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Iranians Adding Fuel to the Fire?

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posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 09:07 PM
With the global tensions running at a fever pitch, the Leaders of Iran are bringing back a Golden Oldie.... Remember the Ayatollah Khomeini?
I think we are all used to the "fanatics" denouncing the US, but these are Iran's LEADERS spewing these words......

Enjoy the Read.........

Iranian Leader: 'The Source of Human Torment and Suffering is Liberal Democracy'; Iranian President: 'The Root of All Terrorist Activity is the Violence of the Superpowers'

Recently, several high-ranking Iranian leaders, among them Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei and President Muhammad Khatami, expressed views on the achievements of Iran's Islamic Revolution and the legacy of Ayatollah Ruholla Khomeini, and on the relationship between Islam and Western culture and values. Both men attacked the U.S. for its handling of affairs in Iraq. Along with stressing the need to instill Ayatollah Khomeini's legacy among the younger Iranians who never knew him, Iranian Leader Ali Khameneistated that not only is Khomeini's political thought appropriate for all of humanity's needs, but that the source of human suffering is "liberal democracy." Khamenei attacked the U.S. and stated that the reason for the "disgrace" (that is, the abuse of prisoners at Abu Ghureib prison) was that "liberal democracy is devoid of morality." In contrast, Iranian President Muhammad Khatamiexpressed his support for borrowing from Western values and blending them into Islamic culture. At the same time, however, Khatami stated that the root of all terrorism is superpower violence.

for the rest of the story......
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posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 10:01 PM
You know........This is why a war on Terrorism will never be won. And in fact, be counter-productive ensuring the future attacks will be more devastating then 9/11 was…….

This is not going out finding the ‘bad guy’ and stringing him up. End of problem? NO WAY.

Such behaviors just fan the flames of hatred and deepen their righteousness of purpose. You turn already zealots into super zealots. How can you stop one who is willing to kill himself from killing thousands? Anyone of this mind set is unstoppable. Or there are so many of them so willing to die you can not stop all of them.

This is a war of cultures. The same can be said about the Palestinian-Israeli problem. It’s a clash of cultures and religion. Since 1948 Israelis have been using the ‘eye for and eye’ approach; it says, “If you hurt me I’ll show you how it feels, so I’ll do it back to you”.
One figures, that one might hesitate if he knows there will be a price to pay; Works for some, but not so for those who don’t care if they die. What sanctions can you use to control a mindset like that? Kill them all? That’s about the only way you’ll solve the problem………..Kill them all.

Is this what we want?????????????? I think not

Israel has been using this policy as a solution for over 50 years now. Is it fair to say, this is a failed policy? Bankrupt! SO, then why are we undertaking the same insanity? Are we stupid? Or just plain bloodthirsty!

The article you posted talks of cultural differences; religious differences, an entirely different way in relating to the world then we are familiar. There is no right or wrong; or one culture better then the other…………the both are just different.

Have we any idea of why these folks are so angry that they are willing to kill themselves in killing us? That sound just as about hostile as you can get. Right!

Why? Do you know? DO you buy the Bush reason! They’re jealous of our way of life. Or because we are a democracy and have freedoms and they don’t. Does that make any sense?

They are poor and oppressed and desire there freedom so the come 6,000 miles to kill us? FOR WHAT REASON? And how does that help them with the poverty and oppression issue! Would it make more sense that those energies be focused in…say a revolt in their country?

ME thinks the reason we’re being asked to buy into has been dreamed up by a moron or given to us by a liar. Now, I care not the motives for feeding us this line………it matters not………. Either way, it is an phony excuse for a failed policy. It has to be changed.

IT MUST BE CHANGED because this one will be responsible for the deaths of thousand of our fellow citizens, friends, wives, husbands, sons and daughters right here in River City, USA.


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