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A car with negative emissions!

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posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 12:15 AM
This is pretty cool, and it is just another step by China to reduce their carbon foot print.

part of article below

"What takes the car to the new levels of environmental friendliness, however, is a body comprised of metal-organic framework materials, or MOFs, that capture water and carbon dioxide from the surrounding air through adsorption, and combine the two through a process of artificial photosynthesis that not only generates electricity, but also creates air conditioning refrigerant and “exhales” oxygen back into the atmosphere. Hence, “negative carbon emissions”."

yay for the environment!

posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 12:29 AM
Artificial Photosynthesis for transportation.....Hella cool!

20 years.......DOH!!!

Thanks, I am left, at least momentarily, inspired and with a renewed faith in the goodness of human ingenuity and our evolution.


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posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 04:41 AM
That is simply torturous window-shopping at its finest.

I hate when they put this kind of human-friendly stuff out into the collective consciousness only to take that hope and rip it away at the last second.

Kinda like sinking into the seat of a '10 Corvette Thoroughbred and driving it around the track a couple times, then getting back into your own P.O.S.

As far as I'm concerned, they can take that car show and...well nvm.


posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 09:53 AM

Originally posted by speculativeoptimist
Artificial Photosynthesis for transportation.....Hella cool!

20 years.......DOH!!!

Seems like I heard about artificial photosynthesis 20 years ago saying we wouldn't have it for 20 years. Now 20 years later it's still 20 years out....what?

So I wouldn't even hold your breath for 20 years...20 years from now they might tell you they'll have it developed in another 20 years after that.

Cool concept but go back to some really old world's fairs where they predicted we'd have flying cars in a few decades

Flying Cars: Your So-Called Sci-Fi Life

According to the car companies at the World’s Fair of 1939, your driveway was destined to become a runway, the highway a skyway, and the only speed limit the speed of sound.

it seems as though the people of 1962 expected the year 2002 to look an awful lot like an episode of "The Jetsons."

Perhaps it didn't seem so far-fetched to think that, given another four decades to work on it, we'd be zipping to the grocery store in a flying car.

So I think we have reason enough to be wary of predictions made about what kind of cars we can expect to buy decades in the future. Oh well, at least they've scaled back the flying car predictions.

But if a negative emissions car like this were available, I'd probably buy it. And from what I've heard about emissions in China both current and projected in the future, they not only want it, but need it.

posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 10:20 AM
I would love to buy a car like that but i would be afraid that the orcian man would want to kill it. lol

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