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FBI advertising jobs on the radio?

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posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 03:19 PM
ok, i know im a newbie and aint quite properly trained yet as to how to be paranoid, but on monday, 7 june and again today, the fbi had a commercial on the radio askin for people to apply for jobs. i thought it a little strange at first but shrugged it off till i realized that the director of the cia had just resigned not long before that. i dont kow how close knit all those intelligence communities are, but i thought it was an intersting coincidence. oh and by the way, those commercials might have been goin on before monday and i just missed them, but not much before. i listen to that radio station to much. so what do yall think?

p.s. they say to apply at

posted on Jun, 10 2004 @ 03:34 PM
that's really interesting :

here's a link to the page :

here's a tidbit of what's on there :

FBI and Washington Metropolitan Police Department (WMPD)
Collaborate On Hiring Initiative

The FBI. It is like no other career choice you've explored. It's challenging. Compelling. Important. Whatever your background or expertise, you will find an FBI future exceptionally rewarding. Because the work you perform will have a daily impact on the nation's security and the quality-of-life for all U.S. citizens.

The FBI is responsible for protecting the United States and its citizens from future terrorist attacks. Our mission is a noble one. It entails upholding the law through the investigation of terrorists and terrorist-related activity; protecting the United States from foreign intelligence activities; investigating violations of federal criminal law; providing leadership and law enforcement assistance to federal, state, local and international agencies; providing the Executive Branch with information relating to national security and performing these responsibilities in a manner that is responsive to the needs of the public and is faithful to the Constitution of the United States.

posted on Jun, 11 2004 @ 12:47 AM

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