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BP Nalco Possible June False Flag for Chicago!

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 06:59 PM
I've been telling friends lately to be cautious of a June 13-24 false flag attack. Reason being is the planets straight alignment on June 13th and the Operation Blackjack up until the 24th.

I was listening to a local AM radio station today warning residents of a drill in local communities just to the south of Chicago and including Chicago. They said the drill would be from June 13th thru June 17th.


* Sunday: a simulated plane crash in Oak Lawn
* Monday: setting up command centers at Toyota Park (National Guard) and Soldier Field (OEM)
* Tuesday: meth lab raid in Bensenville
* Wednesday: terrorist attacks in Bensenville, bio attack at Rush University Medical Center, CTA train car evacuation at 15th & Clark
* Thursday: another terror attack drill in Bensenville, chemical plant explosion at the Nalco Co. plant

We all know they do drills for attacks at the same time as the actual false attack.

The Thursday agenda includes Nalco which is the Corexit dispersant producer for the BP disaster.

Could it be that they plan a home grown terror attack? Blame it on someone angry with the BP oil problem? A Teabagger?! Truether? 10nther? A Birther?

Agenda List

Tribune Source

The news of this drill was released today. Surely there would be long preparations for such a thing. Why did they announce it just a few days before the drill?

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