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Please help, very confused. Jesus...feels scary? My twin involved...

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posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 02:02 PM
reply to post by pause4thought

Generally agree with your comment; however, there is an exception. God permits certain people to be tempted/tested, so as to be 'refined in the fire of affliction'. Consider Job. He went through Hell, and ultimately was found righteous due to his (eventual) correct perception of God.

I sometimes wonder how much of the Bible is supposed to be understood as a divine revelation of meaning through the language of metaphor... On the flip-side, there are a remarkable number of historical facts that have been corroborated from the scriptures as archaeological discoveries were made over the past hundred years or so....

OP - If you find yourself being attacked when thinking of Christ; perhaps He's lining you up for a ministry of deliverance, casting devils out of tormented people? That is real btw - have been involved myself. Terrifying, but achievable. You CAN overcome the fear of demonic entities, through mature faith in Christ, and this will lead you into a clear position from which you can launch an assault against Satan (as part of a strong team within the Church, under His protection). Be careful though; people can't go it alone against Satan and survive unscathed (physically or spiritually). Seek counselling from a church that believes in deliverance ministry, and which has a mature understanding of the aftercare required by both deliverance ministers and those who receive deliverance.

Hope this helps,


posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 04:50 PM
reply to post by NoahTheSumerian

Hi. I believe your opening comments were in response to what I said here:

Evil entities —call them what you will— are real, but only able to trouble people overtly when effectively invited onto the scene.

The inclusion of the word overtly is very deliberate: I was referring specifically to the type of interference indicated in the OP. (Serious biblical reasoning lies behind this, but I don't want to go off topic.)

I actually agree with your response other than in such very specific circumstances (where some kind of direct demonic presence may be manifested), which I see as wholly different from behind-the-scenes activity, as in the case of Job (and the hum-drum of everyday life).

Regarding the other aspects of your post it ought to be said that asking for 'expert' help is not necessarily the course of action advised by all who believe and follow the Scriptures. My recommended course of action would be centred around encouraging the person going through such fearful experiences to call out directly to Jesus Christ. He is well able to bring protection and astonishing peace in the midst of any onslaught!

—Again, there are Scriptural reasons for preferring this course of action, and I rather suspect if you think it through biblically you'll appreciate where I'm coming from (though I'm reluctant to get drawn into the detail in this context).

posted on Jun, 19 2010 @ 05:41 PM
reply to post by pause4thought

I understand your perspective, and I'm not saying don't call out for protection. What I am saying is that if the OP is being prepared for a specific ministry, that he/she would do well to seek people experienced in the deliverance processes.

Let's not start a debate about the validity or merit of different sections of scripture, as that is totally counter-productive. The OP did not 'invite' the attention - he/she was acting according to their best understanding at the time.

OP - Seriously; get some guidance re: the possibility of ministry (assuming you're by this stage committed to Christ) - but as per both myself and Pause4Thought, DO call on the name of Christ. All authority in the heavens and on Earth is His.


posted on Aug, 9 2010 @ 04:15 AM
yes jesus does feel kind of scary at first ive had my own incounters in dreams and real life if you believe in some or most or all of the bible it describes god as being all powerful and having a large deep booming voice like thunder if you have read your bible you would know that the bible says if any mear man were to lay eyes on the lord god in his or her true form that you would be stricken blind ive had dreams where jesus himself who was siad to be the lord god in human form lead me through hell show me what heaven could be like and ive had a really strang dream before where i was sitting in peer darkness exept something that i can only compair to a spot light being on me and me alone i could see nothing around me but darkness and this light on me coming from god only knows whare and i heard a booming voice from the dark simply say god wants to talk to you at that point i was scared awake when i was awake i noticed one thing i had rolled off the couch i was asleep on and i was on my knees crying as if i had just prayed it was both scary and comforting at the same time like all my worries were just suddenly gone plus ive had other dreams of demons and me as an angel fighting in the end of days but thats for others stories that i feel to be right and true to fear god is good but dont let it scare you if the lord is contacting you he has work for you embrace it.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 10:31 PM
reply to post by mishmallow8

Well i think that when you were opening your mind and letting your guard down 'something' could of made its way to you. Just b/c you are wanting to connect with something a bit nicer does not mean you will get something nice.
I suppose you can compare it to chat roulette. You want to talk to someone attractive and not creepy, but instead you get some 40 year old perv whacking off.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 10:42 PM

Originally posted by gimme_some_truth
reply to post by theuhstuf

While I do very much despise the leaders at the top of the religion, as they have corrupted the religion and made it about something that it should not be, which is control..... This is clearly what the OP is not referring to, after all, the leaders at the top, are mere people.... Incapable of manifesting themselve in some ones room like that

The impression I got from reading the OP was that they were saying, when they think about Jesus, an actual "evil entity" enters the room...Not a person....

I am a bit of skeptic about demons and evil entities even though I have had an experience with something VERY unfriendly being in my room years ago too...

Allow me to play Devil's advocate ( No pun intended). So perhaps what you have is a demon/evil spirit that is trying to corrupt your thoughts of Jesus. Maybe that is why it steps into the picture when you start thinking about Jesus?

Perhaps it's goal is to turn you away from religion, from God.... Just throwing that thought out there. Do with it as you will.

Happens to me too when I want to pray or have good thoughts. (all of the time).

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 11:36 PM

Originally posted by theuhstuf
the people that use jesus in this world are evil! it is all just a plan to control you, started about 6000 years ago. If you submit to him, you are giving your energies to evil.

I have to quote you and chime in too, I have felt seen the evil of the Jesus people, in my little town we are surrounding by them. This summer some pretty nice people down the road took or boys, aged 9 and 12 to a church camp not too far away from our house. They were gone for 5 days and nights. When the got back the little one, basically an old man in a little boy's body, tells me they (church people) are a bunch of "crazy loons," his words. The older one though, he suffers from PTS and is Bi-Polar, he took it to heart. That boy has tuned as black as coal. He tells his Mom, my wife, that his real Mom is the woman down the street, the "Christian Mom he does not have at home. He tells us all that we are going to hell, and that no matter what he does, or says, Jesus will save him while damming all of us to a lake of fire. Now I must confess I did not think these people were so fanatic, but he is even telling my wife she really needs a younger, Christian man instead of me. I am 25 years her senior.
Then the little one told us while at camp that had "eaten Jesus' flesh and drank his blood, " again, his 9 year old words, and wanted to know what would happen now that he had done this. I didn't break it to him he had taken a blood oath, but he has bad dreams now, and claims some man is watching him, a dark man who wants to hurt him.

We have been slowly deprogramming the older one, and the going is rough. These cultist fundamentalists have nearly ruined what was never a stable mind in the first place.
I have come to believe that the ones praising and giving worship to, calling the name "Jesus" are actually giving power to something else, something very sinister in nature. Something quite Dragon like to me, anyway. I know Christians will not like what I said here, but people need to know. You can have Freedom, or you can have Religion. You cannot have both.

posted on Aug, 12 2010 @ 11:49 PM
Perhaps you are scaring yourself with the whole thing. Your subconscious may be putting walls up to cause you to fear. A great man once said, "When you're afraid to fall, you fall because you're afraid. Think about it bro!

Then again, jesus might be out to get you.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 12:23 AM
I find it funny how all of you are saying how peaceful "God" and "Jesus" are. I don't see the peacefuliness in telling the very being you created that if you don't worshipp me that you will forever burn in hell. What's the difference between him and hilter? If you don't follow God you will be tortured and if you didn't follow hilter then you were tortured. I see now why Lucifer rebeled.

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 01:07 AM

Originally posted by Alien Mind
I find it funny how all of you are saying how peaceful "God" and "Jesus" are. I don't see the peacefuliness in telling the very being you created that if you don't worshipp me that you will forever burn in hell. What's the difference between him and hilter? If you don't follow God you will be tortured and if you didn't follow hilter then you were tortured. I see now why Lucifer rebeled.

the difference is that a lot of organizations profit from Jesus, so, its never going to end

humans = $$¨&%$#

I am not saying nothing higher exists in another dimension, but I really think people should read more and study more before accepting ONE book as the holy truth

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 10:30 AM

Originally posted by Alien Mind
I see now why Lucifer rebeled.

I too can see that. Any deity with that much blood on his hands is no God of mine. The Gods of the bible are most likely Annunaki anyway, Marduk and his crew wanting to run the world, sound familiar?

the difference is that a lot of organizations profit from Jesus, so, its never going to end

humans = $$¨&%$#

I am not saying nothing higher exists in another dimension, but I really think people should read more and study more before accepting ONE book as the holy truth

I agree, it is a vicious circle, isn't it? We have two factions, two opposing religions who hate even the thought of each other. Christianity and Islam. Each says the other is Devil worship, or the Great Satan incarnate, they blow each other up, hurl insults at each other, and pray for the other side to die. Each side is fuelled by money, and at the very top the Illuminati (Bankers) sit gloating, funding both sides and grinning when one does something to the other. Whomever wins, the Bankers always win.
Sound about right? So in my considered opinion, as long as one exists, the other must exist for a balance. Neither one can come to grips with the fact that the majority of us humans do not want a world run my a religion, any religion. We like things [government] to be secular. What could be a good thing is if both the Christian God and the Muslim God would just come and collect their own, and leave the rest of us in peace. Or give them a planet where they can fight it out among themselves. What thinks you?

posted on Aug, 13 2010 @ 10:44 AM
reply to post by mishmallow8

Please read what I wrote John_Q_Llama on the second page of his post

posted on Sep, 3 2010 @ 02:32 AM
Alright...I don’t know where to even start....
so dealing with this "rape" thing (luckily Kris was there so she knows its bs and the girls friend has stood up for me so all hope is not lost just my entire life is screwed up)

I'm sitting in my bay and this guy Josh D. in there has started a bible study and invites me and I go. He also gives me this book about Saul of Tarus (aka Paul) which I have always loved his story, he kills Christians for a living but God turns him around on the road to Damascus and makes him into an amazing man, but Paul still suffers some suffering in Christ name to make up for it.

So I’m on fire feeling good missing the God I served back in high school and everything when I was stronger in faith (never stopping believing in God just doubts here and there.

So next I pick up from the library this Book "Holy Blood Holy Grail" and it’s from 70 ish and is where most the research that the Divinchi Code and things like that are based on.

They have also of fun tracking the "holy grail" and make several connections that are major... including huge discoveries like tracking the Priority of Sion on through time and getting close enough to them to get an interview.

Guess the biggest things to mention here are the fact that they reference everything and use the original documents when available.
The far out part is a theory Jesus didn’t die on the cross but may have had someone stand in for him (ill get to why it would be important later)
And that a bishop actually contacted them and told them they had no idea how close to the truth they are.

Now they people that connect into the holy grail legends following it as closely as possible are either 1) DESTROYED BY THE CHURCH i.e. Templar, Cathars etc 2) They tell the church what they want to do like a man in 1942 who built a cathedral out of his pocket and when they revoked him a priest he said no and they put him back there.

The big part about these people that get close or are on the list for leaders of the Priority of Sion happen to do really strange things i.e. make stations of the cross showing Jesus’ body being moved after dark (remember that would be the sabit he was already barried by then) or they show a painting of Jesus hanging on the cross and they don’t show his face with a "dark figure in the shadows"

This combined with the references and that I know the pope has a library where they keep things too dangerous for Christianity. I'll start my study chronologically with the gospel of Mark. And try to hit all my thoughts theory and facts and make the difference between the three very clear so you know where I make logic jumps. And a quote
Pope Leo X 1513-1521
"It has served us well this myth of Christ"

Mark completed around 70AD and brought to the library of Alexandria with Paul letters. Two big NOs here is that there is no genealogy for Jesus, Christian scholars argue this is because people did not do bibliographies like they do now back then BUT if you remember Jesus being from the blood line of David was a requirement for him to be the Messiah so IT HAS TO BE THERE. And Jews kept that record more important than anything.
Second is Pope Clement still has a surviving letter where a member of a church had asked about a part missing from Mark. The pope responded to the Bishop saying basically they don’t need the whole truth and then quotes the removed part. It is the resurrection of Lazarus. You can still find him in mark when Jesus is taken away, he is the man in the loin cloth Jesus had him wear that and took to teaching him. The even bigger deal is that Lazarus wasn’t dead. He cries out from the tomb and this implies more of a symbolic death such as baptism
Which then makes The gospel of John make more since when the disciples claim to want to die like him?

For now we move onto Matthew which many people see has a copy of mark since it shares many of the same stories teachings etc but with someone’s added views the genealogy and the birth (I say someone because remember they are ALL actually annomus)
The first thing that sticks out is the Massacre of the innocents. There is no historical or arcyological evidence to show that this ever happened. Now in anything other than Christianity that is evidence. If I say WWIII happened you would prove it didn’t how? And Harrods chronologicers kept details of his every move we even know this guys family problems and how he died but no one wrote down he killed a bunch of babies? We know Jews hated him cause he put a roman eagle on the temple he built for them but no one can find a mass baby grave?

Next if you compare the genealogy with that of Luke we see that it is different. Now scholars say one if most likely a legal one and the other blood but both eventually meeting back at David. We know Jewish custom makes an adopted son more than a blood one because you “choose” him after he was a man. So the only one that matters is that one that’s legal unless the person has a major connection the other way also in which neither can be dismissed and therefore both gospels should have both or the same one.

John if you will notice is completely different style and writing completed aprox 90AD
Now after it was pointed out I have decided Lazarus was the writer mostly due to the theory of Jesus marrying his Sister Mary and that it contains intimate information that someone of a close family bond would partake of i.e. the leaning on Jesus as the last supper, the mother of Jesus becoming his mother at the cross and the subtle change of prospective when the story of Lazarus starts…it seems like the author is no longer there.

(but if Jesus was married they would have told us!!! The wedding of Cana, it was a common custom for the bride and groom to be anonymous and you will notice Jesus, the disciples and his mother are all there, the slaves take orders from Jesus and his mother AND his mother seems to be the one dealing with making everything work.
But Jesus wouldn’t have servants he was a poor carpenter, the same word in Greek can also mean scholar which then would make sense why Jesus says his time has not yet come, rabbi’s could not teach until married….and don’t forget during that time no wife no kids = homo)

No ignoring the conflict of Jesus himself “turn the other check” and “I come not to bring peace but a sword”
We know when multiple people tell a story there should be between 10-40% differences. Which the gospels DO HAVE but there 10-40% difference is in the events or where the speeches were given. Episodic memory writes without trying, you won’t remember my exact words but you’ll remember more likely where you sat as you read them. Find in Matthew the sermon on the mount and compare to the other gospels. This suggest highly that people were using a common source of quotes (turns out this is a theory called “q” for quelle its Russian) And then pasting them into places where it seemed to fit.
Also the gospels lack the custom feel. Luke if he wrote it would write what he knew he was a doctor miracles of healing would probably hit him the biggest while the fishermen would find the loafs and nets full miracles more personal. Each gospel is a random mix of them.

Then finally the big part that holds it all together…Jesus hung on the cross…
(honestly this is where I wished at some point I would have stopped…stopped praying for wisdom, for more truth to be revealed and just left it alone)

Jesus is taken to Pilate because the Jews cannot by law put him to death…LIE they were going to stone a whore, talked about killing Jesus and Lazarus etc…it’s a LIE they could we know it for fact…

History shows Pilate has ruthless and heartless and no roman would ever give into a crowd (when rumors of an attempt on Paul's life come to one man’s ears he assigns 72 body guards!!!!)

So clearly the blame is tried to be moved off of Roman (which I can handle they would never have survived otherwise in ROME!!!!)

The cross by law was only for enemies of the State…the words used for the people hung next to Jesus and Barabbas are another one of those double meaning words…they were actually zealots by law.

So Pilate ask Jesus are you king of the Jews…Jesus answer when it is properly applied is “You say CORRECTLY” blame enemy of the state hang him….

Barabbas is the other prisoner and the only other uprising we know of is the turning over the coin tables at the temple….and some manuscripts put him has “Jesus Barabbas” which means…Jesus Son of the Father….
Oh snap a son?!?!?! The Jews needs the blood line that god made king…David’s bloodline so they pick the SON!!!!
(suddenly story is way different isn’t it? To top it off some theories wife marry is a Benjamin which God will “dwell between their shoulders….if you follow the holy grail or in Latin Sang Raal which means ROYAL BLOOD there is a line of kings in France where Marry Magdalene took the grail according to myth and they have a birth mark that is a red cross with 4 equal arms on their chest yes like knight templar *insert chills up spine* oh and they married into French royalty and then the church promised to FOREVER BE ALLENGENT until they killed off and erased from family trees the last known member *there is records of another holy blood holy grail follows but it’s long story…but yes that makes all Christians France and Jerulsum and Muslim and Jews fall under his rule and the priority of sion’s goal is to achieve that.)

Ok so Jesus is up on the cross for being a zealot
(but wait I want more evidence…Peter the ZEALOT and Judias his last name…another double meaning…and Jesus has them all go out and get swords and inspects them himself)

And the cross is a VERY SLOW DEATH IN PUBLIC but we know that only His mother the guards the disciple Jesus loved very much and Joseph of aramthea is there. It’s private for some reason. On random Joseph’s prosperity where there is a tomb!!! After a few hours, even though it should take at least 3 days (they suffocate, eventually they get to tired to pull themselves up to breath and yeah….) Jesus says his thirsty they give him sour wine, this is wrong too, the sour wine is actually used like smelling salts so the suffering is prolonged and then Jesus randomly dies….?!?!?!?!? His legs aren’t broken to full fill scripture which actually that’s a law of mosses about the pass over meal…not a prophecy.

Ok then Joseph asks for Jesus’ body…which he uses the verb for someone who is alive…..

People like to say the tomb was sealed but notice there is over 24 hours before it is..,

Next none of the resurrections are even close to the same….ALL COMPLETELY DIFFERENT (marks also was added much latter after the writing was complete)

One even doesn’t have an angel…it’s a man in white…which could be another ignored major political group at the time who were known for their white robes…and were healers

The Nag Hammadi Libraries has writing by a peter that has him talking to Jesus while someone else is on the cross

So does some Jewish oral teachings, the Koran etc…..

Romans could be bribed…
And it was illegal to burry a person hung on the cross ILLEGAL!!!!
Stranger and stranger no real witnesses, didn’t break the legs, died early, conflicting stories a healer(?) and some stories that say cover up….

Now we also know the church lied, cheated and killed to gain power…that does that oh yeah Satan!!!!

The donation of Constantine, it was a forgery that gave the church the power to choose kings making every monarch after loyal.

They held the bible secret for years not letting others read it….no gospel we have predates the 4th century so actually Matthew mark Luke and john as we know them were written about 400 years after Christ died…most scholars ignore that but like to mention that Alexander the great story sat unchanged for about 400 years and then people started adding the myth part, standing firm that the gospels were written in 100AD or sooner.

Marry Magdalene is never a whore church made it up but the first black madanas are proven to be of her holding a child (Jesus Barabbas?) book of Phillip in Nag Hamaddi Libraries also says they were “companions”

Find the fall of the angels in the bible as you know the story….next check the book of Enoch…it was cut…people kind of sympathized with them

And that’s just running over the easiest of the stuff…God is a god of conformation not of making everything just barely believable….the true God I know doesn’t need tricks to win souls….they are bad he hits them with fire and brimstone…(after a chance to repent see Nineveh in Jonah)

And that land belonged to the Jews GOD PROMISED IT but then Jesus is…turn the other cheek?
Or even better specifically pro roman ones:
Go the extra mile (there was a law roman soldiers could make you carry their gear one mile Jesus said go two)

Give to ceaser what are ceasers

Pilate is the attempted savior of Jesus

Suddenly the Jews who had been fighting back are Christians who love those who hate them, who heap fiery coals on the heads of their oppressors and Rome has it A LOT easier….
Pretty sure my god closes lions mouths for me and kills babies or gives boils and rivers of blood to people who try to take over….unless we are unfaithful then….he delivers us….we are block out.

Remember Adam mosses Noah Abraham Jonah Joseph David they all heard god…and it wasn’t this quite little pull….people got up and went into the other room HEARING GOD!!!! They saw parts of him and it made their faces glow…but after Jesus he falls silent? The veil is ripped but now god has nothing to say? Or are we listening in the wrong place?

Don’t forget for rest of new testament except revelations Paul was a roman citizen

And some manuscripts have the mark of the beast as 616 not 666

Heck the towns a Nazareth doenst even show up on any census…it probably didn’t even really exist

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