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What's with Ads?

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 08:59 AM
I'm really curious about this. Why is it that so many ads promote their product in misleading ways? Why is it that I constantly see the benefits in bold and the pitfalls don't show up until either the consumer does some research, or the buyer gets screwed?

I constantly see these campaigns where people are drawn in by all sorts of wonderful deals and then given the shaft. Commercials that prop companies up that have been known to be less than efficient and haphazard in their practices.

I've seen companies re-package the same thing over and over again; lure you in with the gimmick and get you to spend that hard-earned cash on the same crap. They are allowed to feed you half-truths and partial statistics.

Their defenses against their shenanigans in the event that they are cornered is that they didn't SPECIFICALLY say their product can/can't cause blank, so ... they really aren't to blame?


The biggest defense for these companies is that one should have enough sense to research the product. And it is understandable that one should have enough sense to know about the product they're buying.

But at the same time ... shouldn't there be a standard? I mean, doesn't promoting yourself with a farce of a campaign tend to leave consumers a bit peeved with you?


What would the world be like if advertisers were only allowed to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth? Wouldn't the standard of products rise dramatically? Would it change anything?

I, for one, believe this is just part of the Capitalist mentality. A mentality that insists upon profiteering and developing ways to profit while still operating legally by "technical" standards.

This, along with other factors, contributes to the shady business of advertisement campaigns.


I'm not too keen on people that are incapable of seeing that saying "specific" things to a sterile listener may eventually lead said listener into consuming.

I don't much care for it because I can see, plain as day, that it is deceitful and manipulative.

And I don't much care for people that care to label it as anything else but that.

It literally seems more like, "how can I get them to spend their money" as if salesmen where hunters and consumers were prey. "How do I pull one over on this shmuck?"


I see the lies everywhere, and it literally makes me ill. The internet is blasted with ads that tell all sorts of lies, some come with neat little trojan packages. TV is blasted with constant ads that tell you one thing now, and later they're on the News trying to explain that their code violations were kind of a thing that happened in the time that no one really cared ... and so that mentality must remain, because back then was back then, and now is now.

I mean, isn't this practically hustling? Isn't it like robbery in disguise? Would society benefit if producers had to be absolutely truthful about their products?

I mean, if you think about it, it would only eliminate all the rubbish products and leave those of true value standing.

Left with that, we could focus on how to improve upon the best thing we have so far, and come up with even better products.


I have to ask; in a society where value is gauged by necessity and demand, why are people allowed to manipulate our thoughts? Doesn't that contaminate the pool? Doesn't that make it so the value of 'said product' changes dramatically without having gained anything to increase its value?

In a world where prices aren't set in stone, based on the services they provide and their applications and usefulness, etc. This leaves the cost of products up in the air. This poisoning of the well serves to manipulate how it is that consumers spend that which is allegedly precious, their hard-earned cash.

Can't anyone see how dangerous this stuff is? Or are we all expected to become experts in every field? – Let it be known that I would LOVE to be an expert in a great many things, unfortunately, I don't believe I am gifted in that way.


Though, I guess all's fair, no? The strong live, the weak die? Something like that, ne?

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 09:06 AM
I'm right there with you. But now i have to go fast


posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 01:16 PM
thx for this thread, its spot on the most ads there are.
i love the funny ads, they give more than they take.
the truth is: good products dont need advertising, their quality speaks for themselves.
the more a product is advertised for the more crapy it is.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 01:52 PM
I ABSOLUTELY LOATHE TV ADS. They're so rude, butting in on a programme. Should be banned altogether.

I didn't want your stupid bog-roll 15 minutes ago and I don't want it now, and I know you'll try sell it to me 15 minutes from now too, and even if I buy it you'll still be telling me 50 times a day it's the greatest bog-roll ever and to buy more.

And worse.

"Johnny doesn't know what'll happen when he arrives home from school, a fist? A punch?"
"Susie's dad makes her do thing she doesn't like and says he'll hurt her if she tells."
"Two pounds a day will cure it all."

These are so depressing even if you're not depressed. And innocent children wonder what it's all about and ask questions about stuff they're too young to know.

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