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Dreams about the Ocean

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 11:39 AM
The ocean has been dominating my dreams lately. I usually don't have dreams about the ocean but when I do it's usually a dream that has meaning to me.

In the past I have had dreams about a future tsunami event, which may be related to these dreams I have had lately. Heres a link to a thread I wrote in 2008 about a dream I had about sea level rising, The most haunting observation I made during this dream was the price of gas, $6.75 a gallon unleaded and people starving in their own homes because of taxes and cost of living being so high.

Another dream I had, this is the one where a mega tsunami hits the east coast and levels cities. I am visiting a relative with my family in a loft apartment on the east coast somewhere. We are out on the patio when there is this air show, vintage cherry red old fassioned WWII era planes made a spectacular air show, they were flying in a helix that represented DNA or some sort of change that is happening with our DNA. We gather back inside and a boy is outside he shows up at the sliding glass door after getting locked out, I open the door and invite him in, behind him I see the ocean and a wave coming in over 1,000 meters high. Thats the end of that dream.

But the dreams I have been having lately are a bit different and I am able to read into them a bit differently.

Ok so a while back I had this dream that I was staying in this shanty house with my girlfriend and wondered what happened and why we were staying in this shanty house. Well a few weeks ago we got stranded at the beach and stayed in this house for a couple of days. The layout and degredation of this house was the same as the one in my dreams. So now I know that all my dreams are not just crazy dreams, they have valuable messages.

Which leaves me with the last five dreams I had all within the last few days.

The first one we are on the beach and high tide is coming in fast. So fast that we are standing directlty in it's path when some pretty massive waves reach the land. Some people have set up their canopies on the beach and waves just cover their belongings, their coolers their canopies and people as well as myself as these massive waves hit us we are now all wet and start gathering our belongings to get out of the water as the water then recedes. Then we are stayiing at this beach house and night falls and the storm is picking back up. The thing about this house though is that it sets in a depression, when it should be on stilts and we are inside the waves are crashing up against the house and the sea level is rising closer to the house and I keep saying "why are we staying here? we need to leave now!" _end of dream.

That was two nights ago, they continue from last night.

I am driving west from Houston but am trying to pass over the interstate and head east. (in texas all interstates usually have frontage roads), with u turn lanes at the crossovers. I turn into the u turn lane and notice this huge crocodile and the end of it's tail was missing, but it was in the lane and I didn't want to run it over, I also didn't want to get out of the car because there was a huge crocodile. So I end up trying to turn my car around but then I found myself temporarily stuck.

Next I am high in the rocky mountains in my car and I have all my camping gear, I only plan on camping for one night but there is this huge climb and not much day left to get to a place that is more favourable for camping. I stumbled through some other peoples camps and even through someones house, they were inside and just looked at me odd because I was this total stranger walking around in their house, I left my bag inside upon leaving I remembered and returned to the house and the guy that lived there had greeted me outside with my bag, " you forgot this? what were you doing in our house anyways." I am lost" I said, he asked me if there were any liquor stores nearbye, "thats doubtful I replied, but I wouldn't know I haven't been here in three years. During night fall I abandon my plans of camping and return for my car and leave the mountains. Later for some reason I find myself away from the mountain returning south but now on foot.

The next dream I had I was back at the ocean on some sort of fishing area or port and the water is clear, it is evening and the fish and dolphins are feeding, I am perched up on a pier, more like a fence attached to a dock and see on the other side of the fence are deeper waters with dolphins and the side I am facing is shallower with smaller but really large fish jumping up and down feeding, hence there is a fence there and sand that goes right up to the fence making the water shallower. I decide to head back to shore though, because all of these critters around is making me nervous but I leave behind my shoes and my partners shoes so after returning to shore I have too go back one more time to collect all of the choose and rinse the sand from them to sit them out to dry. -end

What a cool dream I thought. But then I was still thinking about the symbolism in all of my dreams and this morning I looked them up in my dream interpretation book.

The crocodile, obviously a warning, not sure about the missing end of it's tail though.
The dolphin, "To dream of a dolpin indicates your lliability to come under a new government. It's not a very good dream." 10,000 Dreams Interpreted.

I looked up a lot of things but most of the meanings were similar to the ones above.

These are just a few of my dreams, but as I said lately they have been dominated by the ocean. Just thought I would share and see if anyone has any thoughts or similar experiences.

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