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Flashpoints for Global War

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posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 03:42 PM

As the economic collapse progresses through 2010 and its fiscal consequences become more certain, the field of view reaching towards our social and political future has become more vague and unclear. Every analyst or researcher of the New World Order and the global elite now seems to have a different insight into how our situation will develop once the financial implosion peaks, and people actually start to react to the obviously severe circumstances.

While having a microphone in the middle of the annual Bilderberg conference in would surely clarify the details of exactly how the globalists plan to conduct themselves over the coming year, this is unfortunately not an option, and reports leaked from Bilderberg cannot always be taken at face value. One element nearly all of us can agree on, though, is the distinct possibility of expanded wars in the near term, used as a diversion by the elites to pull the focus of the masses away from their dire economic atmosphere, away from the bankers that created the meltdown, and towards an overseas adversary.

War on a broad scale creates fear, and fear often inspires a senseless brand of collectivism and misguided patriotism in those uninformed subsections of the public, a patriotism based on blind zealotry instead of individual liberty. The average citizen faced with an ample and immediate threat by a foreign enemy tends to fall in line with establishment policy, even if the conflict with that foreign enemy is entirely fabricated, even if establishment policy is ultimately a greater threat. War has always been utilized as a tool by aristocrats and monarchy to not only expand kingdoms and empires, but to keep the “peasants” of their empires weak, weary, and subservient.

The size of these wars seems to reflect the scope of the goal the globalists wish to accomplish at the moment, and today the stakes are very high. The world has reached a point of no return as far as the economy is concerned, and only two conclusions are possible: the people stand down, the elites prevail, and global government is established, or, the people stand firm, the elites fall, and their designs are put to an end perhaps forever. It is an all or nothing scenario, and one of the few tricks the globalists have left to turn the tide fully in their favor is war on a magnitude so humbling that it intimidates champions of free society into conceding without attempting a defense. To paraphrase the Chinese tactician, Sun Tzu: the best generals win without ever having to fight a real battle. They simply give their enemy the impression that fighting back would be utterly futile and force them to surrender before the battle ever begins.

the article covers in depth with links Israel and the middle-east flashpoint, the Korean flashpoint and the Indian-Pakistani flashpoint. its a creepy article.. if as a person you have a good handle on things you can see everything is coming to a head real soon, months probably.. people talk of the quickening and this particular world crisis is definately quickening..

posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 03:55 PM
Israel And The Middle-Eastern Powder Keg

If any nation poses an immediate threat to the stability of the world at large, it would have to be Israel.

Israel receives “official” financial aid from the United States to the tune of $3 billion a year, and this does not include off-book aid or armament projects such as Obama’s recently approved ‘Iron–Dome Defense’ missile system costing $205 million:

Despite this massive monetary and military support, the Israeli Government continues to hide behind the insincere notion that the country is some kind of “underdog” surrounded and threatened by the entire world:

The unbalanced denial in the majority of the Israeli community over the actions of their own leadership borders on clinical insanity, and their obsessive self identification with the ‘David and Goliath’ mythology often leads them to conveniently rationalize any act of brutality. When you constantly paint yourself as the victim, every attack you make on others can then be justified as “self defense”. As the recent slaughter of activists in international waters on a Turkish flotilla bringing food and supplies to Gaza has shown, ironically, the open viciousness of their government’s foreign policy has actually begun to legitimize their paranoia by actively turning other nations, including former allies such as Turkey, against them:

As anyone with any sense can see, the current establishment in Israel is a comprehensive disaster waiting to happen. Trying to warn most Israelis of the peril their administration has exposed them to seems to only invite accusations of racism and Anti-Semitism. Obviously, if someone is against the policies of the Israeli Government, then they must hate the entire Jewish community. Why listen to the cold hard irrefutable facts, or engage in honest debate, when you can simply label a critic as a “Neo-Nazi”?

What could be more hazardous than a country with endless support from the world’s only superpower, and a collective Napoleon Complex? That same country with its finger on the button of a nuclear arsenal.

Israel has never officially confirmed or denied the possession of nuclear missiles. However, in 2006, former Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert made an embarrassing slip during a visit to Germany in which he named Israel as a nuclear armed state:

Evidence has been uncovered showing that not only has Israel had nukes for decades, but they have also tried to sell them to other countries such as apartheid South Africa during the 1970’s:

Reports of Israeli war games in preparation for a strike on Iran also apparently include a nuclear option:

The Israeli government has refused to join in a recent anti-nuclear arms treaty which would make its nuclear facilities subject to UN inspection:

One would think that if Israel is so concerned about countries such as Iran constructing nuclear weapons, they would put their money where their mouth is and support a treaty which mandates UN inspection to prevent ballistic development. Apparently, Israel has more to hide than Iran does…

Last year, we talked about the link between Syria and Russia, and the possibility that any strike by Israel in the Middle East could spur Russia into open warfare. This possibility seems more and more prevalent as 2010 progresses.

Russia has maintained a naval base on the Syrian coast of Tartus for years, and has recently revamped and rearmed it:

Last year, Iran signed a ‘mutual defense treaty’ with Syria:

And now, Israel has threatened both these countries with war:

The U.S. has pressed for tough sanctions against Iran in the UN, and Barack Obama has stated essentially that the nuclear option is viable in response to Iran’s enrichment program (even though UN inspectors have found no evidence that this program is for weapons purposes):

What this produces is a regional domino effect. Anyone who thinks that an Israeli or U.S. attack on Iran or Syria will be isolated to just those countries is sorely mistaken. An attack on one will eventually if not immediately involve the other, and the potential for intercession by Russia is high, especially if even a single nuclear weapon is used. How far such a conflict would escalate is anyone’s guess, but even a war on Iran alone would be devastating to the world economy and to the United States specifically. The chances for a catastrophic global conflict are very high in this situation.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 05:00 AM
Very well put together thread

For the past 2 years now I've believed that war is coming and things seem to be developing very quickly now. The economy is in ruins and many are out of work, I think war is the final card that will be played and it looks like it could be played at any moment. And I really hope I'm wrong because I can't imagine how bad it could become.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 05:32 AM
There is only one warning sign to look for when it comes to global war. It was present during and especially just before each world war.

WW1: Countries were meant to individually communicate with each other and use that as their way of conveying foreign policy and building alliance, forging wars.

The elite forced that failure of that system by communication meltdown between countries, where countries' individual foreign policy was to forever seen as a failure for the world. This gave them grounds for establishing the League of Nations, a way to bring countries together and force them to work multilaterally and use the League of Nations contracts to force countries into subservience.

WW2: The system where the League of Nations was not meant to encircle the globe and force agenda's on each member failed and this gave rise to communications and economic breakdown of countries.

The elite forced that failure of that system by communication and economic meltdown between countries, where countries' un-enforceable foreign policy was to forever be seen as a failure for the world. This gave them grounds for establishing the United Nations, a way to bring countries together and legally force them to work multilaterally and within the rules of the United Nations, thus a forced subservience.

WW3: The system where the United Nations was not meant for absolute control of foreign and domestic policy failed and this will give rise to communications, economic and social breakdown of countries.

The elite will force the breakdown of this system by communication, economic and social meltdown between countries, where countries' non-compulsory foreign and domestic policy will forever be seen as a failure for the world. This will give them grounds for establishing the new system, a way to force countries together and act as one without or with minimal individual sovereignty.

It has been the same game and always will be. We will know of the next global war when the UN will be seen as failing to protect the world and obligations. When a plan of the UN or its' rules fails, they will blame it on the problems within the UN and then they will launch the global war.

When you hear of high ranking people begin to talk about the internal problems of the UN and its' failures, you will know that it is the beginning of a new era. If they can't force massive internal reform, they will launch a global campaign to force the worlds citizens and governments to their knees. Then they can force their future global government plans on us.

They did it well after 9/11, they forced western countries governments to give up their citizens civil liberties and scared the people enough to go along with it. The only way to always keep people scared is through terror, and the only way to maintain a constant state of terror is through the constant threat of terrorism. It is just a manipulation of minds, a tough branch of psychology.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 05:41 AM
reply to post by TheCoffinman

As anyone with any sense can see, the current establishment in Israel is a comprehensive disaster waiting to happen. Trying to warn most Israelis of the peril their administration has exposed them to seems to only invite accusations of racism and Anti-Semitism.

Doesn't this remind of something just about 8 years back? The Bush regime convinced Americans after 9/11 and the constant threat of terrorism in the news that our wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and our possible wars in Syria and the seizure of our civil liberties in the name of security was to protect us, we were the victims. This even led to Americans hating the French over opposing the Iraq war.

Just imagine that, then make that every day of every year and the Israelis live in a constant state of fear and denial. They will defend their governments every action just as Americans defended our every action for years after 9/11 and still do it.

It's a massive propaganda campaign that works well, but only if you keep your country in a constant state of self defense and terror.

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