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Millions forced to wait for food stamps benefits

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posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:07 AM

Originally posted by searching4truth
I agree the story is highly exaggerated. I have never seen someone who truly needed the benefits not walk right out of aid office without them. happened to me!!!! My Mom became very ill in March of this year. Ill enough that she needed 24 hour care. I was working but went on FMLA so I could care for her. Eventually had to resign from the job because Mom has become worse over the months.

While still on FMLA, I applied for temp food stamps because I had no money coming in. Just Mom's SS which was not enough to pay rent, utlilities, AND food.

I explained the situation at the office after spending several days there and was told I should qualify for April - which was when I would REALLY need it. Needless to say, after being reviewed by someone (somewhere else) who never spoke directly with me, my request was denied!!!!!

I figured after a lifetime of my Mom & Dad paying taxes - plus myself - surely we could get a month's worth of food stamps for a critical situation. They had never asked for assistance and I had not.....But NO!!

I am sick & tired of people, who do not have legit reasons for receiving such benefits continue to receive them and someone - who has NEVER asked for a thing - cannot qualify for help....even temporary help!!

Sorry......but real Americans who ask for temp help ARE refused!! And, people wonder why I hate this country more & more daily...

posted on Jul, 26 2010 @ 04:33 AM
Here in our CA county, unemployment is second-highest to Detroit. We had to ask for food assistance. We have a state law that says that anyone who has no money for food at all has to, by law, get an interview waiting 3 days. I saw families with babies waiting 2 weeks to even be interviewed. Last year. I had to wait a month, but I did not care as I only eat once a day anyway.
How do we all survive waiting so long?
Churches and Salvation Army give out lots of bread and sometimes noodles, rice, canned goods. This is what we eat. Lots of churches give out food, I am signed up with 3 of them. No meat, but we rarely eat it, no milk, no cheese, no veggies. You get used to it.
For a family of 2, the allotment here is 150 a month. We consider it a fortune, as we both eat one meal a day.
It is still embarrassing to go to the store and see folks I have known for 15 years. I have to keep smiling and hand them my food card when they know I just graduated from college, while they have no degree but have a union job. I know what they are thinking:
"She is a nice lady and has a new college degree, why has she not been hired at a decent job ?"
Millions are now asking the same question.
We still have to eat.

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