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Looking for Canadian Conspiracies

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 01:31 AM
reply to post by Danbones

hey remember when molsons old brewery got busted being FULL OF POT.... only in Canada...heH hEH HEH

HAHAHA yea that was quite the bust, you know what Molson always said. I am Canadian. well befor they sold out to Coors. so to make canada happy they showed us their true colour and that was GREEN

I never did worry about Molson selling out though Cause well Molson Canadian is the worst beer known to man.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 01:40 AM
reply to post by star in a jar

I completely missed your post, but that's big news.

How bout the fact The G 8 and G 20 summits this year are both in Toronto and they are putting up a fence around downtown to keep the "protesters" out. when we clearly know Canada would keep peace except the American Government or some other Government will do what they always do and pay people to be Violent Protesters to start chaos. so the police can beat anyone they want .

Check out the HUGE fence they are putting up in Toronto

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 01:50 AM
this is a big if
if the Americans People come accross the line
it won't be to fight they'll be on the run from the SHTF down south.
and we'll take every one that we can
thats brotherhood

the SPP i mentioned
if the president declairs Martial Law agreements have been signed
that allow them to take troops from one place to some where else to quell civilian un rest
our boys get sent up against the best of the US patriots
a meat grinder to wipe each other out
so home troops can't help home folks
probably along side UN troops that have every reason not to like Americans
the Americans and UN troops would come here if we had civilian un rest.
they won't send troops against their own it won't work for them you know?
this is signed
the president needs almost no reason to do this
all borders, indian sovreignety, all gets nullified
this is signed

obamma just sent troops to 75 countries
ther army is worn right down ther gear is dependant on chinese
and foreign manufactured parts

the builderbuggers just voted for war on IRAN

last sept
the web bots predicted something would kill the food chain in the oceans
and a huge migration to north of the 50th parallel
long story short
we live in interesting times
if if if
news here first though ats will be ahead of the curve as long as the web is up...
and if they shut the web down the economy goes to it is to dependant onthe internet

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 01:40 PM
hey, been reading ats for a few years now, this is my first post...

and it's a doozey.

you want to talk about canadian conspiracies? I've got a huge one for you guys to try and sink your teeth into. I've done a bunch of reasearch on this and i feel like there's a big correlation between the threads of this tale. but i can't quite figure it out....but it seems to me like it's all connected.

so how i got into this whole thing is from a friend, telling me this messed up story about this pedophile priest from pickadilly newfoundland named RONALD HUBERT KELLY. and how he was back in the province. So i did some research....and this rabbithole is a long and dark one...

so, basically, "In 1979, Kelly pleaded guilty to 10 sexual assaults on five boys, ages 13 to 18" ( from there he was told that he wouldnt be persecuted against, and the records for the case were sealed. he was sent to a facility in ontario for priests with "emotional issues" and spent two years of hard time there. after he sobered up and became a non-pedophile(he claimed it was the booze that did it), he moved to the toronto area, and very quickly worked his way up through the arch-diocese becoming i believe it was an aide to a top cardinal in canada. in any case, he ended up being handed the reins for some major investment capital inside the catholic church, travelling around canada, building churches and graveyards, and buying property. through this convenient position, through the 80's, he ended up rubbing shoulders with some of the upper crust of canadian society. in the late 80's he was given an official pardon from brian mulrooney, who was the prime minister at the time(and if you're not aware of canadian politics, he was one, if not THE most greasey backdoor underhanded leader in the history of the country). in 1990 ronald kelly's name came up in the whole mount cashel inquiry. now, if you're not familiar with this, basically, a boys orphanage in st john's, newfoundland, that was run by the christian brothers, had been infested with pedophilia abuse for decades and that many police and politicians were found complicit in this. it's the original big splash of pedophilia that was uncovered in the catholic church and the waves from it are still felt in newfoundland today. the boys from st vincent is a movie based on this story ( if you want to research any of the goings on at mount cashel, there is an archive here: (

so, getting back to the story, ronald kelly's name came up in the mount cashel investigation. so he decided to quit the church and he became a private consultant. this went on for two years and then, like under some sort of devine providence, he ended up involved in one of the largest frauds in canadian history. the ufcw, one of canada's largest unions, (, started up a new investment wing for their pension plan. they needed someone to head the investments and ron kelly, sex offender, was the guy they gave the keys the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars. that he defrauded from the ufcw's pension plan, the CCWIPP.

now, a branch of the union from british columbia(which is a province in canada) started smelling something fishy going on with the unions investments in the late 90's and they started doing some investigations on Kelly and a number of union officials. Their findings were published online here: ( i have since been in contact with one of the people who is running the site and she told me that they are lmost finished an e-book on the whole thing. it should be published sometime this summer. the information contained in the articles on this site will blow you out of the water and make you wonder why you never heard of ron kelly, or mondo condo ever before(well, if you're canadian at least).

continued in next post(sorry for length

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 02:16 PM
so, Ron Kelly was given the keys to a pension plan fund to one of the largest unions in canada. his first investment was in a hotel in toronto. he made many other investments on behalf of the union, mostly in hotels and resorts, but the whole history of the first hotel he invested in,'s something else. the people behind MFD(Members for democracy - the disgruntled ufcw unioners from bc), in their investigations into the CCWIPP(their pension plan fund) coined the term 'MONDO CONDO' when talking about the hotel in question. And mondo condo is it's own huge conspiracy. so before you go any further, you really have to read the wikipedia entry as it's the central thread in this whole conspiracy that i'm talking about. MONDO CONDO - (

now, just now when i checked out the mondo condo article in wikipedia it was mysteriously thin...i remembered it having all the other history of the hotel in it as i checked the history of the wiki article and low and behold this guy: ( edited out ALL the details of the building. reason stated "potentially liable information". sketchy stuff! his profile in wikipedia is all in latin. i tried to translate it but the software wasnt the greatest...can anybody help me with that? i'd like to know what it says, seeing as this person just 1984'd the whole wikipedia entry on a porperty that is central to two of the largest frauds in canadian history. here is the deleted portion of the wikipedia entry on mondo condo. i will continue the deletion and then my writing in the next post...

"The history includes...
+ a fugitive German financier wanted by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on 41 charges ( stemming from the largest business fraud in Canadian history (
+ a former Catholic priest ten-times convicted of sex offences against teenage boys (
+ one of Canada's largest unions, the United Food and Commercial Workers, its revered leader ( and the high-powered directors of its biggest pension plan (,
+ the former Prime Minister of Canada, Jean Chrétien, and the former Premier of Ontario, Bob Rae.
+ == Early History ==
+ Toronto Land Registry documents, along with archived newspaper material, trace the ownership and development of the land as follows...
+ ''1968 -'' Irving Investments and Irving Ungerman, a Toronto boxing promoter and entrepreneur, lease the land to a group of developers that include Yore Developments, Luhur Construction and three limited companies headed by Angelo, Elvio and Leo Del Zotto (
+ ''1971 -'' The Toronto Star publishes an article detailing hotel development plans ( An innovative "Drive-In" concept, a completion date of summer 1973, and a project name of "Keelson Inn" are outlined but fail to materialize.
+ ''1972 -'' The Del Zotto's lease the land to another one of the myriad of companies they control, named Deltan Realty.
+ ''1975 -'' The newly built hotel known as the "Triumph" opens for business in the late summer.
+ ''1978 -'' Deltan Realty sells the property to York-Hannover for $10.5 million. York-Hannover borrows $8.3 million from Deltan Realty towards the purchase.

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 02:39 PM
deleted wikipedia entry continued:

" + York Hannover was a large international real estate business with interest in hotels, commercial buildings, nursing homes and shopping malls, including the Eaton Center in Montreal. Karsten von Wersebe (,a media-shy German magnate, was the President of its Canadian operations from the time of purchase right up to its bankruptcy in 1991.
+ ''1981 -'' York Hannover borrows $7 million against the property from the CIBC
+ ''1982 -'' York Hannover borrows a further $13 million against the property from the CIBC
+ This practice of over-mortgaging would continue for the next few decades.
+ ''1988 -'' On January 13th, the hotel received two additional loans from York Hannover Developments Ltd. in the amounts of $5.5 million and $10,323,878. On November 23rd, a further $10 million was mortgaged from the CIBC.
+ During this period substantial hotel renovations were undertaken. An additional wing, included a conference centre, was built at an estimated cost of over $7 million dollars, far below the total recently borrowed against the property.
+ ''1989 -' On January 17th, the two York Hannover Development Ltd. mortgages ($5.5 million and $10,323,878) were transferred to a company named Castor Holdings Ltd., run by German Wolfgang Stolzenberg (ttp://, who would later become an international fugitive. On April 10th, the CIBC, York-Hannover and Castor Holdings agreed that the CIBC was the first creditor and that its $10 million mortgage would have priority over the $15 million in mortgages that had been transferred to Castor Holdings.
+ ''1990 -'' Hard on the heels of the Castor Holdings transfer, the hotel began to default on many of its bills. Early in the year, a series of construction liens were registered against the property. These liens related to various unpaid bills for the major renovation work undertaken in the late 1980s. In May, tax arrears of $1.8 million were registered against the property by the City of North York.
+ By the time the hotel closed in 1991, the liens alone totaled over $500,000.
+ == At the Present ==
+ The building still has problems now that it is a condominium. Sold as luxury suites for middle class buyers, the building is occupied mainly by lower income residents.
+ The developer, Westmount-Keele has retained control of the Board of Directors. After having no Annual General Meetings for two years, a lawsuit against the Board resulted in many court orders from a Superior Court judge in October 2009 ordering the Board to follow the Condominium Act and to collect unpaid common element fees.
+ The condominium, TSCC 1786, has run deficits in its first two years and has a seriously underfunded Reserve Fund"


That's the story of "Mondo Condo". I will go back to Ron Kelly first, and then pose a few questions that i have concerning this whole mess.

So Ron Kelly, pedophile and sex offender, was asked to be part of a scheme to scam funds from the pension plan of one of the largest unions in canada. not just any scam, but one singing to the tune of hundreds of millions of dollars, pushing the pension plan to the verge of bankruptcy. when the heat started coming down on him, he fled to the tax haven of panama where he laid low for a while. but then something happened. that something was Eric Jackson, an editor for the english language newspaper "the Panama News". He discovered that there was a pedophile ex-priest from canada living in the country and nobody seemed to know about it. so he started researching more, and as he researched more, he wrote more. if you google you'll find a bunch of articles about ron kelly's exploits before and while he was in panama. eventually, the presure built up and ron kelly was kicked out of panama.


posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 03:23 PM
So, I'm not sure how bad you gotta be to get kicked out of panama, but i guess being an ex-priest pedophile who is also tangled up in one of the largest cases of fraud in canadian history, well, i guess that's enough. after that, ron kelly was laying low, one presumes, as he had seemed to completely disappear from the public eye. if you actually try and contact kelly, you will find that he has all these front operations protecting his location and privacy. if you want to contact kelly, you can. will you get a reply? probably not. the thing is, how the whole scam worked was over mortgaging property, and then reinvesting it through other smaller companies owned by any number of people, trying to make it impossible to trace the money, which they succeeded in. then they would sell a property to a subsidiary company for more than it was worth, and it wen on like that. somehow in all that mess, ron kelly ended up allegedly making a bunch of investments of his own, buying big shares in resorts through the carribean. i remember reading that one country had found out that he had owned 20% of one of the biggest hotels in the country(haiti maybe? or the dominican?) and that they were looking into confiscating his share of the hotel because of his pedophile past and his financial scamery.

In any case, he laid low...until a few months ago when he decided to move back to newfoundland. Now, I want to know how he was allowed back in the country. i know he was pardoned by the prime minister of canada over his pedophile past, but all this defrauding the union of hundreds of millions of dollars...i dont get it. he should be a very very wanted man. but he is here, living in condos accross from...what, a k-6 all-boys catholic school. actually, the only one in the province. how about that? sick bas+ard.

So he has been living here for the past few months. I know a niece of his(by marriage), and I know a girl who's best friend is his god-daughter. So i have uncovered a few other things, like where he hangs out. I would like to see justice but am unsure of how to procede...

anyways, that's a conspiracy for, for my questions...

1. Who were Wolfgang Stolzenberg and Karsten von Wersebe? I mean, who were they REALLY. and did they act alone, or was this part of something larger? were they covert agents for the knights of malta or some other catholic organization?

2. Is it just me or is it EXTREMELY coincidental that once those guys got busted and then just *POOF* disappeared before the cops could catch them, once that happened and their scene was uncovered and the triumph hotel(mondo condo) became unsolvent and went up for sale, that just like that ron kelly becomes involved in the CCWIPP and it is the first property he buys through them? not only is it really coincidental that two of the largest frauds in canadian history both were involved in the same building? and that their process of refinancing the hotel and running it into the gground leaving no paper trail behind were almost identical. both times the properties ended up with liens of around half a million dollars when they went solvent. is it just me or could these two scams be connected on a much higher level of economic piracy?

3. Was father Kelly really just a bored mixed up drunk who sexually molested some boys and then sobered up and was never a molester again? or is he stil a pedophile? what about the reports from neighbors of a steady stream of young boys coming to and fro from his panamanian estate? were the ten counts he plead guilty to in 1979 his only offences or is that just the tip of the iceberg?

4. If this is all connected, was kelly groomed by the catholic church to take on a roll as an economic hit man?

5. Where did all that money go? Did this go to the church, the cia, the illuminati? who knows...the trail seems to be impossible to follow for very long.

6. isnt it funny that after kelly ran off, the hotel was sold to someone with MOB ties?

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 03:45 PM
7. was this all a cover for a child prostitution ring? did it hae to with monarch type programming? sex slaves for the elite?

8. why did Brian Mulrooney pardon a pedophile priest who plead guilty on 10 counts of sexual assault against a minor and who never did any time for that crime? what did he have to gain from that?

9. who is this guy editing the whole mondo condo wikipedia entry down to next-to-nothing? he 1984'd the whole article! I've heard of this before, when a guy was making an entry on some sort of pseudo science, and someone else kept going in and deleting his stuff and re-editing it, and they had a back and forth edit war going for a while, and the guy didnt understand who this was, or why they were putting so much time into discrediting this science and making it disappear. i remember him thinking that it was someone getting paid to do so. so who is this achille guy? why'd he delete all the meat of the article? why is his page all in latin? is he an agent of the church or some other private organisation?

in closing i'd like to say thanks for reading up to here. sorry for the length of the quotes and the format, i was unshure how to do that. there was no other link i could find with the information on mondo condo outlining it's early history so i decided to just copy the whole chunk. this is my first post, so please dont hate me! also, if anyone has any other information regarding this, please message it to me or post it in this thread....this whol thing could totally use it's own thread at some point too...maybe when MFD(members for democracy) release that e-book detailing all the union backdoor nonesense...

have a nice day!

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:30 PM
reply to post by St-Patrick
We have the Seymour-Capilano water filtration plant in North Vancouver. It does seem to be some sort of underground base and not just an 'water filtration plant' although it would be VERY convenient for it to double as one!

The tunnels are located 180 metres underground. The filtration plant is expected to open in 2009, at an expected cost of $600 million.

For full specs go here

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 09:42 PM
reply to post by dethroner

Here is your translation it's super weird :s

Translations: Crime and Magnis When not in now and he is avenging upon to crime as he is up to Magnis and mouse But not magna parturient and mid spotless and good urn word word crime, and When! Some Seneschal to hate mass bow bow sagittis parturient word rich urn, When PID first race in Principle Some facetious, rhoncus unseemly and in fact Habitare Some crime Duisburg! A good hollow, this side habitat, rich Seneschal, now Seneschal! Mons, consequently unseemly fellowship dia? Carry magna tincidunt! Fellowship eros bed is spotless and when to word hate crime nascetur easy, But upon? Some Duisburg upon pellentesque, tincidunt urn is He Is When Tomorrow When upon VUT amet parturient pellentesque sagittis lundium to hate? Good Word to make sad upon bow porttitor spotless! First Principle Augustus pellentesque a hollow. Transitory facetious magna sagittis.Penatibus to race Habitare eneus amet, mauris amet not to hate tomorrow, he is most worthy consequently fellowship amet ultricies to? To please when to please When tincidunt, and not to come up to Some if not to please Some facetious. A and VUT, Mons First Principle and, or good at VUT whole natoque now? Is now. Magna and pid! Elit! Some urn unseemly! Eros fellowship, or dove dove to hate crime facetious Seneschal Magnis rhoncus nascetur nascetur First Principle, When carry, he is spotless diam porttitor mid upon pain and, or to please VUT now! Lundium or First Principle parturient good! Upon elit amet, now and or pain to come up to phasellus pellentesque First Principle Magnis whole good, in fact? If not, elit. Mattis if not crime? Spotless phasellus bed, street fellowship VUT Transitory ame

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 09:57 PM
wow dethroner
looks like you have worked pretty hard on this
off the top I know the pedofiles are EVERY WHERE
it is one of those crimes that make a club and those in the club
have the goods on each other and have the goods on some one who has the goods,,,
that is while they call it the goods.
mulroney signed the free trade that opened the door for the SPP

there was a thread the other day about an Aipac dude who is a child molester, and Aipac has the best money that government can buy...

but wow on your assembly

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:00 PM
reply to post by dethroner

good read as well, I have never head of that man, but I have heard many horror story's along those lines, I don't like that subject and think it's disgusting people can do those things to take away a child's innocents and as well the fraud he was part of sooo creepy. I remember hearing about a story that took place in London with missing children an pedophilia rings

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 10:03 PM
reply to post by star in a jar

Don't know what to make of that but those are interesting pics...
after the molsons brewery pot factory turned out to be connected to major corporate sponsers
anything is possible

Id like to think sensi or Kokanee....those are suds right?

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 08:30 AM
The spraying of Agent Orange at CFB Gagetown by our government and the Americans is a good one folks. The cover up and stalling involved with this is absolutely disgusting. Our government has treated our vets and the locals around Gagetown with utter disdain.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 08:50 AM
reply to post by star in a jar

WoW !

That is an impressive underground structure.
Quote from your post: "expected cost of $600 million". I would bet my shirt that construction cost exceeded $600 millions.

posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 08:55 AM
Can we put the G8 and G20 summits budget in the category of Canadian conspiracies ?

It seem to me that us Canadian have been lied to by Stephen "W" Harper.

It would be interesting to see what company they choose to construct the interior lake in Toronto.

On a different note, last night on CBC news, they talk about a possible alliance between the Libs and the NDP. They said the new party would be call the Liberal NDP party, like they have in UK.

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posted on Jun, 9 2010 @ 10:38 AM

Originally posted by St-Patrick
Can we put the G8 and G20 summits budget in the category of Canadian conspiracies ?
It seem to me that us Canadian have been lied to by Stephen "W" Harper.
It would be interesting to see what company they choose to construct the interior lake in Toronto.
On a different note, last night on CBC news, they talk about a possible alliance between the Libs and the NDP. They said the new party would be call the Liberal NDP party, like they have in UK.

[edit on 9-6-2010 by St-Patrick]

Isn't that just the stupidest thing ever? They are building the indoor fake lake in a province that has tons of lakes. Don't forget the special bathrooms, and the gazebo. Over a Billion dollars in security costs. He is just trying to show off that Canada still has money, when everyone else's country is financially suffering, but we sure don't have that kind of money to burn. It shows we are paying waaaayy too much in taxes.

posted on Dec, 17 2010 @ 05:17 PM
This is an old thread, but my conspiracy is older still.

The diocese of Peterborough Ontario has been covering up for more than a hundred years that its Bishop Richard Alphonsus O'Connor was known to like young boys, with the complicity of the Vatican. He was known to lend them out to family members as well. He had an nice source in the home child scheme, where he seems to have found youths whom had no other protectors than the Church.

Since Richard Alphonsus O'Connor appears to be related to more recent pedophile priests and Bishops, they have an ongoing reason to plow it under.

He was Bishop in Peterborough from 1898 to 1913. So those who think that the abuse scandal goes "back to the 80s" may want to revise their estimates back to "1880s."
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