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Open Letter to All Peace Officers

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 01:52 PM
Life is choice. What we choose in this life effects everyone, and will define the world. This is the time that each of us must choose which path our nation will follow. Freedom or Tyranny?
Choose wisely.

“The Powers That Be” are powerless without protection. Weak little tyrants whose will is enforced by our own actions as law enforcement officers. The time is now upon us that we all must choose which master we serve. Do we serve “We the People”, which we are a part of, or do we choose to serve T.P.T.B. which have no power until we submit our lives to their will.

The G-20 summit in Pittsburg this past spring is when my eyes were opened. Hundreds of my brothers and sisters of “We the People” were denied their God given right of Assembly (protected under our Constitution) by an army of enforcers of the New World Order. I cannot call my uniformed brothers Law enforcement officers at this tragic event, because they were not enforcing the law, they were enforcing the will of tyrants. WAKE UP my brothers and open your eyes to the fact that as law enforcement officers we have now become the heal of the tyrannical boot of the New World Order. No longer do we server our community, protecting the rights of “We the People”. This must change. Follow me in making the choice that from this point on, I will never again deny anyone their God given rights, as protected under the Constitution, that I swore to uphold.

In our society, “We the People” have delegated their power to us to protect and serve the common good. It is way past time for us to start doing our real job, and protect this nation from tyrants.


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