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Oil Spill Appears to be INTENTIONAL. Destroy the world for the allmighty DOLLAR

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 09:58 PM
reply to post by prodiG

Spot on.

Begging for Green Tech? More like a Cap and Trade system- IE taxpayer subsidized marketplace where carbon credits are issued and traded. Tho nobody gets a better environment, financial establishment gets whole new dimension of speculative potential for which to corner, drain, securitize, sell, et all. It will be sold to us as the capitalist, free market way to a "greener tomorrow." And we'll be told from this system will rise a new generation of innovative companies. what a crock!

Carbon Credits are already being sold just not in a required or regulated sense, anyone or institution can buy them now. once implemented and traded as a financial product, it will affix an arbitrary price (or if your a sucker the " free market will properly weigh value into price") directly to energy consumption that can and will be influenced by whomever can buy or sell the most according to their intention to direct the price. And any small business or even large business will now have this monkey on their back and they will certainly not pass the expense to their investors but to their employees and consumers at large. Sure we'll all pat our backs but very little will change.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:01 PM
We are planning to protest an ARCO (partners with BP) in our area. I dont know what good it will do other then make me feel like I did something. This whole thing sucks, and all for the almighty dollar. Nero comes to mind. Light it on fire and watch it burn.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by Hatcookie

Absolutely! And thanks

I also had to do a doubletake on their news blips saying they were able to siphon off X amount of oil from the wellhead, which was like 5 times higher than their publicized leakage output. Then I just ran across this article today in which BP all but openly stated it was leaking 100,000 bbls a day:

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by EvolvedMinistry

Look what happens to world oil production after 2012.


posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:09 PM
reply to post by EvolvedMinistry

great thread. and i want to ad the lying by both the government and bp, plus the incompetency has to be legendary as well. just seems like they want no ones help solving the problem, because they arent really looking for a solution. all the math keeps adding up to this. and if this is a false flag, chances are they do know how big this well is and just how much oil is down there and what they know cant be pretty. im sure they already calculated the consequences as well. this is the type of thing i would say has caught everyone off guard. expect nuke, wars, biological. but this would be really evil and sneaky an devious. something that says if they are gonna get us, just hit the nuke reset button on us all.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:21 PM
reply to post by SWCCFAN

i saw this also and couldnt figure out how in the h#@l they where getting away with still using corexit after epa told them to stop. now it is making sense. epa must have recieved orders from TPTB.

BP has rebuffed demands from government officials and environmentalists to use a less-toxic dispersant to break up the oil from its massive offshore spill, saying that the chemical product it is now using continues to be "the best option for subsea application."

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:32 PM
reply to post by EvolvedMinistry

You know, the way this whole disaster is being handled, I'm beginning to think it might have been intentional.

They have been screwing this thing up from the beginning.

1. Did you see the video about how the booming that was being done was completely and totally ineffective? The booms were only for show....they weren't being placed in correct positions to stop the oil flow.

2. From the beginning, BP lied about how much oil was being spilled, and the government just said "Ok..."

3. The spill is STILL not contained. They say that they are working on collecting more, but to me, on the live feed, it looks like most of it is still going INTO the ocean.

4. There seem to be no serious attempts to stop this thing.

5. The only thing Obama can do is promise that the government will sue BP into oblivion. Ummm.....right now, our main focus should be on STOPPING the damn oil volcano.....not threatening BP every 2 minutes on national TV.

This whole thing is being handled soooooo poorly. Worse than Katrina was handled, and I didn't think that was possible.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:44 PM
i agree with everyone that TPTB will have to go for the world to continue further. and a peaceful solution would be beautiful, but i am afraid that throughout the history of the world no evil was taken down with passive demonstration. not on the global scale. if this is ever truly sought after im afraid it will have to be with much suffering, blood, sweat and tears. for the massive upheaval that would be needed there is no way anyone will begin their decline, it will take many coming togethor. as in the overthrow of hitler. this is basically what it will take. boycotting will never do the trick in a situation as is proposed. if this is ever found out to be concrete fact and everyone begins too see and understand, the evil we will have to confront is staggering. did hitler ever try to poison the worlds oceans, and start nuclear holocaust? i believe he was evil, but we are talking a nastiness i dont think even he could fathom. im sorry, but if it ever comes to it, peace is off the table and i am sorry for that. and for my kids future as well. hopefully mankind will just turn out to be incompetent and cynical.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:17 PM
I do not buy that BP and this government could not have placed tanker

ships above the leaks to siphon or pump off at least 50% of the oil.

The oil and water mixture would separate in the belly of the ship with

the oil floating to the top while the water would stay on the bottom.

Folks this would be too simple and do not kid you yourself anyone

with a 5th grade education could figure this out about siphoning or

pumping the oil from a mile down in the Gulf. Oil floats to the top

water will stay at the bottom of the ship basic chemistry and science.

Folks to me this is the ultimate question that I have been holding

back wanting to ask. 11 men we are told lost there lives on the

Horizon Rig. Where are those bodies? Incinerated they say but where

are their bones and not one shred of evidence or patches of clothing

other then what we have been told. Did any of the 11 jump off the

platform and were any of the 11 men that were supposedly

incinerated part of a new crew?

Did any of the veteran crew members know all of these 11 men?

Were any of the 11 men planted to work on the Rig by the outside or

Inside Powers That Be. Were any of the living crew members payed

extra to keep their mouth shut or to provide disinformation?

Were any of the 11 men not accounted for picked up alive by secret boats

and taken away to have never been seen again? Were there more

than 11 men unaccounted for on the rig? If this is a true

conspiracy these are questions that will have to be asked and

answered. ^Y^

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:18 PM
did your thread is based on

this article or this article is based on your thread?

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:30 PM
reply to post by EvolvedMinistry

I used to feel the same I am not so sure about anything.

I know there are assholes out for power and vengence and control..I see that..I get that....but one thing these men are stupid.

They know they cannot eat money. They know the planets resources are finite. They must, to get to the positions they are in, they are not 'dumb'.

Something else is going on..something I fear is far worse because everyone is focused on the story they want everyone to see. Everyone is expending their energy and power on the little box of info that they leak that they want you to one is looking at the box...and who's holding that...and what their intentions are....not really.

Everyones focused on effect and pointing fingers to a likely cause..without once realising that its that exact process that is being controlled and manipulated, or rather through that process, we are all being maniupalted becuse it all comes back to us...what are YOU doing..whatare YOU fearing etc..its the ultimate self fulfilling prophecy and self persecution fantasy....and you have to wonder who dreamed that up.

its a sad day.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:31 PM

Originally posted by LieBuster
I hear on the news that Bp is only lible for the first $700m of damages which is chicken feed so who's picking up the bill for the rest of the damage or do the local fishermen need to rely on Bp's good will ?

The US government had a vote on who would get to pay for it.

Guess who ???

It is not hard to guess, you see that person in the mirror every morning.

That's right boys and girls.

The congress critters voted to have the US taxpayer pay for the spill
even thou BP has the WORST record of any oil company operating
in the united states in modern day.

If you take Conoco, Mobil, and Exxon and combine their mistakes in
recent years and multiply by 10, then BP still has more.

John Stewart covered it on the daily show.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:46 PM
In oil spill shadow, Obama pledges climate bill push

Obama, in remarks at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, also predicted that a May jobs report to be released on Friday would show strong jobs growth.

The president had planned to focus his year on boosting jobs in the United States, where unemployment is hovering near 10 percent, but other issues -- healthcare reform, changes to financial regulation, and now the BP oil spill -- have distracted attention from that.

Obama, a Democrat, accused Republicans of sitting on the sidelines while his administration worked to rescue the economy and, with November congressional elections looming, used his speech to lambaste the opposition party for opposing initiatives from health insurance reform to tax cuts.

But the president said he would seek Republican support to pass energy legislation in the U.S. Senate despite strong resistance and a crowded legislative schedule.

"The votes may not be there right now, but I intend to find them in the coming months," Obama said, referring to a bill that is languishing in the Senate.

"I will continue to make the case for a clean energy future wherever and whenever I can. I will work with anyone to get this done. And we will get it done," he said to applause.

Senate Democrats are expected to plot strategy for dealing with energy and environment legislation in the coming weeks. Prior to Obama's remarks on Wednesday there was little evidence the Senate would take up a comprehensive measure this year."

I think this is the primary motivation for the oil spill. The Global warming/climate change fraud was exposed earlier this year with the Climategate emails. Climate legislation all over the world has suffered.

BP has for a very long time been behind the environmental push for carbon taxes because the elite that own BP would be the main benefactors of such taxes. They know that climate bills will never actually create alternative fuels that is just a sales pitch all they are for is cap and trade and carbon taxes so their oil business will be unaffected.

This spill gives then a prime instigator for legislation in the wake of the climate change fraud being exposed.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:49 PM
Im saddened that no one has paid any attention to the "Flames Underwater at the BP oilspill" comments. I looked into it, by watching ALL Live FeedsSometimes, as the current shifts or the robot shift, either or, you can see the release of a white cloudy substance, which is held up on an injection point out of a ROV!! Which has it's [arm] in the middle of the escaping oil plume. This White Cloudy substance turns the oil BROWN, which is why you see Brown and Black [Crude oil is not BROWN, it is BLACK. It turns BROWN with sunlight exposer and or Dispersants] Being there is no sunlight at 4,928FT, we can say it's dispersant. I am constantly trying to watch the live feeds to take a screen shot of the mishap, I have only seen it about four times, each with about 15 seconds before the cam is labeled "Not Recording". My first attempt at a screen shot was a big blur. I will continue to watch so I can capture this and prove to ALL that the oil spill is only HALF AS BAD as it's reported.

Just tuned in on Skandi - ROV 2 Live feed on ALL LIVE FEEDSTo the left you can see a metal rod[tube] releasing oxygen....
Shown with the Green Arrow.

Uploaded with

[edit on 8-6-2010 by SneakAPeek]

Heres something to point out as to what people are calling "Flames" I do not know how to input an Image so here is my first-2nd-3rd-4th try. [
Uploaded with]

The Green arrow shows the Flame, the Red arrow shows the injection rod, after which you can see below is the injection point for their Dispersant.

[edit on 8-6-2010 by SneakAPeek]

[edit on 8-6-2010 by SneakAPeek]

You cannot base your [Oil Spilled Since] estimate by what you can see top side [ On The Surface] It was reported that there are over a dozen oil "Plumes] that are 6 miles wide, 32 Miles long and 327FT thick. I believe these plumes are now being reduced in size by the dispersant being used as shown above. Either way, they are hiding the true size of the event from everyone, WE HERE AT ATS need to be vigilant in our efforts to provide proof of misconduct in every damn direction BP faces.

[edit on 9-6-2010 by SneakAPeek]

[edit on 9-6-2010 by SneakAPeek]

HOW IS IT ATS has NO members from the Gulf Coast?? I WANT IMMEDIATE SOURCES! Not dis and misinformation from the damn TELEVISION. I Will PAY people on ATS within the Gulf region to investigate.

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:16 AM
reply to post by EvolvedMinistry

Since your are asking for opinions on how this "accident" could have
occured, here is one theory I presented in a thread here on ATS:
From the thread as posted by manta78

"Was just surprised at the relationship between the two countries, and as stated here:
"As a British company, BP's expanding operation in Iran reflects symbolically the quiet growth of British-Iranian relations after about two decades of difficulties. Particularly, it indicates the British government's efforts to expand its ties with Iran to catch up with other EU countries with large and expanding political and economic relations with that country, namely France, Germany, Italy and increasingly so Spain. "

"Given its close cooperation with Iran's arch enemy, the United States, seeking to weaken Iran economically and politically, such efforts demonstrates the British government's recognition of Iran's importance as a rising regional power." - Asia Times

I find the analysis interesting, but personally don't happen to share the view of Iran as a rising regional power; and since BP maintains such an active interest in Iran today, I was wondering if someone from BP might have made an informal/formal suggestion to Iran to offer its help to the U S in the gulf oil spill.

There are always reasons/motivations behind these kinds of offers, and I am always interested in exploring all avenues of thought on same.

From a military standpoint, can you think of a better way to deflect
American interests away from the possible invasion/bombing of Iran which was gaining strong support about the same time the explosion occured, than to cause a catastrophe of such a magnitude that the attention of the U S, and the world for that matter is focused on, and away from Iran?

And to possibly use a company, or an individual who is working within that company who's interests are mutually shared with yourself, such as B.P.?

And then, as a possible shield, throw out an offer to help the U S in
this crisis, assuming that there is a chance that it is discovered that
the accident was actually sabotage, and the finger points to Iran.
Iran in turn could then say, we are not responsible, we even offered to
help the U S in this matter. Why we would offer such a thing if we were involved?....etc.

I think the president of Iran is clever, no question, but I trust him about as far as I can throw him."

Editing to add: ""Their strategy is based upon "Delay and Attrition".

"Basically their military is defensive in nature, and the goal is to DELAY an invading army, and then to make the War of Attrition so costly a stale-mate, that it will force diplomatic solutions."

from the new thread I started here:

Which is titled: "Unclassified Report to Congress on the Military Power of Iran - Report Released April 2010"

Connect the dots. You might be surprised.

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:27 AM
If you all would just relax, the facts will eventually come out. This is one huge waste of time jumping to conclusion out of ignorance. It is funny how many man hours are spent and wasted here with conspiracy theories like this. Productive people I must say!

Note this testimony link at Mother Jones.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:32 AM
And the mainstream media is silent on all this evidence, come on "AC360" If you really cared about those people in the gulf you would start exposing this BS so we can get some real answers, and some real help for those affected directly.

this is a smoking gun, which means it wont be reported anywhere but on the internet

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:53 AM

Originally posted by melvin smiley

I love it when they say Corexit is non-toxic. Actually, anytime anyone tells you that something is non-toxic. They either know better and are selling you a load of fertilizer or they never studied Paracelsus.

The first rule of toxicology is about dosage - it is the dosage that makes the poison. Or in other words, anything in sufficient quantity will kill you.

BP is applying a rather large quantity of Corexit in the gulf under the guise of it being non-toxic.

I have a copy and have read it of The Dose Makes the Poison: A Plain-Language Guide to Toxicology by Ottoboni in Hardcover on my shelf.

I have been reading about how bad this stuff is supposed to be and started saying so... but I thought I'd try to find the product data sheet for it. I have a Merck chemical Index here and it lists LD50's for most everything (Lethal Dose kills 50% of the rats) I thought Id see whats IN the stuff and look up the LD50.

The name of the stuff is COREX 9500

What a mashed up mess this will be if I put it in EX... so forget it here are quotes:


COMPANY IDENTIFICATION : Nalco Energy Services, L.P.
P.O. Box 87
Sugar Land, Texas
0 = Insignificant 1 = Slight 2 = Moderate 3 = High 4 = Extreme

says SLIGHT and that you should avoid breathing the pure mist..and if you get too much on you. You might remove fat from your skin... I can see the ebay weight loss ads now...

type COREX 9500 into your browser window.. hit enter you get the PDF.

This stuff doesnt look so bad... basically some shampoo and some penetrating oil to allow the soap to get into a glob..and go further...
The reason this stuff is getting such a bad rap is likely the smell.
I bet this stuff has the same "aromatic hydrocarbons" as bug spray has.
(The smell of bug spray isnt what kills the bugs.. that is the smell of the solvent ~97 percent light aromatic oil used to carry the pyrethrins or organophosphates...and - the aromatic oils that smelled nice were sold for other flavor chewing gum or whatever, geddit? I bet BP had a pile of stinky aromatics in storage)
And most of these same hydrocarbons exist in "organic" fresh oil..
So any toxicity effects will be from the crude oil itself.

I have described this stuff as toxic in other posts.

I must withdraw that assumption.


PS: there is no need to say the corex stuff is so bad. It is trivial compared to the quantity of oil involved. I would be more concerned with dissolved toxic heavy metals IN the oil.. and the oil itself. No need to exaggerate the situattion, yes it is FUBAR.

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 12:59 AM
If "they" dont want to stop this field from emptying into the GoM it will not stop. Is what I am starting to beleive. Also at the same time I have a hard time wrapping my head around destroying the worlds oceans. So, what I am saying is maybe "they" eff'd the gulf up with a leak here and there and there intent was to plug them up, go home and call it a day. Maybe just maybe "they" didnt mean to make it worse but they did and now "they" are all standing around not havin a clue what to do. Because if ya think about it they must have contingincy plans in regards to many leak related issues. Anyone working anywhere with OSHA and those safety data sheets knows ya need three ways just to clean up oil off the driveway that spilled out the company car. Nevermind spilling 200 million galons into the oceans. So why the slow response after that one thing didn't work? Afterall the mud and plug thing was supposed to work. Just tryin to salvage any bit of humanity out of this I guess. The Boots n Coots bit kinda drove it home tho, by no means am I an expert on anything in this thread but I do have common sense and its telling me that this is a false flag regardless of what was intended. Who knows maybe Turkey will send a flotilla of oil plugging devices and people who now how to use them unfortunately they will probably be met withthe same response as whenb they went to Isreal. Sorry for the rant. Great post OP... Crying shame...

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 01:26 AM
I'm not sure I believe that it was done deliberately, I think the selling of shares is coincidence (he only sold 1/3rd of them), but then again it was just enough to pay off his mortgage - and if this was deliberate and he did know then he'd be looking for a much bigger payout further down the line.

Same thing for the Boots and Coots deal.

However, what does make me think it could have been deliberate is when you think of where this is going to go - what it's achieving, and the outcome it's going to guarantee, plus who'll benefit from it - then it has all of the hallmarks of 911.

What is going to happen?

Well, this is creating a storm of anti-BP sentiment from the public. It has hammered the BP share price.

How much are you betting that in the end the US will "take ownership" of BP to pay for the damages - and maybe they'll take over ALL oil producers to "make sure they're in safe hands" because "only the Govt (or govt approved companies) can be trusted to run them" and "ensure the safety of the people, environment, etc".

Think about it.

911 happened to turn public opinion into vengeance mode against the middle east - ironically Afghanistan where a big oil pipeline is needed, and Iraq where a lot of oil is.

Now Iran are apparently "terrorists" too - by coincidence they have lots of oil as well.

Everything is being driven by oil.

But whereas you can go to war on false pretences against countries that have oil, you can't go to war with a company.

What you can do though is cause a big problem and then take them over to pay for the damages.

So the big money men who control our governments and make life Hell for the rest of us get to have control of ALL of the oil in the World - by taking over companies in the West, and conquering oil producing countries in the East.

We as taxpayers pay for it all, send our sons to die in illegal wars, and will pay through the nose for oil in the future, and these A-holes get to sit back and get even richer by destroying the World and creating turmoil over the Earth.

Thats my belief - this is all about a small number of people gaining control of the oil, and consequently power.

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