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What Every Should Know About Iran!

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 03:56 PM
With so much going on today about Iran and the nuclear issue, I like to post this video that I found very interesting. I'm not an expert on subject matter, but being Persian and lived there for the first 10 years of my life and hearing all these from my family as I grew up has opened my eyes to what REALLY is driving all these political crisis in the world... it's all done BEHIND the scene by TWO major players. You guessed it... United States and Brittan while using Israel as a "tool" to deliver their agenda. Today the same remains with a new face lift... but same evil soul is driving all these crisis! This is just ONE country... imagine what else is going around the world that WE have NO idea about. I'm NOT supporting any side as both governments have their own personal agenda that is conflicting to it's people. If I label myself as anything... I am a humanitarian.

Also this CIA video linked at the end of the video above is very interesting (even though it's already posted), you hear it directly from someone that worked behind the scenes.

I like to share my own persona stories, read if you wish...

A coin always has two sides and I share with you the other side of the coin... a little rusty ... but I'll try. I was born and raised in Iran till I was 10 years old, in fact I was born during the revolution. I don't recall much of it, but were there during the transition.

I was there during the gulf war, in fact where I lived (capital city of Iran, see some vids below) I recall Iraqi planes flying over head and bombing our city. The normal process was, when the planes cross the border they would shut off all electricity and they used masques to play a loud sirens, which is all you could hear in dead of the night. Me and my parents would run to the doorway (safest spot, because of the frame, in case the roof collapses) and hold each other's hands and hope these planes don't drop a bomb on us...

For me as a child, this wasn't so scary but I can now understand how brave my parents were to keep a brave face when all our lives would just constantly flash before our eyes... this was a weekly re occurrence for years. Imagine, sitting at home or playing with your kids, families get together.. then suddenly lights go out and everyone is filled with fear of unknowing... is it my time yet?! Just to explain what one of these bombs can do.. is just unbelievable, unless you been to war or witnessed it personally.

Once they drop... you hear this whistle sound as it buzzes down through land (takes about 20-30 sec), then one it hits it creates a hole as big as 4 stories deep and 2-4 blocks wide... all flattened, the next 10 blocks all windows/walls/ceiling crack and shatter (that's how most got injured/killed). The worst was a wedding happening few blocks away form one these... and the husband and wife to be were split into pieces as the bomb shattered metals through them... so sad.. people cried for days... a celebration of life... just turned out to be the opposite...

Anyhow, one time a bomb landed on our roof (Iran most houses have flat roofs, we don't get as much rain), we didn't know at the time.. all we heard was this whistling sound and loud bang and crack in our ceiling... we go up on the roof and there is dead missile just siting there... it was about 4-5 feet long and 1.5 feet wide. I can never forget that image... the bomb had a flag of guess who.... US and Iraq, some Iraqi writing and at the bottom of said... MADE IN USA! Ha... anyways this is just one event that shook me up so bad that the reality of death sat on my mind, no child should feel that, I accepted it as I was always the believer of what's meant to be is meant to be..

During the revolution my parents lost their job, pretty much government said.. do what we want you to... or get out... well they both retied since they had no choice. That's when my parents decided it's time to leave... we left overnight leaving EVERYTHING.. and ALL our family members behind... no one could know we were to flee as if the government found out, my dad had to pay for it with his life... The adventure here was amazing for me, too much to type here, but that's where I learned about the world... age 10 I was sent on my own, to survive in a foreign country, with a foreign language, culture and people. My parents couldn't come with me, because of the legal reasons, so I had to be on my own for two years, lived with these kids of my parents' friend (bunch of junkies, even their parents didn't know, send them money for school... had no idea money was being wasted on booze/drugs). Anyhow after a VERY hard adjustment I made it ... and I now consider Canada my home!

I was treated very poorly by the natives in Canada, not sure why but they were very racists towards outside people, not just me but any FOB (fresh off the boat, they called us), I corrected them.. took a lot of fights... anyhow as I grew up I started seeing my family back home suffer more and more as days go by... by our beloved religious government. My cousins are very smart (A+) in school, education is very important back home... but even with A+ you can't get a damn job, unless you know people or are supportive of the government, they then feed you, give you home, money, etc... So Iran basically split in two (70% hidden liberal and %30 religious fanatics).

Unfortunately the %30 run the country as they own the power... I do miss my original home and how it was... there are LOT of beautiful hearted people in Iran, in fact majority are... but aren't being heard, Iran has one of the most humbling people you will ever come across in the entire world... they give a hand to stranger, they are welcoming, they open their home to you as one of your own, give you the little they have (and yes there are the some abusers just like anywhere else in the world). Iran has one of the oldest cultures in the world... it has roots, and the people just know it, deep in their hearts (must be part of DNA).

Persia had one of the greatest kings among kings... Cyrus The Great, the most beloved king... he was the FIRST king to ever create the FIRST human right charter, he was the ONLY king at the time that paid gold to those who he concurred, instead of making them slaves to work for him... people were in love with him. He brought fairness to the world and respected and allowed ALL religions... That's when Persia become what it is and was... the death of him, was the end of Persian in my opinion. Even though today, majority of Persians still believe in this man and what he represented. He lived among us all... deep in our route, maybe that's why Persians have such PRIDE (not to mix with Ego).

Cyrus King of Persia 1

Since I'm ranting away here, I'll add few more points and let you be...

- Iran currently is NOT interested in nuclear weapon, they really do need electricity and are trying to push themselves to become more technologically independent. (They already have nukes, guess what happened to hundreds of nukes going missing after cold war... who's one the main supporter of Iran... so no need to create new ones)

- Not ALL Persians are fanatic, in fact majority of the people want to be free of government, and when a sanction is put on Iran, it doesn't do anything to the government, but the people of Iran will suffer... Sanctions as Ron Paul said, is "an act of war"

- US/Brittan governments are always manipulate the scene, have been for hundreds of years and put on a face for the public as if "they're the good ones", I always say, what ever they tell you... think of the exact reverse as being the truth

My Beautiful Persia (IRAN)

Peace and love be with all!

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:09 PM
Iran is beautiful.
However there are 3 sides to every story.

It's a shame the people can't overthrow the current government and go back to a democratic one like it used to have.

Personally if I was in charge. I'd just go with everything the west wanted and reap the benefits of a co operative relationship with the usa.

But I'm sure that the last 50 years of history kinda ruins that idea. too bad.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:15 PM
Finally, some accurate and truthfully information about Iran comes to light.

People are so eager to jump on the anti-Iran bandwagon because of the government, they don't realize that people there are wonderful.

Just like Israel, we disagree with Iran's government, not her people.

I unfortunetly don't think that the world will wake up in time to prevent conflict and another war in the Middle East. History has shown us that conflict will and probably always will occur in the mid east until we learn to live with each other's religions and to live without depending on oil.

It's nice to see somebody not falling into the divide and conquer trap.


posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:28 PM

Originally posted by tothetenthpower
People are so eager to jump on the anti-Iran bandwagon because of the government, they don't realize that people there are wonderful.

I think it's a bit too much black & white to say that "the people are wonderful" and "the government is evil" because i bet there are enough citizens who support that very government and there are more than enough people who hate "the west".

Now. of course there are nice people, there are nice and normal people in every country. I experienced great people in every country i was so far and like i wrote at another topic for example i was in Sri Lanka while there was a civil war going on and it was a beautiful country with lots of great people, i would never say "bad country" because of the war that was going on for decades.
Of course Iran has great people and i bet a lot of them are sick of they way they are forced to live there. Sad thing is: Why don't they do anything against it? Revolution? Something? Instead it looks like they gave up and that is sad.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:32 PM
So why do I share my personal story with bunch of strangers that I'll never know about.... because we are ALL human beings, we all need to respect and appreciate one another... we can't just label someone black, white, Mexican, Persian, religious, atheist... etc.. we are ALL the same! I just told you why we had to come here "illegally", it was about survival and my family risk their own lives for sake of a better future for me... is that so bad? If more people did that, why not try to help them... why not change the system so that it can support EVERYONE without biases.

The sooner we can accept that the sooner we an evolve and overthrow our government. There are so many more of us then them... like the Ant and Grasshopper story.

We ultimately choose our own path, sure the freedom is taken away from us, and it's tougher now... but when we pay gas for our car, we support the oil spill, when this Arizona law being passed, we support a type of racism. Don't get me wrong as I'm guilty as all of you, but I'm open to learning to change myself, no one is perfect and never will be... the key is the "choice" we make... we are the key holder of our future, not just us, but our children's, children's future.

In fact in my opinion, being patriotic is being racist. Here's the honest truth.. We can't where we're born and what we look like, it's all by faith. I just told you why we fled, we had no choice, my story is one of the simplest, there are people in this world suffering beyond imagination in Africa, North Korea and even in our own home town... But deep inside, we all want to love and be loved. What hurts you, probably gonna hurt me.

We need to grow up and see beyond all this propaganda crap they're brainwashing us with... we need to step outside of the box and see the beauty of our existence as a whole.... if I can lend hand.. I will... if you give me hand we both win... so please, I beg of you... start changing, accept one another. It's so easy to fall in this deep black abyss and get lost... I can't do this without YOU! Change starts with me and you and it needs to start, one at a time.

How you say... start by appreciating your life... start seeing all the positives things in life (specially now when it's dark). Don't HATE... don't be AFRAID... promote love/peace, lend hand to people on a daily bases, teach them by example. No one is perfect, remember that... so don't take things so personally, try to look at it from their perspective... everything has a reason. Don't judge and label people so easily, give them a chance... and be HONEST with YOURSELF.

Light and love comes within... not an outside source, STOP looking outside for happiness... focus on inside, discovering who you WANT TO BE, not who you are... Key to happiness lies within. I hope the day comes, where we're at peace with each other and these bastards running our world become powerless, if we can only stop fueling it, we shall be set free.... that is a promise.

"We are all living cells of GOD!" Alex Grey

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:36 PM
reply to post by ShadowAngel85

People that support government and their actions.. are not necessarily all "bad" they're "lost" and are being led to the slaughter house. It is our job to enlighten them... encourage them to question life and their path... encourage them to see the other side... and let it be... some will learn, some will never learn. And that my friend we need to accept. People only change when they "choose" to!

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:36 PM
verry nice thread, a good read. I'm trying to convince people all the time, telling them of the nonsens of the so called "axes of evil"

you should never let anyone tell you what is good, and what is bad. Search your feelings, rationalise and don't ever assume anything. In every society there will be some form of suppression for some minority.

in some country's it will be gay people, in some it will be christians and in other the Jews. He'll even here in the Netherlands Gipsy's have been suppressed by our governement fo decades. And now we cry like baby's calling them all criminals (true, but formed by suppression)

Iran is an example state in the middle east, in my opinion one of the most developed nations in the Arab world (with the exeption of Tukey, but that's not a real arab state as the themself pronounce).

Tnx for the vids, not renewing for me but still verry well founded topic.

S&F mate

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by freighttrain
Unfortunately the %30 run the country as they own the power... I do miss my original home and how it was... there are LOT of beautiful hearted people in Iran, in fact majority are... but aren't being heard, Iran has one of the most humbling people you will ever come across in the entire world... they give a hand to stranger, they are welcoming, they open their home to you as one of your own, give you the little they have (and yes there are the some abusers just like anywhere else in the world). Iran has one of the oldest cultures in the world... it has roots, and the people just know it, deep in their hearts (must be part of DNA).

Persia had one of the greatest kings among kings... Cyrus The Great, the most beloved king...

One of my best and oldest friends is Persian and you've just confirmed everything he's ever told me about Iran. He said even the poorest people would invite you in to eat with them and give you all they have. Even when they don't have much at all, they'd treat you like royalty.

A few years ago he went back there and took a camera with him to film Persepolis and the tomb of Darius for me. I love the sphinxes.

He also named two of his sons Darius and Cyrus.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:55 PM
reply to post by wigit

Very cool, both one of the greatest kings among kings... I'm glad to have known about such presentations of Persians, I get disgusted seeing Fox and CNN (most western MSM) to constantly damaging and trashing the image of TRUE Iran.. they should be more fair, tell the past and the present, let people judge for themselves, we all know that's not gonna happen anytime soon.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:58 PM
GREAT thread!

This really opened my eyes on a lot of things.

The Iranians are just like us, as we see our ruling government trying to take more and more control over our lives.

However, the Iranians had to deal with our gov too!

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:59 PM
I treated a woman at Mercy San Juan ER a couple of years ago. She was one of the sweetest and modest patients that I ever took care of. I guessed her age to be around 45, but when I check the chart, she was 62! After talking to her about her excellent condition, I asked her where she was from. She stated that she is Persian.
Then there is a comedy team that I saw on TV, the one comedian says he is from Persian, " you know, like a pussycat, meow." He is funnier than than *snip*!
All in all, the nice people of the world get along with the other nice people of the world. It's the evil people, that screw things up.
Peace out.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 05:20 PM
I ran out of text, so I'll add few more points here that I didn't mention above...

Art & Poetry

Art and poetry has been the heart of Persian, mostly suppresed by current government but still alive in every households; Infact language has evolved but still has it's roots, for example, many every day words are poetic words, it seem normal to me, but from an outsider translating it, you then realize so many things are said on a daily bases have a poetic root to them, as they are philosophical.

Iranians highly value their poets who kept their culture and language alive even during numerous invasions. Persian poetry is as ancient as Avesta (the holy book of Zoroastrians) where first form of poetry is documented.

Some of the greatest philosophers are born and raised in Persia, Hafez being one of those poets/philosophers... one that hist poetry is regarded as spritual transition through words that inspire life just by reading it... my Farsi is not so great anymore, so the translated book I have is not close as being in it's original context, but when my mom reads pages of it for me, I can feel the love and passion in every word, even though most words are beyond my understanding. With the old people philosophy is just a way of communicating with one another, everything has a deep meaning.

Maybe that's why Chess was invented by Persians. Don't forget Philosophy, Art and Poetry go hand in hand with wine... one of the most famous red wine is Shiraz (red wine). Shiraz was discovered and marketed based on the grapes form one of the driest cities in Iran as the name says it.. .Shiraz. I never been there, but that's where most of these old philosophers/poets were raised. I believe Hafez tombstone has been created there as a reminder of how important this man was (he was looked upon just like Shakespeare has in western world)

Hāfez (1315–1390) was a Persian lyric poet. His collected works (Divan) are to be found in the homes of most Iranians, who learn his poems by heart and use them as proverbs and sayings to this day. His life and poems have been the subject of much analysis, commentary and interpretation, and have influenced post-Fourteenth Century Persian writing more than anything else has.[1][2] The major themes of his ghazals are love, the celebration of wine and intoxication, and exposing the hypocrisy of those who have set themselves up as guardians, judges and examples of moral rectitude. His presence in the lives of Iranians can be felt through Hafez-reading (fāl-e hāfez, Persian: فال حافظ), frequent use of his poems in Persian traditional music, visual art and Persian calligraphy. His tomb in Shiraz is a masterpiece of Iranian architecture and visited often. Adaptations, imitations and translations of Hafez' poems exist in all major languages.

Persian carpets are well known world wide for their beauty but some neglect to realize the paintings and calligraphy are as beautiful as the carpets, in fact in school we had to take a course on how to write with straw and ink, it is an art. (very similarly to oriental calligraphy, which they consider master piece if done right)

Some of the most outstanding singers were Persians, not so many are known in western world, but the music was art, every word spoken was telling a story of love and compassion.... the music of Persia is not so much about the musical beat or instruments, it is mostly driven by the singer as he/she has a gift for telling stories of love, suffering, compassion with words (maybe that's why most songs have a heart felt soddenness to them)... love has been the inspiration for ALL art in the old Persian. Some still live today and perform, in US/Canada as most had to flee after the revolution. Too many to name, but can youtube most of them.

Someone told me, you can't clip the wings of a bird and put him in the cage, he needs to flap it's wing and fly away... that's how most philosophers and poets are. The ones that could not flee this government has been suppressing them... I'm afraid the art and the foundation of Persian Culture is now at risk! Our entire culture is based on compassion and love... without we're... lost...

Must Watch... to see the Old Persia (Great old school photos)


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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 06:12 PM
As I have u2u'd a few times, I lived in Isfahan for three years...1977- 1979. These years were for the most part my formidable years. As I have aged, my memory has subsided as well, not to mention, as a child, I didn't really know that I should have taken more notice in everything I was experiencing. With those two things in mind....I have been lost, felt lost and disassociated on many levels having been back home in the "States." I have on many occasions tried to explain my experiences of having lived in Iran and most Americans would look at me as though I had three heads. It was my dad, who was a flight instructor for Bell Helicopter, my step mother and myself. My dad and stepmother adopted an infant while there as well, her name is Nafice. We were evacuated out of the country by Bell Helicopter, leaving most of our personal belongings behind just as yourself.
I will never forget my first time strolling through the neighborhood we lived in. We did not live in an American community as most did. I had a Fonzie (from Happy Days) shirt on and he had both thumbs up! The neighbors were gasping and pointing! One lady who spoke a little English took me aside and explained that thumbs up was the same as the middle finger.....Oh boy...
For the most part, Iranians were both scared and intrigued by me as I had super blonde hair and blue eyes......but for the most part, they always made me feel welcome in their homes. Very hospitable and always providing food and drink.
Just a little background above to continue as to what I'm getting at, which is the fact that I miss Iran, I wish I could return to Isfahan as that is where I "grew up," so to say. In the past 7 years, I have done several searches regarding the revolution in Isfahan but everything comes up relating to Tehran. i was lucky enough to find my neighbor who lived down the street from us, an Iranian, now living in California. After doing some more searching, I was also blessed to find a website where I purchased the following videos that made my heart swell: A Taste of Iran, Iran/ America A World Between, 444 Days to Freedom, and Esfahan A City known As "Half The World." I miss Iran..............I want to go the way it was...

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 06:30 PM
reply to post by freighttrain

Very interesting OP, and very descriptive. I can only imagine what you and your family felt when those Iraqi bombs were falling all around you in the middle of the night? It must have been terrifying and hell on earth. The Iran /Iraq War was an ugly mess. The world can be a cruel place.

Furthermore, your post was a breath of fresh air, because you exhibited great restraint and tolerance in telling you story. Moreover, you shared the true terrors of war without anger and disdain for those that turned your life and country upside down. If all Iranians are like you, then all this talk of war and hostilities is nonsense. However, I truly believe there are madmen among your people who have hijacked the culture, spirit, and religion and have corrupted to protect their monopoly on power. There are madmen in any government who have their own aims before that of the people and the well being of the country. That is the world we have now, and the one we have always had. It is just the way the world is, and it will take an army to change it.

Therefore, our minds are clouded with propaganda, Bread and Circuses, baseless ideologies, indoctrination, and a other repressive means that smother critical thinking and the full potential of the mind. Order out of chaos. As for Iran's nuclear program and the intentions for it? I am on the fence, and as far as I am concerned, the jury is still out for me. As it stands now, all we have now is circumstantial evidence and innuendo by US and Israel as they pursue sanctions and potential hostilities down the road. I hope that this pursuit of energy by the Iranian government is legit, but governments have secrets, just as we all do. If they could show a concerted effort to allow weapons inspectors into the country, and give them all the necessary means to prove to the world that this program is strictly for civilian use; then I have no problems with it.

In terms of covert operations and the US, which is highlighted extensively in the video? Iran has been alleged to use the same tactics in the Middle East and beyond. They have their Quds Force meddling in Iraq and Afghanistan, fostering relationships with leaders in Latin America, and a proxy army in Lebanon ready to wage war on Tehran's beckoned call. No one is innocent and everyone is guilty as far as I am concerned. The US and the British have much to answer for when they ousted your democratically elected Prime Minister in 1953, and as a result corrupting your government, culture, and faith to the abomination under the autocratic to rule of the Shah and the draconian rule of the theocracy in power today.

I hope the disagreements and the misunderstandings among nations can be addressed and resolved diplomatically. The world does not need another war that is for sure. If we continue down the path we are heading, it may lead to the complete collapse and decimation of the human race. The world has become a kettle, and it is about to blow. Hopefully, our leaders show restraint, and rely on a sound mind before making the call for war? At present it seems the Middle East is about to explode into chaos.

It is only by sheer luck that the warmongers have been restrained this long. As for King Cyrus, he was a great man, and leaders ought to take notes from the tolerance, fairness, and patience he showed to his own people and the peoples he conquered. He was surely a king of kings. Hopefully, one day you will be able to return to your homeland in environment of fairness, equality, tolerance, and peace. Thanks for sharing your story, and giving an intimate view of your beautiful country and culture.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 06:33 PM

Originally posted by savageheart
One lady who spoke a little English took me aside and explained that thumbs up was the same as the middle finger.....Oh boy...

Indeed, was wondering if you were gonna read this thread.. That's awesome! I did forget to mention that, same gesture that's are complimentary can be very offensive in different country! Glad she told you, otherwise you could be smiling and flipping the bird to all the people that were nice to you ...

Haven't heard about the tape, can you U2U me the link to the site... i'm very interested in seeing it. Yes.. I too wish it goes back to how it was... I felt people were more in touch with life and felt much more fulfilled... I love Canada and what it offers, but I can't help occasionally being in the elevator at work and sense the emptiness with people around me... as if they're just disconnected.. off... emptiness...

I came to conclusion that the more materialistic the culture is... the more people are out of touch with inner self... causing a bit of zombie feel to it... weird.. I went to Cuba few years back and felt what I used to Iran... brought tears in my eyes... these people had NOTHING... but food on the table and roof over their head... and they were the happiest people I've met in decades... It was refreshing to be reminded how life can be, if we can take combination of both.. Here and There...

Let me know if you're heading back to Iran... family and girl friend are pressuring me to go back... need to go sooner or later...

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 06:45 PM
Ive heard alot about life in Iran prior to the 1979 overthrow of the Shah and according to what I have heard it was one of the most progressive and open minded nations in the Middle East. Everyone was allowed to go to school and college, women were allowed to wear bikinis and mini skirts, religious persecution did not exist, although nominally an absolute monarchy they did have democratic elections on the local level. Sadly, all that changed in 1979 ...

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 06:50 PM
reply to post by Jakes51

Your words are wise, thank you for your humbling contribution... I do wish more had our peace at heart! A little light can brighten up the darkest space in the universe... darkness can never take over light... so let your light guide you through the darkness of our world and let it guide others that are lost!

As far as proving to the world they have no nuke agenda... it is the impossible as the world is defined by few people in UN as they're pressured into making a decision via higher power that isn't fair and biased... it is as if you try to convince the skeptic UFO exists... even if one landed right in front of them, they'll come up with ANY reason to dismiss it.

I think the jury is fixed and decision has been made for Iran... no matter what they do! That's politics for you... it's a tool to control the masses and gain power over others... I honestly do believe in the bottom of my heart it's for peace purposes but as long as US and Brittan are funding UN's budget there can never be a "fair" trial.

As far as covert operations are concerned, i'm sure the current government as much as the last previous ones have done their share of manipulation and damage, politics is a dirty game... I don't think any diplomatic approach can solve todays problem as it's is only a label to convince the majority of public to buy into it...

let's look at Bush.. the American people have spoken.. he had the lowest support among the population and as the constitution states... the government is there BY people and FOR people... yet this man and Obama (if that's what you want to call him) still passed laws in hidden secrecy, did whatever they wanted...

In my opinion.. if diplomacy was REAL... then he would have been replaced by someone like Ron Paul... diplomacy in my opinion is just a label to convince the masses, just like the voting system... yet... another lie with a pretty face

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 07:05 PM
reply to post by freighttrain

Oh yes! The smacking during a meal always cracked me up.....I was always told the opposite! And to refuse tea....oh my goodness..not a good idea. I was explaining to wife the traditional way of drinking tea and she was fascinated by the tradition of such.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 07:08 PM

Originally posted by ChrisF231
Ive heard alot about life in Iran prior to the 1979 overthrow of the Shah and according to what I have heard it was one of the most progressive and open minded nations in the Middle East. Everyone was allowed to go to school and college, women were allowed to wear bikinis and mini skirts, religious persecution did not exist, although nominally an absolute monarchy they did have democratic elections on the local level. Sadly, all that changed in 1979 ...

Yes...but at the same time, you did have the traditional "norms" in place with most of the elders.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 08:21 PM
reply to post by freighttrain

YES! AWESOME post. Thank you for sharing this with us freighttrain.

THIS is what all Americans NEED to see (I am talking about the first video). I was studying this in my hist class 2 semesters ago and we were learning about THIS!

So This is not a biased video.(the first vid)

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