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What Happens When You Die? Evidence Suggests Time Simply Reboots

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posted on Feb, 17 2011 @ 08:29 PM
Would this not require that the total population number remain constant. Also that would pretty much rule out evolution??
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posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 02:11 AM
Something created me, I did not create myself. That which created me, will eventually re-create me at some later stage. And if I develop enough, then perhaps one day I will have the chance to create others.

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 03:15 AM
They don't seem to have any evidence at all suggesting that time reboots. Neither does that theory make any sense.

Having a second life doesn't make any sense either. Think about it. There were fewer people before, therefore new "souls" must have been born. That suggest that all newborns are "new souls". The numbers don't add up.

Btw, love how the religious people here try to fit their fantasies to this theory. Don't be a coward and accept death.

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 04:42 AM
Nobody really knows what happens, but we can make educated guesses.

Look at any bug or animal or life-form in existence on earth. Go back 100's of millions of years to the most primitive lifeforms. Now ask yourself: Are they in an afterlife? That's a lot of life to account for! You can't give yourself an afterlife and not give it to animals or other lifeforms. If humans have an afterlife than there's every chance that animals will too. Otherwise, we're giving ourselves special favors and doing the nazi thing by excluding other life from our domain.

I'm going to throw my guess out there that there's not an afterlife for flies or even dolphins or humans. If one is going to have an afterlife then all should have it. Otherwise, I just can't accept any special favors. So I can only say that death is the end of our consciousness. Luckily, as we die our mind will fade and we will be less and less aware of it. Think of any dream you've had. Do you remember it well? Did you know it was a dream when you dreamed it? Dreams have a habit of being more random than life and we tend to not be aware that they're dreams when we have them. I think that the near death experience will be just like this. It'll be like a dream, but it'll be a dream like none we've ever had before. Who is to say what near death dreams are like? In any case, at some point in the dream there'll be so little consciousness available to us that we'll simply die without knowing it.

Have you ever been knocked out? If you have, I bet death is similar for some. Not everyone remembers their dreams, so I suspect not everyone will remember their near death dreams. And you know when they look at the human brain after death it's completely quiet. So, in all possibility, the near death dream will happen in seconds, but as they say, time is not the same in dreams. Maybe time will slow down to a crawl in the last dream we have in this life. If so, then maybe we could experience a lifetime in a few seconds or maybe not. Even so, a couple seconds is enough, I think, for us to have a dream where we say goodbye and lose consciousness.

They say that dreams prepare us for potential realities. That's their function. That's why we think they're real when we experience them. If we didn't think they were real then they wouldn't be as educational. What potential reality is the near death dream going to be? What lesson are we going to learn? I think it depends on the person and their fears/expectations of death.

I think death is more painful for those who're alive than it's for those who die.

If we want eternal life we'll have to work for it. That means making it real. Otherwise, the soft kiss of death is the best we can hope for. Don't get fooled by religion or spiritualism. Those are the easy answer. That's like getting absorbed in a fantasy world to avoid the hard reality of life on earth. Don't do it. To battle this monster we have to use a real sword and prepare for real consequences.

I view god as I view us in relation to bacteria. If we're not interested in giving bacteria eternal life then I doubt very much that there's a god interested in doing the same for us. That's too far-fetched. We sometimes observe bacteria so I think god could be observing us, though. Instead, we gotta do the grunt work ourselves. I think it's foolish to assign special significance to humans so that god is willing to help us. We can't depend on god to do this for us. Just like we can't depend on god to fix a broken pipe under the house. Gotta be practical about it or you lose your mind.

It rips my heart up to have to say this to people who believe god is on the other side waiting for them. I actually wish there was an afterlife for people so that all of the dead things could be remembered better and not just be forgotten. I hate to ruin a party. I hate to tell a child that the fairy godmother isn't real because it destroys the magic. But if we ever hope to understand death and overcome it, we have to also overcome our fairy tales and fantasies. I don't say these things happily. I say it with a lot of sadness and a strained mind. Death is so cruel to people. But I don't pretend that everyone will like my message. In fact, it gives me relief that some people continue to go on believing in god. And this is because maybe it's better for them to believe that. If they didn't they might not find any joy in life. It's hard to live without god or a fantasy to hold your hand. And I mean this absolutely, I am not lying or being dishonest or insulting whatsoever. It's just the truth.

And here's a story about 'special humans'. What if god doesn't exist yet. God will exist far in the future. Now, someday in the future humanity invents eternal life, but they're unable to travel in time and save the people who came before them. Humans are one of the first lifeforms to achieve eternal life. So anyway humanity clumsily goes on for another billions years. Then they trascend to pure energy. Then god is created from all of the living life in the universe that has attained transcendence into pure energy. Then god goes into the past and sees the ancestors of these special lifeforms that created eternal life and trascendence to pure energy. God feels sad that the ancestors did not receive eternal life so god offers them eternal life but only if they work at it - like be good people. Or the other possibilty is god gives it for free. Maybe god gives all life eternal life. But none of this would have happened if humans hadn't made eternal life possible for themselves and hadn't transcended to pure energy. It was the combined transcendence of all life that led to god and without it, emptiness.

Our textbooks say that our universe is entropic. That things will continually degrade and expand until there's just a lot of empty space. But in my mind they're going against a central fact: evolution. Humanity has evolved from simple lifeforms. Is this entropic? Does this represent disorder? NO! It represents intelligence. As time has passed intelligence has increased, not decreased. We didn't start with a perfect human and then evolve to what we have today. We started with simple life and we ended with what we got today. So my story is just based on the concept that this pattern will continue. Simple life will progress to complex life. So eventually there'll be a god consciousness that's a result of this evolution towards super intelligence. This effort to attain intelligence is the battle against the expansion of hte universe and entropy. It's the yin/yang of our universe.

In effect, one day we'll all be gods memories.

Just speculation and fun. I'm not all bitter about things. I just think facts > fiction.
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posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 05:19 AM
reply to post by Black Ops

You're talking about reincarnation, not time looping or rebooting, surely.

Think about the time element...if you died today (hopefully not), and time simply rebooted...are you saying 'personal time' or general time? If general time, or time that affects everyone and everything, it wouldn't, couldn't work.

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world have died recently, possibly in the last day or two..yet, time has continued on it's linear path. We haven't gone back to the 'big bang' and had to repeat the last 14+ Billions years, just so i could type this post!

Every death would cause time to reset, which hasn't happened of course.

Personal time? This is a little more plausible.

When you experience personal death, your 'personal time' resets(?) I'd imagine this would be similar to adding an extra space-time dimension for each and every person that dies. The current dimension would continue in the perceptual linear fashion that we all know.

The energy/lifeforce/soul/whatever, crossed from it's current dimension, the one it was 'corporeal' in last, into the new dimension to recycle into a new life or body.

Being a new dimension in space *and* time, it's likely that we all wouldn't reincarnate in the same country, or even come back here on Earth (or the alternate version of it). We may be born again anywhere and *anywhen*, possibly the other end of the Universe, or Multiverse even. We might reincarnate billions of years ago (time is an illusion remember), or in the future as we perceive it, or even around the same time and general place of our last incarnation.

Who knows, maybe absolutely *nothing* happens after our bodies energy transference apart from the components of our bodies decaying and converting into other forms of soul, nothing. Just putrefaction and fertilisation of the soil around your rotting corpse...but that's not any where near as comforting to believe that we go on and forwards, living forever in it.

The natural human condition, is self preservation, which is in turn born out of fear..fear of a nihilist reality. A nothingness.

Since we cannot fathom or comprehend 'nothingness', we cannot accept just ceasing to exist, it's not only beyond our 'experience' so we have no personal mental reference, but it's beyond our comprehension too.

Go on, try to imagine or visualise 'nothingness' can't can you. Hand up all of you that visualised a black, empty void? Is that nothingness? No, it isn't. Black is a colour, and empty is a state, and there are no voids either, there is always something, even if it is minute energy or potential energy. If it were nothing you visualised, 'black' wouldn't be there, as it is 'something'...empty, what about empty? It's a state. It's either empty or it isn't. How do you quantify empty in a nothingness context? To recognise something as empty or not empty, there has to be an observer or conciousness to make the determination.

It's little wonder our minds have created religion and ideas of a continuance of existence following physical death...we just cannot imagine *anything* else.

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 05:33 AM
As I said in another thread ( don’t remember now which one it was ) I think maybe we live a virtual reality within a kind of big flight simulator, with a program running and created by ourselves in a higher dimension ( you believe in ghosts ? well they " live " in other dimensions, on other levels of reality, on other timelines if time there still exists … ) . Our soul ( or what you call it ) is living on higher plane of existence and we just have to live experiences into that kind of flight simulator ( life simulator ) to learn lots of things before upgrading to another level of consciousness …
So, we have a kind of super computer capable of creating real looking surroundings, even giving the illusion of MATTER and MASS, and the program we choose is creating other people around us, behaving in interconnection with ourselves, in 4D dimensions with time evolution … something like a game of WOW …..
We have the feelings of matter around us, but in fact it is just all simulation, it is all just energy concentration
( look at it like the repulsion of magnets : you cannot push them together N/N or S/S and doesn't that feel like a "physical" barreer, like if you put it against a wall ??? ).
We have all the people around us, all virtual, all are just holograms created by that super computer ... and the program is encoding our reactions, our behaviour, our love or hate against them.
The lessons we have to learn are dependant of what we became in another game, in another life … reincarnation is just another game we start with another program to learn more and better what we have to.
Do never forget we have our soul/consciousness being and living in a higher dimension, a dimension we cannot reach/remember again once we are/live in the game on this virtual world, the world where our body acts.
Do not forget computers already can create virtual life, so who knows what is possible in other dimensions.
So, our lives are just virtual ones, we are ALL just virtual bodies, myself included, the illusion of matter and mass is created by the computer/life simulator and the program is running with our own programming.
We live in virtual relationships with others around, but we think it is all real.
Kind of Matrix.
When we die, the program stops, we go back to afterlife, to our higher consciousness and see how we did play the game and judge ourselves to see what more we have to learn in another experience with that same life simulator but with surely another “ life/play “ program we can choose, be it in the year 2500 BC. or 1789 AC. or 2056 AC. for exemple.
Computer just creates what has to be for us to be lived thru.
Ever been in a flight simulator cockpit ? looks very very real you know !!

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like every computer and like every program running you can of course have bugs : that can explain the déjà vu experiences or the time swaps or the NDE experiences or whatever remembers us other lifes before the actual one, the people we think we know since ever etc etc
so yes, we can go into the past again by programming a new life-game-experience in the/our past and therefore influence the/our new present that we will play again if necessary, we can go into the futur by programming a new experience and see what kind of consequences our actual behaviour will have in the futur and then go again to the present to change our lifestyle ......
life after life after life ... up there on the level of the "higher" consciousness there must also be a timeline, but not the same as in this world, up there we also have to make a evolution, a transition to other higher consciousness levels, always higher ! but from up there we can re-program our lifes and overview/replay past present and futur of this life on earth.
Difficult to explain, but once you can imagine this it looks very acceptable !! WAW.
Just all about learning to be human, just all about learning about infinite LOVE, just all about learning for the knowing because otherwise eternal life would be very very tiresome !!!
So let's think deeper : if in this life ( in this experience ) you kill somebody, first of all it is only the body you kill of that person, not the soul of that person, then after death you will learn it is bad ( hopefully ) and want to replay the game again and act differently by not killing that person ...... you will learn to be more kind or whatever. That person you killed was just a hologram of another soul sitting next to you in that other dimension/parallel world and programming the game with you .....
Stop. Game over.

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posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 06:12 AM
If we just repeat our life - maybe we are a simple recording, a saved record or memory - it is theorised the universe is holographic - we could be saved data, just following a prewritten path that we are not aware of - maybe that brings new meaning to jesus coming to save us

Why do we think out loud in our heads? What is the purpose, ever feel like it was being recorded and that thoughts were not just for you?

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posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 06:14 AM
reply to post by strato

There are new souls, the old sould that reincarnate amalgamate with the new souls that are born.

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 06:21 AM
this makes sense; but does not take into account actions done in life that have repercussions that are similar to a new fractal in a Mandelbrot set. kinda sad how a person can treat a person that their consciousness views as not part of itself; in light of this perception: on one hand the one that is in perception differed from itself will feel heavenly but the self that treated another perfectly good or bad will perfectly fully experience said treatments. but these prior conjectures does not take into account growth as i mentioned in my first sentence.

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 06:29 AM

Death is a reboot that leads to all potentialities. That's the reality that the experiments mandate. And when I see Mr. O'Donnell's old shop, I know that somewhere the chimney cap is still going round and round, squeak, squeak. But it probably won't rattle for long.

Well if i didn't completely misunderstood the article my thought was that
a)the past is still happening
b)Death is not the end,is a reboot of the soul/energy.But i didn't see anywhere saying that you live the same life again.

BTW when i read your post it reminded me the book "Replay" by Ken Grimwood.
The plot is similar to that theory

posted on Feb, 18 2011 @ 06:40 AM
We can never know what happens when we die and be 100% sure of it being correct.
It is a limitation that can not be changed. We can percieve all the reality we like in this world but we can never know what reality is the truth. We could be a dream within a dream, a world within a world, a life within a life.
It is as if we are in physical terms 1 single eye ball in a world without reflection, we cant understand what we are as we are the perciever.
This is another great theory that some physical science indicates could be a possibility of reality, but we can not know because we for all we know death may be step 5 of 1000 in the grand sheme, but we can't see past step 4. This could all be a matrix and death is just game over, go get a coffee and play a different game.
I am not saying we should stop trying to understand because - this is our very nature. But I believe we must accept that this can not be answered by anybody.

-A scientist can not tell if his science is just a dream because their life experience based of this reality is what leads them to their beliefs.

-A religous person can not tell if their religion is just a dream because their life experience of this reality is what leads them to their beliefs.

We can not have an experiment where there is 1 variable that is being observed by an observer that is also a variable

We can not find reality, maybe it will find us. But even then that could be a dream - if you discovered the true reality and it was different to this one, how would you know which is real.
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posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:38 PM

Originally posted by byteshertz
If we just repeat our life - maybe we are a simple recording, a saved record or memory - it is theorised the universe is holographic - we could be saved data, just following a prewritten path that we are not aware of - maybe that brings new meaning to jesus coming to save us

Why do we think out loud in our heads? What is the purpose, ever feel like it was being recorded and that thoughts were not just for you?

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Wow, if only we could sin in silence.

posted on Mar, 4 2011 @ 11:47 PM
reply to post by Black Ops

Hey I don't mind there are some things in my life I wouldn't mind living through again. There are some people I wouldn't mind being around again.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:46 AM
If you take a point that repeats itself in the exact same manner, and create a space of emptiness between the two point, the two points will converge. However, all you would need to do, is to make the second point just an infintesimally small degree variant, and time as a function of the generation of possibility between the two points (zero when both points are the same) will exponentially increace - time will cycle and spin in all kinds of directions, however, if the two points are merged within ones mind, they will experience a moment of pure potentiality, that is, no light, no sound, not even the blackness of darkness, nothing, yet they will still be conscious. This is the point that differs between my understanding and the article, because something that is beyond time, that exists independently of matter, is the thing that we are all trying to find, so frustrated are we, that it even seems comforting to assume that such a vantage point does not exist, and, paradoxically, confusing, as without an understanding of consciousness independent of time and space, we have no way to conceptualise or perceptualise a state of being that is separate from time, space, and material existence.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:51 AM
reply to post by spikey

I have been in the state where there isnt even blackness, I was on the verge of falling asleep when my eyes were closed, I woke up a split second after I dozed off, and, my memory maintained itself, I literally jumped in awareness. The best way to explain it, is that feeling of daydreaming, my mind was distracted, I just was, for an instant, immortal. Only upon using my memory, when I looked back, I remember being aware, but I do not remember seeing anything. The point is, is that that state of awareness is the pretext for all other states, it is the canvas for the entire universe.

posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 03:52 AM
reply to post by Black Ops

I always imagined our Souls Reincarnated into another Meat Machine at Death until All the Wisdom a Soul could Learn was reached on this Physical Plane , then we move onto Higher Dimentional existances until we become One with the Creator of ALL Things . Or am I just Mistaken ? .......

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posted on Mar, 5 2011 @ 04:03 AM
As I do not want to hijack this thread with the promotion of one of my old ones let me copy paste a theory that myself and 2 other have gone over some time ago

It will be a bit chaotic because it is taken from my notes which at that time were done on the go

This theory has been devised by myself and my 2 friends (we spend about 6h discussing this so you see it might be hard for me to just write it all down at once)

In order for this theory to be correct we are assuming that the grand-universe (as in every universe that could ever possibly evolve , from every start point [being it the big bang , god made it , it just happened , it evolved from chaos , etc ] with every possible ending of that universe/with every possible laws of physics for said universe) incorporates everything that can happen has happened and will happen. Look at it from a MACRO point of view.

Rails of action/time

Going out from that , if the probability in the multi verse of every action occurring (meaning every decision made ) is 100% that means every universe (with its initial laws of physics for that universe) plays out just as it has been set in the grand scheme of things. The grand universe must maintain some kind of logical energy conversion in order not to go into total chaos , meaning the easiest way of doing that would be to set every universe (with all the possible outcomes of all the possible scenarios) as a separate "path" in the grand scheme , dus creating "rails"(szyny) of [time/actions to be taken].

Deja Vu
If the said theory is correct and we truly are moving on a pre defined rail set by the over-world (grand universe?) , everything is happening in an never ending circle (before we find a way to hop over to another rail) which would explain the famous phenomenon called deja vu . Somehow either our minds are able to read the code a bit faster then it was intended , or we are able to remember our past cycle for that short moment and therefore we know what will happen .

Universal Code

If the Over-Universe creates rails on which it lets all the universes play out (all the roles/actions/ decisions/laws of physics...etc) it has to have some kind of "code/way of programming/way of telling that specific universe how to behave during all the moments of decisions(decisions looked at from the grand perspective [not as in human decisions]). Dus meaning the Over-Universe has to have some kind of "universal instruction code" for every universe. WHAT IS IT ?

Finding Universal Code

If the universe has a universal code (proven to have one if said theory is true) it has to be a universal code for all the different universes with all the different laws of physics, meaning this code will be the same in any universe, meaning this "code" will have (whatever it is) the same properties (for measurement) in every universe only the information inside will be different , but the CARRIER of said information will be the same.
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posted on Mar, 7 2011 @ 11:47 AM
reply to post by Zanti Misfit

Mistaken? No

You're just imagining as you so aptly pointed out at the beginning of your statement.

Apart from having no basis in nor on reality, i could imagine a few things that death might be like, but it's still imagination, nothing more than thinking up a fiction story.

How about...The event of death is a singularity, in which you never actually approach complete death from your conscious perception, and instead fall towards that single point in time at ever increasingly slow speeds.

I've got about as much evidence to support this claim as any other "theory" that gets thrown around.

Most likely scenario, you die, you're dead, that's it. Quit hogging all the resources that your descendants now need and give back after taking so much.

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 01:46 PM
Personally im pretty convinced that ill be concious in one form or another after this life. All my belifes about life and death and the meaning of it all are pretty closely connected. This question has always made me think though.. Is it possible for nothing to exist? Is it possible for one not to be concious?

posted on Mar, 8 2011 @ 07:50 PM
how could anybody possibly know about this phenomenon. It's impossible. personally i don't believe in hypothesis taking you back to a previous life as i don't think there was a previous life. If there was then why are there ghosts?

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