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how people should live

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posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:34 AM
reply to post by ladyinwaiting

i like that too - keeping something cuz its useful or beautiful.

reminds me of that anastasia stuff about creating a 'space of love'; in your house - i.e. so its your own personal creation etc.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:39 AM
You just described how I would love to live. If I told that to a less understanding crowd they would not understand.

I don't know anyone that recycles or does anything green. IMO living simple lives is the best thing for us as a species. We have the intelligence to just grow our own food and keep our selves healthy off of the materials that the earth provides. Obviously we will keep our technology and our medicine.

I would just love a small home, surrounded by mountains and vast open grazing fields with rolling hills and a mall creek. Have a windmill and other than cable and internet live off of the grid. Grow my own food and occasionally go to the local farmers market to purchase foods that I can't grow for myself.

I would need to purchase meat because I can't/won't hunt except fish.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 04:50 AM
cool. i so agree with you.

and to the above poster who asked was i practising what i preach?

im not perfect. i do pretty much follow the diet i suggest. i dont eat red meat, dairy, chicken or sugar (or dont eat sugar much..). i occasionally slip up with the sugar (chocolate. see above references to chocolate cake
) chocolate is god's way of taunting me i think..

i pretty much follow the drinks i suggest too; and my headaches have totally stopped. if i do eat sugar i will usually get one back tho. also i am a lot thinner and feel a lot healthier than i did before.

i changed my diet because my life was at risk. so i understand those who don't want to change; but im glad that i did; and i would never go back to my old diet even if i could now because i feel fitter and healthier on this one; and i think it keeps you looking younger and your skin better too.

i dont even have my own place right now so re; the house; i can't tell you. but i dont want anything big. my ideal is a little stone or wooden cottage in a nice pretty scenic area beside a stream up on a mountain or something. as i have a weakness for pretty things i do think beautiful big buildings like castles are beautiful; but yeah... i think itd probly be comfier in a little cottage anyway.

as for the consumerism; yeah im against it. i was never into clothes or shopping for most of my life altho ive been thru a phase. i can see how people get addicted to fashion and im interested cuz i like artistic things and fashion is arty... but its so wasteful too. i think i'd really be happier in jeans but thats just me. im not saying people shudnt want to look nice; but a lot of it seems superficial and excessive.

i do have a weakness for pretty things; and i'll admit that. but ultimately i also think things are just things; and there are more important things than things.

but im not really preaching; im just saying what i think would be a good way of living not that im a saint.

posted on Jun, 8 2010 @ 11:48 AM
reply to post by rapunzel222

Thank you for explaining

Ironically the last time nature could take back a big part of what it lost, the trees that grew then were the key ingredient for colonization.

I'd like to be around when this turn will happen. Amazingly I was introduced with 'Little Grandmother' what she said sounds to good to be true.

There's just one thing. I don't want to be a vegetarian.

Free will is truly the one thing that can make it work. Too bad its also free will that makes it almost impossible.

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