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Go Back To Sleep!! If You Aren't Doing EXACTLY What You Want To Do...

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 10:06 PM
If you aren't doing exactly what you want to do, then why even bother getting out of bed?

While the official motto for ATS is "Deny Ignorance", the unofficial motto seems to be "WAKE UP!!!!" All too often this "wake up call" is nothing more than another screed ranting about those ever mysterious "TPTB", and the message is clear; "they" control you.

If you "wake up" to the political madness around you and your reaction is to get angry, then there are threads created telling you that your anger is caused by "their" conniving and scheming, and you are angry because "they" want you to be.

If you "wake up" to the global madness that surrounds us all, and your reaction is to look at the stars and shake your head slowly, then there are threads created to tell you that you are reacting exactly the way "they" want you to react.

Those who create these threads present themselves as one of the enlightened few who apparently believe they are enlightened because they are capable of looking down their noses at you and declare you to be merely a pawn in "their" game. Of course, these enlightened few never truly identify which game piece they are in this silly game, but one would imagine they believe they are not pawns.

They will tell you how you are feeding on negative energy if you choose to express yourself regarding the problems in the Middle East, the Gulf oil spill, or the numerous problems facing the world regarding political misconduct, tyrannical governments, and financial meltdowns. They will scream "Wake Up!!!" with their exclamation marks because you had the audacity to wake up to the shenanigans around you and speak out against it.

They will wag their virtual fingers after pointing them at you and ignore that less than 20 years ago most people in the world simply ignored all the shenanigans taking place and instead chose to entertain themselves with useless and mindless games or means of escape, but now that you are awake and coming out of your own mind numbing denial, your anger, or shock, or quiet rage is just more of the problem, according to those enlightened few who in their self professed wisdom declare "they" those mysterious "Powers That Be" are the ones in charge, and these enlightened few offer no answers to the bondage they wish you acknowledge you are subject to, and only want to admonish you for having an opinion, and worse, for being angry or shocked at the clear and present corruption that has spread across the globe like a...

Well, like a cancer, but those enlightened few would instead insist what is spreading across the globe like a cancer is you. These enlightened few will use large bold letters to make urgent and even histrionic pleas, begging you to lead by example, as if you have not all ready been doing so. These enlightened few will demand you stop ridiculing people, all the while smugly certain their ridicule of you is warranted. These enlightened few will demand you stop thinking how superior you are, for after all, they have all ready pointed out to you that all you have been doing is just what "they", those "Powers That Be" want you to do, and these enlightened few will remind you for the umpteenth time that you are doing all of this because of your woeful and dangerous ego.

Then, as if these enlightened few are really just parental in nature, they will begin to speak softly again and tell you that they realize life is hard, and indeed, remind you that no one ever said it was easy, but they just want you to know that their negative assessment of your thought process is really just admonishment for your own good, because these enlightened few are really just concerned for the planet and our place on it, which is presumably to accept our role as pleasant puppets who willingly and peacefully embrace our brilliant masters, those that are "they"; the mysterious "Powers That Be".

These enlightened few will offer up simple platitudes for complex problems and declare that you need to change the way you are thinking so that "they" cannot win, but these enlightened few, just as the enlightened few throughout history have always done, offer up no practical methods of how to change the way you think, this is not the purpose of the enlightened few, their purpose is merely to castigate you for thinking as you see fit. They will tell you to just change the way you think and it is as simple as that, but all they are doing is precisely what you are doing, which is to speak out and voice your opinion in a virtual world filled with opinions, but these enlightened few would have you believe that your opinions are not worthy of being heard and that your address towards negative events is just more negativity, but their address of your address of negative events, which is to declare your address of negative events another negative event, is the kind of negativity all should respect and admire.

The most insidious thing of all about these enlightened few is that they continue to insist that you are truly powerless to change these negative events and can only just do any good by ignoring the negative outcomes and pretending that everything is really just hunky dory. These enlightened few desperately want you to believe that you can not beat those that are "they" by speaking out and informing others as to what is happening, and how you can in your own personal life counter those that are "they" through thoroughly peaceful means of resistance, and instead want you to "Wake Up!!!", and what they mean by that is go back to sleep.

So, my brothers and sisters, if you truly believe that those who are "they" really do have so much power over you that no matter what you do, you do because "they" wanted you to do it, then by all means "Wake Up!!!", and go back to sleep.

If, however, you know in your heart, you know by your own rational mind that your voice most certainly does count, and that by posting in this site and others, your voice is touching thousands of people across the world, then carry on my proud and glorious warriors of truth. Stumble if you must, sleep when you can, but when you awake, carry on, and stay the course.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 10:32 PM
I agree.

I tell people on ATS that i have changed my whole life, by living in the present and looking at everything as positive.

Mostly, i got people yelling at me, telling my that's not how reality works.

If only they would try.

I do what i love to do, nothing else.

I follow my own way, and not what society believes is the right way.

People will try to stop you, with the false belief that they know what is best for you.

Only you, know what is best for you.

When you get a desire to do something, people will say "That's stupid, dangerous, and you will regret it".

Sadly, most take their word, and do not attempt what they thought was exciting at the time.

Of course you must keep the activity positive, and not go smoke some crack or something.

My current list of things i would love to do are:
-Bike across Canada 10 times.
-Write my new book
-Sky dive 250 times.

These are dreams i have, and they excite me at the up most.

Will I do them? Of course. Unless something shows up i love even more and i want to do that first.

Life is easy as long as you don't worry about the next day.

If your future or past oriented, life will be very depressing.
You think TPTB wanted it like that?

If i think back, school made sure i was taking note of the future. Making sure i had my mind always pondering it.

"Grow up and make money, with kids and a wife. Get a house, a car, and keep er going"

Until you reach that faithful day, and realize you wasted a life that was at the utmost precious.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 10:50 PM
damn it, JJ!

you just saved my day!
and rallied my umpteenth wind, ready to sally forth upon my steed named "Valor."

heh heh

i'm ready to catch that ENORMOUS power vacuum that's bound to be a sucking wind as soon as it is discovered that *TPTB* never really were.

just an acronym blowing in the wind.....

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 10:54 PM
reply to post by gandhi

Only you, know what is best for you.

No truer words were ever spoken, my friend. As you have said, life is precious, and if we are not doing what we truly love to do then anger seems to be an appropriate response to that circumstance. The trick is moving beyond anger and into action, and if those actions are doing what you love to do, and that isn't harming another soul, then who the hell cares what what others think about that.

Keep fighting the good fight, my friend, and be happy, even if that means getting a little angry every now and then.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 10:58 PM
reply to post by queenannie38

Queenannie, your power is more than enough, and no mysterious faceless acronymistic powers could ever trump that! It is not other peoples power most people fear, but their own damn power that we tend to fear the most. But, I know damn well you know what fear is, and in its absence there is only Love. Love ya, Queenannie, thanks for posting.

[edit on 9-6-2010 by Jean Paul Zodeaux]

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:00 PM
Jean Paul Zodeaux,

I wont bother quoting you extensively as this is still the first page, but my responses are as such...

You must try to understand the most important things I tried to say in my thread to which you are referring, there is NO right and wrong response.

If you read through it you will see that an entertaining and enlightening discussion has unfolded with many claiming that I am happy to sit in my ignorance as the world falls apart - to stick my head in the sand so-to-speak.

This could not be farther from the truth friend!

I completely agree with being informed and educated as to ALL the events unfolding in our world - both good and bad. We cannot just turn our heads and ignore these events. I obviously didnt make that clear.

The point I was trying to make was that there is no need to DWELL and get bogged down in the negativity of it all. There is no need to adopt the attitude that "everything is going to hell" "the world is doomed" "what have we become" etc, etc.

My point was trying to be that we ARE immensely powerful beings. Powerful beyond any of our understanding. We CREATE our reality. We do this through our thoughts, emotions, etc. If we allow the plethora of recent negative events to overcome us, then I fear for the future reality we will create.

By all means friend, nobody has to listen to a word i type, i am but ONE OPINION in a sea of millions. I do not insist that if you disagree with me we are enemies and you are wrong. You are entitled to your opinion and i welcome it!

I never look down my nose at anyone or claim that only my opinion is worthy and if my thread gave that impression then I am unhappy about that as it was entirely NOT my intention.

Everyone is entitled to have a say, everyone;s opinions are valid and NOBODY IS A CANCER!!!

The cancer I was referring to is the trend that we are starting to dwell on the negative a little too much and it is affecting us. There is beauty in this world and we should all embrace more than we currently are.

Please remember that we are ALL powerful. Each and every one of us.

Our thoughts create.

Dont get me wrong, anger and shock and disgust are all worthy response to what we see happeninng at the moment. Hell, I shed a tear when i saw those first images of the birds and fish dying in the oil spill. It broke my heart. I too was angry.

But i did not want to stay in that headspace because I do not believe it is good for me to do so. So i went outside, sat with my garden, played with my pets and found that happy place again. If an opportunity were to arise for me to directly help those poor dying animals then I would take it in a second!

Finally, you said I offered no advice on how to change our thinking. I thought I did, but I will give it again

Changing your thinking is as easy as thinking of something else!

Go hang out with your family or friends. Have a drink. Throw a party. Listen to your favourite band. read your favourite book. Take your dog for a walk. Take yourself for a walk. Think bout something or someone that makes you happy. Do something nice for a stranger. I could go on and on.

It doesnt take a massive effort to change the world. Just change yourself.

If everyone did that then the world would change so quickly we wouldnt know what to do!

Best of luck to you

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:08 PM
reply to post by gandhi

Beautiful words mate - great post!

It concerns me though - I hope my thread didnt come across as in opposition to perspectives such as yours, because truely, that was NOT the intention.

Hopefully people read this thread and get the 'other side' of the coin from my thread.

One of my mantras in life is to live YOUR OWN life, whatever that may be.

All perspectives are equal in validity!

Thanks for a great post

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:09 PM
Woah... epic post.

It is truly a cop out to just sit back and 'let it be', saying that we have no real power and no real voice to make any changes. You know what they saw about evil; all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. So for those of you who think this world is some theater with an unchangeable script that suites only those in power, then go back to sleep and play your role as an extra, better to live a life in search of the lead role than to lead a life asleep.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:16 PM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

The "enlightened few" (as you put it) have said to not let the outer world dictate how one views themselves and how one responds. Every person is accountable for their actions. Nobody controls you, unless you allow them. However, control is done through a myriad of ways. If someone calls you a name, how do you respond? If someone accuses you of wrong doing, what do you do? If someone takes advantage of another, do you remain silent? If someone offends you, do you take it personally?

In order to not be controlled you must know yourself. You must analyze your every thought and check it against who you know yourself to be. You must realize that because another person chooses to create chaos, you do not have to meet that chaos with the same. You can do something in line with who you are. If you know yourself well, you can overcome anything and there is nothing anyone can take from you.

If you are a violent person...then so be it. But do not stand before mankind and claim you are a peaceful person. If you are selfish...then so be it. Do not stand and claim how charitable you are. Do not hide behind a concept of individual rights. If you have hate in your heart. Then stand up and say it...tell the world how much you hate. Call people names, and tell them you hate them. But do not act as if you are pure and righteous.

Those "enlightened few" I know who they are. They claim they love. They stand before mankind and love. They claim to be fair, and in their heart they weigh fairness as best they know how. They say that we should share, and when they have an opportunity to give they will. They try with all their heart to change this world by doing the right thing, the peaceful thing, without reaction or prompting of external conditions.

I have no problem with opinions from others. I say be who you are. Say who you are. But I reject and despise anyone who claims to be loving, kind, and fair when they would just as easily do the opposite to someone when they felt it appropriate. We see this in every aspect of our society.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:17 PM

I'm not doing exactly what I want to do; Which is snipe those PTB/Bilderberger attendees, because killing is wrong. But I am doing the next best thing...

I'm sleeping soundly, though with one eye open. I'm taking care of my own affairs the best I can, without harming anyone in the process.

And no matter how bad life sucks, I love my life. My purpose is to endure until the end, to face adversity, even death, because I know this isn't all there is.

I am here to witness miracles. I'm nobody special, but I keep a record. I can't predict, or manifest miracles, but if it was up to me, I'd say you are due for a big one.

If I ever noticed one thing in my whole lifetime, it's birds. They follow me, not like a puppy would. They perch nearby when I do yard-work. They fly circles in the area when I walk my dog. I don't look for them, I notice them.

The only thing they ever say to me is a secret, and if I tell you what they say, they will nolonger hang-out with me. Once while eating lunch at work, I was sitting on my tail-gate and an itty-bitty bird came and landed right on my boot. He stayed there as my foot swung/swayed to-and-fro. I thought he came to crap on me, he just came by for crumbs. I eat like a slob.

Sorry to bore you with my gibberish.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:21 PM
Interesting post, OP. Thanks for your cri de coeur.

"Our planet is facing the greatest problems it's ever faced -- Ever. So whatever you do, don't be bored. This is absolutely the most exciting time we could have possibly hoped to be alive. And things are just starting."

-Waking Life

One other thing everyone has to keep in mind...whenever there is radical change (in any field or situation), the way that the situation ends up is usually not the way the people who started the change expected. Round and round and round she goes...where she stops, nobody knows....

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:39 PM
reply to post by srsen

My dear friend srsen;

It took you less than 25 words to look down your nose and insist that "(I) must understand". Your opinions are most welcome in your own threads and certainly in mine, but when those opinions deign to preach and presume that those of whom you don't agree with just don't understand, your presumptions become the operative, and it is understood that arrogance is defined by the presumption of knowledge claimed to have.

I have read through your thread as best I can keep up with it, but regardless of what you have entertained, you are just one more member who seems insistent on ascribing power to faceless mysterious beings acronymistically known as "TBTB", and this abdication of personal power you implicitly preach is worthy of being confronted by a separate thread that does not agree to entertain you, but instead argues that the vast majority of members who post in this site are doing what they can as best they can to confront truth, both positive and negative.

You declare that we are all powerful beings and I agree with this assessment, however where we differ is that you would argue that we are powerful beyond our own understanding of such power, which is truly a contradiction if there ever was one. We are powerful beings precisely because we understand our own power, and beyond that, we understand that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. We understand that our infinite power is best used in ways where we spread this power evenly among us, and when we see a centralization of power happening with out our consent, we understand and can easily predict the outcome of such power grabs.

I think very many members who have read your thread understand that their thoughts are the foundation of their reality, and they don't need to be lectured by you or me as to how they should be laying their own foundations. Their reality is theirs to build, and it is their free will that makes that so. We will not wake up the mindless by screaming and yelling at those who are awake.

I get that you fear for the future, and I get that many do, indeed I do as well. Fear is not a part of our power base, however, and whatever message of love you might have hoped to preach has been lost in your rant against that which you fear, and your fierce defense of that fear as an excuse to look down your nose at others.

You claim to not look down your nose at anyone, but in this thread you only made that claim several paragraphs after first insisting that "(I) must understand", as if I don't all ready understand. You are welcome to look down your nose at me, but I will recognize that action for what it is, regardless of what you may later insist it really was, or what you intended it to be. The funny thing about intentions is that people are continually relying on them when the outcome of their actions did not go as they predicted, and not willing to accept responsibility for the outcome, they instead ask those who witnessed the outcome to recognize the intention instead of the outcome, but if one can not stand by their own intentions, then how, in good conscience, can they expect others to stand by those intentions?

Your own insistence that too many dwell on the negative and not enough on the beauty that surrounds us only betrays your own willingness to dwell on negativity. Surely if you were simply just recognizing the beauty that surrounds you, you would have posted differently than you did, and shared the beauty you recognize rather than castigate others for pointing to the desolation and vandalism of beauty.

As to your advise that changing thinking is as easy as doing it, I respectfully disagree my friend, and would argue that changing ones thinking can be just as difficult as changing a golf swing that is now the source of a slice, or changing the form of a basketball shot that continually misses the hoop. We develop our patterns and habits and when we do, by the time we recognize the negative effect this has, we have much work to do to overcome this bad habit, and habits are formed by continual use. It is not as simple as just changing ones mind, and if we are to change our thinking, we must practice at it every bit as hard as we would any other action where the target and goal is to succeed.

It is my profound experience in this site, that it is filled with members who have made tremendous efforts to change themselves and become more proactive in the world events that affect us all. The purpose of my thread was to sing their praises, while countering any message that their efforts were not good enough. Their efforts are as good as they are at each moment, and I have seen several make such efforts and improve each and ever day in the way they communicate and the way they think. I have seen an army of truth seekers put their best effort forward, and while we all, from time to time, stumble, those efforts are worthy of praise.

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:42 PM

Originally posted by serbsta
Woah... epic post.

It is truly a cop out to just sit back and 'let it be', saying that we have no real power and no real voice to make any changes. You know what they saw about evil; all that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing. So for those of you who think this world is some theater with an unchangeable script that suites only those in power, then go back to sleep and play your role as an extra, better to live a life in search of the lead role than to lead a life asleep.

I know I feel like an extra in a movie. The government says go get a college education. Then you graduate and companies are only looking for youth. Because they want young and dumb so they can get paid less.

I personally tried to do something against this evil, but my charisma is not that good and I am too intimidating. People love that clean cut person, but then that clean cut person just screwed them over.

I still feel this world is that you do good then you get punished for it. You do bad and you get rewarded.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:54 PM
While I agree with everything you have said, I think the main point of the other thread was to just keep a healthy mindset. Far too often many (not all) sit here on ATS and just argue about whos right or wrong, or how bad the situation is. While I feel we should be able to talk about tragedies with like minded people, I think alot don't take that information back into the real world. It's great to uncover the corruption and discuss the tragedies with the intellectuals here at ATS, but I feel that having this knowledge gives us a duty to awaken others.

Some of the topics here may drain some people mentally and make it necessary to take a break once in a while, however we are on a mission to make the future better for humanity so that there will be no negativity in the first place. If helping a few takes a toll on mentality then so be it, however moderation in this is key. In my opinion, I don't see it as negative, I see it as a positive force trying to rid the world of negativity. If that is negative, than so was Jesus, Mohammed, Moses, etc.

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:55 PM
reply to post by dragnet53

Wait for it...wait for it. This chaos is change in progress. If you see it coming you will be all for the better. You obviously have experience with the faults in our system. Start dreaming up a more fair system. This one is coming down quickly.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:57 PM
reply to post by dragnet53

No good deed goes unpunished? It is a message continually put out. How many have seen the movie Pay it Forward? What is the message of that film if not no good deed goes unpunished, and that the best we can do is hold candlelight vigils for feel good moments before going back to sleep?

You are not a bit player in your life my friend, you are the star, and if that means a tale of an iconoclastic hero then so be it! Count your successes, for I assure they are many even if you can't see it now, they are many. Do not worry about how you fit into other peoples movies, my friend, and just worry about how you are the star of your own.

On a higher level of awareness there is not good or bad, just what is. On this plane of existence there is plenty of good and bad, but the bad is merely a construct to remind us what we really are, and that is good. You cannot be punished for doing good, and even punishing the bad is really just a useless waste of energy. All that matters is what you define as good, and that you do so in a rational and logical way. Logic dictates that the greatest good to the greatest amount is the greater good. Do what you can, my friend to accomplish this greater good, and the satisfaction you will know for doing this can never be overwhelmed by any attempts to punish you for it.

Keep fighting the good fight, and do what it is you must do.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:57 PM
So JPZ tell us how you really feel...

Indeed it is foolish to ignore what is going on and call it being positive. There is merit to balancing the negative with positive but the don't worry be happy crowed rarely accomplish anything noteworthy.

How about we positively go forth and abolish the corrupt bastages who are responsible for so much misery and oppression on humanity?

Good post

posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 12:00 AM
reply to post by ExPostFacto

In order to not be controlled you must know yourself.

Know thy enemy, know thyself! You have offered great words of wisdom with your post, my friend, and they are more than greatly appreciated.

posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 01:37 AM
reply to post by Jean Paul Zodeaux

I think the view I was trying to put forward lies somewhere in between my thread and yours

The things I have taken out of this thread are nothing to be scoffed at and i GENUINELY thank you for creating this thread and challenging my perspective as I typed it.

I feel that I was given a great chance to express myself and while I evidently didn't do a perfect job, I am happy that many others did seem to take away from the thread the message I intended.

I will endeavor to work on becoming more humble, gentler in my words so as to not come across as arrogant (because I REALLY honestly do not mean to) and consider others choices more. I am more than aware that these areas are areas i have worked on and must continue to work on to improve. You have, by way of the greatest learning tool available (at least in my life anyway), shown me a mirror, an opportunity at reflection and I will take it happily.

So thanks.

I do not wish to argue with you anymore because I do not entirely disagree with your point-of-view. If we were able to sit down and discuss this over a beer I bet that we would find a great 'common ground' where both of us feel validated and hopefully find growth in the process.

I will continue to see the positive in the negative, so to speak, and will continue to stay informed while doing so, but i will also continue to make the choice not to let it 'become' me and dictate how i feel, think, etc.

I wish you luck with your path and really hope that you see my words the way they were intended

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posted on Jun, 10 2010 @ 01:55 AM
you are all reacting exactly how 'they' want you too,

oh no i may have just posted exactly what they want me too,

now im gonna go eat, drink, smoke, and f@ck exactly what they want me too,

if we all stuck bananas up our butts would it also be because they want us too? cause i realy dont want to.

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