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What is your take on "The end of the world"

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posted on Jun, 15 2010 @ 08:21 PM

Originally posted by Bkrmn
It's my belief that the only thing coming to an end in 2012 is the Mayan calendar. I am concerned however that due to the millions of folk worldwide who are expecting a major disaster of sorts, t.p.t.b. will put into operation a false flag event that will take away the last of our freedoms under the rule of a newly formed one world government. Perhaps using holograph technology in combination with back engineered E.T. craft to simulate an alien invasion, for instance.

E.T's aren't gonna happen in holographic. Come on where are you getting this info? Project Green Martian? If anything they may indeed use it in a end time scenerio, but this is highly doubtful. Why?

Here are the reasons.

It will create more chaos. More cons will show through the world than pros. Obviously. It can't happen for that reason. THe people will over take the government if they were to do it. That is why it will not happen. Now, here is the question. How are you to know the difference between God's real apoclypse vs fake holographic. How are you to decipher what a real alien pic looks like vs photoshop. How are you to believe any paranormal activity vs fake paranormal acitivity. That is of faith and belief.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 02:04 AM
The earth lines up with galactic center. I studied the Mayan calendar a number of years back. From what I understand is that those of us who are open to new ideas or "enlightenment" will ascend to a higher spiritual plane. Those that are closed minded are going to die spiritually.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:00 AM

Originally posted by alonzo730
The earth lines up with galactic center. I studied the Mayan calendar a number of years back. From what I understand is that those of us who are open to new ideas or "enlightenment" will ascend to a higher spiritual plane. Those that are closed minded are going to die spiritually.

Riiight ...

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:31 AM
What's my take? Well, if you want my initial response to the question it would be to ask you in what context is the question. Are we talking the end for human life the end of biological life or essentially the complete destruction of earth as a host of natural form as it is?

I'm digressing. My personal belief is that as long as man as had conscience and ability of independent thought above instinct, there has been the collective human thought of an end of world scenario so I dare suggest that any recent doomsday predications or ancient prophecies thereof are anything more than theories triggered by our own understanding of both science and our imgination.

Experiences of naturally occuring disasters are often good sources to help us harness our thoughts of how magnificant in power mother earth and the universe in general can be which ultimately gives way to all manner of possibilities.

Because of our nature as Homo-sapiens we are a colonist race, a consuming race, but with advancement in technology and science and further understanding of the more natural powers and laws surrounding us in our everyday lives, I personally think we might, as a speicies, evolve exponentially and colonise other neighbouring star-systems.

Far-fetched? Perhaps. There's also strong evidence to suggest that naturally occuring disasters on earth have reduced human civilisations to nothing more than relic and ruins, but I also consider that our earth was populated significantly less than it is now and our reaches of territory to survive have taken us beyond those original settlements that were exposed to greater natural events such as flooding, volanoes, earthquakes etc.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:46 AM
Facts? What are the Facts for the End-Of-The-World? Facts, NOT crap!

2012 - One split second later the whole of the Earth will suddenly end?

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:52 AM

Originally posted by alonzo730
The earth lines up with galactic center. I studied the Mayan calendar a number of years back. From what I understand is that those of us who are open to new ideas or "enlightenment" will ascend to a higher spiritual plane. Those that are closed minded are going to die spiritually.

Hello alonzo...

Just thought I would share a thread I made recently, about the Galactic Alignment, already has happened.

It takes years to move all the way through the bulge of the center alignment, but the center point of the alignment, the most precise point of it, happened in 1998. Read the thread if you want to know more. People that are awaiting ascension usually wont confess to stuff like this, its a denial thing.

Plus, Im just going to add something, for your benefit, but only take what resonates with you.

A while back I studied deeply everything that was out there. I have had very bizarre experiences, enough to the point that as crazy as it may sound to some, I feel my son and I have had some sort of a convergence with a light body of a higher self. It was something that could be 'seen'. My sons happened at age 5, mine happened a couple years ago, after I had made a certain choice.

Before my 'choice'....ascension was part of my study. I had talked with some pretty big wiggs of the 'Law of One' and conversed alot of things with them. What I found though, even though alot of different material had great info in it, the people that use the material, treated it somewhat like religions treat their books, very literal, without much understanding and reasoning of their own.

I will be blunt. I now do not think that all these great souls came here to 'ascend'. Ascension happened during the 'in between' must experience death to ascend. There can be 'convergence' with your body complex, possibly changing some vibrations to DNA ect...but this is still very subtle. Hardly noticed. These king of changes will be noticed, far in the future though....of the species.

You do not have to incarnate, for ascension. Actually, you must experience death, for it. So why would all of these great souls, come to just die and then ascend?>

Reading material can help us alot. But there is a secret to the Universe, and it does not sway. Everything comes with distortion. The reason for simple. We are NOT NOT NOT supposed to be just given the answers. We are to find understanding, on a personal journey. It is not about following others....we can learn things from this, but ultimately, we have to have a path of seeking, a quiet path of seeking, by ourselves.

The ones seeking ascension, are going to see how this idea was just another marker for the soul to weigh it and measure it, similar to what the belief in self salvation does to the soul. It shows the soul/spirit complex, they have chosen a path of self, therefor, still must learn of the self.

The idea of a 'home' to go to is not different then the idea of a 'heaven' to go to. It is another marker, to sift and weigh the soul. You may go on, learning about the 'self' for a while....but you will have to look back at some point, for you can only progress so far on the path of self. You will see something is missing, and that is all the other selves you left that are still left for your own sake. You will have to abandon the path of self, you will come back to a 3d experience, you will come back, to make a choice according to your inner nature.

That is what has happened, why so many are here now...they were on the path of self...had to abandon that...had to come back here...and will make a choice. To be of service to ther self Again.....or to brake the link, and find the understanding, of what true service to others means.

Service to others, does not mean, while in this life, you do for others. Not when your choice is to ascend and leave, for the self. Service to others, means, you offer your soul/spirit back to the ALL, the God, the Monad, the Universal need, to be of service. You understand that to move forward, as a whole unit, there has to be offerings. This was how all existence started, was of a offering of self, the Holy Spirit. Cycles....are a key.

The delusions have been layed...they are....that there is a home somewhere that allows you much for love, and allows you to pretty much do what ever you want. Another is, that you can actually have pure love when there are still other selves of you suffering that you left behind. Another is..that ascension is something that will happen while alive, suddenly, just paradise will be there at your fingertips. Another is, that if you are living your life now, and doing alot of things for other people, having great empathy for them, trying to help them...that you are likely at least 51% service to others and this is what it takes to ascend. Ascension a path of self. So the path of self, the desire for this, knocks out the 51% of deeds you did while here. Your inner nature was not for others all along, you were doing it to reach ascension, reward for your own self.

Now this may be what you are in need of...but I caution some, for it was not what I found on my personal path what I needed. I did not want to go on to another place starting all over with a bunch of others restarting, the path of self. I would rather stay here where many thousands of years has already progressed. I have chose to stay, not go. I have chose to not care about the self part of this and offered myself back to the Universal cycle for what it all finds need of me. The things that happened, after I made my choice, I will keep to myself. For like all precious pearls, it does no good to just throw them out there when there is no understanding of their worth.

My wrap up to you....this 'moment' in time has been ongoing for a while now. I think it really began somewhere around 1980....and we will exit the bulge somewhere around 2017-2018. It is happening right now. The open gate of the soul, for the choice. The choice will be what their nature is weigh on.

There are other things to back this up, we are only half way through the great year here. If it started in Leo, with the Sphinx as that sign, we are only at a half way point then. We have another 13,000 years to go, as a species. The purpose of Earth, and its people, is unity and harmony, just like anything of nature seeks. We have came on the down side of the clock....the past 13,000 years....its time for the upside now. As I said the other day elsewhere....its time for souls to find that second wind....

I discovered on my own path, I cant leave any other selves behind, why would I do that....for me? Why? Cause I want peace, cause I want rest, ? But how can I rest, knowing all my other selves are still suffering through learning here? So my personal path was realizing, I have no real desire to go anywhere....I offer myself back to Earth, to try to make it the gem that the highest visions hold for it.

Just my take, I only share, not judge. If you have personal understanding of this 'ascension'....then by all means, follow what you are in need of.

All my best

I almost for got a very important point, which shows you have little understanding of the Spirit of one dies, spiritually. This is very important to understand.....the spirit within you, me, and what is immortal. You still see yourself very much as a individual....this is a illusion. We are one.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:53 AM
Welllll my take on this is similar to what I hear jack Van Impe quoting the bible would say. Earth (the planet) is indeed a world without end. But one must also consider that the bible also predicts that it is reserved unto a firery judgement. What does that mean, you might ask? Let me go to the back of the book and explain that Satan will indeed deceive mankind into going where no man has gone before. The next generation (not this group, they're about to get their butts kicked) of freemason, illuminatis, whatever will indeed complete the tower of Bable and from this machine be able to find the center of the universe, triangulate to where heavens gatet is and fold space (Dune) and arrive at the wedding (Jesus and the church) as wedding crashers. God hears the knock on the door comes downstairs and answers. They (the Devil and whoever) reply that they are here with their army and want in. God ask them if they have an invitation (R.S.V.P.)and they respond in the negative. God then ask them if they have wedding clothes, and they look at their filthy rags they're wearing and again negatory. Then God states that they cannot get in and to go back to that which they have destroyed (which is the earth) and turned into a planet of molten lava, fire and brimstone forever. The moral of the story is: If you make a big mess of things your punishment may be that you get to live in that mess (for all eternity)

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 07:53 AM
Most people are like the guy on the right side, - and he will fall for sure!
Because he didn't see the sign(s).

It's so clear, the end is near - blind or not! And the best, it's not worst, it's greate. A new chance will be given to the next human race, we did it.....bad.

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 12:09 PM
I have a strong inclination that humans are not made for space voyages. unlike maybe grays or others

posted on Jun, 16 2010 @ 03:40 PM

Originally posted by alonzo730
The earth lines up with galactic center. I studied the Mayan calendar a number of years back. From what I understand is that those of us who are open to new ideas or "enlightenment" will ascend to a higher spiritual plane. Those that are closed minded are going to die spiritually.

This alignment happens every year on December 21st. The fact that the Mayans knew this is what gives me shivers. Also the idea of dying spiritually can be open to interpretation ..

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 11:52 AM
My money is on when the sun goes red giant and bbqs the planet.

As far as 2012I think something will happen. And big. Obama gets the boot. It will change the face of the country and the world, for the better. And all this Planet X, Nibiru, Sloar flare, Annukai crap will take a well deserved hiatus.

posted on Jun, 17 2010 @ 08:44 PM
reply to post by Jinra

The idea that there is a galaxy is a modern notion. I don't believe that the Mayan knew about galaxies or that they would have known about our galaxy's center. Do you have any evidence to support the notion that any ancient civilizations knew about galaxies?

posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 07:44 PM
reply to post by stereologist

Dude - you seem to be massively keen on debunking anything and everything...???

Now please don't get me wrong - science is way cool, and I too dig the way we can experiment, gather evidence, analyse evidence, form conclusions, archive & share results, get feedback, replicate results & obtain verification, submit for use in projects that benefit mankind (or make us a load of money) and whatnot. It's well worth knowing a lot about science, and scientists are generally a great bunch of people, who we couldn't afford to be without.

The Mayans lived in an age where things were a bit different. Evidence can be hard to come by. Some things have to be worked out according to the analysis of probabilities, making educated guesses based on known parameters and environmental factors, weighing up whether systems are open or closed, and what that means for how things happen/happened (or might happen/ have happened).

So, my point is; when the ideal form of evidence isn't there, we can't state things as fact. However; that's not to say that things are outside the boundaries of possibility. We can take a look at what's there, get a rough idea, and weigh up the possibilities. The most 'rational' solution isn't always the actual solution. Take quantum theories for example. How well are they working out for our locked-tight, buttoned-down scientific preferences....? Those at the forefront find themselves adapting quite fast to the challenge of remarkable, unexpected and sometimes wildly bizarre phenomena.

In a universe where chaos seems to hold the reins, chaotic and 'unlikely'/discomforting results may come about from time to time. Either that, or we may ultimately discover that things aren't quite as chaotic as they first appear....

PS - The above are all opinions, and you don't have to agree with me. I expect you won't. However, I hope you might recognise that neither one of us can say anything about the ancient past without sharing the high probability that we are wrong about some, many, most or all of the details.

PPS - Please don't reply with a 'Flying Spaghetti Monster' comment.


posted on Jun, 18 2010 @ 10:08 PM
reply to post by coredrill

I think Watermama watched a lot of the "2012" movie.

I actually watched the whole thing.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 11:41 AM
reply to post by NoahTheSumerian

I made the statement that I do not believe that the Mayans knew about galaxies. I asked for anyone to offer any evidence that the ancients knew of galaxies. You did not offer any evidence that any ancient culture knew about galaxies.

I'm not into debunking anything and everything. I am into following the line of evidence. As you correct point out there are interesting things to learn about. Some results can be unexpected. Other things we know quite well. We can stick with those and move forward. Why toss in baloney when the actual universe is so much more interesting?

The idea of galaxies is a modern concept. The Mayans had no prediction associated with the end of the Haab calendar, which may be coming up in 2012. There are other ideas on how their calendars and ours matches up. The only prediction I could find associated with a Mayan calendar is one in which there might be a shortage of corn and squash. It has been pointed out to me that if there is a large corn failure we may end up eating more barley and reduce the available beer making for a consciousness altering event in 2012. That's a prediction based on a prediction that only time can reveal.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 12:23 PM
reply to post by NoahTheSumerian

Ide just like to say make any assumptions about the probabilities about the past, surely we start with something to go on.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 12:30 PM
reply to post by stereologist

They might not of known about galaxies, I agree here very much...but it does seem to show something in that they believed in this 'dark rift' 'central sun'....and seemed to of known what direction this was in and when our sun seems to line up with it.

Course what people say today, I think its much misinterpreted. I think the peak of this alignment happened in 1998, I have a thread on it. If the Mayans were trying to talk about when the 'center point ' of the aligning with the bulge happens, either they were a few years off or we are a few years off of understanding their calendar and its start date. We have already passed the 'center point' of the alignment.

I think...there is evidence, that they were highly concerned with the direction of the center of the galaxy, course that is just our own galaxy....and does not include others beyond ours.

It does impress me though, that they would not only know there was a center that we and our sun revolve around....but know the direction in the sky of this point.

Feel free to correct anything I misunderstand, anyone.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 12:41 PM
reply to post by Jordan River

the end of the world if your talking about 2012 which i'm going to assue you are! is not the end of the world physically there 2 things that could happen!

scenario 1. the gods could wipe us out we are nothing but a plague on this earth that run around and scream me and kill eachother over things so petty if i were any more intelligent then i already am i would devise a way to wipe us out...we are me monsters dont believe me look at our beliefs we believe we are the only life on earth(some of us) we have believed we were the center of the galaxy except for ancient man...we have believed the sun revolves around us..

we have believed that we could be the only intelligent life in an infinite universe we kill our own planet and dont really care do we care to an exten yeah but whats anyone really doing to stop it...nothing because everytime someone has come up with inventions or technology to better our lives the gov. and the oil companies put a stop to it!

i would say the gods are gettin pretty annoyed!

scenario 2. the world wont end and we wont all die out but the way we live now will end the world as we know it today will cease to exist and why? because the gods are returning before there ever was a bible or christianity the return of the gods was promised and told

they will return and when they do many people will feel pretty dumb for not realising that there precious god was many gods and is flesh and blood alien why do you think the return is described as being somewhat traumatic...for those that have there eyes open and are not naieve were already prepared for it but for the sheep it will be hard to swallow and may even cause mental break downs!

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 01:09 PM
reply to post by metalholic

If aliens are our makers as physical beings...they are not our gods. They only offered the bodies of flesh...they are not the offerors of the Spirit, which gives life, which is within all life. They are not gods, but have only passed on the Spirit of life in another form of flesh.

Our highest self, God, is Spirit....not flesh.

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 01:16 PM
reply to post by LeoVirgo

god is the unseen force known as nature nature is why there i slife on this planet it drives this planet it drives life!!!!

if life is here and nature is the force then life somehwere else must be driven by nature aswell! so therefore nature is god! at any given time nature can whip up a natural disaster and kill so thererfore nature is also death!

there is no god that created himself or was not created! everything is infinite so if there is a god...then god has a god checks and balances is a law of the universe! the gods are aliens that came from the heavens which is the sky and the gods created us to worship them but even the gods must have gods or a god!

this is where nature comes in no matter where there is life there is going to be nature!

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