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Something odd about the Q4000 ROV feeds: very fast LATERAL current

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posted on Jun, 6 2010 @ 11:00 PM
I was checking out the oil leak feeds at:

and noticed parts (pipe pieces and seals I think, junk shot leftovers perhaps) blowing by quite fast. ROV1 has a heading varying between 296 and 314 with a high speed lateral flow from slight upper right to lower left, i.e. west to east; ROV2's heading is 349 similar high speed flow from right to left, i.e., east-west. I'm not sure what ROV1 is looking at or it's depth, but 2 is looking at the sea floor, depth 5043 feet.

So it would appear that there is quite a bit of force expanding from the wellhead, or there is a strong natural current on the seafloor in that area. In either case it means the oil and methane are being pushed in that direction along the seafloor: a very deep plume.

If it isn't a natural current,how likely is it that it is being generated by sublimating methane, I wonder?

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