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Turkish paper releases 'censored' photos of beaten Israeli commandos (You be the Judge)

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:29 AM
A) Most videos show the soldiers at the moment they're descending down from the helicopter and you can see they're not shooting, which means the only option is if they shot them before they landed which leads me to-
B) No dead or wounded bodies on deck at the moments the soldiers descend.. Do you really think they had time to hide the bodies? And even if they did, why would they do that?
C) A helicopter can be heard miles away, also everyone was well aware of the approaching IDF because they came with ships as well, and if that's not enough- the sound of a gun is very loud and can be heard clearly and easily from miles away. So how come there is no footage, no video, no picture, nothing of the forces shooting at the ship? Why aren't there videos of wounded BEFORE the landing of the soldiers? So many news agencies and no one had their camera ready?
No, instead we are told to believe that the soldiers fired shots just before they started shooting the video... I mean, seriously? Does that make sense? What happened, you forgot to take the lens cap?
D) It hasn't been confirmed by any news agency, as far as I know, so far it is being treated as hear say, rumors, and stories. And believe me, media spins are easy to create, and hard to disqualify, as they tend to spread regardless of solid proof.
E) Shooting from a distance and then going down with paintball guns just makes no sense.
F) Do you really think that if they had shot at the activists they would have missed? These are navy seals, so how come there's no evidence of people being show with M16 or rifle bullets and only 9mm pistol bullets?

I can go on thinking of more holes but I'm sure this is enough..

The other 5 ships have learnt their lesson but further ships to come will no doubt compensate for the lack of defense .

If I'm not mistaken the navi marmara was the last ship to be captured... That's why the soldiers were so unprepared.

Because the current Israeli government is not sensible . If you think about it , you will see that many nations around the world are telling Israel the same thing ; Please come to your senses and stop being so afraid for your existence in ME .

We have very solid reasons to be afraid, we've been attacked and provoked time and time again by the nations around us which are 10 times larger than us combined (maybe more), we have won all 6 wars against nations, and then went on to sign peace treaties with two of them, letting go of land that's 3 times the size of israel.
We have given up our army presence in the gaza strip only to get a soldier kidnapped due to the fact we withdrew and got hit with rockets in return. Children died, houses fell down. The world was silent. For years we waited, while our civilians were targeted.
Terrorists blew up on our buses on a weekly basis, they got into wedding halls and sprayed everyone with bullets, they kidnapped buses and people.
We have good reasons to be afraid. One of hamas' agendas still to this day remains destroying the state of israel. They will not co exist. What should we do? What should we be? Trustful?
It is hard to see the full picture without understanding the history of this place, without living it.

Thank you for your comments

With nothing but respect,

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 01:23 PM
reply to post by Eliad

Hello Eliad,

I appreciate you applying reason and logic to this discussion as all my attempts seem to land on deaf ears.

All your points are valid.

I shall add again to this; If the IDF were 'murderers' why did they not just sink the Mavi Marmara and the 5 other ships?

This would have given them some form of technical deniablility and not put their forces in danger.

Star and friend for the application of logic.


posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 02:16 PM
Thank you..
I'm not here to take sides, although I'm certainly not objective, I'm just here to shed light on things most people aren't aware of, or just don't want to be aware of.

Anyway, long story short-
Believe nothing that you hear, and only half of what you see. Open your eyes, open your mind, open your hearts, and only then open your mouth.
And there are always, always, always two sides to every coin, be sure that you know the full story.

Most people just don't bother.

I'm just so curious if any of the people who posted here are ever going to reply, and if they do will they take any of this into consideration, or just choose to believe whatever they want.

[edit on 8-6-2010 by Eliad]

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 05:58 PM
reply to post by Skellon

I shall add again to this; If the IDF were 'murderers' why did they not just sink the Mavi Marmara and the 5 other ships?

Brillant point Skellon. Nicely put.

And to add, why not have taken them out at sea, real sneaky like-to demostrate how evil they really are.

Maybe make it look like a North Korean sub. Why not? They are getting blamed for the Gulf Spill going on-by blowing up the thing. And then they got this Bad Rap for the sinking of the S. Korean Navy ship. It would have been a prefect Flase-Flag Op. Kim did it.

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