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FBI: Mexican Troops Chased Border Patrol Agents After Border Agents kill kid in Mexican Soil!

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posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 06:02 AM
reply to post by chaosinorder

Your anger isnt productive. Its very bad that the hid died while on your country from the other side. But this hate is not gonna take us anywhere and it'll only cloud our ability to judge.

Thanks for your thoughts,

But I don't know if you have noticed but one second I'm talking about how much we love Americans and the next I'm drilling a pots head in.

There are those who Come to ATS with a good heart and truly care about their country and wish to discuss events and there are those who all ready have their minds made up about Mexico and Mexicans and the kid that is now dead. And some Americans just don't know whats really happening in Mexico. Some interesting know a bit more than they should lol.

You also have kids who are board of playing the old version of star-craft and are aggravated and agitated over waiting for SC2 to come out so they take out their childish antics here my thread.

This is why if you go through this thread you will see me as Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

I meet a person on the level. you wanna talk we can talk. You wanna talk crap I'll talk crap. the Star-craft kids I just ignore.

The blind need that anger, they need to get mad, they need to argue. before they can see the full picture.

Americans are truly some of the greatest in the world. I'd say the majority are. But you got some real poop bag as well.

Those with the will, will See what i'm saying and go from there. The rest will never change.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 06:30 AM
reply to post by Startruth144

Hey Starth,

Thanks for the compliment on the video.

I'm glad your experience with Mexico was a good one, and I hope many more enjoy it.

To get on topic though.. This is indeed a tragic incident. I am very sorry for the kid's family and I understand your anger. However, to call this an act of war is honestly not a logical conclusion. Are you prepared to join in on an invasion on US soil and kill innocent men, women, and children to retaliate for one man's deed? He made a choice as an individual and not a representative of US citizens as a whole. He had a moment, and made a decision. TBH it would be suicide anyways, US citizens might have been alseep, but an invasion would awaken the giant quickly.

Saying something is an act of war is very different than declaring war. Mexico would never declared war on the US But the people living along the boarder in Mexico will one day stop tossing rock at US FED if they are just going to get shot in their own land.

These are ignorant people the US is dealing with, little education, rampant poverty that is only getting worse. Right now they get caught and tossed back. If you start shooting them dead like animals they will act like animals.

the main reason why a US Fed cannot shoot kid dead like that is because the US can't stop an angry ignorant mob from shooting back, under cover with who knows what kind of makeshift weaponry.

It's a very volatile situation and it must be handled by professionals not Idiots which is why they receive training and education on handling situations like getting rocks tossed at them by kids.

Mexico is actually down playing this whole thing as much as it can to avoid any further incitement of the People.

What I say is a legitimate warning and is in no way a threat from me, I'm sure the head of the US border patrol has received many briefings over the implications of this incident. the poor guy probably wants to commit suicide.

But this is ATS, and I'm trying to get Americans to realise that this is a big deal and to pressure your government to not be so careless.

Both of our nation's people need to put our governments under control. This is the problem. The illegals here our a huge problem and our federal government has not done enough. I live in Oklahoma and believe me I have a lot of Mexican friends. Many whom I would call family, they even think this. These issues are causing great tension with us all and making us want to war when in truth it is our government's fault, and thus our's for allowing them to do as they please.

I have never in my life known a people that like Mexicans more than an american, Mexicans don't even give us the same respect some of you Americans do.

But the US government id pulling a few more stings in Mexico than we need right now.

The Cartels, this patsy puppet Mexican prez, and the illegal influx into the US is all being played by entities in the US. The Mexican people are not prepared to handle not only our corruption but the corruption of your own government.

We need you guys to help. the people of both countries need to be a player in this.

The Mexican people have been fighting for years to get better, but the US is going down hill and you guys are not used to dealing with the rampant corruption you are facing. Americans need to wake up before the Mexican people even have a chance in hell.

Anyways, we are all in this together against them. We are friends, and neighbors. Always welcome here legally, or for a visit to have some cold ones! Just not your president anymore!

Not war... bro

Right on Bro!

and trust me if We could tar and feather that idiot Calderon we would.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 07:36 AM
Izarith, the amount on animosity and racism towards Mexico I have seen on this thread is truly sad. I have long wondered if the PTB here in the US were trying to stir up a race war. From what I've read here we are not far from it.

Frankly I AM shocked. I had thought that most ATS members were of a humanitarian type who would view the killing of a kid on this basis with sympathy. WAKE UP CALL!

Every possible epithet has been thrown out under every possible pretense.
Sadly, this is probably a good representation of what people in the US really feel. Most replies are based on illegal immigration into the US and the problems that has caused here. Make no mistake - I am against illegal immigration too. They should all get shipped back to the country of their origin and btw people, there's many more countries than just Mexico that have their citizens here illegally, i.e. - Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Belize, Panama, it's isn't just immigrants from Mexico!

Are they coming to the US because it's so great here? No, they are leaving countries that have little ecomonic opportunity and often very repressive governments.

And why are central american countries in such a state? You know Izarith, it's because of US political interference and policies like GATT and the WTO that have wrecked their economies, displacing small farmers and businessmen while US made products from companies like Monsanto and Coke pour south into Mexico due to stilted trade agreements.

Mexico is a rich nation in terms of natural resources, culture and history. We have nothing in the US to compare to the glory of the Aztec or Mayan civilizations. Your history is measured in thousands of years while in the US we do it hundreds. There is a far greater ethnic mix in Central America than most people realize as well but since most of the illegals here in the US are mestizo they think everyone there is just the same.

Texas was disputed territory but Mexico did have legitimate claim to that land. Moan all you want but that is a fact. I am a son of texas but I cannot rewrite history. The US simply settled it faster and sent in more settlers than Mexico.

I'm not here to bash America, I am proud to be an American but I think some things need to have the record straightened out.
This thread has been the worst example of DENY IGNORANCE that I've seen since I first began reading ATS years ago.
Take the attitudes to some other site where such things are welcome. We should be here to establish facts and hopefully look for solutions where problems exist. It's not the easy road but it's the right one.

Again, as an American I apologize for the unecessary killing of that 15 year old. As a nation we have killed thousands just like him in Iraq, Afghanistan, Vietnam and a dozen other countries but our insensitivity still does NOT MAKE IT RIGHT.
EVERY LIFE COUNTS. Who knows? perhaps that was the kid who would grow up, become a researcher and find the cure for cancer.
Were that your son or your brother your humanity would be pouring out on these pages but it wasn't.
When we can extend it to every person on the planet we just might find a way to all live together in peace and productivity. Until then I suppose the ranting will continue unabated.

I love America and it hurts to see how much the level of racism towards latinos has grown here. It's not the fault of the Mexican people, or for that matter that 15 year old kid.
If there really is a plot by the PTB to desensitize us all and make us hate our fellow man I would say they are succeeding by what I've read.
For those who love humanity you can see we have our work cut out for us and I'm afraid we still have a long way to go.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 07:50 AM
reply to post by capgrup

I have to agree, Mexico could not field an army if they had to to. Their army is in the business of shaking people down for cash, not fighting a protracted war effort. Several companies of Marines could walk all over Mexico and take control in less that two weeks, is properly supplied and supported. Drug Lords? No problem. Smart Bombs cancel them out. No wonder the Spanish abhor Mexicans, and call them a dirty race. I always wondered why this is, now I know why.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 08:22 AM

Originally posted by Izarith
This ladies and gentalmen is an Act OF WAR!!!!!!!!

You Americans are barking up the Wrong God Damn tree! You think Iraq is a nightmare just wait until you get a load of the Mexican!


As an American, I take this personally. Iraq is only a nightmare because we are staying there helping to rebuild and trying to improve the condition of the country. We Americans have a very diverse viewpoint on the war, and most of us do not support it. Many of us did not support it from Day 1.

Lets be honest here, you think you can stand toe to toe with the US army? We dont "bark up trees", we decimate trees. The nightmare will be yours my friend, so chill out a minute and dont get all war-threat-pushy-like on us...

That being said, i am sure there is more to the story than a US agent shooting a kid because he felt like it. There may have been a justified reason, maybe not, but it will be investigated and dealt with. I'd be willing to bet that he had drugs and or weapons on him.

Nevertheless, mexican drug cartels have firefights on OUR SOIL all the time, we dont want war with all of mexico because of it, we just want the fighting to stop and the illegal immigration to stop.

Yes, there is a problem with our policies. We need to readdress immigration AND our drug policies.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 08:24 AM
What people tend to forget, is that border agents get killed and assaulted all the time, yet we hear none of that... Hmmm... Wonder why that is? Some kid gets shot whilst assaulting an officer, and it's a totally different story. Hmmm... Wonder why that is?


posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 08:39 AM
reply to post by Asktheanimals

Thanks Man.

And no apology needed, You nor anyone is at fault for what happened to that kid except the guy who shot him dead.

Simply knowing right from wrong is enough on anyone else's part.

And don't worry, no matter how Bad things get or how far these corrupt amoral slim balls running the show extend their control over the American and Mexican people, remember they can't get us pregnant.

I think there are enough good people in both countries to bull out of this mess.....some day....until then keep a weathered eye on that horizon.

And when tyranny shows it's ugly head stand tall and say "Ello Beastie!".

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 11:27 AM

Originally posted by jam321
You folks can throw jabs and insults at Izarith
and Mexicans all day. But IMO, your just showing your immaturity.

Not all Mexicans are like many of you are describing. In many ways they are no different than you and I.

Just honest average people who want the best out of life.

None of this hatred and name calling helps further this thread.

Maybe the Mexican was wrong, maybe the BP agent was wrong, maybe both were wrong. In the end it is still a tragedy for all involved.

I'm sure the agent doesn't feel proud about shooting the kid.

Maybe instead of all of this hatred going back and forth, we should focus on the story and provide material relevant to the topic. Material that could probaly lead us closer to the truth about what really hapened.

I really thought that is what ATS is all about. However, many of these posts have got me thinking otherwise.

Americans have a right to be mad right now. We've been silent for years as this has been happening and the federal government has done nothing to stop the flow of illegals. Those mexican citizens know full well that crossing the border is illegal but they do it anyway.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 11:32 AM
reply to post by Izarith

Please don't lump me in with my government.


posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 11:56 AM

Originally posted by Signals

OP, if that's an act of war what about Mexican military choppers flying across the borders into Texas??????????

Which Drug Lord do you work for, please tell us.

Go ask the Iraqis if you want a real war with's all we do, we're pretty good at it

That's right! My fellow Americans, we are great at killing innocent people in the name of oil!

This thread has too much hate, because at the end of the day I would be willing to guess that the majority of the population is oppressed and mistreated by their government. The only difference is that some people understand it and some people don't.

Mexico is ran by corrupt officials just as America is, but I'm not gonna get here and call the OP "stupid" for living in Mexico as he has called me "stupid" for living in America. That's just hate and that shows that he has actually bought into some of the stuff his government/media is feeding him. Our governments both work together, and the drug problem is most likely funded by both governments as well. Just please save the insults for the government, don't insult me because I live here. That's ignorant.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 01:13 PM
reply to post by Izarith

Don't you DARE compare Mexicans to Palestinians and invoke "Nazi".

People from your country murder American civilians all the time, on OUR soil. Half of our cities gangs are people from YOUR country. YOUR people have come across the border and nickle and dimed us to death of BILLIONS. YOUR people have shut down Hospitals, Schools, left many social services penniless. YOUR military has crossed our borders hundreds of times, YOUR Federal agents and cops have conspired to kidnap civilian WOMEN and CHILDREN to sell in the sex slave trade. YOUR nation is so corrupt that STATE SANCTIONED drug trades spill into our towns and get people killed and wreck neighborhoods.

ONE boy gets shot by some idiot Border Patrol and you claim this is an 'act of war'?

Get lost dude...

[edit on 11-6-2010 by Prove_It_NOW]

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 01:42 PM
reply to post by Prove_It_NOW

Best post on the whole thread.......
second line.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 02:59 PM
NEWS ALERT: throwing rocks at people can cause permanent injury.

Furthermore, if the officer was injured badly enough, the kid could have grabbed his gun and shot him. So the officer was 100% justified in defending himself NO MATTER WHERE THE ROCKS WERE COMING FROM.

If you are assaulting officers from across the border, then officers may defend themselves across the border.

Why suddenly are Mexicans so concerned about showing respect for the border when it's THEM who are violating that border by the millions ever year?

Sucks the kid died, but you mess with the bull, you get the horns.

[edit on 11-6-2010 by harrytuttle]

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 03:59 PM
reply to post by Alien Mind

Americans have a right to be mad right now. We've been silent for years as this has been happening and the federal government has done nothing to stop the flow of illegals. Those mexican citizens know full well that crossing the border is illegal but they do it anyway.

And many Americans know it is illegal to exceed speed limits, drink and drive, etc but they do it anyway as well. Guess laws were meant to be broken

Yes, Americans have a right to be mad. But they shouldn't be mad at the illegals for wiping their feet off at the welcome mat. They should be mad at themselves and at government.

At themselves, because like you said, "We've been silent for years as this has been happening" This shows that Americans didn't have such an issue with it when the good times were here. This shows Americans didn't start complaining when the first million illegals where here or the second or the third.

The government because of their incompetence to take care of this matter before it ever reached this level. Nothing but broken promises time and time again and then we Americans have rewarded their broken promises with reelections.

This country is 13 TRILLION in debt and many Americans are still stuck on illegal immigration. It is no wonder why Congress never gets anything done.

Imagine if you guys put the same energy that you do into blaming illegals toward Congress. Do you not think they will sense that Americans are serious?

Just about none of these threads about illegal immigration solves the problem. All they do is give people the opportunity to criticize and call Mexicans every name in the book.

Like I said before, if you want the border sealed, do it. If you want the military on the border, do it. But just don't forget that in order to do it, you need the politicians to lead the charge. And that isn't going to happen anytime soon because many people are too busy bashing and blaming the illegals rather than getting their politicians to do something about it.

Thanks for your reply.

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 05:43 PM
reply to post by Prove_It_NOW

Don't you DARE compare Mexicans to Palestinians and invoke "Nazi".

Why not?

OK you tell me, what exactly has to happen to my people in their own land by your Feds in order for me to say it was no different than what the Nazi IDF does to the Palestinians? What?

What does the IDF have to do to the Palestinians before I can, with your permission, can call those slim Nazis? What?

Your US Fed killed a kid man, in cold blood, shot twice. A KID!

The US FED did not settle with one shot to the shoulder to the now rock disarmed child he went for a head shot. while the kid was in his own country.

What has to happen to your own people by your cops, or to tourists by your border patrol before the word Nazi can be used? What.

People from your country murder American civilians all the time, on OUR soil. Half of our cities gangs are people from YOUR country. YOUR people have come across the border and nickle and dimed us to death of BILLIONS. YOUR people have shut down Hospitals, Schools, left many social services penniless. YOUR military has crossed our borders hundreds of times, YOUR Federal agents and cops have conspired to kidnap civilian WOMEN and CHILDREN to sell in the sex slave trade. YOUR nation is so corrupt that STATE SANCTIONED drug trades spill into our towns and get people killed and wreck neighborhoods.

Yeah you keep listening to Rush and Beck in order to get your facts kid.

But what Rush and Beck don't tell you is if some one took down the leaders of the drug trade in your country there would would see 1,000 % more violence then you do in Mexico.

And State Sanctioned drug trade? Have you ever heard a guy called Oliver North? Because there was a huge case in America about it. It actually lead to the creation of crack coc aine that has ravaged your black people and eventually white people in America.

ONE boy gets shot by some idiot Border Patrol and you claim this is an 'act of war'?

That's all it takes man, that's as far as this is going to go. NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN! NEVER AGAIN!

Get lost dude...


Well let me tell you something bud. If you look at all the law enforcement , cop brutality videos that poor into YouTube every day, I'd say your US Feds have declared war to it's own people....on it's own soil.

But just like you guys don't want our cartel wars spilling onto your turf, I as a Mexican don't want your Cop war to spill into my country.

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posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 05:44 PM
To Izarith:
A little background just so you know where I am coming from; I am a Naturalized American Citizen, yes at one point I too was an illegal. But Now I don't consider myself a Mexican-American. Why should I? I am an American with a Mexican ancestry that I am proud of.

I have lived in California since I came here at the age of 5, and yes, I have seen the impact of illegal immigration first hand. Has it affected me personally? No. But I can tell you it has affected a lot of white Americans I grew up with.

That being said, and after reviewing the reports from CNN, MSNBC, CBS, and yes, the little they had on the subject over at FOX NEWS, I also reviewed the videos posted at the Huffington Post and Univision (Spanish Network), I would have to say that although NOT AN ACT OF WAR as you describe it, I see 1st degree or maybe manslaughter charges that can be applied to the USBP agent involved. I don't see the officer being "surrounded" by people throwing rocks, that doesn't mean they weren't as the spanish video can be clearly heard as people saying they were in fact throwing rocks. I'm not saying that is a reason for the agent to respond the way he did, but like I said, maybe manslaughter or 1st degree, I'll leave that up to the proper authorities to ascertain.

It is sad that the boy died, my thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

Now to further adress your post: Yes Mexico has started wars, lets us not be blind to the fact, can you remember the start of the Mexican-American war, circa 1846? Maybe we were a lil pissed off that Texas became independent and was annexed into the U.S.

Like I said, I find the actions of the agent reprehensable, but I do not, in any way shape or form see an act of war being committed.

My two cents.....

Edited for spelling.

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posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 05:59 PM

Originally posted by Izarith

Originally posted by KrispyB
First of all, nothing has been proven. It hasn't even been to court yet. And until then, your kind come over here ILLEGALLY by the fkg. THOUSANDS every fkg. day and kill Americans. You have alot of nerve saying the things you did, is that because you are stupid? It's a shame a boy that age of any race gets killed and he probably didn't deserve it but I wouldn't be surprised if it's true that he was throwing rocks at those U.S. Agents... asking for trouble. Did the report say if he was shot in the back? No, don't think it did. Did it give much detail? No. Sit down and cool ur jets Chico.


watch the video, does it really need to go to Court before I can claim that it was breach of international law and murder?

Because if it does then what your saying is you can't claim the USA is full of illegals until they have all been captured, sent to Court, tried and sentenced with the crime of entering the US illegaly.

And i'm the dumb one.

[edit on 10-6-2010 by Izarith]
Uuuuh, yes it does need to.The video isn't clear as to why he drew his gun. The video is not of the best quality either. I can't even tell who he was shooting at or why. This is why it needs to go to court, where EVERYTHING can be closely examined. This video is vague at best. Oh, by the way. Illegals have already been captured, and documented in court houses across the country, and sent back to Mexico. Been going on for a long time. So yes, I can say the U.S. is full of illegals. Let's not be dumb and throw verbal stones, ok?

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 06:04 PM
reply to post by lonexxwolf

I understand.

And yes White Edit: and Black Americans should be pissed. they have every right to be red hot angry.

But why at the Mexican? Why at the illegal?

It's so easy to stop illegal immigrants from getting a job, hell Mexico with it's poor broke government can stop illegal immigrants from getting work.

No jobs, no illegals.

No but you got the Minute men caching illegals on the street corner, you have cops beating the crap out of Mexicans, some Americans having vomit rise to their mouth when they see a brown person and now kinds getting executed against international law. why?

When all the people of America have to do is force companies to only heir legal people with strict rules and punishments and enforce them.

If they did that they would still get all the cheap labor they want through work programs for Legal seasonal workers that would have no option but to go home once their visa expired.

Americans should be mad, but not at the Mexican....

What you see in America with all the Mexicans is what happens when you play with slavery. Just like with black people, you get slaves eventually they become part of your country and have every right to be there after a while.

[edit on 11-6-2010 by Izarith]

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 06:07 PM
reply to post by undercover reptoid
What? Rocks can't kill? No one has ever been killed with a rock to the head? David didn't slay Golliath with a rock? I would tend to think that a rock would be considered a deadly weapon. I know, I'm just being silly again. Hard objects propelled at high speeds can't hurt anything.

[edit on 11-6-2010 by KrispyB]

[edit on 11-6-2010 by KrispyB]

posted on Jun, 11 2010 @ 06:08 PM
I'm sad for that young man and his family. Mounting concerns and tensions over the border control problems are contributing to some regrettable and chaotic events.

The American/Mexican chaos has been outrageously overlooked for many years. An increasing number of Americans, myself included, are wondering about a particular question... How are we supposed to feel safe from terrorist attacks on our soil when we can't even stop our next door neighbor's continuous illegal stampede into our country?

Our Mexican neighbors seem hesitant if not unwilling to accept it that America is an independent country with the right to secure it's borders and set forth rules for those wishing to come here. Our Southern neighbor doesn't view us as a country wanting to secure it's borders, but as a country that is anti-Mexican. This attitude doesn't help.

I hope this situation improves. A certain amount of chaos and uproar is bound to happen until this decades old problem is finally settled and America's borders become secure.

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