2004 at 00:58 Post Number: 566508 (post id: 587202) *GOT WARNED x2

quote: Originally posted by waltmarkers
I find your claim interesting that Simon is the one manipulating us, to what end?
oh silly children. pay attention.

this is what i have been saying all along. ask someone here with a memory longer than a few days and you'll have your answer.

what foolish children.
posted on 1/6/2004 at 19:43 Post Number: 565881 (post id: 586575)

as the less dim-minded have perhaps noticed, you must fill in the blanks before you can connect the dots.

silly and pathetic.

you've already been given what fills these blanks. too bad I discovered the new clue first.
posted on 31/5/2004 at 17:24 Post Number: 563678 (post id: 584372)

quote: Originally posted by amantine
I tried Boolean search on the combinations "ask deep" and ...

(a)posted on 30/5/2004 at 05:30 Post Number: 561124 (post id: 581818)

so narrow.

so hopeless.

" ring hunters should be paying attention and start being creative "


now I am pleased I did not join any of your teams. you are so hopeless.


(b)posted on 31/5/2004 at 06:32 Post Number: 563085 (post id: 583779)


be creative. think about it.

find "ask deep"

how would you find "ask deep"?

i found the clue. why can't you?

(a)posted on 27/5/2004 at 16:39 Post Number: 556244 (post id: 576938)

quote: Originally posted by PurdueNuc

i have received confirmation from our other friends and locked t
heir encoded files into the sequence we discussed. we can decode
the files any time, they are buried in the usual places, requiri
ng the usual method for extraction. i've locked the extraction c
odes in concert with the decryption routine revealed when mine i
s located and ownership confirmed. we all thought this was the s
afest method to ensure only the proper shall gain access. when y
ou find the location of my virtual ring, enter the complete URL
combined with the item containing my virtual ring. Confirmation
will be requested, and the ring expedited to your specified loca
tion. combine as usual the inscription, to initiate the decrypti
on process that will unlock the sequence of clues from 2, 3,& 4.

thank you.

while the rest of you are busy playing with the numbers, I'll take this information and get started.

and if you find anything in the numbers, be sure to post it here! hah hah hah hah hah hah
posted on 26/5/2004 at 04:59 Post Number: 552793 (post id: 573487)

quote: Originally posted by MaskedAvatar
AnonymousPoster4 = 1966 points at this moment.
OmneUbi = 3 points.

Total 1969.

Random observations'R'us.

"Random" is the understatement of the decade. Ha Ha Ha.
posted on 25/5/2004 at 03:40 Post Number: 550461 (post id: 571155) quote

connect the dots.

how many times do I need to tell everyone this is not a game?

you feed on these tidbits like frenzied sharks.

these rings are not for you.

this is not a game.

the old line is broken. fear now.
(a)posted on 24/5/2004 at 17:55 Post Number: 549339 (post id: 570033) quote

quote: Originally posted by SimonGray
I'm more that a little concerned as it appears I should know more than I do.

indeed poor simon. you did not get the other letters did you? oh, what a shame that is. you have this massive amount of information given to you and only one password.

what a pitty.

I suppose that means the celebration will be delayed?

(b) posted on 24/5/2004 at 17:58 Post Number: 549351 (post id: 570045) quote

darkness falls.

oh... now you would like my help?

how terrible that no one wanted it earlier.

how terrible.

poor hunters. hunting in the dark.

how will you connect the dots if you cannot see them?

[Edited on 24-5-2004 by -5-]

(c) posted on 24/5/2004 at 18:24 Post Number: 549413 (post id: 570107) quote

so. I am supposed to forget your ridicule. I am supposed to ignore your hate-filled comments. I should simply be your sudden friend on this important project?

I think not.

I told you this is not a game. that has not changed.

and now. I have the advantage.

too bad you didn't accept my original offer. too bad you decided to be cruel.

(d) posted on 24/5/2004 at 19:07 Post Number: 549504 (post id: 570198) quote

silly. now you want help.

I wonder what word one would type into such an interface to receive a list of content?

I wonder.

too bad it just shows you the content, with no way to access.

too bad.
posted on 18/5/2004 at 05:34 Post Number: 535859 (post id: 556553) quote


Listen to me children! These rings are real! They are in the real world! They must be handed *only* to me!

The others would trick you nasty and play with your sence of honour, colour your mind with false hopes and promises of gold.

Gold there is to be had, no doubt, but the gold is not the treasure here, it's the words of POWER.

Find the rings and contact only me. I am the only hope!

[edit on 11/6/2004 by jameo131i]


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