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Specific help required re: Alien Implantation experience

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 05:49 AM
Hi People...

I have posted these thoughts in my other Gray Area thread, which is entitled 'Hands up if you're a little confused' - there's more experiences detailed there if you're interested to learn more about me.

This particular thread is designed to try and secure some help from anyone on ATS who may have specific, specialist knowledge concerning the experience of implantation with and alien creature/symbiant/biomechanical device. Okay, that sounds 'whacky' already, but this is a serious thread, with a serious purpose. I have nothing to tell but the truth of my experience, and I would love it if people would share any insights relating to the following, such as they have at their disposal. Many thanks for all participation in advance.

This is one of those things that I didn't really want to confront before, and even now, the potential meaning of the event scares the living **** out of me.

Bit of background to the event:

I was in hostels aged around 17/18. I was being kicked from place to place for minor reasons bordering on the ridiculous (such as being unable, for two weeks, to pay the £22 per week service charge - as a result of delays in claiming a benefit I was entitled to).

Anyway, eventually (after three stays at three different hostels, each span ending for equally silly reasons beyond my control), I was put in a bail hostel. Effectively a halfway house for violent adult criminals and sex offenders who had just been released from prison. Certainly not the place that a mentally anxious and vulnerable young man should be dispensed to by a local authority with a duty of care.

Various events took place in the hostel; none of which were pleasant. Assault, theft, incitement to criminal activity, incitement to hard drug use - mental abuse in the form of deliberate fear-inducement being employed by other tenants 'for fun'.

One night, while suffering the effects of a combination of 'delusional' and real fears caused by various events, I eventually managed to get to sleep. I awoke early in the morning - around 4am. I sensed a presence in the room with me; a female presence, though there was no-one visible. I tried to move, but was under a form of hypnopompic paralysis. The room around me was blurred to my vision, but as with a former 'out of body' experience, I was very much conscious of the fact that I was not dreaming in the normal sense.

The female figure lay down on top of my paralysed form. At first, it seemed quite 'arousing', and there was a dark sensuality about her presence. She leaned in to kiss me, and my response was to kiss back (naturally red-blooded man that I am). Despite the fact that the experience was completely surreal, I was in full charge of my mental faculties. As the kiss tool place, an entirely unexpected thing occurred. A ball of jelly-like material was passed from her mouth to mine. It felt like what I imagine the texture of 'frogspawn' would feel like if one were odd enough to want to ingest it, but was about the size of a golf ball.

The moment that the 'thing' had gone into my mouth, it made its way down my throat - how, I don't know - it seemed somehow self-propelled.

As soon as that had occurred, the presence vanished, the room cleared in my vision and I transitioned to full control of my body within seconds. I was obviously shocked, scared, and very confused about what had just happened. I tried to shake off the experience as some kind of dream, but was confident that something very real had just taken place.

The next day, things got worse. I started to experience strong pains in my stomach - accompanied by a movement, akin to that of a wriggling worm or snake (the sensation was equivalent to the movements such creatures make when they are observed in ordinary environments). To explain the pain, it was of a similar intensity to the pain I experienced the following summer when I suffered pancreatitis due to over-consumption of alcohol. To those who have no idea what that feels like, it literally stops you from breathing - morphine is needed to prevent you from passing out due to oxygen starvation. It makes you feel as though someone has jabbed a knife into your insides, and is pushing and twisting it about. I am not kidding - the pain was beyond any other pain I have ever experienced. The movement sensations continued for weeks afterwards - accompanied on occasion by visible movement under the surface of the skin at the front and sides of my abdomen.

A few days after the initial event, I started to fear that a living creature had been implanted into me. I was reading the local free newspaper, and saw a cartoon which had a pigeon, looking very confused, and a speech bubble coming out from its stomach, saying 'hello..?' An hour or so later, one of the key 'abusers' living in the hostel walked into the common sitting room I was in and said - "How're you feeling pigeon..?" His grin was nothing short of demonic - I kid you not. He then laughed (manically) and said "It's beejebub".

I associated it at the time with the idea that each of us has a 'personal devil' ('be-e-jebub' sounds similar to 'be-el-zebub').

Much later on (a year or so later) I was taken on a group outing to watch a new film that had been much-hyped by the industry and media. It was called 'The Matrix'. And you'll understand that the scene wherein the agents implant the character Neo (Keanu Reeves) with a worm-like electronic device, scared the living **** out of me.

Now, over time, I got used to the fact that there seemed to be some kind of creature/device living inside me. That can only be understood if you live through such a thing for yourself. Intermittently, it has crippled me for up to an hour, preventing me from doing whatever I was doing; it's impossible to try and explain to people that there's no point going to a hospital. Even now, ten years later, the damn thing still wakes me at night, wriggling round in my abdomen, spiking my insides and causing the same intense and insufferable pain, visible movements observable under my skin.

Has anyone heard of a precedent for such things?

Years after, while reading the Bible, I came across the following passage in the book of Isaiah (Old Testament), describing the fate that would befall those that had rebelled against God at the 'End of Time':

"And they will go out and look at the bodies of those who rebelled against me; their worm will not die, nor will their fire be quenched."


posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 06:26 AM
Well theres a simple solution. Just go the hospital and get an x-ray. I seriously doubt you have anything inside you. If you are experiencing pain it will be from some underlying illness or condition. Get it checked out if you are for real .

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 06:29 AM
Interesting story. I'm sure you did have an experience with some sort of entity that night. One of the side effects of these contacts are little episodes of synchronicities, like the pidgeon cartoon, then the bloke calling you pidgeon seconds later. It could even be that you were thinking "pidgeon" and that empty-headed thug picked it up on his radar just before he walked in and said it back to you.

I wouldn't worry about that wriggling feeling in your belly. Your adrenal glands are near the stomach and when you're anxious they squirt adrenaline like mad. That might be what you're feeling. But I do think you should go to the docs and describe your symptoms. There's loads of things that cause that wriggly feeling. One is diverticular disease.

It could be your psychic experience was a warning to get checked out. Like a sign. Let us know.

Years ago I woke up in a terrible fright and saw a demonic face in front of my eyes, even when I put the light on. After it faded I got up to put all the lights on (I was that terrified). I discovered that when I came home from the pub I'd put the gas fire on full blast and closed the door and went to bed. If I hadn't had that awful nightmare I think my house would have exploded from the heat.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 06:48 AM
Thank you for the comments thus far. Here in the UK we have a rigid and ultra-orthodox National Health Service, which will not carry out scans without incredibly good cause to do so. My explanation of intermittent, sharp pain is countered with suggestions of poor digestive process, pancreas inflammation (despite having been tee-total for a while now), or simple aggravation of the stomach lining.

The last time I tried to explain the reasons for my anxiety related to this experience to a medical professional, I was sectioned under the mental health act for a month...! (That was ten years ago btw; I have managed to get to grips with all anxiety-related stuff since then).

To be honest, I don't need anyone to come in and repeat the same comments as those above (though I appreciate the input, and they are valid suggestions). I'm not aiming to convince anyone of the reality of this experience - I just need to know if:

a) Anyone knows of a precedent - has it occurred to anyone else?
b) Are there any reliable, discrete and suitably experienced private medical practitioners here in the UK that I might seek help from..?

If anyone wants to know why I am so confident of the potential gravity of the situation, please refer to my other thread as mentioned in my original post - it details a lot of my life experiences, and will hopefully give you a bit of insight into why I am concerned that there may be an element of 'foul play' involved.

Thanks again,


PS - Anyone who is interested in UFOlogy, abduction etc, or if you know anyone who is heavily into that stuff - please send them this way to check out the details of the experience I describe and see what they think.

NB - I'm not in this for stars/flags - I genuinely need help here. Please don't 'star' if you're in any doubt about my motivations, even if you find it interesting.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 07:03 AM
Well, if I thought I had something crawling around inside me I'd be off to the docs in a flash. And I hate docs. Could be a tapeworm, Yeukkkk!

If it makes you feel better, I went to my GP once because I wondered if I had an alien implant. That is true. I walked in and said "I think I might have an alien implant."

To cut a long story short-

Doc says, "OOH! It appears you have a piece of metal under your skin and it's trying to work it's way out."

A week later she removed some stuff from the right side of my chest, just under the breast. One part fell from her tweezers, hit the chrome table, the wall, the table, and then pinged noisily right across the floor and vanished.
"I'll get that bit later" she says and I lost my bottle and didn't go scrabbling on my hands and knees after it. (how I regret that) A week later I telephoned them for results of analysing some of the bits and was told "It's an oddity, nothing to worry about."

Even more mysterious, that doc left the practice about a month later and was never heard of in our area again.

Cue Twilight zone music...

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 07:07 AM
reply to post by NoahTheSumerian

Fake having appendicitis . That way the doctors have to take a look since its dangerous guessing on that one, they never take chances with that and always check it out. (at least here they do) I am betting that in the UK it will be the same.

Obviously something is causing you pain, this way you will find out what it is.
If it's something medical, they can help you.
If it's something not from this world you would have solid evidence and that would be world news.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 07:33 AM
OP i think you might be able to get a scan on the NHS. Give them your symptoms but leave out the alien/implant aspect.

The reason I say this is that my sister is a hypocondriac and has gone to the doctor about numerous "illnesses". As far as I can tell, if you do not exhibit any mental issues and insist that you have something physically wrong with you then they will take it seriously and perform tests to see what is going on. I don't know if it is part of covering their backs (like the way you can be signed off work for depression or bad back even if they are not convinced) but my sister has had lots of scans and investigations in to her phantom stomach pains and what not.

Failing that I'm sure if you joined BUPA or another private health service they would give you any test you wanted. I would imagine this to be quite costly but maybe worth it if you have such a strong issue about your situation.

Very interesting story all the same and thank you for sharing it.

I do wonder if this is somehow psychosamatic though. Is it possible that you were lucid dreaming while one of your house fellows did something to you? The mention of the texture of frog spawn kind of makes me think of something quite unpleasant that could've happened in the hostel of men who are not used to having female company. Add to this the traumatic aspect of something like this then I think it's *possible* that it could explain your story and the psycological trauma that could arise from it, hence the psychosamatic part i mentioned.

I'm not doubting you or trying to convince you otherwise but it may be something to think about.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 07:41 AM
Gotta go with the previous poster on this one... If they dont wanna check you out when you ask for it you should just put up a big scene and make them think they HAVE to check you out... But when you do, BE PREPARED!!!!

just like wigit mentioned and like a few other similair story's I've read about.. any evidence of an alien implant shown to a doctor mysteriously vanishes... I read about this experience of someone claiming to be an alien abductee.. upon "returning" home that person noticed a surgical scar and went to check it out.. that person claims to have seen an X-ray showing an alien object but any evidence wich could be used to prove his/her case was absent. no X-ray picture, no object. What i'd do? get my mobile phone with the cam ready and a taperecorder. There are other possibilities but the point is GET EVIDENCE.. it wont be handed to you... acquire it yourself!!!!

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 08:25 AM
reply to post by Frakkerface

at the comment about visitors in the night doing unpleasant things...! Seriously though, it wasn't that - doors had internal locks on them and mine was secured as ever; not openable except by extreme force from the outside. Plus I came back into waking consciousness within a few seconds of the end of the experience - no-one else in the room and no activity outside in the hallways.

I appreciate the input regarding the fake appendicitis - I wonder though whether they would actually tell me if there was a wriggling alien symbiant inside me, even if they found one..! I saw an episiode of Fringe recently which had a scarily similar concept of a symbiant slug thing that wrapped around the victim's heart, in order to kill the victim by compressing the heart if any attempt was made to remove it. My guess is that if it is some sort of biomechanical / intelligent / genetically programmed entity, there would be some sort of 'failsafe' of this nature to prevent removal. It changes position frequently too.. The pains are worst when it's shifting from one side of the abdomen to the other. It takes a few hours, and the movement is palpable - as mentioned, it's quite often visible pushing out from under the surface of the skin and muscle. On occasion, the movements seem sentient; similar to morse code - bringing me to a conclusion that there is some form of intelligence behind it.

It seems to occupy the abdominal cavity, and spends most time lying dormant against one or other of the organs in that space. There was an occasion that I had an MRI scan on my lower back - it moved vigourously and changed its position the night before the scan, which leads me to assume it can somehow know what to do with itself / be controlled according to my circumstance, to avoid detection. This is why I think I would need the aid of a doctor who is actively looking for the thing - otherwise it may well try to get out of the line of sight again.

On writing this, I wonder whether a doctor would keep me under long-term observation on a ward, in order for me to alert him/her as to when the thing is moving / causing visible signs of its presence. However, my instincts teel me that would be extremely difficult to arrange; not least because of my domestic circumstance (married, two kids), and that I'm not exactly a wealthy man - yet..!

Please, please, keep the suggestions and info coming; I really appreciate knowing that people want to help. How about ultrasound, as used for the observation of babies in the womb..? I guess that would be cheap enough to operate (as compared to the cost of MRI or CAT scans / X-Rays), and if any doctor has experience of seeking out such things, they would probably be able to gain access to one relatively easily...?


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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 08:31 AM
well the good thing about ultrasounds is that there are alot of private companies who own a machine like that... In the netherlands you can get a 3d-ultrasound for about 50 pounds... maybe an idea for you... wont cost you alot and nobody to answer to. the evidence is taped and can be taken home...

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:46 AM

Originally posted by locster
reply to post by NoahTheSumerian

Fake having appendicitis . That way the doctors have to take a look since its dangerous guessing on that one, they never take chances with that and always check it out. (at least here they do) I am betting that in the UK it will be the same.

Obviously something is causing you pain, this way you will find out what it is.
If it's something medical, they can help you.
If it's something not from this world you would have solid evidence and that would be world news.

I agree. Do some reading up on the area in pain the most, and symptoms that would go along with whatever is in that area. Say it is extremely painful, not intermittent, even go in clutching that area. They should have to do at least an ultrasound!

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 09:04 AM
I had the same thing in me, it eats the energy I would create when meditating, it wouldnt eat my normal energy like needed for walking, bigger ammounts of my kundalini energy would hurt it and it would squeal, and finaly (get ready) aliens took it out after I begged.. so.. thats kinda it. I really bealive you but I have no advice on getting it out, iff you starve yourself it will move and hurt like hell, it prefers meat to vegetables (im now a vegetarian). try creating bigger ammounts of kundalini when meditating this could help.

posted on Dec, 12 2010 @ 08:51 PM
Perhaps it was a Goa'uld? Seriously though, it is easy to remove those things. Just imagine that you are taking your "dream" hands, plunge them into your stomach, or down your mouth, and "grab" the entity, and pull it out. When that is done, hold it in your hands and just throw it away. This kind of thing happens all the time. Sometimes they are spirits and thus foggier, and sometimes they are parasites. This being said, some of them are not as bad as others, if you are of a positive (i.e. not "dark") mindset, then the ones that inhabit your body will suck out the negativity from your system and do you a service. Basically, you want the parasites that convert darkness to light, not the ones that convert light into darkness. Its very interesting once you manage to prevent the "lower" ones from taking advantage of your fear. There are some really groovy ones out there, some of them have a kind of "memory" and they even teach you things in return for some energy. There are also these kind of "bug" like creatures that bind on to you, and eventually, they basically convert your astral body into a higher-dimensional body - think "wraith" from Stargate, only on the next level. I like to think that on the "next plane" I am some kind of super-mutant, I think I can even "reproduce" these creatures. Just stay at the higher frequencies, and you won't become sick, as the energies are at the higher end, where thought occurs. The worst is a mild kind of anxiety. When you totally are in control of your imagination, you can easily remove them, you can imagine a "knife" and then perform "surgery" on it.

When it comes to the bible, and references to "worms" etc, I think , that is I suspect, that there is a special kind of these creatures that are implanting themselves into humans, these are not your basic buggy, they are intelligent. I believe that they implant themselves, and over time they take control over the "ego" of people, I have noticed strange changes to people, right down to an emotional level, and my higher senses detect another entity, but when I challenge it, it uses the twisted ego of the original inhabitant. I believe that people think they are reaching a higher plane or something (nothing wrong with that) however its a kind of gestalt, or "group mind" - they literally "wake up differently" and their behaviours change almost over night. I think, that perhaps, the "harvest" is an event where these creatures, after "incubating" in humans, will "release" themselves (think aliens, chest-poppers) in some kind of timed rapture event. The humans will then "fall back down to Earth" - waking up, realising that they had been possessed. Its a kind of irony, because I think that these entities basically twist the will of the people into turning against others, and supporting negative thoughts, like they "live" off the negative thoughts, and when they are "released" the human is left "bummed out" or disillusioned.
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