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North Korean attack was an Accident???

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 09:38 PM
I haven't seen anyone post this particular theory yet, even though it seems to be the "most likely scenario".

Was the North Korean attack an accident? According to Robert “Bobby” Egan at least.

Here is the article where Philip Shenon discusses this topic.

Some interesting parts of the article I will pull out so you can get the gist of what is being said.

American diplomats and F.B.I. agents acknowledge that Robert “Bobby” Egan, owner of Cubby’s BBQ Restaurant in Hackensack, New Jersey, has managed over the last decade to turn himself into an important—if crazily unlikely—go-between for the United States in its ever-treacherous dealings with Pyongyang.

A 52-year-old New Jersey native who proudly acknowledges he grew up among mobsters and who speaks with the “dems-and-does” of a Tony Soprano, Egan tells The Daily Beast he has been in contact with North Korean officials dozens of times in recent weeks, and that he has been assured that the torpedo attack on a South Korean warship that killed 46 sailors was a mistake.

“I was told this absolutely wasn’t authorized by Pyongyang,” Egan said of the March 26 attack on the warship.“It was something that happened on the local military level, and it was a mistake. When your hand is on the trigger for 60 years, every once in a while you’re going to have a misfire.”

Emphasis added by myself.

I personally think that although this "unlikely source" is coming out of nowhere, the man has a very interesting point.

This is indeed one of our most likely scenarios.

No massive war has happened yet either. And NK knows it would get toasted in that war.

So it makes perfect sense that this was totally an accident and that the MEDIA has been hyping it for weeks beating the war drums ($$$). Maybe it was a mistake.

NK should fess up and pay restitution to the families of the victims IMHO though. This would be the best course of diplomatic action.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 09:44 PM
Also in the article talking about the source of this information.

Egan’s recent contacts, he said, include diplomats in the North Korean mission to the United Nations, a small suite of offices in midtown Manhattan that is that country’s sole diplomatic post in the United States, as well as several Koreans living in the New York area with high-level connections in Pyongyang.

Remember that diplomats and the FBI aknowledge this guy has legit links.

They say he is on his own volition or something though. Like a "do it yourself diplomat", if you will.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 09:47 PM
You have to understand the psychology in NK. It is impossible for Kim Jong-Il to admit to any kind of mistake, for himself or his regime. His ego demands that he be worshipped as an infallible genius--I am not exaggerating. That is the personality cult that pervades every fabric of NK society. So even if it was a mistake, he could never admit it, or apologize for anything, because that would show his fallability, and destroy the make-believe world that his whole perfect society rests upon. To get some idea of what I am talking about watch Shane Smiths video: Vice Guide to North Korea. It will blow your mind. Kimmy, who is affectionately known as "dear leader" is seriously nuts, but if you dont play his game, you are dead meat.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 10:08 PM
so if this was a fat finger slip on the trigger
then why haven't we seen a NK sub commander
strung up from a noose yet????

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 10:23 PM
hi Muzzleflash
I don't think your'e tripping on my thread, but there are South Korean newspaper accounts of every scenareo except a north Korean torpedo and an editorial dealing with the police enforced opinion that it was a North Korean torpedo

Here is what a S Korean paper had to say:
"Locating the missing crew members is the first priority, but another significant task is finding out why this incident happened. So far, from a circumstantial point of view, it does not appear that it occurred due to a North Korean attack. This is a fortune amidst a great deal of misfortunate.

"If it occurred internally, the cause could be poor maintenance or a sudden accident, but if the explosion was external, unexploded ordinance, mines or undersea rocks could have been at play. Faults in the PCC itself could have added to these causes, leading to a massive explosion. Many citizens are doubtful as to the military¡¯s explanation that 50 percent of the 88 meter-long boat sunk in just 20 minutes. The government and military authorities have a responsibility to uncover the cause in a swift but thorough fashion."

International news:
"Navy officials said the explosion, of unknown origin, came after the 1,500-ton ship fired at another ship from the area of North Korea."

photos of the torpedo

[Editorial] Punishment of Cheonan opinions contrary to government must stop

"Immediately after the announcement last week of the Cheonan investigation findings, the Lee Myung-bak administration held an emergency meeting and announced that it would be cracking down on any and all acts of spreading falsehoods about the cause of the sinking.

Yesterday, the Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) announced that it was carrying out a focused investigation of Internet users spreading false information through Internet bulletin boards and blogs. KNPA stated that the targets for investigation would be malicious conspiracy theories, but if events unfold according to police investigation methods, all critical and analytical posts about the cause of the Cheonan¡¯s sinking or the government¡¯s response could become targets for the crackdown. It is abundantly clear that legitimate questions and differing opinions are being curtailed.

Gagging the South Korean public has already been taking place openly. The Ministry of National Defense and the military have pressed defamation charges against former Cheong Wa Dae (the presidential office in South Korea or Blue House) National Security Strategy Secretary Park Sun-won. Park said, ¡°The wake and communications records from the Cheonan that the South Korean government did not disclose are probably in the hands of the U.S.,¡± and joint civilian-military fact-finding team member Shin Sang-chul claimed that the Cheonan ran aground. "

AP Enterprise: Sub attack was near US-SKorea drill

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